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A wanderer
(8/22/02 7:56 am)
Player Campaign Log
On a quick note...Rae has now left the group and has been joined by Sol, a halfling Rogue. The party now consists of:

Halgar - Hu Cleric of Vulcanus (Earth/Fire) 7
Muratis - Hu Wizard (Necromancer) 7
Bane - Hu Barbarian 7
Sol - Halfling Ranger 1/Rogue 5/Burgler 1

And now for the next installement:

**Edited to include Rae's departure**

Rae dropped a major surprise on us as I finished casting the rope trick by announcing that she was leaving. She said something about peoples lack of trust in her, doubts about our commitment and in her usual cryptic way added a comment at the end that to those who know her probably gave a good hint about why she left. I got the feeling that she had taken offence to someone’s attitude towards her and as her typical response to being offended it to kill the offender I believe she elected to leave us rather than attack us. The fact she elected to leave rather than find a way to kill the person she views as having insulted her would suggest that it was either myself or Bane. I ought to have been sad to see a companion that has shared my adventures since I finished my apprenticeship leave but in honesty I am not. The constant feeling of having to watch one’s words to try and avoid setting off the evil side to her character was getting tiring and though her prowess in combat will doubtless be missed I feel nothing but relief.

She did say that her people will be staying in the house in Brindinford so when I sell it I will have no difficulty in getting her share of the proceeds to her, or at least her people.
Bane seemed particularly shocked by her departure. I have not seen a better picture of stunned immobility since he last got encountered a cleric.

Whilst everyone was figuring out the implications of this I was a little shocked to here a voice right behind me trying to subtly attract my attention. Fortunately the surprise at Rae’s departure, combined with the slightly odd experience of being addressed by name, apparently by a wall prevented me from reacting aggressively. After a whispered game of 20 questions with said wall (during which I think my remaining companions began to wonder what I was up to) the source of the voice, a halfling from Brindinford called Solar-Thoy, stepped into view. We elected to pursue the matter of his presence in the Rope Trick, convenient as since he had seen where it was cast there was no way we could afford to let him leave. His story was plausible and ran true to his character. He said he had been looking for a missing person (which I know from reputation he excels at) and had found him dead near here. He had spotted our group (which he described as ‘the heros of Brindinford’) and true to form thought he would find out what we were up to. The rest of the group were accepted that I knew of him and trusted him to a degree. My trust in him was helped by his agreement to allow me to look at his thoughts. I didn’t have the time to do it but the fact that he agreed helped.

At least Bane has entered the Rope trick. Now we just rest and wait over the stump of Rae’s tree. It will be interesting to see what comes to investigate our actions.
After a little sleep I have had time to look through the letters.
It appears that the person in charge of the defence of the Main Gate was called Terrenygit. The first of the letters appears to be praising his efforts and urging him not to ally himself with the temple of earth. This might imply that the elemental temples do not always co-operate. Perhaps we can play on this? It would also seem that the author of this note, who simply signs as ‘High Priest of the Outer Fane’ does not want the temples co-operating. We really need to catch one of these priests alive and get some better information.
The second letter is to a person called Mereclar and from the tone suggests that he is one of the followers of the Enemy. I would hazard a guess that this would be the lizardman who successfully fled from us earlier. The letter mentions the search for a ‘Champion of Elemental Evil’, another thing we need to follow up on. The suggestion that Mereclar should recruit more help to defend the main gate seems to have been a good one. Happily he was a little slow. This letter was signed Naquent of the Inner Fane. This name has cropped up more than once and it would appear that he is someone of note within our opposition.

Starday 29th Coldeven 501

After we rested and sorted out spells Sol volunteered to scout and climbed down into the dark. That was a little odd as I don’t remember hearing that halflings saw well in the dark. Halgar was also a little intrigued by Sol’s abilities and asked me, whilst Sol was scouting, to look at him with detect magic when I next got the chance.

Sol returned and reported that the tunnel we intended taking opened into a cavern within which he could hear clicking and whistling noises. He went to check then other fork and returned saying that he could hear similar noises in that direction and briefly heard curses in common. I decided eventually to use darkvision upon myself as I would be more likely to be trying to hit things at range than Bane. We descended and headed for the cavern. Sol had taken to sneaking some thirty feet in front of us, leaving small chalk ticks on the wall as he checked each section for traps. After a few of these I took to rubbing them out as I passed. They would have provided anyone hunting for us with a depressingly easy way to track us. We reached the cavern. I was a sizeable space with a large mosaic on the floor in the shape of a triangle and crude sigils on the walls. As our main group, myself included reached the cavern entrance a figure stepped into the cavern from one of the two other entrances. Fortunately he was as unprepared as we were, caught in the act of removing a robe. In the faint glow from the greatsword he carried he appeared as a lizardman in half plate, notable for his jet black scales. Skulls dangled from his waist and a brown holy symbol was visible. Sol promptly shot at him and succeeded only in ricocheting a bolt from his armour. Our scout returned to us at some speed. The creature reacted faster than any of the rest of us and levelled his sword at Bane muttering a phrase that I neither understood nor heard properly. The result of this was a blast of rock shards that struck Bane in the chest, just about succeeding in making bane blink. Bane edged forward, hesitant for some reason, and stopped short of the lizardman. Halgar joined him. Possibly the darkness was giving them problems.

I remembered a similar situation and happily had the same solution to hand. A quickly cast spell coated the creatures greatsword in a film of grease and it slipped from the surprised lizardman’s grasp. I stepped forward immediately after casting the spell which was fortunate as I heard the hiss of a blade cutting through the air where I had been standing. Another one of the creatures had leapt from the shadows and tried to stab me. Sol rolled round it and stabbed, again encountering these creatures’ tough natural defences. The air around us reeked and came close to making me gag. The warrior was having absolutely no luck picking up his weapon and Bane leapt back to aid me and apparently to learn his own lessons about the resistance of these creatures to attacks. Halgar cast a spell and as he completed it daylight flooded the room. Proper light that showed darkvision up for the poor substitute it is and levelled the playing field a little. I hammered the creature in front of me with magic missiles and it elected to gain some room to manoeuvre and better odds and tried to move away. Tripping over Sol was not a class move and resulted in Sol’s upward thrust blade meeting Bane’s descending sword somewhere deep inside it. The lizardman warrior was really obsessed with his sword and was granting all of us an education in how to swear in his language. Bane moved back to him and Hal cast another spell as a new threat entered the room.
Another lizardman, heavily robed and escorted by what I believe was and earth elemental, stepped into the room from the other entrance and started to recite a scroll of monster summoning. Magic missiles shattered it’s concentration and ruined the spell. I think it got annoyed. I moved up to where Hal was standing trying to eliminate the warrior with spells as Bane hacked at it.
In frustration the creature resorted to clawing and biting at Bane, with some success. His compatriot managed to get a spell off and the ground beneath Hal and I softened. Luckily we both were able to jump clear. The elemental joined the fight against Bane and succeeded in striking him once before Hal incanted another spell and it vanished, banished to another place. The other lizardman received an enervate, poorly targeted, I admit but good enough to anger it and draw it’s attention to me. Sol crept closer to it. It tried to dispel the magics I had around me, failing utterly and Sol attacked it. Again then creatures hard scales turned the attack. I stepped closer to it and cast my last magic missile successfully drawing a charge from the creature. Sol stepped in and finally found a weak spot in the creature’s defences. It dropped.

Behind us the fight with the warrior was continuing. The poor creature was absolutely fixated on his sword, risking attacks from Bane and Hal in its attempts to recover the weapon. It was looking far less healthy now and Hal switched his method of attack the sheets of flame from his hands. The creature finally succeeded in reclaiming his weapon and swung. I am not sure but I think he was aiming not at Bane but at his sword. He missed. Hal switched to attacking with a spell that wreathed his hand in flame, finding it much easier to merely gain contact with the creature’s armour than to find a way through. With a last cry of frustration he creature again lost its grip on the sword and a moment later died under the blows from Bane and the flames from Hal. I took a few moments to check the dead for magical items and whilst I had detect magic working I took a look at Sol. Enchanted boots, cloak, short sword, but nothing that might provide magical assistance to eyesight. Odd. Glancing back at Halgar I chanced to see him grip then lizardmans throat with his burning hand and push. Grizzly.

Lizardmen. Notes on their fighting abilities
We have encountered these creatures a few times. I am not sure that lizardman is the correct term for these creature but it will serve for now. Their styles of fighting are as varied as those of any other race. Warriors, scouts and divine spellcasters have all been encountered though I cannot recall finding one skilled in arcane magic. The first feature that strikes you is the smell. The odour around them is intense enough to make you feel physically sick and can inhibit the ability to fight in close quarters. The second and perhaps more troublesome feature of the race is the toughness of their scales. When combined with metal armour over the top they become startlingly difficult to hit. In our most recent fight the only assured attacks were with magic that required a simple touch to effect them. Against this they were particularly vulnerable. Lastly it is worth noting that they can resort to natural weapons when disarmed.

I cannot help feeling relief that Hal used a powerful light spell. Even with darkvision I am finding that I have little liking for being down here in the dark. This complex is oppressive enough without everything you see appearing as drab grey relief and fading to nothing at a distance you could cover with a mere score paces. Spirit has been getting nervous down here in the dark. She is aware that if she moves a short distance she would be unable to see to fly. She has made it very clear that there is a huge difference between a creature of the night and a creature that lives in the dark. I think perhaps that some of her anxiety is being passed on to me. After all the help she has given me, taking a little of her worries is a small price.

We moved on down some steps into a room with greatswords hung on the walls and several exits. Sol checked the first and located a storeroom and went to root around there. The rest of us waited a while then went to look at one of the other rooms. The ceiling of this chamber looked none too safe and we retreated. The next in line showed evidence of use. This was made a lot clearer as I crossed the threshold and felt the sting of several darts. Idiot! Now we have a competent scout with us I have to remember to leave such things to him.

Though I felt no worse for the experience, aside from the pain from the punctures, a quick check revealed that had been poisoned. Hal thankfully was able to deal with that. It is nice to have a really good cleric with us.
We waited and Sol dealt with the trap and searched the room. The smell of incense, black drapes, skulls and dark red sigils all contrived to give the place a nasty atmosphere. I would guess that this room served as the quarters for the lizardman priest. Sol located a chest hidden behind one of the drapes. It appeared to be without any form of trap and unbelievably then key was beneath it. This prompted another more careful search for a trap mechanism, either mechanical or magical.

Nothing. Strange.

Interesting to see and experience the effect of leaving the key with a chest. The naturally suspicious nature of adventurers leaps to the fore and we spend a while trying to find a trap that was not in fact there. Cheap delaying tactic there.

The last passage out of the central room led back to first Y shaped junction where I gave up the chase of the priest. It ran via an odd 1 foot deep pit containing wood shavings, bones and a patch of moss and fungus that looked like it had been rested on. No trace of the in habitant other than a few tracks.

We returned to the unstable looking room. Sol again scouted and returned bringing news of a place that opened out and the sound of flapping wings. We all crossed and moved to the entrance of the cavern. Sol crept forward. We had a moment’s peace.

The sound of a crossbow being fired and then sight of Sol running towards as fast as he could possibly go broke that. Behind him the shadows moved, reared up and a hail of black arrows leapt from the darkness in pursuit of our scout. Several hit and Sol slid to a halt at our feet unmoving. The creature shifted again and I saw that the arrows were in fact spines hurled from the creature’s tail. Another volley flew at us before we could react and both Bane and Hal flinched as they were struck.

I found myself in a dilemma. To fight the creature Bane was going to have to charge to the attack and after seeing the howler, a creature of similar size and apparent ferocity fighting him before I felt that he lacked sufficient defences to do so. To hasten him was the obvious choice and then logical one, yet I found that I wanted to hasten myself instead. I had little in the way of damaging spells left after exhausting the magic missiles and was loathe to use a fireball against a single target, or to enervate a non spellcaster.

Hastening myself would not have allowed me to seriously harm the creature but it was the choice that I wanted to make. It took certain amount of willpower to cast the spell on Bane and as he leapt forwards I felt a twinge of regret at having had to make that choice.

Hal revived Sol with a spell of healing and moved toward Bane. I could see bane had been wounded just getting within to point close enough to strike at the creature (which I believe to be a manticore, though I must remember to find out for sure when I have the opportunity). Sol sat up then rolled into the shadows and vanished, a smart move considering his state. I hurled a spell at the creature to drain it of it’s strength. It appeared to work but poorly. The rest of the fight felt strangely flat and only a few moments later after the whirling blade wielded by Bane had all but carved the creature to pieces Sol popped up from behind a rock and placed a crossbow bolt in the centre of it’s forehead. All over save for watching Bane grinning like a maniac as he stood by the corpse as the spell wore off.

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Formerly Agent Pickle
A wanderer
(8/22/02 9:42 pm)
Re: Player Campaign Log
Why did Rae leave?

I'm just curious about the jump. (Necro didn't do journals for a few sessions?

A wanderer
(8/22/02 11:12 pm)
Rae's Leaving
I think the player wanting to change character was a bit of a surprise. In character things were getting edgy with the rest of the group (except the necromancer who would always see the good side of her actions) and it could have boiled over into an internal conflict. Out of character the player didnt want to see this happen (and probably wanted a change).

So last session, Rae said 'im off' and just turned around and left through the main gate.

She's still about (as an NPC now though) might make an appearance at some point.

The other players keep logs (incl. Rae) so there might be more of an explanation comming (ill shout when it does)


A survivor
(8/22/02 11:17 pm)
Re: Player Campaign Log
I am in love. Plain and simple. That journal is without a doubt one of the best character journals I've read so far. In character and everything. It's great. Give your player a couple hundred xp from me ;)

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
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A wanderer
(8/23/02 1:48 am)
Re: Player Campaign Log
Top post edited to include Rae's departure


A wanderer
(8/23/02 6:41 am)
Re: Player Campaign Log
I'm with Siobharek.

This is quite possibly the best accounting of RttToEE I've ever seen -- please pass along to the author our thanks for his wonderful work!

Of course, now I'm hoping he survives the whole adventure so he can keep up the log! Heh...

A survivor
(8/23/02 10:41 am)
Re: Player Campaign Log
Yeah, Lorrin. You keep him alive, hear? He goes down and we'll be... disappointed.


Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

A wanderer
(8/23/02 11:01 am)
Re: Player Campaign Log
This is new and interesting, a community of DMs urging another DM to keep a PC alive ;)


A wanderer
(8/26/02 7:32 am)
Re: Player Campaign Log
"This is new and interesting, a community of DMs urging another DM to keep a PC alive."

Well... not exactly.

But I would like him to make sure the corpse is recoverable. ;)

A wanderer
(8/28/02 11:11 pm)
Re: Player Campaign Log
I've not killed him yet !! :) So here's the next installement (attack on Earth Temple)...Enjoy!

Sol elected to scout ahead whilst we checked the creatures lair. With Bane keeping watch to the fore and Hal behind it fell to me to clamber over to the alcove the beast seemed to use most often and hunt around. A quick use of detect magic allowed me to locate a severed hand and with two rings, one magical and the other mundane. Sol returned to us with news that he had scouted as far as a small cave with where the floor was made up of loose rock and that within that chamber he had spotted a bat like creature. He then checked out the passage to the right and returned shortly describing a room with a vent allowing warm air in, a hammock and liberal decoration with a skull theme.

We elected to head down the steps with Sol going in front using Bane’s spider climb slippers, the intention being for Sol to reach the other side and shoot the creature if it moved. We followed after a minute of two and were barely into the passage when we heard the sounds of a fight ahead. I found myself passing Bane as once again he was defeated by the darkness. I reached the cavern and in a passage on the other side I saw a small shape struggling on the ground. For a moment I thought it could be Sol but a glimpse of wing suggested that that was not the case. The creature was stuck in the glue from a tanglefoot bag. Sols work I assumed. Bane, now using a light source charged passed and I saw a great overhead swing aimed at the creature on the ground. It screeched. I hate echoes in caves. It always feels like you have alerted the whole mountain to your presence.
Halgar reached me, took one look at the creature on the floor and brandished his holy symbol at it with the words “Surrender your will to me”. It did. I noticed at this point that it had grown larger. At Halgar’s command it struggled free and tottered down the corridor towards us. Sol stepped out of the shadows and pointed out that there was a lot of movement at the end of the tunnel. Straining to listen I could make out the sounds of armour and wings, though none of it appeared to be getting closer. Another ambush for us to spring perhaps? Sol asked what the plan was. That is always an awkward question. We walked back towards the entrance to the mine.

The creature was jabbering at Halgar in response to his questioning. It gave us, through Halgar, a fair idea of then numbers of lizardmen, mephits and elementals that were in the area ahead of us. It then said something to Halgar who stopped, asked us if there was anything else we wanted to know from it before ordering it to lie down. He then crushed its skull. Sol tried to say something at the last moment but way too late.

The Mephit
Halgar later identified the creature as a Mephit a minor creature of the plane of earth. I was surprised to see that it flew, though by Sols account quite poorly. He told me that it spewed gravel at him though with little effect. The last point of note was that the creature appeared to be visibly healing as we walked at a quite significant rate. I have little doubt that one of these creatures, when injured, would heal itself in mere minutes.

Later on Halgar said that the creature, even whilst under his control was trying to persuade him to join them.
We noticed at that point that the chanting had stopped and the place was silent. The walls around us had taken on a faint greenish glow that covered walls and ceiling. We continued on, webbed Y the junction near to the entrance closed and, after Sol had run then horses off to stop their presence hinting that we were still inside entered the old rope trick.
I stood watch as I was still able to see in the dark and with our intention being to use this rope trick just to tide us over until the duration of the next one would last until Halgar regained his spells there was little point in me resting. After approximately two hours Spirit pecked me on the side of the head and suggested that I look at the floor. I was just in time to see the stone floor of the passage ripple. A very strange effect as the solid stone behaved almost like water for a moment the returned to its normal state. I assume that something was searching for us.

Sunday 30th Coldeven 501

Refreshed and rearmed with al the spells at our disposal we descended once more into the cold of the mines. The glow from the walls had faded and there was a faint beat, like the beating of a heart in the distance. We made our way carefully back to the cave with the runes and Sol went to scout the tunnel that we had not yet ventured into. When we followed we found a cavern with stone furniture, animal skins and a deeply unpleasant acrid odour. I noticed that the fire pit here was cold. Whatever had used this room had abandoned it. Sol moved on and located another room this one with bedding for a large number of creatures. He did locate a symbol that we identify with the Enemy and a book with a flaming eye on the cover.

During the time we had rested the bodies of the slain lizardmen had been removed telling us that someone had been up this far at least.

We moved on, again following Sol and his habit of hugging the left-hand wall and leaving us little ticks to let us know each section was safe. We soon came across a stake driven into the floor with a lizardman head upon it. The features of this creature were very close to those of the one that fled from us at the end of our initial fight to gain entry to the mines. I believe that is was he (though I recall him as being taller). An interesting occurrence ignored by my comrades. His death and the placement of his head here suggested that the priests of the earth temple are not allied with the Enemy.
We moved onwards and located the rest of the dead priest nailed to the wall in then room with the loose stone floor. On his headless corpse was pinned a note. After checking that there were no magical traps I removed the note and read it. It was scribed in poorly written common and clearly intended for us. The note said that the priests here had no quarrel with us and would allow us to pass in exchange for the return of the ‘Sword of Earth’. They clearly placed great value on this weapon. This does make me wonder what exactly is going on here. There are clearly factions amongst our opponents and not all are interested in aiding the Enemy. I do not think it is going to be in any way easy to determine who is who and after our experiences in Brindinford then could be individuals sympathetic to the enemy in any of all of the elemental temples.

As Halgar is here purely to root out the creatures misusing elemental power for evil purposes there was no real consideration of negotiating. I did notice that the creatures heart was missing, apparently having been carved out.
Again we followed the ticks and at the four way function where Sol had felled the Mephit we found that a Sol had chalked a skull on the floor and an arrow that pointed down one of the passages. Happily since then we have had time to sit down and chat about the symbols he intends to leave in future in the hope that there will be less time spent figuring out what he means with these little drawings.

We were apparently correct in assuming that it was an indication that whatever was down there was bad.
By now the drumbeats and chanting was quite loud. Sol returned to us to report that the way ahead was blocked by sharp rock formations behind which two lizardmen were keeping watch. A similar obstacle was fount to block the other path and we fell back to plan.

No thoughts of negotiation. Sol had been able to get close enough to see into the cavern behind the obstacles and told us of a three-tier ziggurat with an altar on top. Two lizardmen were up there with a sacrifice chained to the altar surface. Several other robed figures were at the base of the structure participating in the ritual.

A plan was hatched to try to eliminate the sentries without making the others aware. As usual it failed.
Largely my fault this time. We silenced the area round the sentries and webbed them in place. Unfortunately the web extended far enough to be seen. Killing the sentries took far too much effort and took far too long. The only good thing that came of it was that I was able to drain the life force from one of them and form it into a shield around me. We started to burn our way in, a dreadfully slow process. Sol had disappeared (back round to the other passage to see what was happening. I also elected to move round, using a scroll to turn myself invisible).

When I arrived, at a dead run, there was no sign of Sol, though I would have been disappointed had I been able to spot him. The priests were definitely aware of us.
The ritual they were working on was clearly complete. On priest was standing over the sacrifice with a bloody heart in his raised hand. The look of surprise on his face was wonderful to behold as a crossbow bolt took the heart out of his hand. Sol was definitely around. I don’t think the demonstration of marksmanship had any physical effect but it should have unnerved them almost as much as the creature rising out of the floor unnerved me.

Halgar later identified it as a Xorn. I just saw something nasty and hurled a fireball. The Xorn was of course unaffected, as unfortunately were the priests on top of the ziggurat. The worshippers down below however were severely crisped and dropped, appropriately enough, like stones.

A couple of javelins caught me with glancing blows and I was treated to the sight of the Xorn sinking back under the
ground. That could not be good.

On the temple one of the priests drew a wand and pointed it at something hidden from my view. Halgar and Bane must have reached the scene.

Once again I felt the heady surge as then power of a haste spell surged through me and gleefully followed it up by greasing the wand in the priests hand. It fell to the floor. Bane appeared charging up the ziggurat, he swung, he missed. I heard Halgar casting dispel magic somewhere, apparently annoying the priests then priest closest to Bane gestured and cast a spell. Bane froze. Banes bane, the lowly hold person spell reared its ugly head again. I blanketed the area in another dispel and was relieved to see Bane released. A few magic missiles followed to strike the priest nearest him then I retreated from the barricade. Looking back the contempt with which I was treating the javelins being thrown at me was strange for me. I actually remember grinning at the lizardman guards as I side-stepped a volley.

I was in the act of turning to run round to the other entrance (after pausing to make an improper gesture for some reason) when the floor beneath me opened up to reveal teeth. The Xorn had arrived and I was barely able to tear myself free of its jaws. I ran, speeding away from it and sent and enervate spell streaming into the ceiling above it. Possibly the poorest shot I have ever made. The Xorn submerged. I turned and ran. I recall diving through the spikes, though I can scarcely believe that it was I doing so. Then it seemed like the greatest of plans but considering the wounds I had taken climbing though before It was terribly reckless.

Within the room Halgar was fighting a priest who was armed with shield and Mace and Bane was doing yet another statue impersonation. I attempted to enfeeble Halgars opponent and missed by a hairs breadth. Halgar stepped around the lizardman, who by now was frothing at the mouth and used a scroll to free Bane again. Halgar was in a poor state and I could see from his and Bane’s efforts that the creatures they fought were armoured both with spells and magic. The priest furthest up the structure backed away from Bane and retrieved his weapons.

Faced with two almost untouchable opponents I thought that things were looking dire. My last proper offensive spell covered the back of the chamber, the three exits there and the priest in sticky webbing. Everyone turned to the remaining lizardman.

I had been wondering why Halgar had not disengaged to heal himself, having watched one failed attempt to heal himself whilst dodging blows, when I saw the on the other side of the priest Sol was leaping and stabbing at him. Halgar looked to be on his last legs when Bane stepped in.

I would not normally have considered entering such a melee but things looked as if they could go badly and I seemed to be in a mood to take risks. I quaffed a healing potion, cast chill touch and leapt into the fight. It was really rather exhilarating. We swarmed around the priest, Sol and Bane frustrated by his defences and I frustrated by the slight wounds that were all I could inflict. Halgar dodged around the outside aiding Bane and Sol. We were slowly wearing him out when once more the earth beneath me opened and bit.
How could I have forgotten something as dangerous as the Xorn. The creature must have got a taste for me when I first bit me. It seemed determine to taste more. Once again I had to flee and in desperation cast a rope trick and hauled myself off of the ground. I had not really needed to as Halgar faced it and banished it from this plane. What a relief. That just left the priest that was loose. I rejoined the fight. In then midst of the melee I felt the colour drain from the world. The people around me seemed to speed up and it became easier to understand what they were saying. Coming down from a haste spell is a strange experience, particularly one as long as the version I cast today. I felt numb and a little detached and the remains of the fight seemed lethargic.

I still feel drained as I write this. Every nerve hurts, every stroke of the pen feels like an effort. I have been awake for two hours and all I want to do is sleep.

The was one moment at the end when the priest stepped back and offered us free passage for the sword again. Sol stabbed him in response and with a final flood of flame from Halgar he dropped.

The remaining priest was dispatched with crossbows.

A wanderer
(8/29/02 6:38 am)
Re: Player Campaign Log
"The only good thing that came of it was that I was able to drain the life force from one of them and form it into a shield around me."

A custom spell, or an Enervation followed by a Shield spell?

As always, a great log. I especially like his description of 'coming down' from a haste spell.

A wanderer
(8/29/02 6:59 am)
Re: Player Campaign Log
That was Vampiric Touch i think :) .

The player loves haste (in case you cant guess).


A wanderer
(8/29/02 8:40 am)
Re: Player Campaign Log
I didnt know Vampiric Touch does that
And who doesnt love haste? I know my sorcerer is going to love it when he gets it

A wanderer
(9/7/02 9:50 am)
Re: Player Campaign Log
I miss Muratis & Co. :(

Will they be joining us again soon?

A survivor
(9/7/02 12:29 pm)
Re: Player Campaign Log
The "shield" is the mass of extra hit points that prevents him from losing his "normal" ones. Quite a neat way of looking at the spell, actually.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

A wanderer
(9/9/02 12:41 am)
Re: Player Campaign Log
Continuing From the last log:

We gathered whatever we considered of value whilst Halgar buried the body of the sacrifice and retreated to the rope trick. Bane took a quick look behind the webbing (as he still had the ability to move freely through it thanks to Halgars spell). He said he found no one behind the webs but heard then clash of weapons in the distance. The sacrifice was a female elf and after some discussion we decided to take her body with us and find out whether she was one of our enemies of just some poor unfortunate who they had captured. Halgar was grumbling about being forced to become and arms trader in order to make ends meet. He has a point, though perhaps not the one he thinks he has. It occurs to me that most of the money we are making to finance our actions comes from the sale of weapons and armor. This may in part be due to the fact that that is where the people we fight invest their funds but may also indicate that we are missing objects of value by concentrating on the obvious.

Sol went off to scout a bit and returned after about an hour, having to use flint and steel to make sparks in under where he thought the rope trick was to allow Bane to see him. He was barraged with questions about what he had found by Halgar as soon as he entered the rope trick and promptly spun a yarn about finding a harem. We took the hint and gave him a few moments to rest. After settling down he related what he had actually found which appeared to be one exit that lead to a long tunnel, one that lead to a torture chamber with 2 corpses in and one within which he believed was at least one mephit. We set down to rest.

Several hours later Sol spotted one of the corpses moving. This is never a good thing, particularly after the troubles that priest had caused us the first time around. Fortunately, after a more careful look it turned out that a mephit was dragging the corpse way quite slowly. There was a quick discussion about the merits and risks of going out and killing it, particularly the consequences that failure would have in revealing the location of our hiding place. Sol spotting a second mephit further complicated this. In the end the decision was effectively made for us as rather than drag the corpse out of the room the mephit started dragging it up the Ziggurat (no mean feat for a creature that small) towards the altar. Dead evil priest, evil altar, one bad combination.
Sol dived out of the Rope trick followed a moment later by Bane. Both hit the floor and rolled, Bane following the manoeuvre by leaping up the side of the Ziggurat and getting himself close to the altar. Halgar then provided a contrast to the athletic skills of my other two comrades by losing his grip on the rope and plummeting to the cavern floor. He rallied well and called on the power of his god, forcing the mephit to cower from him. The other mephit flew to the wall and disappeared behind the tapestry there. Hal was clearly looking for hints about where to shoot. Bane simply tore the tapestry off the wall. Another command from Halgar and that mephit flew over to kneel at his feet. The cowering one was eventually forced to join it.

Sol is hard to spot at the best of times and not seeing him is frankly nothing I would worry about. It becomes a little concerning however when the rest of the group walks off into the shadows. The original plan had been to eliminate the mephits and return but apparently this changed once my companions got a taste of combat. They did not return from some time and, despite the lack of any spells I was starting to consider leaving the rope trick, either to find them or more likely to leave. It was rather frustrating to be sat quietly in hiding, resting so I could relearn my spells before we continue, only to find that everyone has decided to continue anyway without actually letting me know.

When they eventually returned it was only long enough to pause before heading off down another passage. Another wait. When they returned for the second time I was expecting to get some idea of what was happening but they appeared to be considering moving down the last tunnel. Sol finally returned running flat out and climbed up the rope as fast as he was able. I hate making mistakes and leaving the rope down was a major one. If I am caught in another situation where my ‘companions’ elect to wander off again I must remember to pull then rope back up and should they not return within a short time, leave. Staying there with the rope down and no form of defence is stupid. Staying there at all if they get themselves captured is equally insane. When they finally all joined me back up in the rope trick it became clear that Sol had encountered something that they could have been overwhelmed by, possibly a giant of some kind (he described the club he saw as being then same size as me). Had he not been thinking quickly it would likely have followed them into the chamber we were in and if it had come to a fight I fear it would have gone badly.

It seems I can rely on the curiosity of my comrades more than their sense.

Moonday 3rd Growfest

Well we are out.
After I had rested we went to investigate the ‘rippling’ room. Bugs, lovely. The whole room was crawling with insects on every surface. I considered a fireball but in the end it was not needed as the two mephits controlled by Halgar were able to go in and lay waste to the area.

Mephit Behaviour – Children with breath weapons
Whilst in the rope trick, and moving about the complex (at least until the unfortunate incident with the altar) I was able to observe these strange creatures in more than just combat. It was like having a pair of unruly children along for the trip. They bickered, they fought, they sulked when chastised. They appear to have no compunction about eating the flesh of their former companions /masters (one had brought a couple of lizardman fingers along as a snack). I caught one of them sticking his tongue out at Halgar behind his back. They certainly appeared to find concentrating difficult with and attention span measurable in seconds unless they were doing something they considered fun. Had to be amused at Halgar as one of the mephits offered to share a meal of crushed centipede with him.

We went through and located a room with a corpse suspended on hooks near the ceiling. The more I uncover about this place the less I have problems with the tendency not to take prisoners as we pass through. Sol may be coming to appreciate having a mage around, as I was able to point out a magical trap to him before he found out the hard way.
We spent the next several hours clearing the complex of anything we thought was of value and loading the cart. Bane was able to track down 3 of our horses and by the time we were finished Halgar was praying for his spells. The last act in the temple was the destruction of that altar on top of the ziggurat. Halgar was remarkably thorough and in response to his actions we got to see a cave in up close. Unfortunately he did this before we thought to check the surface of the ziggurat over. The cave in also buried the two mephits, which I think were starting to irritate Halgar somewhat.
I can’t help feeling happy to be out in the open. A rest will do us good.

Earthday 6th Growfest

The trip has been quiet. It is strange that now we have a fair degree of capability then bandits and wild life that made every trip an adventure seems to find somewhere else to be. Had an accident yesterday whilst setting up camp. In moving some gear around on the back of the wagon I shifted then tapestries by hand and was treated to a vision of my own death, buried under tonnes of rock. I found that very unpleasant and having warned my companions and helped them get the tapestry into a sack decided to have a quiet sit down on the wagon whilst Sol cooked. When I regained consciousness in the early hours of the morning, laid out under blankets by the fire, Halgar told me that I had leant back against the kettledrum we got from the temple. Halgar had asked his god about whether it would be a good idea to destroy those two objects. Gods are wise, it was an excellent bonfire.

Sunday 2nd Planting 501

Arrived in Brindinford. Unfortunately we have missed the festival and in so doing the chance for me to make some money by seeking a commision to make a magic item or two. It is nice to be home though. I think I am going to buy Rae’s share of the wrinkle out and make this home for a while.

Moonday 3rd Planting

Spent the day organising the sale of some of what we have brought back with us from the mines and sought out a few of the merchants that sit on the town council to find out about the fair. I took the time to ask whether they knew of inquiries from people seeking the creation of magic items or scrolls and had a stroke of luck. A mason who’s work is well known, particularly as he specialises in working on towers, chimneys and the like had been asking after my old master in the hope of commissioning a piece of work for him. The man, Felthor, was still in town visiting his daughter.

He is intending staying in Brindinford for a couple of weeks and should I return from Verbobonc early enough will discuss a commission with me then. Excellent news.

We had one bit of bad luck. The ‘Sword of Earth’ appears to have been exactly that. On opening the packing we had wrapped it in we found nothing but non-magical soil. Perhaps it was tied more closely to the temple than we thought. Sol has asked for he soil, hate to think what he might grow it.
A feeling has that has been nagging at me was finally resolved this morning. When Az did his scouting of the crater he spotted what he said was a stone giant at a window by one of the 3 bridges. In our exploration of the earth temple we found no sign of a gate to a bridge, nor or a stone giant though it would have been a likely candidate for an inhabitant of an earth temple. As I recall Sol spoke of a huge club being pushed through a doorway at him. A possible candidate? Did we stop just a little short of covering the whole earth temple?

A survivor
(9/9/02 1:16 am)
Re: Player Campaign Log
Had an accident yesterday whilst setting up camp. In moving some gear around on the back of the wagon I shifted then tapestries by hand and was treated to a vision of my own death, buried under tonnes of rock. I found that very unpleasant and having warned my companions and helped them get the tapestry into a sack decided to have a quiet sit down on the wagon whilst Sol cooked. When I regained consciousness in the early hours of the morning, laid out under blankets by the fire, Halgar told me that I had leant back against the kettledrum we got from the temple. Halgar had asked his god about whether it would be a good idea to destroy those two objects. Gods are wise, it was an excellent bonfire.


A wanderer
(9/9/02 4:16 pm)
Kudos, Prince Lorrin
I'm really enjoying this. It sounds as if you have a deft touch in your GM'ing. I especially like the personalities that you gave to the Mephits... I'm not sure that I ever would have thought to make them so interesting.

If all your players are as good as Muratis seems to be, you folks must have a wonderful time in your sessions. Keep the logs coming, and give Muratis a commission from me :)

A local, not looking for any trouble
(9/12/02 1:12 am)
Player Campaign Log
Freeday 7th Planting 501

Another uneventful trip. The roads leading to Verbobonc appear to be quite safe, or we appear to be a poor choice of targets. We had to push the horses quite had to reach the city this evening, the day before the market. And afterwards I had to visit Bethains to find out how the market works. Tired.

Starday 8th Planting 501

Another disappointment. One if the items we had brought with us for sale, believing it to be of great value turned out to be cursed. Rather than masking it’s wearer from magical detection it makes them easier to find. Everyone was a bit subdued at this as they revised their shopping lists somewhat. Halgar turned out to be a fair trader and managed to argue the prices up a little and in the end we made more selling the items here than we would have in Brindinford. It would appear from the way things are set up that people that benefit most from the market are the priests that oversee it. The money they cream from the sales must be astounding.

Moonday 10th Planting 501

We will be leaving Verbobonc tomorrow at first light to return to Brindinford. I have spent a fortune over the last couple of days, virtually all of it on learning new spell. After the fight in the earth temple I decided that I need a little more diversity in forms my attacks can take. Predictability leads to opponents who are prepared for your particular spells and have are in a position to negate them. Certainly the Priests in the earth temple had protected themselves from my fireballs and with the likelihood that we will be encountering denizens of a fire temple I felt that an alternative from of attack was needed. We will see what lightning can do. Halgar seems to have a list of enchantments he wants to place on various bits of armor and weapons that we use and Bindinford seems to be the best place. Must remenber when I get back to speak to Rae’s servants. Now that I have the money to buy Rae out of the Wrinkle I think it would be prudent.

Freeday 14th Planting 501

Brindinford feels more and more like home. More so now than it did whilst I was apprenticed here. I met with Felthor today in the Stoney Gaze and discussed the work he wanted me to do. He is looking to buy a set of slippers that will allow him to spider climb. I have to admit feeling a little uneasy about supplying an item with so many obvious misuses to anyone and had to ask why he wanted them. He didn’t take offence and his story seemed reasonable. I should easily be able to check with Lt. Sheller if he is the mason he claims to be. I would never have thought of a mason wanting such and expensive item for his work but with his age and the amount of work he says he does on chimneys and towers he should find them far better than climbing a scaffold.

Moonday 17th Planting 501

Completed Fethor’s commission today and met with him. He seems very happy with them and paid promptly. His story did check out. Halgar has taken up almost permanent residence in the cellar and is I believe enchanting his armor. Normally I would have worked down there but having both him and myself trying to create items down there would not have worked. I looked in on him once and the working conditions he needs are definitely not where I would want to be trying to enchant an item. He seemed to need an environment full of heat and smoke and the sound of him chanting which I suppose is understandable for a Cleric of a magma god. It is going to take a while to air out the cellar. Rae’s servants had already made preparations to leave so I assume they have been in contact with Rae. After I handed them the cash they departed almost immediately. I did take the precaution of looking at the thoughts of one of them to make sure that they were not intending to abscond with the quite considerable amount of cash. I think fear was going to ensure loyalty.

Earthday 20th Planting 501

Finished my preparations to return to the crater today. Replaced scrolls, purchased sunrods, cleaned equipment. I am now ready to go. Halgar seems to be overworked. He has been enchanting items non-stop for days and there appears to be a way to go yet. Bane arrived today from Verbobonc. He appears to have made an arrangement with Halgar about the enchantment of his sword. I think we are going to be here for some days yet. It will give me a chance to rest. It has been a long while since I had a proper rest. It will give me a little time to catch up on my notes. I think it will be worth while using clairvoyance to look at the mine each day as well, just to see if there is anything being done there.

Freeday 28th Planting 501

We are on the road again headed for the crater. Classic travelling weather, at least for us. The skies have treated us to a marvellous and comprehensive demonstration of every type of rain imaginable and by the time we made camp the track towards Rastor was largely mud. Bane is coming to terms with his new ring. It allows him to be refreshed after only a couple of hours of sleep. Amusing that his salvation from the terrors of the Rope trick has come in the form of a magical ring. Still it increases the number of people on watch. I wonder how long it will be before the boredom of the early hours starts to get to him.

Sunday 2nd Flocktime 501

There have been changes at the mine. I took a look at the entrance to the mine and the doors are now open and there is a large stain on the floorin front of them. It appears to be blood with a little fur and hair mixed in with it. I think perhaps that something is using the mine as a lair. I looked deeper into the mines with a second spell and caught a glimpse of movement in that dark. Perhaps the edge of a very dirty black robe. Maybe there are a few lizardmen left. If so the state of them would suggest they have either despaired from the loss of their temple or are working hard to shift earth. I think the former more likely as the state of the other area I have looked at appear unchanged.

Watersday 5th Flocktime 501

We have arrived in the vicinity of Rastor and made camp about half an hour’s journey from it. Once again we have elected not to go through Rastor for no more reason than that the place appears to be such an unpleasant hole. Something about the village makes me nervous. On the whole I am glad we avoid it. I refrained from learning a couple of my higher level spells so have been able to cast enhanced versions of darkvision and of cat’s grace (though the benefit seems minimal). These should both last for a full day.
Halgar held a short ceremony to ask his god about the dangers that lay before us. The response he got was cryptic and spoke of poisoned tooth and vicious claw, and to beware of the gaping maw. Wonder what it means. I hope Halgar is intending to learn a spell to deal with poisons.

Late in the night Spirit woke me. I roused to find only Halgar in the rope trick with me. I asked what was happening and got nothing more than a ‘hush’ in response. Spirit was more forthcoming. She had almost finished telling me that the horse were acting up and that Sol had gone out when a huge shadow blotted out the faint moonlight as it swept through the camp. One of our horses screamed and Halgar jumped out of the rope trick. It took me a few moments to gather my thoughts before I joined him, nearly falling from the rope as I did so. Halgar was standing on the wagon, his flail providing a little illumination and the flames from Bane’s sword pinpointed him where he stood by the horses. Everyone was watching the sky. We stood like that, waiting for a few minutes. The only disturbance in that time was the final gasp of the stricken horse.

When I got a chance to look at it there was evidence of a single deep puncture wound, delivered by the creatures tail according to Sol. He had said that the creature looked much as he imagined a dragon to look, though I cannot think of a dragon that poisons using a sting. Is there such a beast?
We dragged the corpse away from the camp and returned to our rest.

Earthday 6th Flocktime 501

Back in the mines.

We approached the mines mid morning and having reached a depression some 300 yards from the mine entrance waited for Sol to scout the way.

We waited a long while though given Sol’s track record on judging how long he would be away from the group we were not overly concerned. That changed with the sound of a thunderous detonation from the mine entrance. Bane leapt up and started to run, as did we all. As we crested the rise we could see a small shape throwing up dust as it tumbled down the mountainside away from the mine entrance and a winged shape above it. A wyvern! That explained the dragon description anyway. We continued to run as it launched itself into the air and fearing that it would pursue Sol I shouted at it in draconic. For the life of me I could not remember whether the creature could understand the language or was even intelligent, but hoped the abuse would distract it. A true dragon would have been unlikely to let the insult pass.
It flew towards us, we ran towards where we thought Sol had fallen. The Wyvern flew straight over us, barely even glancing down. I thought for a second about hurling a lightning bolt at it but as it was not paying attention to us I held back. It flew past and dived.

I think I am going to have to summon mounts for the return trip.
Sol was found lying at the bottom of the slope, alive but blind. Fortunately Halgar had the foresight to keep an appropriate spell on a scroll and in moments our scout was fine. We approached the mine and I looked at it using a spell to detect magic. A fading aura suggested that our scout had triggered a glyph. Who ever was inside must have set it so that it could not effect the wyvern, using the creature as a gate guard.

The creature was definitely living here. We found a room full of dead carcasses including half eaten orcs. Before delving deeper into the mines we use wreckage from the tables in the lair to bar the main doors. I suspect that the creature would be able to get in if determined but it will make plenty of noise in doing so.

We returned to our usual routing of advancing with Sol moving down the left wall and then rest of us following some distance behind. The mine had a cold empty feel to it like a tomb, which was what I suppose we had made it. Still, things dwell in tombs.

When our first encounter came with what now inhabited these cold dark tunnels it nearly became our last. As we passed a junction there was a sudden sound of feet rushing across the tunnel floor and an overpowering stench, far viler than that then lizardmen normally produced. Gagging and feeling every pound of equipment I was carrying I turned just in time to see a decaying lizardman right next to me. A claw tore though my shirt and I felt my muscles go rigid. Ghast! Beside me I saw Halgar succumb. At that moment I felt sure I was going to die.

Only Bane stood free to act and he promptly started hacking at the creatures with his sword. From the corner of my eye I could see him strikeing time after time, eyes wild and muscles straining against the paralysis that was trying to freeze him solid. Blood ran down his muscles as claw and tooth bit into him. The ghast and ghouls were concentrating on him now. Given a few moments to study them it was clear that there was only one ghast in the group. From my position that was scant comfort. A ghoul fell and Bane shifted his attention to the next. Where the hell was our scout. A second sword might have made a difference.

It was incredibly frustrating. I had half a dozen solutions at my fingertips and could use none of them. I imagine Halgar felt the same, either of use could have dispatched half of the undead with a single spell or word.

Another ghoul dropped, cut cleanly in two by a spectacular strike. Bane was wavering a little. The remaining ghouls and ghast closed tearing new wounds all the time. Twice the ghast was struck. Twice it struck back. There was a horrible moment as Bane seemed to struggle to keep moving and again I saw our imminent deaths. Bane’s sword descended and then ghast fell. Again the ghouls closed, stepping over their fallen (hard really to call a fallen ghoul dead). Sol appeared at last to attack a ghoul from behind. Where had he been? Now the creature had another distraction and Bane use it to his advantage. One left.

Eventually it too fell. Sol seemed to sag, he looked pale and shaken. Bane kept hacking at the corpses. By the time Halgar and I could move our opponents could best be described as paste. At least gathering samples was easy.

Bane was in a terrible state. Well over a dozen wounds had added his blood to the fluids that had sprayed from the ghouls as he hacked them apart. I cannot help but feel amazed that he had been struck so many times and had not succumbed to the paralysis. Astonishing.

(9/23/02 5:30 am)
Re: Player Campaign Log
And a Bump!

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