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Welcome! I hope you find these resources helpful in your Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil (RttToEE) campaign. I was inspired to put this collection together by all the helpful folks over at Monte Cook's RttToEE forum, so stop on by there and waste a few hours reading the many great ideas. Then start plugging your own!

Many of the things discussed and described herein refer to copyright material of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Any other material is implicitly copyrighted by the appropriate author. This material is only intended to be used by those who have an original copy of RttToEE.

These resources are intended for DM use ONLY! If you are a player in an RttToEE campaign, following either of these links will probably severely spoil your game. Please respect your DM and fellow players by not browsing this site! Thanks!

v3.5 Conversion
Documents containing our full conversion to v3.5, Errata, and FAQ. Also includes links to related board threads dealing with the conversion process.
Errata and FAQ (v3.0)
PDF and Word versions of the sticky thread posts on the forum. Some of the errata found during the v3.5 conversion above have not migrated back to this document. You might find the conversion document worth perusing even if you are using v3.0.
Page 21
An archive of the topics that are no longer active on Monte Cook's RttToEE forum.
File Archive
Supplementary material created by RttToEE DMs for use with the adventure. For specific questions about items, use the forum or contact the contributer.
File Archive Upload
Contribute to the Archive here.

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