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A local, not looking for any trouble
(9/10/02 10:01:01 am)
YACL - My PBEM game
Ahh, progress at last. It's not much, but I felt left out by not having a campaign log up yet. PBEM in RTTTOEE is a LONG process, so I'll probably update this when ANYTHING happens. . . Heh:)

The Party:

Dennis - Druid 4, Hum
Tolvar - Ftr2/Necromancer 2 (he's LN. . . ), Hum
Rolf - Rogue 4, Hum
Hirushi - Monk 4, Hum
Cail - Ftr 2/Rogue 2, Half
Kalindra - Cleric of Pelor 4, Hum

To today:

The party entered Hommlet as caravan guards coming from Verbobonc. It was very cold, with freezing rain beginning to fall, so they flagged down the first person they saw to get a recomendation for a decent inn. The Welcome Wench was the obvious suggestion, so everyone takes off to get out of the cold.

Kalindra, who was sent by the church in Veluna, stops by the temple to speak with Yether the Keen. He tells her of the suspicious folks in the country side, and asks her to investigate the moathouse. If her friends need any motivation, he seems certain that they will find something of value either there, or at the abandoned templ with all thos hob bandits.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group drops into the inn. They order their food, although Tolvar and his enormous scythe look a little out of place.

Dennis, who is deep into his research on shapeshifting, goes to speak with the local Druid, Jaroo, to see if he has any info on the rumors of druids that can take many different shapes at will. Jaroo very rudely rebuffs him, saying that he has no time to talk to a young whelp. Dennis is perplexed, but returns to the wench.

Not long after he returns, a young man enters, looking a little frightened and very nervous. When he sees Dennis he sits with him. He introduces himself as Yundi and proceeds to outline some concerns he has with his master, Jaroo, and was curious what had transpired between he and Dennis.

It's at this point that Dennis notices the dark haired man who had been at the bar has moved several tables closer and appears to be trying to listen to their conversation.

Dennis calls for Vesta and asks if they can have a private room, which she accomodates.

At this point, Kalindra returns and Cail retires to bed. Poor little guy was SO tired.

In the back room, Yundi proceeds to tell the party about Jaroo's strange behavior, and to ask if they might be able to help him. They agree, and head across the way to the grove.

Wyst joins them in the woods and they move on into the clearing.

Jaroo does not seem to excited to see them, or very pleased with Yundi for bringing them, and threatens them with Elmo if they don't leave.

Dennis thens invokes druidic law, saying that he has concerns that need to be met, and if Jaroo will not cooperate he will be forced to summon a High Druid. The Jaroo-dopp FINALLY makes a successful detect thoughts roll and realizes that Dennis is telling the truth.

He waves the party into the cabin, and as soon as all are inside he slams the door and runs like a mad man.

Rolf, Hirushi, and Kalindra spring into action, chasing him as fast as they can go. Kalindra immediately loses footing in the mud and is dropped on her pretty little arse. The rest continue on.

Unfortunately, Jaroo hits the trees before them and dissapears into the dartkness. They continue their pursuit, joined quickly by what appears to be Wyst. He runs on ahead, barking, but his noise ends abruptly. They reach the edge of the woods, but see nothing but a dog slinking between a few bulidings across the way. Cold and wet, they return to the cabin.

Back in the cabin, Jaroo and Tolvar have been searching. Tolvar, who used to be a grave digger, notices that a patch of earth beneath the bed appears different. They proceed to scrape away the soil and soon discover the body of poor old Jaroo, and the dopp is revealed. Hirushi, Rolf, and Kalindra return, and yet don't seem overly surprised to find the body. They call Yundi over to ask him some questions.

His first response is that the party did it, but Jaroo has been dead too long. After some not-so-sensitive comments from the group, Yundi collapses on the bed, near catatonic from grief. Kalindra tries to comfort him, but has no helpful spells prepared.

Dennis asks everyone to return to the inn so that he and Yundi can perform the appropriate rites and put poor Jaroo to rest.

And so, the first day in Hommlet comes to an end. . .

"Just because it's weird doesn't make it art."

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A local, not looking for any trouble
(9/10/02 11:59:32 am)
Re: YACL - My PBEM game
Okay, they drove Jaroo away, so technically they should get the XP for him (not much with a group of 6 4th level chars). However, I was going to have Jaroo run to Dunrat at the mill, and possibly have them fight him there. Any suggestions on how to award XP?

"Just because it's weird doesn't make it art."

A local, not looking for any trouble
(9/10/02 2:17:34 pm)
Re: YACL - My PBEM game
They've made an important discovery and they drove the doppelganger off, but they didn't really DO much other than listen and show up. I wouldn't give them any more than half the XP Jaroo is worth.

A local, not looking for any trouble
(9/10/02 2:46:17 pm)
Re: YACL - My PBEM game
Yeah. The followed a track I didn't expect them to run with. The only reason I had Yundi come in is because they weren't doing anything, so I decided to prod.

Oh, well. Dunrat will be forewarned, or at least suspicious. . .

"Just because it's weird doesn't make it art."

(11/2/02 9:47:29 am)
FINALLY Reached the Moathouse - Utreshimon
Yikes. It's taken for freakin' ever to get here, but they finally started the game . . . :) You gotta love PBEM . . .

One small change, Kalindra the Cleric was replaced by Bradley the Cleric. Other than that, things are the same.

After driving off Jaroo, the party was VERY suspicious of everyone they met. Elmo was called in by Vestra, since the guys were getting beligerent in the Inn. (The druid and the new cleric don't like each other very much . . .) The druid claimed that druidic justice took priority, and Elmo disagreed. By this point it was getting late in the evening, so Elmo finally decided to place them under 'House Arrest' until morning.

In the morning, Rufus and Burne accompanied Elmo to interview the party. I pumped Burne a bit to keep the plot rolling, so he cast True Seeing on Yundi and the Dennis so that they could get two reports on whether anyone was a dopp. No one was, so they were able to get on with it. Through some additional prodding, I go them on track for the moathouse, and they agreed to check it out. After the Elmo, Rufus, and Burne left, Dennis took off to find an animal companion and Chatrilon approached the group about the moathouse. They were suspicious of him, and blew off his dismissal of the moathouse as a place worthy of adventure. He then offered to join up, saying that if there WAS anything there, he wanted part of it. A couple of them were not horribly opposed to the idea, but in the end they told him no. Chat offered a very veiled warning and left. He hopped on a horse and raced off to the moathouse to warn everybody.

The party then did some shopping and Bradley got to meet Renne, who asked him to help find Spugnoir. He agreed to keep his eyes open, and maybe look more after they investigated the moathouse.

Dennis got some lucky rolls on the RET, and the first critter he met in the woods was a Dire Badger, so he's got a sniffy pet now.

They finally gathered together again in town and set off for the moathouse.

They met Ol' Del on the road, who was happy to talk to them. They asked about the moat house, and he warned them of the dragon. They didn't take him too seriously, although they all agreed they should be cautious. They asked if he had seen anyone on the road, and he mentioned that someone had passed him on a horse earlier, running for all he was worth. They assume this is Chat, and are now on the lookout. Unfortunately, Chat got surprised by the dragon and his now a headless corpse to be found in the dragon's lair.

They continued on to the moathouse. The majority of the party started discussing tactics when Dennis the Druid just walked right on in. His idea was that he didn't want to give any guards extra time to prepare. The rest of the party just sighed and followed him.

As soon as they got inside, Utreshimon struck.

Since PBEM is very narrative in style, I'm just going to copy/paste the battle info from the conflict. Let me know what you think . . .

One by one the party enters the courtyard, wary and watchful.

The first thing people notice is the nasty brown smear that runs from the
ground at the base of the steps in the NW corner, up those steps and into
the darkness of the double doors which stand open. A nasty new wetness sits
atop this brown stain. A curved dagger lies next to the stain.

You don't get too much time to contemplate this, since as soon as everyone
moves well into the courtyard a shape erupts from the doorway at the top of

The shape is scintillating blue, about six feet long, and covered with
scales. A horn protrudes from it's nose, and it's eyes glint with cruel
glee. It flies upwards on bat-like wings, almost as if it's showing off.

"Despair, foolish manlings, for your doom is nigh! You now face Utreshimon
the Grand! I shall take pleasure in your deaths!"

It appears that Ol' Del really DID see a dragon.

Utreshimon draws up in front of Hirushi who takes a swing with his
nunchaku, which glances off those shiny blue scales. Rolf, showing the
colors of his profession runs for cover, kneeling behind a pile of rubble off
to his left. Bradley, from where he stands by the entrance, waves his hand
over his crossbow, muttering a prayer to Pelor for assistance. His crossbow
glows briefly for a moment.

Dennis shouts an appeal to nature herself and flames flicker into life in
the palm of his hand.

At this point, Utreshimon bellows in rage again.

"Pitiful creatures, do you know what it is you do, who it is you face? I
will destroy you as the others, and all will know the power of Utreshimon
the Grand" He laughs haughtily and begins to flap his wings vigorously.
You see his forward motion stop, right in front of Hirushi while he remains
floating in the air. That is, you see it until until the dust and debris of
the courtyard begins to swirl into the air and you have to close your eyes
tightly against it. "You are insects!" he cries as he attacks the monk
viciously, landing three blows from his claws and a horrible bite, leaving
the Hirushi reeling, but standing yet.

The badger that accompanies Dennis lets out a bark and leaps at the dragon,
but is unable to land a his bite. Cail draws his bowstring back to his ear
lets fly at the position that he last saw the dragon. He is rewarded with
an annoyed howl of pain.

Tolvar also lets fly, bringing his enormous crank-wound crossbow to his
shoulder and pressing the release lever. The taut cable snaps forward,
hurling the heavy bolt with bone crushing speed. Unfortunately, he has not
the luck of Cail, and his bolt does not fly true. If you could see, you'd
know how close it came. But you can't.

The dust and grit stirred up by the mighty beating of wings still swirls
about you, effectively blinding each of you. Hirushi, despite this less
than ideal situation, takes another swing at the dragon. His lack of
vision cause him to misjudge the distance and his nunchaku swing through
the air in front of Utreshimon's nose. Rolf, also an optimist, let's fly
with an arrow that fails to find it's mark.

Bradley once again cries out to Pelor, who responds by providing a glowing
mace of power which descends of the dragon, striking a solid blow to the
ribs and causing him to roar again.

Dennis shields his eyes from the grit of the dust storm stirred up by the
dragon and runs up the stairs and through the open doorway. He makes it
just inside and has little time to look around, since Utreshimon pursues

"Tiny human, you shall not enter my lair! To even attempt such a thing
earns you the full weight of my wrath!" With that, he gives Dennis a nasty
bite. The badger runs up the steps, using his nose to find the dragon, he
fails to land his bite, but is able to swat the dragons tail since
Utreshimon has to walk to enter the doors.

Cail also lets fly with an arrow, and again luck is with him. He strikes
true, further annoying the blue.

Tolvar chants for a moment, although due to the swirling dust no one can
what effect it may have had.

Even though the dragon is not beating his wings, the dust continues to
swirl, causing continued blindness. Hirushi rushes up the steps, following
the sound of Utreshimon's voice, and swings his nunchaku. For a wonder,
his blow connects, but deals less than a solid blow. Rolf fires another
arrow, but misses AGAIN.

Bradley's glowing mace flings itself at the dragon, but misses. Dennis
turns to face his attacker, reaching out to touch his snout with his flaming
hand. He gives the dragon a good scorch on the nose. Utreshimon throws
himself at Dennis with a vengeance, landing a blow from a claw and a wing,
and giving him another nasty bite.

By now, the dust has cleared and Cail is able to see the dragon clearly.
Unfortunately, his shot goes wide, burying itself in the aged wood of one of
the doors. The badger bites and claws again at the dragon's tail, managing
to land a glancing blow with one paw. Tolvar grabs hold of his scythe and
moves up to the dragon and swings as if he was reaping grain, he strikes
hard, thanks to the distraction that Dennis is providing on the business

HIrushi, standing directly behind the beast, drops his nunchaku and plants
a carefully orchestrated kick just below the dragon's tail. It's a solid
blow, causing the dragon's entire body to shiver and Dennis notices the
eyes go out of focus. Rolf fires his bow, but cannot seem to buy a hit
today, burrying another arrow in the doorway. Bradley slides along the
outside wall a ways and flicks off a bolt from his crossbow, also landing a
blow. Dennis slaps the dragon's nose again, giving him a good
scorch. Utreshimon tries to take a swing at Dennis, but is still feeling
the weight of Hirushi's blow and isn't even able to raise a claw. The
badger lands a paw for a bit more damage. Cail fires his bow again, and
again strikes a nasty hit. Tolvar chants loudly in a harsh tongue, and a
blue swirl of ice and grinning skulls seems superimposed over his hands for
a moment before sinking down into his flesh.

Hirushi takes another kick at the dragon, connecting again, but it doesn't
seem to have the same stunning effect as his previous blow. Rolf pops off
another arrow, and for a wonder actually hits, causing the dragon some
hurt. Bradley sidles up near the dragon and shoots gain, but this time
misses. Dennis, taking full advantage of the dragon's discomfiture from
before, hauls back and takes a stab with his shortspear. Apparently his
eye is good and nature herself is smiling, because the druid delivers a
crushing blow, stabbing out one of the creatures eyes and causing blood to
gout in a crimson fountain. [DM's note: freaking AMAZING crit with a x3
weapon!] Utreshimon howls in pain and frustration and takes flight,
passing close enough to Tolvar on his way out that he is able to take
advantage of the opportunity to slap the dragon on the backside as he
passes. The images from before take shape and sink deeply in the dragon's
scales, causing him to shudder and falter for a moment before continuing
onward to perch on the edge of the ruined keep.

"Worthless, despicable, disgusting men! What disgusting powers do you
bring with you, that you cause me such hurt! You will not leave this place
alive!" With that, he opens his mouth unnaturally wide and thrusts his
head forward forcefully. A line of lightning erupts from deep in his
throat and flies straight and true to strike Tolvar squarely in his
chest. The mage screams and crackles as the electrical charge courses
through his body, illuminating his teeth and eyes. You can almost swear
you see his skull. He proves hardier than he looks, however, and remains
standing. Utreshimon looks stunned as the man, who took the full brunt of
his most powerful weapon, still stands. Cail takes advantage of this
moment of distraction and squints as he pulls the bowstring back to his ear
one last time and let's an arrow fly. The arrow flies into the open mouth
of the dragon, piercing the back of his throat. With a gurgling cry,
Utreshimon staggers for a moment before falling forward to topple to the
floor of the courtyard, where he lies still.

Due to some great rolls (the fact that Hirushi was able to land a Stunning Blow and Big U failed his save . . .) and the crit from Dennis made this battle less than it could of been. I thought it was satisying, though. IF it hadn't been for the stunning blow, Dennis would have been meat.

If people see any problems that could be fixed in later battles, let me know.

They are now getting ready to head in and explore, without resting.

"Just because it's weird doesn't make it art."

(11/4/02 6:56:41 am)
Re: FINALLY Reached the Moathouse - Utreshimon
Looks sweet. That's an advantage to PBEM I hadn't thought of: The narrative tone makes it a great read. Apart from that, you did well in the combat, no errors there. What was the spell Tolvar used?

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

(11/13/02 12:59:05 pm)
Re: FINALLY Reached the Moathouse - Utreshimon
Sorry for the long delay in replying. This thread got lost in a 'Mark Forum Read' frenzy.

That was Chill Touch. He's a necromancer, and while not evil, we've decided that his spells will have a decidedly evil appearance to them.

"Just because it's weird doesn't make it art."

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