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Here for a while
(12/30/02 12:33 pm)
Re: Lack of a Mage!
" players display a singular reluctance to any sort of raising, reincarnating or ressurection whatsoever?"
When a 4th level PC dies and gets raised, he's 3rd level. What level do you set someone at if they decide to create a new character instead of raising the old one? This might be the source of the reluctance, if they create a new character with more experience than the old one raised.

"Do you think its possible to progress through the module without a mage of some kind?"
I think others having finished it should be able to provide more experienced answers, but having read it many times I'd say it is not a good idea. There are too many varied situations where it would be very valuable to have a high-level arcane caster. Of course, a resourceful party, especially with compensating magical items (like a ring of teleportation) could always succeed, but it would be difficult. I told my group that I strongly encourage at least one high level arcane caster and one high level divine caster. They took the bait and will have two of each (sorcerer, wizard, cleric, druid). The other three are fighter, fighter (archer), and ranger/rogue.

Here for a while
(12/30/02 12:38 pm)
Re: Lack of a Mage!
Thanks for the input. Usually I have them make up new characters 2 levels lower than their previous characters, so the incentive is there to get raised where its feasible. The module is pretty light in permanent magic items, so while they might be able to compensate for certain missing spells, they couldn't really cover the full range.

Here for a while
(12/30/02 8:02 pm)
Not dead yet!
There's some alternative ideas for how to handle death in 3e. The best I've seen so far, at least in terms of inspiring the players to keep their characters, is this one (check the Dead Heroes link, although the init cards are very nice as well).

I've bounced it off my players and didn't get any real negative reactions, but I'm still deciding whether I want to fully implement these changes since it certainly does remove some of the sting of the reaper.

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Here for a while
(1/2/03 3:39 am)
The Temple outbuildings
We left our heroes standing in front of the main doors of the old temple, having just dispatched the sentries and guard dogs. Erendil & Morts players were the only ones present for the first half hour or so, so those two decided to go and explore the exterior of the temple while Rend & Vesteel stayed at the front to watch for an assault from within. Their recently found companion Galaeron, the human rogue, had disappeared during the previous melee and, unbeknownst to the rest, slipped away to report back to his Shade masters.

Erendil & Mort scouted around one side of the temple building and decided to check out the stand of trees and the ruins beyond them. They went to area 3 first and Erendil snooped around (since he has darkvision). He missed the trapdoor until it opened behind him, but he only took a little damage from the burning hands. he reacted quickly and managed to hold the trapdoor open as Alubya dropped to the floor. Mort scrambled in quickly. Basically the two of them piled into the cellar and butchered the 3 Hobgoblins in short order. The most serious wound taken was when Mort twisted his ankle dropping to the cellar floor.

On leaving this ruin they met Vesteel & Rend (when their players arrived) on their way to the corner tower. The four of them approached it together and Erendil used his detect evil to sense beyond the door. He sensed a handful of auras, though none particularly powerful. Vesteel used his slippers of spider-climbing to scale the side of the tower while the other three started throwing their shoulders into the door. It took quite a long time for the guys to finally realise that they could hack through the door far easier than they could barge it down, but eventually they laid into it with maces & morning stars.

Vesteel reached the ruined top of the tower and was investigating the hole leading inside just as the four goblins were trying to get out through it. A brief exchange followed, where the goblins hurled javelins (to no effect) and then their flasks of alchemists fire (to no effect other than one of them igniting themselves) while Vesteel squeezed through the hole and started stabbing with his rapier until the goblins retreated down the stairs. In the meantime the other 3 succeeded in smashing the door down and charged in, through the hail of readied javelins and proceeded to slaughter all of the goblinkin within. The party dealt with the rats in the side room and gave the goblin room a very cursory once over, missing the secret trapdoor. They then returned to the main Temple doors and set about planning their assault!

Here for a while
(1/2/03 4:57 am)
The Temple interior
It was about now that I had Fendar, the Aasimar Cleric (whose player hadn't been around the previous session) ride up to the entrance of the complex, knowing that his friends should be in the vicinity. They all met up and started talking tactics. Now keep in mind, even though the characters have changed, this is the same group of players that launched disastrous frontal assaults on both of the major gates of the CRM earlier in the campaign. I know the defences at the gates are far tougher than the hobgoblins in the temple, but I was still worried.

Anyhow, after much deliberation, they decided on the frontal assault! They opened the doors and Erendil & Fendar formed a shield barrier, shuffling forward 10' a round - I decided that if that was all they did in their round it would count as three quarter cover. The other 3 guys crouched behind them and got half cover. They advanced through the vestibule towards the temple proper. I had the 10 hobgoblins from area 8, plus two surviving sentries from outside, hidden among the pillars closest to the vestibule. The 6 elite warriors were three rounds behind them (4 including a round to drink their potions) and finally Rarkus had taken the time to meet up with Krebbich to get boosted and one of his guards was herding the Dire Ape towards the fight.

The initial wave of hobgoblins threw a barrage of javelins when the party were half way through the vestibule. Then they charged and engaged in melee. The guys tactic of bunching together really paid off here. Since they were all back to back, none of them were flanked. The two human mercenaries really came to the fore, between Mort's double attacks and Rend hitting a huge number of crits they basically mowed through the first dozen hobgoblins in 3 rounds, with hardly a scratch among the five of them. An honorable mention must also go to Vesteel the Tiefling rogue, who made great use of feinting throughout this whole session.

Next the boosted elite warriors arrived, one of them landing a huge hit on Rend the forsaker. He managed to keep his feet and after that initial scare the guys mopped up these in about two rounds, with Erendil taking the fight to them and making headway into the larger temple area. It was at this point that he noticed the hulking shape of the Ape shambling forward, as well as a stealthy figure running up one of the pillars (spider climbing Rarkus). The ape ran forward and smashed into Erendil, hurting him very badly with one hit. Erendil, Mort & Rend decided that they needed to put this monster down before it got to attack again (good call) and the three of them laid into it, ignoring the onrushing hobgoblin warriors. All three of them hit the ape before it got to act and both Mort & Erendil critted, dropping the beast before it could do its worst!

Vesteel used his slippers to run up the pillar after Rarkus and the two of them essentially fought their own duel at 90 degrees to the ground (with an arrow or two from Mort - who really wanted Rarkus' two-bladed sword). Rend beheaded one of the warriors with one swing (yet another crit) and went to deal with the 3 goblins who had snuck around to attack from the side. Fendar & Erendil finished off the last warrior.

At this stage Vesteel had managed to feint Rarkus and wound him very badly, so Krebbich blew his cover to command Vesteel to flee. Unfortunately for him, Vesteel resisted the spell and Fendar cast a command of his own on the now visible adept, causing his to sleep for a moment. This gave Erendil time to run over and hack him. Krebbich survived the initial attack, but Fendar & Rend quickly joined in, and he couldn't heal himself as fast as he was taking damage. Vesteel took a hit or two from Rarkus, but pressed home his earlier advantage and slew the leader as he was trying to drink a healing potion. They had massacred the entire fighting force of the temple in the space of a few minutes, without so much as one character dropping unconscious!

They then spent some time searching the place and bickering over loot. They found the slaves and freed them (the goblins did not fancy their chances and did not attack). Mort's player had a background note he'd picked from the start saying that Mort was a lover of fine art, so there was good roleplaying when they discovered Rarkus' stash with the statue and painting. The party then trudged back to Yartar with as much loot as they could carry (not the statue!). They spent several days in Yartar, buying and selling, and dishing out gear (including some arcane scrolls to the forsaker for him to burn so he could get his damage reduction ability).

Their next step was to return to the moathouse and attend to unfinished business with the Banelar that had taken up residence. Thats coming up soon.

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Here for a while
(1/2/03 6:27 am)
Banelar in the moathouse
This is one nasty monster!

For those of you who don't know, it is from 'Monsters of Faerun, and is listed as CR 5. In my opinion that is WAY too low!

It is a 7HD huge magical beast with reasonable hits and a poor AC (basic AC anyway). It has a stinger attack +13 that hurts alot, and a bite attack +8 thats not terribly nasty. It also has 10' reach. Doesn't sound like a big deal so far...both of its physical attacks have poison (Fort DC 18, 2d4 Con/1d3 hours unconscious) which is bloody rough! It also has an array of immunities & resistances. But thats not it, not by a long shot! Here's the kicker. It has the spellcasting abilities of a level 6 wizard AND a level 6 cleric (including domain spells). This is insane!! and it can cast a spell a round while also taking a full attack action. Oh yeah, and I almost also has fast healing 2. Thats about it I think!

I would be very curious to hear other DMs opinions on the CR of this creature. As it happens, considering it was aware of them before they could attack and was well buffed, I classed this fight as EL 8...right at the very top end of what I believed they would be capable of.

The PCs knew the creature laired in the moathouse, so they approached as stealthily as they could, but with its +10 spot, it managed to detect them in time to prepare.

First of all it cast invisibility, then as they got closer, it cast the following spells on itself:
Mage Armour & Shield of Faith (AC 21 in total)
Divine Favour (+2 to attack & damage)
Resistance & Guidance

It then readied a fireball...

The party approached over the drawbridge, slipping into the courtyard and trying to fan out (I got them to mark in their routes and positions on a map, so there would be no debate over distances etc.) Despite their best efforts a point came where four of the five were close enough to be caught in a fireball (everyone except Fendar) and it unloaded on them. Vesteel managed to evade all the damage and Mort took half (10) but Rend and Erendil to the full 20 each, and the beast became visible. We rolled initiative and everyone except Mort went before it. Rend charged it but got hit with the AoO from the stinger. This did alot of damage but he resisted the poison at least and managed to swing and land a good hit on it. Erendil used his lay on hands and undid the fireball damage. Fendar called a spiritual weapon to attack it and Vesteel ran forward and attacked, but failed to penetrate its defences.

On its turn, the creature cast Blacklight on itself, engulfing all for 20' around it in darkness. Then it attacked Vesteel with the sting, doing a heap of damage and poisoning him and it bit Rend, only scratching him but succeeding in poisoning him anyway. Mort fired his bow into the darkness - and actually hit, despite the huge odds against it. The next several rounds followed an odd pattern...Rend and Vesteel both retreated out of the darkness, Vesteel hiding among the ruins and very gradually making his way towards the creatures flank. Rend picked up his bow and started firing into the darkness aswell, as Mort continued to do. Fendar summoned some formian workers to attack the creature (to no effect, though they occupied its physical attacks for a couple of rounds) and Erendil stood where he was readying an action to attack with his sword. The banelar simply fired out a stream of damage spells - magic missiles, searing lights & melfs acid arrows (though he targeted to two Aasimars with those, and they both have acid resistance 5) until the blacklight ran out.

By that time Rend was unconscious (though his Forsaker fast healing was working on that) and Fendar had attempted to charge into the blackness and been struck down and poisoned. Erendil, feeling sure that he would be struck anyway, discarded his shield and charged with his bastard sword in two hands, taking the AoO (and being poisoned of course) but landing a fine blow, including his smite evil. Mort joined him in melee and struck a good one and then Vesteel finally sprung up to attack its flank, and missed due to the blur! The creature made short work of putting Erendil down and hurt Mort grievously, before Mort finally finished it off, only hitting because of the flankig bonus due to Vesteels presence...

Phew! That was way too close - if the monster had acted again it would have been all over, no question! But they scraped through it and got a @#%$ lot of experience =0)

Their next step is to return to Nulb and get some satisfaction whooping some undead. As of the XP awards for last nights marathon session, the party status is:

Fendar - Aasimar Cleric 4 of Tyr
Erendil - Aasimar Paladin 5 of the Triad
Vesteel - Tiefling Rogue 4/Ranger 1
Mort - Human Fighter 5
Rend - Human Barbarian 2/Fighter 1/Forsaker 2

Here for a while
(1/5/03 5:42 pm)
Trouble in Nulb
Well, the party returned to Yartar from the moathouse and spent several days recovering from their battle with the Banelar. They also re-equipped themselves very thoroughly, almost cleaning out the reserves of the sellers in the town. They then headed out to Nulb again, replete with scrolls and holy water out the Ying-Yang! They had one encounter during the 3 days of travelling...a couple of trolls looking for an easy meal. It didn't pan out that way as the PCs beat them down hard and fast before torching the bodies.

They finally arrived on the fringe of Nulb and were once more accosted by a trio of shadows. This time however they only struck once, against Fendar, before he stepped up and scored a collosal turning check, sending them all scurrying for cover! They moved on through the town and eventually came across Lareth, sitting on the porch of the herb shop, smoking. There was some interesting interaction here, while the party cagily probed him for information. He volunteered that he used to be a leader in a cult many years ago, and repeated several times that he was once beautiful. Erendil could tell from his detect evil ability that Lareth had a powerful evil aura, and as the conversation turned less cordial he cast bless weapon on his blade. This provoked Lareth to start boosting himself, and that kicked everything off (though Mort decided beating up on an insane hermit wasn't for him, and stood back, alert for more undead). The fight ended quickly, when Fendar commanded Lareth to sleep and Erendil coup de grace'd him. It was a bit of an anti-climax, but there'll be other times =0)

The guys had already decided to burn the whole town before leaving, but searched the rest of the buildings first. When they arrived in the Hostel they were again alert, due to Erendil's warning. They were bracing themselves for an attack in the main room when Wat struck, against Fendar. He landed his death attack and Fendar needed a 6 or better to make the save. He rolled a 4! The Cleric dead, in a ghost town! Ah the irony. The rest of the guys battled it out against Wat, almost slaying him before they simply retreated outside and torched the whole building, which finished him off. They went on to burn the rest of the town, and left that cursed place.

They are planning on returning to Yartar, as Mort suffered the effects of the horrific appearance and needs restoration. They may even decide to travel back to Waterdeep to equip further and maybe get Fendar raised...or even ressurected? It would be a shame to lose Fendar permanently, and I think they group would suffer terribly with no cleric.

Probably be next Monday before I post again.

Here for a while
(1/6/03 1:30 am)
The state of play
As a recap, here's the status of the PCs as of the end of last nights session...

Fendar - Aasimar Cleric4 (Deceased)
Rend - Human Barbarian2/Fighter1/Forsaker3
Vesteel - Tiefling Rogue4/Ranger1
Erendil - Aasimar Paladin5 (mountain lion bonded companion)
Mort - Human Fighter6

Looking around
(1/6/03 10:41 am)
RE: The state of play
*gasp* I spent my whole afternoon (with some interruptions) reading your campaign log and now I'm finally through. I think you're running a great campaign. A little deadly but great nonetheless :)

I'm looking forward on how long this party will live and if they finally will be able to breach the CRM front-line defences.

I hope my group which has just arrived at hommlet will proove a little hardier but they are 1) All level 5 (one PC at level 6) and 2) have extremely good ability scores (but are somewhat badly equipped).

I'll stay tuned to this log.

Looking around
(1/6/03 10:52 am)
RE: The state of play
I forgot answering your question about the Banelar: I suppose it terribly broken, too, such as some other creatures from the MoF.

For example look at the Ibrandlin: Over 100 hits, 5 attacks, one of which is at +18, the other 4 at +13, very nasty damage (4d6+12 with the bite attack!), a not too powerful breath weapon, SR which will reflect about 75% of the party's spell attacks, pin attack, 15 ft. reach. For me that's not CR 5 (could try it against my party though :evil )

Reading the stats of a phaerlinn giant I would say it was far too powerful for CR 3 as well.

My suggestions would be:

Banelar: CR 7
Ibrandlin: CR 7 to 8
Phaerlinn Giant: CR 4 to 5

Here for a while
(1/7/03 1:56 am)
Re: RE: The state of play
Thanks for the feedback...I would say agree with 7 for the banelar - I made it 8 because it was prepared.

I believe the Ibrandlin is a strong 7, though it is still primarily a stand-up fight, so I wouldn't make it an 8. Same applies to the Phaerlinn Giant (which I'm very fond of - expect to see it once or twice!) so I'd go with a 4 for it.

Yeah, the setup of my campaign does make it very lethal...but these guys are veterans and know all the tricks in all the books, so I have to make it tough for them. I expect them to use the experience of the last party and go for the south gate, which they found much easier than the main gate. I have a feeling that they will defeat the gate force and finally manage to pierce the outer defences and get a foothold in the ToAC. We'll see on Sunday =0)

Here for a while
(1/9/03 3:03 am)
Time to regroup
Unfortunately we missed our traditional midweek session last night, as three of the regular 5 players were working. I did, however, get to talk to most of the guys and get some idea of what they planned to do next. It looks like they are going to return to Waterdeep to present Fendars body to his home temple...I'm gonna give the guys a break here and have the temple cast True Ressurection (well he did die in the course of pursuing a church appointed mission!).

On the way there the PCs will notice more signs of monster activity. I've decided to work on an idea whereby the outer fane instructs the elemental temples to aggressively recruit/conscript allies and monsters to menace the country-side farther afield in their respective directions (Earth to the West, Air to South, Water to North and Fire to East) and hopefully throw up a screen to deflect attention from the CRM. They have informed the Arcane Brotherhood of their plans and so the Host Tower has decided to step up their maritime campaign against Waterdeep and its sea trade.

There's a few reasons why I'm doing all this:
1. I get to write up some new and interesting NPCs/monsters (making liberal use of the MotP elemental templates)
2. If the players try the old 'well this threatens Waterdeep so Waterdeep should pay us more and/or give us troops to command' trick (which they will!) then Waterdeep can say 'we've got more immediate problems, here's a potion of cure minor wounds each, its all we can spare!'
3. I want to put the players on a clock, give a sense of urgency. Now they know that they need to get to the root of all these problems, which they will guess - correctly - is the cult in the hills before the whole region goes to hell in a handcart!
4. It should serve to discourage time wasting trips back and forward to whatever town they feel like every time they get 100gp worth of loot, if they are being hounded by monstrous & mercenary forces every step of the way.
5. Its what I would do if I was Hedrack (which I guess I am, sort of) if I wanted to buy some more time for my masters to hatch their nefarious plots.

Once in Waterdeep they will be able to spend their saved up loot on items & equipment not available in Yartar (which is to say, a whole lot). I'll also do some checking on what value of equipment they have relative to their level and I may have some churches or government bodies bestow 'gifts' if neccessary to boost to the right level. I think I'll bring in an element of the Arcane Brotherhood of Luskan here as well. They have spies in the city who would be interested to hear about a group who have been scouring the Dessarin hills of monsters & evil cultists. The brotherhood are still in the dark about the cults ultimate aims so will try to hamper, or even kill the PCs in aid of their insane allies. It also seems that Erendil has had a bit of a crisis of faith - particularly with the manner in which Fendar of Tyr was so brutally slain...he is considering swearing himself to the service of Kelemvor, to eradicate undead from the face of Faerun (he's gonna just love Thrommel!!)

Here for a while
(1/9/03 5:54 am)
hehe goodie!
So if he swears allegiance to Kelemvor, U can let the Arcane Brotherhood try and curse him, so that he has to be mercenary or suffer effects, just like Kelemvor had when he was an adventurer (read the Times of Troubles trilogy for that beauty of an idea :evil )

Here for a while
(1/13/03 10:06 am)
Waterdeep & on to the Mines
The guys got alot done in last nights session. They managed to transport the body of Fendar the priest from the burning ruins of Nulb to the temple of Tyr in Waterdeep - despite the attentions of a pack of Kir-Lanans), where he was resurrected (this once). Then they proceeded to equip themselves and met up with a guide familiar with the area around the Mines (this turned out to be Mylan the Druid - making one of his cameo appearances). Erendil also, very diplomatically I must say, defected from the Triad to the church of Kelemvor...but didn't ruffle any ones feathers too badly, and Kelemvors temple were happy for him to continue on his current quest.

They headed back out to Yartar, with a large cavalry escort that far, and had no trouble on the road. They didn't waste much time in the town before setting out for mt Stalagos either, though without their escort they attracted some trouble. First off they fought off an Arcane Brotherhood assassin who fireballed their camp before sending in a band of Ruathym mercenaries. A few of the PCs were scorched, but no one was even knocked down during the fight. The wizard however, managed to escape.

Later they were accosted by a pair of perytons, but again they handled them with little trouble. They finally reached a ridge opposite the western side of the mines and set up surveillance over the area between the two gates, as pointed out by Mylan, using Rend's prized possession, his spyglass. They spent a long time discussing possible approaches, grilling Mylan for all he could remember of the assaults made by his former companions. Based on the fact that his previous group managed to escape from the south gate, but never got out of the main gate (my group considered the south gate a far easier battle) they opted to try the south gate first.

After much debate and belittling of one anothers plans, they finally settled on a compromise of several schemes. Under cover of night, Vesteel (with a potion of glibness and Lareths' former cloak of Arachnida) and Mort (with Vesteels' old slippers of spider climbing) are crawling in under the very top of the south doors, to scout out the entrance hall from the ceiling. From Mylan they know about the sniper, and will be planning to silence him quickly! Mylan's player unfortunately won't be around again for a while, so once more he'll have to sit out the assault, waiting outside with the mounts for a quick escape. We'll see on Wednesday how it pans out.

The cast...

Vesteel - Tiefling Rogue 4/Ranger 1
Erendil - Aasimar Paladin 6 of Kelemvor
Mort - Human Fighter 6
Rend - Human Barbarian 2/Fighter 1/Forsaker 3
Fendar - Aasimar Cleric 5 of Tyr
Mylan - Moon Elf Druid 4 of Sylvanus

Here for a while
(1/16/03 3:30 am)
Major Incursion!
Okay, so we last saw two of our heroes sneaking in through the South Gate, using spider climb, and following on the heels of a returning gnoll patrol. Well they got inside and stayed in the shadows near the roof of the main hall. Vesteel very stealthily circled the room to approach the sniper from behind. and killed him quickly and silently. Very neatly done. Vesteel propped the body up, as if it was asleep and then he backed into the stairwell leading down from the ledge and kept a look out while Mort went to the gate and motioned for the others to get in quick. Vesteel stayed where he was while the other 4 quickly scouted the two arrow slit rooms. They very wisely cut the strings on all of the crossbows.

So they were now masters of the entrance hall and had decisions to make. They considered all climbing to the sniper perch and then making their way down the stairs from there to investigate. They also though about approaching the barbican, but they are always wary of sets of double doors. So in the end they decided to make their way up the large stairway. They advanced unchallenged as far as the gnoll barracks and took a listen at the door. They heard mixed sounds, snoring, snarling and swearing, so they guessed it was a barracks of some kind. Mort, Rend, Fendar & Erendil all burst in (Erendil went last and closed the door) and they swiftly slaughtered the 8 gnolls that were there. There was some noise, but nothing that wouldn't pass for a gambling fight (four of the gnolls were playing dice when they entered).

They quietly left the room and were joined by Vesteel, wearing his newly acquired air temple symbol. At this point they decided to continue up the stairs, unbeknownst to them going straight to the temple. Unfortunately, Fendar & Erendil were not built for stealth and they made alot of noise on the stairs. This gave Choranth & Graud time to prepare (since it was night I decided Graud was in the chamber aswell). As Vesteel was listening at the door it swung open and the first of the bear skeletons shambled out. The fight was on!

Between Erendil & Fendar they managed to eventually turn the skeletons, even despite Choranth attempting to counter and the unhallow effect of the temple. Vesteel then ran into the room and used his bluff (enhanced by potion of glibness) to try to say that they were new reinforcements told to report to the high priest. The bad guys bought it for a moment...then Erendil charged in with his shield blazoned with the symbol of Kelemvor, so that was the end of that! I had also placed 3 air mephits in the temple as an additional defence and these now started using their breath weapon on several of the guys. Rend & Mort joined the other 2 in the room, leaving just Fendar in the temple proper, combating a couple of the mephits.

Choranth put up quite a struggle. Even though she was surrounded by Vesteel, Erendil & Harbinger (Erendil's bonded companion) she weathered it well for a while...managing to command Vesteel to flee. Mort almost slew Graud with his first hit - dealt 36 damage with the crit - but Graud managed to rage and hit him back for 16 or so, and landed a similar shot on the fleeing Vesteel before Rend and mort finished him off. Mort then managed to land and attack on the already wounded Choranth and dropped her too. They turned their attention to the mephits, but they all fled to the altar after a round or two.

In the meantime, Vesteel had run down the stairs and as he was about to return he saw Kellial climbing up them, accompanied by a pair of quaggoth (instead of the ogres) and the remaining 10 human warriors of the gate garrison. Again, he tried to bluff that they were new arrivals and had been helping when a summoned creature went mad. However, Kellial had seen that the sniper and the gnolls were dead so he was suspicious. Vesteels' 40-something bluff and his air temple symbol were enough to save him from attack though, and Kellial instructed him to wait where he was and the reinforcements proceeded up the stairs. Vesteel of course just sneak attacked the last man in line, but failed to kill him and got hacked to 0 hits. Again his amazing bluff convinced them that he was dead, so he waited until they left him and started guzzling down some potions.

Here for a while
(1/16/03 4:11 am)
Re: Major Incursion!
Bluff is a very nice skill to have!

Here for a while
(1/16/03 4:25 am)
Battle for the Air Temple
This all bought the rest of the party a few rounds so they healed up, Rend took some drugs and Erendil grabbed the scrolls from Choranths body. Rend, Mort & Erendil lined up across the top of the stairs with Harbinger just behind them. Fendar was farther into the temple, healing himself. While he was doing this he noticed a short, fat, bald figure making his way onto the dais. He fired of a searing light which did some damage, but couldn't stop Fachish summoning the Air elemental. In the following round however he did manage to cast Blindness on Fachish, which forced him to retreat from the fight via Gaseous Form.

So the situation now was...Vesteel healing himself inconspicuously behind the gate guards, Mort, Erendil & Rend facing over a dozen enemies on the stairs, and Fendar & Harbinger squaring off against 3 air mephits & the large elemental...not good. Well once Erendil sam the elemental he left Mort & Rend and moved to engage the monster. This section of the fight took a long, long time. The elemental started out trying to use its whirlwind power, but Erendil kept making his saves. Fendar took a bit of a beating from the whirlwind, but was able to finish off the mephits once the elemental focused on Erendil in melee. Those two slugged it out for quite a while with Erendil occasionally managing to buy time to heal himself. Eventually he wore it down and sent it home to its native plane!

While this was happening Rend, and particularly Mort were getting swamped by attackers. Their only stroke of luck was that, even though Kellial skipped past Mort through the gap Erendil left in their line, Harbinger the leopard engaged him and kept him busy for almost the whole fight! Unfortunately the hits kept mounting up for poor Mort who went through the whole fight being double teamed by bad guys. Vesteel did his part from the rear of the attackers, though several turned on him and he was in a bad way at the end. Rend was the one that fared best, since he mostly only had one opponent at a time and had his forsaker damage reduction and fast healing keeping him going. In the end, Mort took too many shots and dropped, bleeding to death while all of the others were still fighting. One PC down =0(

The rest was a mop up. Kellial (on 10 hits) finally dropped Harbinger, but Fendar cast hold person on him and he froze on the stairs. Fendar Coup de Grace'd him next round. Rend & Vesteel killed the last of the guards and then they all spent some time healing and searching the dead. Rend decided to investigate the dais & altar, but as he did the gnolls from 72 opened fire on him from thetunnel mouth. The guys dealt with these gnolls very promptly, then destroyed the returning bear skeletons.

The party are for now the undisputed masters of the air temple and south gate complex, though Fachish is hiding with the human guards in 71, until he can pray for spells again and hopefully cure his blindness, then there may be a reckoning!

They have several options, and they do plan to destroy the altar, but they need to decide what to do with Morts' body. Next session is Sunday, so I'll fill you in then.

Here for a while
(1/17/03 6:23 am)
when do clerics of EEE pray?
Considering the most recent events...I need to know when Fachish prays and refreshes his spells? The PCs launched their attack a couple of hours after dusk, and its currently late winter IMC, so at the end of their last battle it would be about 2 hours before midnight...this means that Fachish may have just prayed (at Dusk?) and be in for a long wait - or maybe prays at midnight, and is already planning his couterstrike!

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

Still here? Wow.
(1/17/03 6:28 am)
Re: when do clerics of EEE pray?
Midnight - definitely midnight. He's a villain, fer cryin' out loud!

Also, I believe (but I do SO not know) that most wind dies down during the night, praying at midnight may be seen as a way of bringing wind - and air - back into the world.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Here for a while
(1/17/03 6:39 am)
Re: when do clerics of EEE pray?
Excellent...that puts my guys in for a surprise pretty soon!

Thanks as always =0)

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