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(9/22/02 7:08 pm)
The Temple of Pacifistic Evil Campaign Log
This is C&P'd and edited from my other thread here. Please take all questions there... and check in from time to time anyway since I'm going to ask my own questions there still.

Please note that my total ignorance of Greyhawk means that some things in this campaign will be... strange.


The PC's:

Peridan: CG Human Eldritch Bard/Figther Current level: 4/1
Peridan is a young apprentice to the Knights of the Chord, looking for his missing mentor Agmar last seen traveling around here with the wizard Tymerian. He is the spokesperson of the group, and in combat wields longsword and shortsword together, as well as casting sonic darts for all he's worth, often two at a time for devastating effect.

Roneki: LN (going LE) half-orc Monk Current level: 5
Roneki is a member of the Red Hand, a segment of the Scarlet Brotherhood. He is in the area simply looking for adventure and a way to earn a name for himself. Quiet and rarely outspoken, he detests his wild brothers and their worship of Gruumsh One-Eye, but carries much rage still within himself. He figures Peridan's quest is a good start. In battle he use a pair of magical knuckle irons (+2 to unarmed dmg, +1 enhancement bonus) and a form of bolero that his order specializes in, using spring attack for great mobility. [House Rule: half-orcs get a bonus figther feat at character creation, thus Roneki have been able to start with Spring attack]

Chronos: TN Elven Druid Current level: 5
The son of the Archdruid of the north, Chronos is a dreamspeaker as his father [he got the BoEM Dreamspeaking feat for free, since it's mostly a DM's tool IMO]. He were recently sent to the area to find out what the various disturbances in the order of things that have been emanating from the area is caused by, and he suspects that it's got something to do with the old Temple of Elemental Evil. He also have a dire wolf companion called Xarnos, though all others know it simply as "dog" or "Ulf". In battle, Chronos use both his repartoaire of nature-granted spells and his magical quarterstaff, a spiritually imbued ancient weapon that's just starting to get attuned to him [leveled weapon, recently updated to +2 with 3 castings of Entangle per day, counting totally as a +3 weapon for upgrades]. He also got his wolf, a powerful beast with a deadly tripping attack. But he also have a curse of a sorts; an unquenchable anger that always threaten to consume him and those around him... [he got a feat called berserk: if he should ever witness his beloved wolf dying or come across an abonimation or corruption of nature he will be affected by double-strength barbarian rage but also end up under the DM's control for the duration, which is until the cause is gone somehow... he will attack other PC's under the effect of Berserk, but not the wolf]

Those are the few, the brave, and the soon to be mangled or dead.... taking on a force they can not even understand.

This is going to be fun.


"I think, therefore I am... I think"

(9/22/02 7:12 pm)
The Temple of Pacifistic Evil, Session 1
The tale begins with our heroes on the road to Hommlet. Peridan and Roneki had encountered one another in Verbobonc and decided to join forces, while Chronos had joined up along the way. Chronos' Dire Wolf companion followed in the adjacent wood hidden from view.

As they approached Hommlet, they were met by a patrol consisting of Elmo and two Badgers. Elmo approached and in a friendly conversation with mostly Peridan were made aware that they were looking for Peridan's mentor, Angmar, who had dissapeared in the region. Elmo could confirm that he and a wizardress named Tymerian as well as a few others had been in the city a few months earlier, but he did not know where they had gone afterwards, but due to the colorfull nature of the surrounding area, they could have gone anywhere.

Before they parted ways in friendship, Elmo called out to Chronos that his "friend" could find shelter in the druidic grove on the other side of town, with Elmo's good friend Jaroo. Thanking Elmo for this information, Chronos parted ways with the other two and followed his wolf to the grove. They would meet again later in the Welcome Wench.

Peridan and Roneki then proceeded into town and more or less directly to the Wench. Inside Peridan went to the bar, where Maridosen and Chat were talking in quiet tones. Next to them, Xoad were already far into his drinks and his visions.

Getting a sour reply from Maridosen, Peridan nevertheless succeeded ordering a goblet of wine. Chatrilion greeted him in friendly tones and asked what his buisness in Hommlet was. Replying that he were searching for his missing friend Angmar, Chat said that he did not know anything about him but would gladly let him know if he heard anything.

Peridan then approached Xoad, but his raving of demons and flames convinced both Peridan and Roneki that he was mad. They soon found out that he were a holy warrior however, and briefly concidered having him come along, but reconcidered.

Peridan went to drink down his cheap wine (he did not specify, so Maridosen brought him the worst one she could find...), while Roneki ordered rooms. Hearing that he also wanted a bath, Maridosen stepped up and called him a filthy swine basically. Vesta came out and diffused the conversation however and sent Maridosen off to wipe tables while she showed Roneki to his room.

Meanwhile, Chronos approached the grove and were met by Yundi and his bear. Told of the elder druid's recent illness and memory problems, Chronos were nevertheless led inside the grove and met Jaroo. Saying that he was sent by the archdruid (Chronos father), he were mildly perplexed that Jaroo did not know of any archdruid, though Yundi reminded him of his old colleague. Jaroo requested silence in the grove and that Chronos should send his companion roaming the surrounding woods instead of keeping him in the grove, but Chronos convinced him to allow the wolf to stay there. He then said goodbye and went back to the town for their meeting.

On the way back he encountered the goblin looking halfling, Questin Himmble, and nearly instantly made a friend. Joining him on the way to the Wench, Questin announced his arrival in his ordinary way, by slamming open the door and claiming a seat next to Niereti Poscurian. Chronos followed his lead, joined soon by Peridan and Roneki, who also took a liking to Questin, though Nierethi sat there in silence throught the evening, only occasionaly giving a acidic comment.

A bit later, Peridan decided to let loose with a rousing tavern song (Perform check 28...) that had the entire inn on its toes. And then Redithidoor arrived and decided to join in. The good thing were that he did manage to follow somewhat with his recorder (19)... the bad thing was that he decided to do a solo at the end (8) . Thankfully, Chat's foot decided to end the suffering of the patrons, though Redithidoor thought the following applause and laughter were directed at him (in a good way that is...) and promised to do a follow up. Silence.

Redithidoor decided to join up at the table with the heroes, but after a while managed to insult Roneki by asking him what tribe he belonged to. Elmo arrived though before Redithidoor got his face smashed, and told him of some merchants over at Terrigan's that had enquired after a good bard...

As the evening proceeded, both Questin and Chatrilion joined the party as they decided to investigate Nulb and the old Temple the next day...

On the way out of town the next day however, Elmo approached them and things he said made them decide to go to the Moathouse instead, to the protests of Chat. Elmo also told them of the secret entrance. I forgot about Ol' Dell, unfortunately... Once there, the party proceeded around the Moathouse (I placed the entrance on the directly other side of the Moathouse from the drawbridge) and on the way Questin got trapped by a frog's tongue. The others killed the frog before it could take a halfling bite however.

(I did a listen check for U, and he heard them but decided to let them be for now, as he did not want to leave the opening unguarded and let out the clerics)

Once inside the tunnel, a listen check discovered movement inside, and the forthcoming terrible smell and petrified rat revealed danger. Chronos covers his eyes expecting a basilisk, but once Peridan see the cockatrices, he identifies them with his bardic knowledge.

Combat starts, and though over in a few rounds of intense figthing, the party ended up one man less, and with a half orc statue in their posession. (Here I misjudged and had all three birds join the battle, even though the adventure say that the last one is too lazy to join... Oh, well, they won) The heroes then quickly searched the rooms, coming away with both the 12 100 gp gems and "Lareth's" wand of doom with one charge. They left behind both the Lolth symbol and the cloak with the EEE symbol.

Strapping the petrified monk to the Dire Wolf, they went back to town and had the Canoness cast Remove Enhancement (I did rule correct that he were not dead and so should not loose a level?), though they did not talk to her about anything but payment. Well outside they found Questin pissing on the church walls, utterly ignoring the nearby guard and the vindictive nature of St. Cuthbert... my players love this guy.

And that's were we ended the session. Next one should be tomorrow, meaning I got a few more hours to think about what should happen once they get to the Moathouse, as well as the various locations in Nulb in case we get that far.


"I think, therefore I am... I think"

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(9/22/02 7:18 pm)
The Temple of Pacifistic Evil, Session 2


Hrm.... I'm pissed. And sad. Read on to know why. Oh well, was fun.... for the players.

The session started off outside the temple of St. Cuthbert, where the party were initially contemplating going to the inn to rest, but figured out (due to prodding from Chronos) that they should go directly back to the Moathouse. First, Chat headed off to the inn, followed by the ale-hunting Questin. Chronos sent his wolf off to hunt and to meet him at the Moathouse, then traveled alone back there (no random encounters... by a few percent). Peridan bought a crossbow from Joman Dart and sold his gems, then went looking for potions, visiting Renne and promising her that he would look for her dad. Out in the street, Ol' Dell came running into town screaming of wolves and dragons, going straight at the Wench where the characters got the entire story (view above post) before dismissing him as a madman (BTW, I used the idea of him only talking of "tomorrow" and "earlier" suggested in the A twist for Ole Del... thread). On the way out they encountered Redithidoor (the new assassin...) and dismissed him as well and did not even bother looking if he followed... Chat came along as well, as it only made him seem even more suspicious.

They set up camp about a kilometer away from the Moathouse. The wolf had caught a deer and by the time the others arrived had prepared the meat as well. They slept putting up watch rounds, though the night was uneventful.
(I considered having the assassin creep up and start slicing, but figured the odds were not too good for him at the time, with a watch that could see him, a wolf that could track him even while invisible, a druid that could trap him, and both wolf and monk that could outrun him)

Come morning, the party set up in formation and approached the Moathouse. Having heard them last day had made U cautious enough that he had then noticed them when they returned and set up camp not that far away considering draconic senses. I did not run the frog, as that would be pointless then. Instead I had the Moathouse keep it's battlement, and him hiding atop of it but out of view.

Once over the drawbridge, they spread out, the monk and the druid (as well as the always present wolf) heading over to Thaque's body while the rest of the gang kept in the middle. I placed the ligthening strike in the corpse blowing it to pieces and hurting the druid (lightning spread like I said in the previous post) badly, taking 11 of his 23 hp, while the wolf and monk saved for none. The characters saw him, and were shocked (no pun intended- he did not shoot any more then) to see a dragon here. Much pawning and bowing commenced, with the characters talking of the greatness of dragons, trying everything to appease him, including leaving all their gold in a pile in the middle of the courtyard. U told them that the only way he should spare their lives was if they did him a favour; flushing out the people below so that he could kill them. The CG Peridan's sense of honor strikes, and he ready a purchased potion of jump. U decides that he's hungry and will eat the wolf, but was instead given the prepared deer meat from the night before. The meat was left in a pile next to the gold, and after even more bowing and scraping commisioned the PC's to take clean out the tower as well (referring to the slime...) on their way down. He then sets down on the ground and starts to feast. Peridan drink his potion, and jump at him, striking with his long sword and missing. I call for initiative and ask them if they care about their characters.

Init order;
Chronos/Wolf (I'm letting the wolf act on Chronos' init for simplicity)

1st round (hydr-hydr from the DM):
Chronos cast flaming sphere at U for 7 dmg, while the wolf attack and hit for 18 dmg... I look up on trip rules for the first time and figures that in the opposed roll, the wolf got a +15 (+7 str, +4 bigger, +4 four feet) versus my own +7 (+3 Str, +4 four feet)... the wolf wins, and U is upside down and prone.
Roneki charge as well, doing a critical for 18 dmg.
Chat draw his blade and run up to next to U, ready to sneak attack next round.
Questin charge and hit for 5 dmg.
Peridan casts two sonic darts (each one a move action, being a songnote), and hits with one and crits with the other for a grand total of 20 dmg.
U is surrounded by now and would fall from the AOO's and likely get tripped again by the wolf, so he breathes on the wolf who saves for half (19 dmg out of 45)

Round 2 (blank, sad stare from the DM)
The sphere do its thang for 5 more damage, while the wolf do another 15 and a trip. Chronos also tried a Flare but U saved.
The monk then takes out the last 6 hp and kill my dragon...

Less than 2 rounds did it take. 1.2 actually.

Session ended there, though the mere 230 xp gained did remove or at least lessen the players grin.

Excuse me while I go away and hide in a corner, waiting for the B.A.D.D sent bounty hunter...


"I think, therefore I am... I think"

(11/7/02 2:47 am)
Re: The Temple of Pacifistic Evil, Session 2

Og her er resten... :p

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Here quite a while
(2/18/03 8:41 pm)
Re: The Temple of Pacifistic Evil, Session 2
"Hurray! Thank you! If you're still interested, side trip coming up within the week!"
That was posted in November! Sacremas, you still out there? I agree with Siobharek...whatever "Og her er resten" means! :)

Still here? Wow.
(2/19/03 2:19 am)
Re: The Temple of Pacifistic Evil, Session 2
It means "and here is the rest". It's been a while since I wrote that comment, but I think it was a sarcastic jab meaning "where's the rest of the log, dammit?!"

But yeah, Sacremas... Still here, buddy?

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

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