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Tolling Bell Cultist
(12/30/03 2:42 am)
MAK's campaign log (cont)
Cast recap:

Note that the specialities of Ilson and Sebastian have changed due to 3.5 ed conversion to keep their spell selections similar as before.

Ilson Kentano - gray elf diviner 8 / guardian at the gates 5
Leif Eriksson - human barbarian 1 / cleric of Fharlaghn 12
Galahad "Mac" MacNee - human paladin 5 / cleric of Pelor 7
Hou "HD" Dini - halfling rogue 3 /cleric of Brandobaris 8
Weston Zoltan - human fighter 5 / rogue 5
Sebastian von Munchhausen - human rogue 10 / wizard 1
Taito Ano - human monk 10

Finally done all catching up from the last, long session in late October to bring the story up to date. Next installments will not be due until March - we play RttToEE pretty seldom because the group is starting to tire to the "neverending module", so we hope to finish this spring. The characters are OK so something new might be coming up afterwards, or maybe I fully transfer to running my WWII-modified-D20-modern-action-horror game :)

the Second

Back in Verbobonc Varachan reports that the Outer Fane has been completely cleared and all cult activity in Stalagos has ben limited to the Inner Fane. He gives Ilson a load of cult relics that may become handy, as well as a selection of choice scrolls from Chymon's hoard. The heroes know they missed the Temple boss Second, so the aboleth is the next target.

Ilson's clairvoyance revealed the Second summoning demons to his aid, so the group wastes no time in teleporting back to the Temple and confront two vrocks guarding the altar curtain. Ilson's true sight reveals that only one of them is real, and invisible Sebastian tiptoes towards that hell spawn to stab it with is rapier. The vrock retaliates by summoning another vrock and releasing a cloud of spores, which sprout icky tendrils from Sebastian's skin (luckily he cannot see them - the feeling is bad enough) The vain rogue fears for his complexion...

The others join the fray which drags on and on when everyone tries to conserve their best offenses for the aboleth, and the vrocks make liberal use of mirror images and are resistant to spells, fire and electricity. Finally the demons are slain and the group pushes through the curtain, protected by a torch of revealing.

The inner chamber is very cold, but the heroes unpack a pile of purple robes and are donning them when a strange hybrid of elephant and toadstool lumbers forth from the inner chamber. It identifies itself a Zuggtmoy but gets laughed at by Ilson who can easily see through the illusion with is true sight (diviners can be sooo boring!). The elf notices also that the entire inner chamber is an illusion and the aboleth is waiting further back.

The second sends forth the mucus elemental who takes on Leif - the barbarian must spit slime out at every hit. At the level of fortitude saves the barbarian has, there is no real danger, though. The elemental doesn't last long, and Ilson softens the Second with a chain lightning. The aboleth in turn flame strikes the heroes. Once melle contact is made, the floating fish is done for and the heroes are alone surprised how easy it all was (the Second is IMO alltogether too weak a spellcaster to really be a tough opponent alone, and the presence of true sight negates the usefulness of illusions)

The heroes rest for a while and Ilson memorizes a bunch of disintegrates and destroys all altars, the horn plus anything he deems necessary for the cult to use as ritual props. The group is relatively sure that they have bought themselves some time to plan further actions. The heroes make a looting tour of previously unsearched rooms, freeing the archon but leaving the purple worm and Senshock alone.

So - here we are now, and the next step the players are likely to take is to clean up the Inner Fane (larger probability of useful magical items) and only then turn to the Fire Node, unless they want to call it quits before that. It is conceivable that managing to destroy the cult leaders and then figuring a way to close the Fire Node meets the "victory conditions" of the module, but we shall see...

Brother of Venom
(12/30/03 6:23 am)
Re: MAK's campaign log (cont)
Interesting that they would get so close and want to quit. I suggest you wrap it up in two sessions and convince them to stick it out. Tell them that the whole board is counting on them to finish it. At least have one more sessions and fight Imix, THEN if they feel up to it, go to the Inner Fane and the potential campaign-ending Deck of Many Things.

Good luck!

Tolling Bell Cultist
(12/30/03 10:39 pm)
Re: MAK's campaign log (cont)
Well, actually I just came up with an idea of moving Lareth & Maliskra into the Inner Fane. Lareth needs to force Imix back to the binder (possible, although difficult), which in effect would close down the Fire Node. He then has the binder as a quite potent item to use against the party.

A further idea would then have Lareth escape using the binder, perhaps even back in time so I could bring in the entire twin cataclysms plot (mentioned somewhere here) when the PC's follow him. If they do not follow immediately, why not make history start slowly changing in front of them to a state where Big T rules so that they have to go and do something about it...

This would leave Imix out as an opponent (at least intially) but enable to wrap up the module and move on to my own material sooner. The players have indicated that they like the characters but the module itself is starting to taste stale - maybe because I start to feel a bit the same myself and it shows in the game.


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