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Here quite a while
(4/16/03 10:29 am)
Re: Trithereon's campaign journal
Welcome back

We gamed last night and the story is back on track … kind of.

------------- story resumes ------------------

The cast of characters (PC):
Alex, human rogue/cleric of Olidimarra (10th level character)
Maximilian, human cleric/fighter Radiant Servant of Pelor (10th level character)
Arakai, human monk (10th level character)
Nnelgonon, elf wizard/fighter (10th level character)
Tuborg, human fighter (10th level character)
Alhandra, human paladin (9th level character)
Draakan, human fighter (8th level character)
Redithidoor, human bard/rogue (7th level character)

They made their preparations to leave Klannguard. Mogar was assigned to prepare to lead a dwarven assault team to the mines, which would take time, and thus bid our heroes a farewell. Laurel also announced her departure. She had been hired as a guide for the wind walk from Greyhawk. She’d received her share of the treasure and thereby had fulfilled the contract they’d signed with her as their guide. That left Max, Alex, Arakai, Nnelgonon, Tuborg and Redithidoor to carry the battle to the doomdreamers. The day they were to leave Grapthor showed them why he’d stayed in the astral. He’d managed to purchase a magical jewel feather [dm: a fabulously expensive object made from shards of several different gems] which could be used to cast Wind Walk - a useful spell for secretly sending dwarves to the CRM. He offered to them the honor of being the feather’s first recipients of its magic to which they eagerly accepted. Later that day, they arrived at the CRM.

[dm: yes, I am being very generous here with the item. We’ve been at this for over a year and I am trying to impress upon them two things: haste and that “others” are secretly helping the cause – in game, they’ve been battling the cult for over six months giving important clue items (books mostly) to key Powers in City Greyhawk]

They flew to the small forgotten window overlooking the south gate once again. Alex was the first to glide into the dark room using his magical sword to illuminate their little “back door” into the mines. He was surprised to find it occupied by a familiar face – Rand! There was a merry little reunion but Rand cut it short by saying that he couldn’t stay. He explained that there were other problems afoot (involving the Scarlet Brotherhood and a cursed city in the Suss Forest) and Rand was needed to help lead an investigative force into the forest. He apologized but said that he’d brought with him an ally which could fight as his proxy: Alhandra, a paladin of Mayaheine (a Greyhawk demigoddess of Valor, Justice and Protection). Rand wished them success before he left and promised to return if his own mission ended in success. Rand and Jason had brought Alhandra up to speed on most of everything that’d happened in the CRM and Redithidoor completed the circle by relating the discovery of the Temple of Moradin.

The question then became: How to fight these doomdreamers? It was their impression that they should leave no one behind in the CRM when they attack the central Fanes. They’d decimated two elemental temples (air and earth) and knew the location of two more (fire and water). They’d already attacked the temple of water but never found the altar. They’d located the edge of the fire temple but knew nothing about its layout or forces. It was decided to make a second assault on the water temple hoping that those forces were still weakened by their initial attack.

They traversed the now familiar mines through the fallen air temple, deserted orc lairs and defeated fire bridge complex. In the caverns beyond the fire bridge they fought a “confusing” battle with two umber hulks. Beyond the hulks they came to the mine tracks and decided to investigate the previously unexplored second path. As they rounded a curve in the tracks their lights fell across a monsterous two-headed dual-club wielding giant and his big pet bug. It raised both clubs menacingly and shouted in giantish, “Give food and pretties or die!” [dm: a typical diplomatic effort for him against your typical low level cultists]. The ettin was rewarded with a flamestrike and a fireball killing the ettin’s bug and seriously harming the ettin. The monk leapt forward and attacked to stun the monster, hitting but not stunning. The giant then batted the monk around a bit but soon was himself killed. In the fetid cave that served as the ettin’s lair they found remains of the green dragon carcass, his pretties and a prisoner.

Beneath a layer of filth they found a man both bound and gagged. The paladin scanned him for the taint of evil, finding none she released him. The man called himself Draakan, an archer who was on the run from the cultists and captured by the ettin. He explained that he and three of his friends had been spying on a group of suspicious men involved in a strange evil cult in Devarnish. They’d followed them into the Kron Hills and the cultists led then to this cratered mountain. The cultists moved off the road and were spied entering into a cave on the north face of the mountain.

When they explored the cave they encountered a beautiful snaked-headed woman rose from a watery pool. It spoke of many things concerning the treasure of the doomdreamers and how to gain it. Draakan and his friends were all for relieving these evil men of their treasure and proceeded cautiously into the caverns. In a room with a huge serpent statue they were attacked by a demonic fishman. Its attack with its unholy magic left Draakan his friends confused and sickened. More fishmen soon swarmed into the room led by their fishy priest and three large monsterous skum. The battle was pitched and several fishmen were killed but the skum brought two Draakan’s frends down. When his leader fell in battle, Draakan felt it was time to retreat. He fled into the darkness and by only by miraculous luck did he escape.

Thankfully, the caverns which lead away from the fishmen’s lair were empty. As the archer ran he passed by a bridge which led across a lake to the island at the center of the crater. Only then did he truly begin to realize the true scope of his danger. He spied other bridges and realized that he’d fallen into a much large pit of evil then the snake-woman had led him to believe. Draakan’s luck finally ran out when he was surprised by the ettin. The ettin pummeled him into unconsciousness, fed his greatsword to his pet and basically seemed to treat him like ripening meat. Among the rest of the ettin’s stuff they found most of Draakan’s equipment, including his prized magical bow and leather armor.

Draakan then had his own questions and when he learned that they were also attacking the doomdreamers he asked if he could join to perhaps rescue his friends, if they still lived, or exact revenge if they’d perished. It was unanimously agreed to let the human warrior “in on the fun”, and they were soon on their way again. They discovered the “statues” near the western entrance but wisely decided to not chance petrifaction, unless it was absolutely necessary.

They paused at the Air Bridge Complex to rest. They made their plans for attacks and focused their power to best fight the water priests. That next morning they rose and marched off to the temple. They found the caves empty all the way to the demonic kuo-toa room. As their scouts (Arakai and Alex) sneaked into the cave they heard “something” chanting behind the curtain of seaweed. The scouts moved back quietly and made their final plans. Many spells were cast buffing out our heroes with Water walkings, Water breathings, Cat’s Graces, Bull Strengths, etc …) The first part of the assault was to sneak forward and quietly attack whatever was behind the curtain, which Draakan suggested was likely the demon fishman, and then proceed. Arakai and Alex took told them to give them a little lead time to finish the job, but to rush in if they didn’t come back soon.

Maximilian cast silence and light on a rock and gave it to Alex. The rogue/cleric and monk then moved forward together. As they slipped behind the curtain into the room they were immediately immersed into heavily incensed darkness. The smoke in the room was thick, obscuring vision and light. The smell was uncomfortably cloying and sweet. They spied the demonic kuo-toa near the back of his cave which had been alerted to danger by the sudden absolute silence. Alex and Arakai moved in for the kill both striking the evil kuo-toa. The room was suddenly engulfed in darkness and they swung wildly at the last place they saw the half-demon. However, the thick smoke was having a poisonous effect on our two heroes and they decided to exit. Alex dropped the magic rock and they left the fiend’s lair together.

Outside the silence the fiendish kuo-toa was frothing at the mouth screaming all sorts of gibberish as it fought Max and the rest. By unfortunate luck the half-demon fought fiercely and managed to catch most of the group in a greasy darkness of unholy power. The kuo-toa was finally put to the sword but now reinforcements arrived up the stairs … more kuo-toans and man-sized skum. These reinforcements were dispatched without much fuss but it slowed their assault. As they descended the stairs from where the reinforcement had arrived they heard the sound of two horns blowing in unison and at the bottom of the stairs they caught their first look of the water temple. A watery corridor led into a huge water-filled cavern and upon the floating platform was a armored woman in ochre robes flanked by two kuo-toa.

Nnelgonon opened up the battle for the temple with a lightning bolt on the woman. Max and Arakai moved forward as the lead attackers. When they reached the end of the water-filled corridor a huge water elemental rose up from the depths of the room directly before them. At the same time two large skum rose up behind them in the corridor. The ranged attackers (Alex, Draakan and Redithidoor) did their best to help but found their attacks mostly impotent against the elemental. Alhandra moved forward to support the monk and cleric of Pelor but was rebuffed by the skum. Meanwhile, the elemental was beating Max into a bloody pulp. Nnelgonon used his Dimension door spell to transport himself and Tuborg past the elemental to the altar. The elf and Tuborg made short work of the woman and her fish-friends but not before she obscured the altar in a dense fog cloud. The elemental soon had Max down and bleeding to death. Tuborg and Nnelgonon were clueless lost in fog. Alhandra was getting bite and clawed to pieces by two large skum. The archers now focused on the skum but they proved to be much tougher then their smaller cousins. At great peril to himself, Arakai lifted the cleric and moved the dying cleric out of combat.

As Tuborg and Nnelgonon finally came out of the fog they were met by more kuo-toa, a lone large skum. Two of the fishmen were noticeably different from the rest. One wore ochre robes and wore a holy symbol while the other once lacked any visible weapons at all. The two heroes were outnumbered and soon found themselves nearly surrounded and beset by the skum, the fish-priest and the “flying fists” of a fish-monk. Meanwhile, the elemental moved down the corridor taking the fight to Alhandra who had just finished off her second skum opponent. The elemental continued its bloody rampage striking beating the paladin back. The archers and Arakai retreated back to the stairs while Alhandra bravely moved past the elemental into the cave. The elemental didn’t seem interested in pursuing the monk and his friends out of the water and they were able to save Max and heal up. The others were not so fortunate. The elemental soon set his sights on Tuborg and soon dealt enough damage that he retreated back into the fog. Meanwhile, the third skum was not the charm for Alhandra as a single lucky bite (critical) instantly killed the already wounded paladin. Needless to say the elf wizard turned himself invisible.

It was then that a rejuvenated Max and really pissed off Arakai returned to the battle. Unfortunately the surviving kuo-toa were ready for them. Again the elemental led the way blocking the corridor while the fish-priest clogged the much of the corridor with magical web. With Arakai and Max locked in mortal combat with the elemental the priest was able to use a wand to slow some of his attackers. Nelgonon and Tuborg (after quaffing several potions) took this opportunity reenter battle. The fish-priest quaffed a potion and was suddenly casting magic spells everywhere: magic missiles, lightning bolt but it was not enough. The water elemental finally fell beneath the coordinated efforts of Arakai and Max, the last skum was put down and the kuo-toan warriors slaughtered. Seeing this, the fish-priest and the fish-monk dove beneath the waters and fled the battle.

------------- story pauses ------------------

That’s the story so far … as of last night. All had a great time with the fight, even though we lost Alhandra. It was a much tougher fight then I had imagined it would be. The elemental and skum are deadly. Nilbool with mage armor, shield, displacement, invisibility was difficult to harm and his offensive spells (web, lightning bolt, magic missiles) were very effective. In all we had one death (Alhandra), two brought into unconsciousness (Max and Draakan) and others running for their life (Alex, Tuborg and Nnelgonon). The whole battle from Ookamaan to the end lasted a total of 20 rounds! It was a marathon of dice rolling, but after the easy battles with the ettin and umber hulks following mostly investigative/roleplaying sessions dealing with the Temple of Moradin the action was a nice change.

However, another character death is seen as a setback ... so were back on track, kind of.


Here quite a while
(5/11/03 2:32 am)
Re: Trithereon's campaign journal
We've had a couple bad weeks with some players absent, so there's not a lot of movement in the campaign ....

------------- story resumes ---------------

Our heroes grabbed the body of the fallen paladin and retreated from the Water Temple. They regrouped in the room with the serpent statue and healed themselves of their wounds. They tore down the seaweed tapestry leading to the demon kuo-toan's room and quenched the burning incense. It was decided that while they waited for the incense smoke to clear they'd check out the naga that Draakan and his ill-fated friends had encountered. Maximillian took the lead down the stairs and walked into the cavern unarmed. The cleric of Pelor coaxed the naga to rise from her watery lair using words of praise while explaining that they were enemies of the doomdreamers. The water naga rose from the pool, obviously enchanted to the gills and ready for treachery. They spoke at great length about the doomdreamers exchanging what each knew about the insane leaders of the Fanes. When at last they parted it was on mutual neutral terms as Max was sure that the monster was lying about some of what she'd said but wasn't sure if it was a deliberate deceit or just ignorance as she didn't seem to know about any of the doomdreamers that they knew of: Nanquent. The naga warned them not to traffic her lair as she only wanted to be left alone. Max agreed to this request and bid the creature fare well.

When they returned the smoke had dissipated and they searched the demon koa-toa's room. Alex was able to disarm it and remove a magical trap in the room and recover some hidden treasure. They then waited for Max's water walking spell to wear off to explore the rest of the Water Temple. In searching the Temple they found all sorts of good stuff. [DM note: I had a secret compartment in the altar which contained the scrolls and platinum which were to be used in the attack on the Fire Temple - it never occurred, but felt that they'd appreciate the treasure and the suspense. The fact that they would eventually battle a cleric who could cast disintegrate was not lost on them]. They finished up in the Temple and were getting nervous. They were low on spells and two of their enemy had escaped. Our heroes beat a hasty retreat to the Temple of Moradin , stopping only to check the sea hag cave where they found the corpse of the hag and her two prisoners. On the way back they were ambushed by a pair of rust monsters and Alex lost his favored chain shirt. At the Temple they placed the corpse of Alhandra in the dwarven dinning hall.

The next morning they awoke and Max performed one of his most favored rituals: the smashing of a newly acquired holy symbol of an evil god - EEE: water in this case. Nnelgonon cast an Identify spell on the items they'd "recovered" from the Water Temple and distributed what they could use. An application of the Oil of Timelessness was placed upon the corpse of Alhandra to preserve it. Max had the potential to raise the dead but only needed a diamond of sufficient quality to perform the ritual. [DM note: Alhandra's player is one of the missing players, so we "put her on ice" so to speak]. Our heroes rested again and the next morning they made their way back towards the Water Temple heading towards the ore tracks they had discovered weeks ago following thier victory over Kadiss and his warriors. They were ambushed by several water mephits and a couple skum but they shrugged off their weak attacks. Beyond the water temple they found the ore cart carts and chose a path to follow. They were ambushed by groups of bugbears but again there was no serious threat from any of them. The corpsebomb was a little unsettling but it was easily "disarmed" by a ranged bow shot by Draakan. They fought off the darkmantles and found an old dwarf skeleton clutching a scroll tube. Inside the tube they discovered a map which showed areas not explored by them. Unfortunately, none of them could read dwarven script so the markings would have to be decifered at a later date using magic.

Not far beyond they came to the end of the ore tracks and moved carefully forward. They knew that they must be nearing the eastern Bridge Complex and expected a much tougher fight then they've had from the bugbears. Despite their caution they were in for one more suprise as a pair of fiendish displacer beasts leapt out from the darkness and attacked. They put down the beasts and then licked their wounds ....

------------- story pauses ---------------

A robot with powers
(5/31/03 1:44 am)
Re: Trithereon's campaign journal
The player of Alhandra was finally able to break away from his huge project at work and attend our gaming session. I allowed Alhandra to be Raised from the dead and to join the group, even though "realistically" I should have made them trek all the way back to the Temple of Moradin to cast the Raise Dead spell. Sometimes its just easier to backtrack.

The cast of characters (PC):
Alex, human rogue/cleric of Olidimarra (11th level character)
Maximilian, human cleric/fighter Radiant Servant of Pelor (11th level character)
Arakai, human monk (11th level character)
Nnelgonon, elf wizard/fighter (11th level character)
Tuborg, human fighter (10th level character)
Alhandra, human paladin (8th level character)
Draakan, human fighter (8th level character)
Redithidoor (NPC), human bard/rogue (7th level character)

------------- story resumes ---------------

They knew that they must be nearing the eastern Bridge Complex and expected a much tougher fight then they've had from the bugbears. Despite their caution they were in for one more suprise as a pair of fiendish displacer beasts leapt out from the darkness and attacked. They put down the beasts and then licked their wounds ....

Arakai moved foward alone in the dark. Despite his seemingly vulnerable position, he was not afraid. The goggles he wore offered him darkvision and his companions were only seconds behind him. The monk was their point man as he could move silently in the darkness just ahead of the cleric of Pelor's illuminations. When you combine his uncanny ability to dodge and tumble with his supernatural speed he was the perfect canidate to lead the way for he could get himself out of trouble in a heartbeat.

Alone in the dark Arakai first noted the glow of torch light ahead of him. He quickly turned around to stop his companions before their own light alerted the guards ahead. They had come to realize that where there was light in these endless caverns of darkness there was most likely organized resistance from cultists. Experience had also taught them that the farther they'd explored the mines the tougher that resistance became. A simple plan of attack was made. They could not rely on stealth as Maximilian's full plate mail armor nearly ensured that any alert guard would hear their approach.

They rushed forward to engage the enemy. The cult guards and their troll allies managed to toll the alarm bell in the opening moments of battle . The fight was going well having dealt with the cultist's human warriors and trolls before. The battle took a more serious turn for the worse when out from the darkness of a side tunnel a huge, heavily tattooed monster emerged. This creature was powerful beyond its normal kin and scooped up Tuborg into its deadly embrace. Tuborg found it impossible to escape the monster's grip and the beast tore into the human warrior such that he was in mortal danger in just a matter of seconds. Thankfully for Tuborg his friends were able to come to his aid killing the monster.

After cleaning their wounds and revitalizing the rent Tuborg they continued to explore the area. They opened the large double doors first. The huge magic circle just screamed trap and after consulting the dwarf map they found it was determined that they might be able to circumvent the room. They carefully explored the adjacent rooms and killed the troglodyte cleric found hiding in his bedroom. Overly confident they marched down the adjacent stairs and the lead character, Alhandra, was snatched by the dire bear. The bear was put down quickly but not before Alhandra was shaken like a rag doll and seriously bloodied.

More wound cleaning and revitalizing followed and they pushed onward. As they turned a corner they came into view of a intersection of hallways. The air was suddenly split by a bolt of lightning which cut into the ranks of our heroes. They rushed forward only to be greeted by a hail of arrows from one direction and the charge of trolls from the opposite direction. Maximilian was able to cast an invisibility purge and reveal the wererat spellchucker who had blasted them with lightning.

A brutal battle erupted right there at the intersection as the cult guards fired volley after volley of arrows at them, the trolls waded into the fray, a stone-skinned and hasted wererat unleashed a magical barrage and a stone-skinned and hasted monk emerged from the shadows to trip, beat and stun those before him. Tuborg went down beneath the onslaught of lightning bolts and a friendly-fire ice storm. However that wasn't the worst of it, as the same ice storm which crushed Tuborg into unconsciousness also disrupted the magical circle. The wererat sorcerer had retreated to the circle's edge in hopes to release the demon as a last ditch effort to distract the invaders and give him time to escape. The ice storm changed all that and the demon was called prematurely. The were-rat sorcerer fled from the demon but was unable to bull rush his way past the line of heroes that blocked his way. The sorcerer cried out, "You have summoned your own death! Run now or you shall all perish!"

This statement was not well received by either our heroes or the cultist guards. The guards broke rank and fled southward. The heroes stood in horror of the thing they had unintentionally unleashed.

------------- story pauses ---------------

I fear an impending TPK. They are weakened and low on spells. None have a +3 weapon, nor the spell to temporarily enchant a weapon to +3 status. The demon has over 100 hit points and will be tough to beat down due to its 30/+3 DR. That doesn't even include the nasty armor destroying and webbing powers it weilds. I hope they run, as I'll choose to have the demon follow the dozen or so human warriors to their doom and allow my players the chance to run and hide. My players were shaking in their boots when I showed them a picture of the demon and then put on the board the 15 by15 foot marker I'd created for it!

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A guitar
(5/31/03 6:19 am)
Re: Trithereon's campaign journal
"My players were shaking in their boots when I showed them a picture of the demon and then put on the board the 15 by15 foot marker I'd created for it!"

Very cool! I hope your players choose life over a valorous death. (If necessary...) At the least, don't hold back if the party does not immediately flee. Have the bebelith target a single PC who sticks around, killing him and taking him away to dine on later away from such distractions. That way, only one dies. If the rest don't take the hint, pick another. By the third or fourth PC, maybe they'll catch on.

Best of luck! Sounds like a great group (though large). Maybe you should have the bebelith take out the bard and get rid of that NPC. ;)

(7/18/03 4:50 am)
Re: Trithereon's campaign journal
I can't believe my last journal update was May 31st! My gaming group nearly fell to pieces several weeks ago when player issues spilled over into the game. Unfortunately, it's been resolved by one player choosing to leaving the game (Max's character). It did give me the opportunity to start a d20 Call of Cthulhu campaign which has been really cool. We've also have gotten a couple Return sessions in as well - the second just last night. I have to get my notes together this weekend and highlight the progress. They'll be brief.

There is a growing number of Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil forum members that have played through to the end and I really have to start taking advantage of that fact.

(7/18/03 4:59 am)
Re: Trithereon's campaign journal
Is there an ezboard user profile switch to change local surnames to global?

I found the answer .... it is no.

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(7/19/03 2:06 am)
Re: Trithereon's campaign journal
Okay. I lost a player (played Maximillian) and the group decided that they NEEDED a higher level cleric to survive. The player of Draakan volunteered and therefore I need to exit Max and Draakan and enter a new character Jade. We've had some long time off because of summer vacation, summer seminars and such so I metagamed some stuff to rearrange stuff so that they didn't have to travel hundreds of miles to Hommlet or Verbobonc to have in game reasons for the changes. I just explained that Draakan disappeared on his watch one night leaving a note behind that he'd had a dream vision which lead him to believe that the only way to save his mentor (a prisoner of the doomdreamers) was to venture on alone. I also had Max summoned away by forces of good ... he is currently helping Rand foil another Tharizdun threat as they track down a wizard in the Suss Forest who is searching for an ancient cursed Suel city which may contain a Theopart. A small group teleported in and took Max away but left behind someone to help against the doomdreamers, a female cleric of Kord named Jade.

------------- story resumes ---------------

The cast of characters (PC):
Alex, male human rogue/cleric of Olidimarra (11th level character)
Arakai, male human monk (11th level character)
Nnelgonon, male elf wizard/fighter (11th level character)
Tuborg, male human fighter (10th level character)
Alhandra, female human paladin (8th level character)
Jade, female human cleric (8th level character)
Redithidoor (NPC), male human bard/rogue (7th level character)

After a couple days rest and recuperation they made the decision to go back and fight the demonic spider. They marched through the caverns of the CRM. It was quiet and dark. They passed through abandoned areas that were the sites of their numerous victories against the Temples of Elemental Evil. Still, they moved carefully aware that an ambush could be around any corner. As they neared the site of their last battle they noted a significant difference. Masses of huge spider webs clung to the ceiling, walls and floor. The demon had sealed off the entrances to its new lair with its thick webbing. They found the webs hard to burn and only slowly were they able to burn a path into the Earth Bridge Complex. Their efforts were detected and a huge shadow loomed behind the veils of webbing. The demon moved easily through its own webbing and it attacked furiously the leading torch weilding heroes. They pulled back allowing Alhandra to move forward and confront the spider-demon. At the first sign of the demon's approach the paladin cast Bless Weapon, a very potent demon fighting spell. Alhandra strode forward and smote the demon calling upon the power of her patron Mayaheine cleaving a great wound into the beast (Bless Weapon, Holy Smite, critical hit with greatsword while pumped up with maximized Bull Strength)! The fight was brutal but short. The power of a paladin against the forces of the abyss is impressive indeed.

They searched the remainder of the Earth Bridge Complex and only through the luck of Olidimarra (Luck Domain power) did Alex not get turned into garden statuary. They soon found the entrance to the Fire Temple and avoided the Glyph that welcomed them. Arakai led the way once again but his stealthy approach was discerned by the guarding salamanders (great listen skills!). The salamander sent their hound to investigate. The hell hound found the monk and let loose with a long, terrible howl and then promptly breathed fire all over him. The hound proved only a minor problem but the smokey room in which the salamanders fought from proved to complicate the battle and frustratingly prolonged it.

As they stood before the great red bronze doors of the Fire Temple they knew that any hope for suprise was gone. The doors looked to be strong and likely impervious to their mortal strength. However, there were other options it seemed. They followed a narrow cavern to the left of the door that led to a stone dragon idol and a huge red curtain. The idol just screamed TRAP so it was left alone. The red curtain had the symbol for the Fire Temple on it and they soon found that it too was trapped (Tessimon has been busy placing Glyphs of Warding on many entrances). An opulant bedroom lay beyond the trapped curtain. It was empty. (Tessimon took her chest into the Fire Temple after hearing the Hell Hounds howl). They came to another trapped curtain on the far side of the bedroom and discovered the "playroom" beyond. They didn't bother to search the impliments of torture but instead turned back to the bedroom and the dragon idol. The bedroom was a big dissapointment with only some silk robes and a pair of gold earrings left behind to plunder.

After detecting magic, the elven wizard cast dispel magic on the dragon idol. Alex found and disarmed the blade trap and pulled forth the golden orb and book. The orb was a small skull-shaped artifact made of gold with small pieces of amber embedded across its brow. They skimmed through the book for an illustration that looked like the gold skull. They found a referrence to the Orb of Golden Death. Alex promptly put the orb down. However, Nnelgonon recalled that from their research into the Temple of Elemental Evil done while in Greyhawk that the Orb of Golden Death was destroyed by the forces of Good after the second fall of the Temple thus collapsing the lower levels of the infamous temple. The orb they found was much smaller then the original and was not magical. Alex put their little bit of Temple memorabilia into his Bag of Holding.

------------- story pauses ---------------

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Brother of Venom
(2/24/04 7:29 am)
Re: Trithereon's campaign journal
And then...?

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