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Here for a while
(4/14/03 4:53 am)
Taking on the Earth Temple
The party (except for Nicos, who was out of spells and returned to the Dwarven Temple) pushed on north beyond the gate area into the the Earth Temple Tunnels. They were briefly waylaid by the two sentries (both with Rage cast upon them by Terrenygit) but they handled them easily. They continued forward, hot on Terrenygits' heels as far as the Swordmasters chamber, where they encountered yet more hastily organized resistance...The swordmaster and 4 trog guards came at them from one tunnel, Greshta & 2 more trogs attacked the rear of the group and Terrenygit used his superior darkvision to target them with spells from beyond their sight. It didn't matter. At this stage the party was much more powerful than any of the opposition in this part of the mines.

They mowed through them...Darkblade was actually walking past the grunts, totally ignoring them and oblivious to their attacks of opportunity just to get to the named bad guys! The PCs also did well in this whole endeavour in that they pressed forward fairly relentlessly, directly from over-running the gate complex. I decided that because of this the Earth Temple forces would be coming at them in waves, instead of a consolidated assault. The final wave was pretty substantial, including a Xorn, 4 earth mephits (these actually did alot of damage with concerted breath weapons), 4 more trog guards, Snearak & Uskathoth. The worst thing that happened to any of the PCs throughout the whole battle was Jenser being blinded by a spell from Miikolak. I launched a barrage of hold persons, commands, random actions and more blindness/deafness, but they were either saved against or absorbed by Imzel!

The last Trog standing was Snearak, and we finished up last night with Beornegar & Jenser (blindness cured via scroll) forcing him to surrender, but as he was throwing down his weapons Imzel attacked him...we'll see how that pans out on Wednesday night!

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Here for a while
(4/15/03 5:40 am)
Northern Bridge Complex
In preparation for my group continuing their surge forward I had another look over the North bridge area. Pathetic! I know its supposed to be the weakest complex in the mines...but really, my party would not even slow down going through there, plus I think they would get pretty bored if I threw another bunch of human warriors at them. So I made a few adjustments. To qualify my concerns, I'll outline the party here:

Beornegar - L7 human tank
Jenser - L9 human scout/archer type
Bayle - L8 human scout/archer type
Imzel - L7 human scout with spellfire
Nicos - L8 human cleric/fire support
Darkblade - L10 Aasimar tank (almost invulnerable!)

On average higher level than assumed for this area, and obviously theres 6 of them, which helps too (more if Mylan or Lucan show up). Anyway, I liked the idea of a Duergar in charge and kept Oomarthis, though I upped him a level to 8 and gave him improved crit. I also decided to back him up with some more Duergar...I replaced the 6 human warriors in the war-room with 6 Duergar veterans (L3 warriors). The two groups of guards in 205 & 206 I also altered slightly...Instead of human & elf War1, I'm making them Derro & Drow War3!! I know, its a big power hike, but I want to challenge the party and add in some tactical variety. Both the Drow & Derro primarily use ranged weapons & poisons, and will harrass the PCs and try to draw them to the Chimera or the Athach (The Chimera advanced to 14HD).

The 6 Rottweilers have morphed into 6 Dwarven Hounds (creature collection) and I advanced Riu Lotaas to 14HD. This makes him awesomely dangerous, considering I have equipped him with a +2 Fullblade and a ring of the chameleon. His attacks with the fullblade are +20/+15/+10...2d8+9 damage! This area is going to be incredibly tough, but I still think Templar Darkblade could go toe-to-toe with any one opponent in this area and beat them and the rest of the party have developed good tactics for supporting him and Beornegar with bows and spells. Its definitely a winnable fight if the guys are careful.

Just to raise the surrounding area comparably, I'm going to add in two more Dire Apes of 10HD each along with those already listed. I did however ditch the made no sense to have them so close to the apes anyway.

If the party decides to return to the Dwarven Temple before venturing further they will be hunted by Ukemil & his pets, and as mentioned before they may find the Dwarven temple under attack. Even if they press onto the bridge area quickly and overrun it, they may have to defend it against Ukemil and the lions either from the air bridge or from behind (having crossed the fire bridge). Theres lots of options for Hedrack to launch a counter-strike against them, though I don't want to wipe them out either, I suppose it'll take some juggling for the right balance, as usual.

let you all know what happens tomorrow night or Thursday!

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Here for a while
(4/17/03 3:32 am)
Developments and reactions
Okay, as we left off, the group was in the process of subduing Snearak and preventing Imzel from executing him. They managed to do this eventually, including threatening to kill Imzel on the spot if he did anything like that again! They then marched Snearak back to the Dwarven Temple. This was directly following the battle in the Earth Temple, so the Outer Fane would have had no information on the fight or the outcome. Therefore, Ukemil would not have been deployed that soon. I let the guys get back to the Dwarves unhindered.

They spent the rest of that night and all of the next day and night healing, identifying & interrogating Snearak. He sketched in a little more onto their parchment maps and told them that the North Bridge and the Water Temple were to the east of the Earth Temple. They never really asked about the composition of the forces?? Jenser did squeeze him for some info on Thrommel though, mostly what he knew already (though I made the guys aware that Snearak was terrified of this guy), and with Nicos using detect thoughts they got an image of a dark armoured figure with gleaming red eyes...

They also struck a deal with Sharaela the Dwarf priestess. In exchange for a claim on all masterwork and miscellaneous gear that the party would not use (spellbooks and such), the Dwarves would take the huge array of magic booty (more than 15 assorted +1 weapons, a dozen shields and suits of armour etc.) with one of their caravans to Waterdeep and trade it for a list of items desired by the PCs. This allows them to cash in their treasure without having to take the time out themselves (though it will be maybe 12 days or so before the caravan returns).

After their recuperation, they ventured forth again, making their way back through the abandoned tunnels to the Earth Temple. I decided that Hedrack had sent an advanced Dao, with his advanced Jann bodyguards to determine what had befallen the Earth Temple that caused all communication to cease. The guys were pretty noisy about looting the various clerics chambers, so the Genies were fully aware of them and prepared an ambush in the main temple cavern. As the party approached the Altar, a large section of the cavern ceiling suddenly liquified and dropped on them, catching almost everyone and dealing significant damage to a couple. As they surfaced from under the mud, they saw a tall, noble, fine-robed figure, gesturing in their direction.

We rolled for initiative, with two Jann warrior going first. They were both invisible and shot a volley of arrows at Imzel and Nicos, wounding both. Then Jenser got a couple of bolts off at the Dao, though only one hit home. Then the Janni Sheikh, also invisible, fired a barrage of arrows, dropping Jenser to the verge of consciousness. Before anyone else got to act, the Dao once more waved a hand...causing the ground beneath the heroes feet to become slick, sucking mud. Luckily this time, all of the PCs except Beornegar managed to dive and scramble forward, escaping the mire. From here the fight devolved into a series of desperate scrambles, With Bayle being knocked unconscious, Jenser having to take some time to heal himself, Imzel getting pummelled by the Dao after it again turned invisible, and even Templar Darkblade taking several nasty hits and having to heal himself.

At last only the Dao remained, squared off against Beornegar & Darkblade (having blocked the rest of the party with a wall of stone running from the mudbath to the wall. Despite its reach advantage and prodigious strength, they managed to get a couple of blows on it each, and it fell before it could planeshift to safety! The group looted the fallen then set about exploring the rest of the temple area. Finally they went at the altar with hammers, maces and morning stars, eventually smashing it. They moved on from here, as far as the door to 216. They were a bit noisy and Axred heard them, bellowing an alert to the gate forces. We left it with the guys backing from this door but hearing noises behind them aswell (the apes, who will just take the slain Jann to devour and ignore the PCs...but the PCs don't know that!)

I had a rethink about how Hedrack would react to the fall of the two gates and the Air & Earth Temples. Once the Genies do not return to report he will know that he's up against something more than a few Dwarf colonists. He's going to set the Spider-Eater riders (changing all of the lightning tower forces to Githyanki and upping the riders to Warrior level 3) to harassing all traffic to and from the Dwarf enclave. He will also send word to the remaining Bridges and Fire & Water Temples to cease their internal hostilities until they have eliminated the intruders. The Fire Temple forces will push fro the South Gate and onwards, while the Water Temple will move on the Main Gate and so towards the Dwarves that way.

Ukemil, his lions & the two assassins will enter the mines via the western bridge with instructions to hunt down and eliminate any non-temple aligned individuals or monsters they find. This will all start in about another days time.

We'll see what happens on Sunday night.

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Here for a while
(4/21/03 5:29 am)
Skirmishing around the air bridge...
Most of the party moved back from Axreds' room to the next side tunnel down the passage with Bayle and Nicos positioning themselves just at the junction. Jenser had scrambled up the wall above the door to the Athachs chamber and hidden. So he was the first to notice the door open...but instead of a giant he saw half a dozen humanoid shapes, swathed in hooded cloaks, slink out of the doorway into the corridor. Three of them (Drow) went ahead while three Derro brought up the rear. Jenser tried to shadow these on the ceiling, but they heard him and started to train their crossbows up. He dropped, hoping to land on one, but missed badly. However, the surprise obviously put them off, since they all missed him!

In the meantime, the drow used darkness on a bolt to blot out the light of the sunrod that Bayle had dropped in the corridor. They then approached stealthily, and took turns shuffling just far enough out of the globe to use their darkvision and take potshots. Bayle ran back to call up the reinforcements and Nicos fired a dispel magic up the corridor. Suddenly the three drow were visible, just as Beornegar and Darkblade arrived...need I say more?? Back around the corner, Jenser was battling admirably against the Derro, who were not really interested in engaging a foe this close up. He had downed one when he heard a grunting and scraping noise. Looking around he saw the 18ft tall mass of Axred squeezing through the door. This was all the encouragement he needed to make a run for it. He got hit with two very nasty shots from the remaining Derro, including one crit, but resisted the poison easily and made it back to his comrades in time to swing a blade into the last remaining Drow. Then he warned them about the Giant!

Axred lumbered up the corridor behind the last two Derro, who fired a quick volley of bolts before one was dropped by arrows and the other retreated. Then Beornegar & Darkblade moved to engage the beast. This was a savage fight and the creatures' huge reach made it extra difficult to combat, but eventually, though both were very close to dropping, they managed to kill it. Beornegar stayed conscious...courtesy of the headband of ferocity...long enough to be healed by Imzel. The group decided to quickly retreat from this corridor and explore the other passage from the Earth Temple, going towards the Water Temple.

They took a couple of minutes back in the altar room to catch their breath and drink a mouthful from their waterskins. Then they cautiously advanced as far as 204. From here, some of the more sharp eared among them detected sounds of shuffling and snorting from the corridor ahead. As Imzel inched forward, Bayle threw another sunrod (which my party are very fond of) in front of them...illuminating the entire pack of dire apes, come to defend their territory. Imzel reacted quickly, and backpedalled to Darkblade and Beornegar. The apes charged and a furious and bloody battle ensued. At one point one of the apes struck Beornegar with both claws and manage to rend him...dealing a total of 43 damage in one round. That was the most damage any of the party took though, and when Imzel stepped in and unloaded 18 levels of spellfire into the pack leader, frying it completely, the last two apes turned and fled. The party was too tired and beat up to pursue, and they decided to fall back to the previous small cave and rest up, rotating watches.

On the second watch, Beornegars, the remaining Drow & Derro from the bridge complex launched their attack, having come out the back door and dispatched the last two apes. They took turns popping into the doorway, keeping as much cover as they could and shooting their poisoned bolts. Beornegar was struck twice in the first round by Derro bolts and failed the save against one, dropping his strength by 10 points, to 9. Luckily he had already managed to shout an alarm and the rest of the group were waking and returning fire. Nicos got to Beornegar and cast restoration, returning his strength and from here the PCs quickly mopped up their attackers, one of the Drow even falling victim to one of his own kinds bolts, fired by Imzel. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, Beornegar beheaded him rather than taking him prisoner!

Thats where we left off last night, so in the next session I'll probably have Ukemil and pets enter the mines via the fire bridge while one of the assassins will join Oomarthis garrison at the air bridge and they will try to catch the intruders in between. Its very likely however, that the PCs will attack the air bridge area or move around to 190 before Ukemil catches up with them, which will mean they can fight their enemies seperately. We'll find out on Wednesday night!

As of last night the party was as follows:

Imzel Grey Wolf - Human Rogue 4/Spellfire Channeler 3/Cleric 1 of Uthgar
Jenser the Hunter - Human Rogue 3/Ranger 2/Fighter 2/Bloodhound 2
Bayle Domon - Human Rogue 4/Fighter 3/Ranger 2
Nicos the Knowledgeable - Human Cleric 8 of Savras
Beornegar, Son of Ironfist - Human Barbarian 4/Fighter 4
Templar Darkblade - Aasimar Paladin 6/Templar 2/Divine Champion 2 of Kelemvor

Here for a while
(4/24/03 1:14 am)
Re: Skirmishing around the air bridge...
They finished their fitful nights rest after the attack and wearily broke camp, those who could prepared their spells...and used some straight away to heal up anyone injured during the night. A somewhat bedraggled party (very low on healing at this stage) pushed forward towards the Ape lair and the Water Temple. They were working very cautiously and thoroughly, and combed each room. This included the pool in the master apes' room and they recovered the Sword of Water (having already had the swords of air & earth and made the connection with the pommel stones and the temple symbols on the guards, they were quick to surmise what the new find was). Since they were being so cautious, and therefore moving slow, I reckoned that Ukemil and his pride would catch up before long.

It happened just as the guys were negotiating the pit trap before area 201. Bayle, Jenser & Imzel were all in front of the door, Darkblade & Nicos were wearing the two pairs of slippers of spider climbing - midway over the pit - and Beornegar was standing guard on the other side of the pit. The first two lions bounded up the corridor from the earth temple direction and Beornegar just managed to shout an alarm before one of them pounced at him. It caught with a couple of its attacks, but nothing major. The other beast got to the edge of the pit and swiped a claw at Nicos, merely scratching his armour. This turned out to be a short fight, surprisingly. I rolled quite poorly on average for the lions, and the guys hefty ACs kept them in there. As usual Beornegar & Darkblade were in the thick of it. The first lion retreated after one round to get healed and another tried to leap over the pit to pounce on Nicos, but the two stalwarts each got an attack of opportunity and killed the beast, sending it plummeting into the pit.

The second two lions also engaged, both pouncing on the two front liners. Bayle leapt over the pit to join in, but was held by Ukemils' magics. Nicos dispelled it before the lions could take advantage of the helpless warrior and Imzel attempted to climb across the pit. Unfortunately he slipped and tumbled down. Luckily, however, he avoided all of the spikes at least. Beornegar, Bayle & Darkblade felled one of the lions between them and turned on the other. Jenser was the first to notice the shadowy figure at the far wall of the junction who seemed to be casting spells into the battle. He shot a couple of bolts in that direction... unsure if they hit, but the figure did seem to back away. The first lion, many of its wounds healed, now returned to the melee, again pouncing on Beornegar.

It hit with 4 of 5 attacks on the already wounded warrior and mauled him terribly, leaving gaping wounds, fountaining blood. Somehow (headband of ferocity??), he still stood and unleashed his rage on the creature. Ukemil sent more spells into the fight, but they were ineffectual. Bayle & Beornegar finished the last of the lions and Darkblade used a scroll to heal the battle-crazed barbarians' mortal wound. Imzel was attempting to search the bottom of the pit and Nicos was listening at the door. Jenser had joined the other 3 on the open side of the pit and was following them towards the shadowy figure. Ukemil was heavily boosted, but was surrounded by 3 very able warriors. He attempted a Tharizduns touch on Beornegar but failed the concentration check. He lost the spell to the subsequent blows. Then the PCs unloaded on him, and enough attacks slipped by his impressive AC that he fell under their blades...

So Jenser went to watch the east passage out of room 200 while Darkblade started to detect evil. Bayle searched the troglodyte and Beornegar succumbed to fatigue. Imzel was starting to climb out of the pit, which left Nicos, alone, by the door!

I'll post what happened next later.

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Here for a while
(4/24/03 2:42 am)
Re: Skirmishing around the air bridge...
Nice log :) ... though I don´t read it all yet. So please forgive me if my questions are because I missed something.

How come that Ukemil is outside the fane hunting the group ?
Not that I mind :) ... but he must have a reason, I guess.
And I always like to hear about reasons why NPC´s roam around.

And just out of curiosity. Darkblade seem to be quite advanced compared to the rest of the group. All the more with him being Aasimar ...

If those questions are answered at another point in your log, you don´t have to do it over again here ... I will read it soon, anyways.

Keep on going ...


Here for a while
(4/24/03 4:32 am)
Re: Skirmishing around the air bridge...
The locked door in front of Nicos suddenly swung open! Beyond it he could just see an empty corridor of worked stone. As he was moving to one side, preparing to cast shield of faith on himself he came under sudden attack. A couple of flail heads thumped off his armour and shield and two burly, heavily armoured figures (sorta like enlarged dwarves...) shimmered into view! He yelped in surprise and everyone rolled initiative. The PCs got excellent rolls, except for Nicos, and before the Duergar got to attack him again Jenser & Bayle had already sprinted up the corridor and leapt the pit, landing in the midst of more (invisible) Grey Dwarves...Jenser actually crashed into one! Well the extra Dwarves engaged the new arrivals...pairing off with 2 Duergar on each of the PCs. within moments however, Beornegar had also leapt the pit and Darkblade was making his way past it on the wall, still with the borrowed slippers. Imzel was also just dragging himself over the lip.

This fight did not go well for the bridge defenders. The 6 Duergar warriors went down fast, with only a couple of hits on Jenser to show for their efforts. Oomarthis showed up to flank Nicos and launched a furious assault, catching the cleric a couple of times for over 30 damage. Nicos responded with a nasty inflict critical wounds and then decided on a hold person. Despite his resistance to spells, Oomarthis failed against this one and froze. At this point the party saw a squad of 4 heavily armed ogres storming down the corridor. Darkblade moved to block them...and threaten Oomarthis. He was very surprised however when the hidden Riu Lotaas struck him a savage blow with a fullblade! They both swung and both stepped back, the Barghest to cover his commander and Darkblade to drink a potion. Nicos fired a searing light at the monster and Jenser loosed a couple of bolts in his direction.

About now Bayle noticed that behind them all was darkness (a darkness spell, courtesy of Bethe). Unknown to the PCs the assassin was spider climbing towards them, to get in position for a death attack. Bayle was wary, but also wanted to make sure that the held Duergar would not rejoin the fray. He stepped forward, took a vicious hit from the Barghest and coup de graced Oomarthis. The squad of ogres were now arrayed behind Riu Lotaas, but this didn't stop Darkblade and Beornegar moving to engage him. Some hefty blows were exchanged and Darkblade was felled by a critical hit. Beornegar managed to land a colossal swing before Nicos nipped in and struck with his last defaulted inflict critical wounds. This left Riu on 3 hits, and he used his next action to dimension door back up the corridor into the complex.

Beornegar, still in rage, charged the four ogres! You can imagine his surprise (and players relief) when they turned out to be mere figments, blinking out of existence as soon as he struck at them. The rest of the party moved forward into the corridor, fearing the Drow that they believed were behind them. This left Bethe with no opportunity to make a death attack, but a perfect scenario for a lightning bolt. She fired a javelin towards the group and caught four of them badly, Imzel dropping unconscious and Beornegar on 1 hit. Bayle reacted quickly and fired off a captured drow bolt at the almost-hidden shape and heard a grunt, followed by the sound of a body falling down the darkness covered pit.

Thats where we finished last night, with the guys deep behind enemy lines, running low on all sorts of resources...

Wouldn't even like to hazard a guess as to what will happen on Sunday...just stay tuned!

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Here for a while
(4/24/03 4:46 am)
Quick answers for Kyle
Thanks for reading, always nice to know someone is enjoying the exploits!

I decided Ukemil and his pets and one assassin would be despatched by Hedrack, now that two temples have fallen and Oomarthis has reported coming under attack. So Ukemil entered the mines via the west (fire) bridge while Bethe has arrived in the north bridge complex to bolster the defences.

You're right about Darkblade...he is higher level than all the others, mainly because the others have had characters die more often while he has endured. However, his advancement is slowing right down, and most of the others are making big gains on him. Almost everyone will level up again before he does, some of them might even gain two levels before he goes up another one. As is stands at the moment, the spread is as follows:

Darkblade - 10 character levels (+1 racial)
Nicos, Bayle & Jenser - 9 character levels
Beornegar & Imzel - 8 character levels

So as you can see, even compared to a couple of sessions ago, the party have caught right up with him. Bayle & Jenser are likely to get to 10th before Darkblade gets to 11th (12th ECL).

Here for a while
(4/25/03 1:33 am)
PC Interactions
Having read a recent thread about a player quitting a campaign due to lack of RPing, and also noticing in my own game that the players are sorta treating it like a tactical exercise and not expressing any personality...I've decided to take action.

I've just sent all 6 of my regular players a message, getting them to write three lines on what their character thinks of each of the other characters. Once they've actually developed an opinion, I'll give small XP awards for roleplaying apporpriately. Hopefully this will add a narrative feel to the campaign, instead of just a series of puzzles and challenges.

When I've got all their feedback I'll probably post it here, if its anyway entertaining or interesting.

Has anyone else tried something like this, in any campaign. If so, did you find it useful?

Still here? Wow.
(4/25/03 1:47 am)
Re: PC Interactions
I made sure to emphasize to my players that they couldn't expect roleplaying opportunities to be thrutst at them at every corner, but that I - in return for them making an effort - would try and get as much out of the opportunities that were there.

It worked OK with their recent entry into the Outer Fane being a downer: They now know that the time for talking is over (with the exception of Varachan who is beginning to reveal himself to them), and especially one of the players expressed concern that the campaign would deteriorate into a hackfest. This was, however, also prompted by the first encounters being overly boosted, so they'll be alright for now, I think.

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Here for a while
(4/28/03 6:16 am)
Retreat, restock & re-engage
We left the party in area 201, with a darkness spell covering the pit behind them and the Air Bridge complex ahead of them. They investigated a little way deeper into the bridge area, but could hear the guard dogs getting closer. In their bedraggled state they just retreated back to 201 and waited out the darkness. When it finally dissipated they made their way back across into the tunnel to plan their next move. Most of them made it back across that is...Beornegar, on very few hits at this stage, decided not to wait for his turn with the slippers of spider climbing and just jumped, badly! He fell short and plummeted the 40ft to the bottom (so many things had fallen into the pit at this stage that I figured the spikes would be broken or covered). However, he still went to negative hits, and was only conscious due to the headband of ferocity.

Templar Darkblade dropped his last two healing potions and a pair of slippers of spider climb down the pit, allowing the Barbarian to climb up. Once in the large cavern they debated their next course of action. Darkblade, Jenser & Imzel decided to try to backtrack the trail of Ukemil and his lions (with little success...hard to track over stone). Bayle decided to stay in the cavern and watch the door in 201 and the badly wounded Beornegar, along with Nicos, ventured up towards are 198. On their way they stopped to examine the bodies of the guards that had been slaughtered. While they were doing this Bethe struck again! She made her sneak attack on Beornegar, leaving him at -5 hits (though still conscious of course) but he made his fort save. Beornegar managed catch her a solid blow even with his mortal wound, but she survived and fled (beyond their torch light, so she could hide on the far side of the entrance to 198...remember, I have done away with the owlbears). Beornegar then slumped against the wall while Nicos attempted to stabilize him.

The rest of the group had heard the shouts during the fight and came running. Imzel arrived in time to use his last healing spell to get the warrior back on his feet, though he was still terribly weak. The group decided to make haste back to the Dwarven held area to recuperate. They went cautiously, constantly on the lookout for an ambush, with Darkblade at the back of the group, watching out for the assassin (they were really paranoid about her by now...I love it when PCs develop real hate - tinged with fear - for NPCs...means I've been playing them smart). They retraced their steps southwards towards the Temple of Moradin, looking forward to rest and healing.

Unfortunately they ran afoul of the Basilisk (advanced to 12HD) that hunted along the tracked area. No one succumbed to its gaze attack, but Bayle was injured badly by a bite from its huge jaws and Beornegar once more charged recklessly in, despite his ill health. Needless to say, he was again sent into negatives from his wounds before the creature was slain. Imzel had to drain a couple of potions of cats grace just to fuel his spellfire enough to get the grunt mobile so he could make it back to safety!

Eventually they did hear the gruff sound of a dwarven voice, commanding them to hold and declare themselves. They were escorted into the temple proper by one of the sentries, and they noticed a marked increase in the numbers of dwarves in residence. There were also obvious signs of recent battle. They were greeted by Haldin, the captain of the guard, who told them of several skirmishes with Gargoyles and Kuo-Toa (and stranger, snakelike creatures) to the south, as well as frequent assaults by Githyanki Spider-Eater riders and foot soldiers. He was happy to report however that they had been reinforced by 2 dozen of his on kinfolk and a handful of new mercenaries. Once they reached their barracks room they all shrugged off their armour and collapsed into a well earned sleep.

I'll post the goings on in the temple later, along with their second attempt to claim the air bridge!

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(4/28/03 9:00 am)
Re: Retreat, restock & re-engage
Once they were safely in the Temple they decided to stay put for a couple of days. They guessed (correctly) that the bridge defenders would not get much in the way of reinforcements in such a short time. Nicos set to work immediately on identifying the latest batch of salvaged booty....this took him two castings, so two full days spent in the Temple area. The others spent most of their time debriefing with Sharaela, the high priestess. They pored over their maps, with the dwarves making copies and the PCs pointing out what they had encountered where and what they had learned.

Towards the end of the second day there was a disturbance at the south gate, and shortly afterwards a human female figure, with a shaved head and flowing robes was escorted into the Temple by a squad of dwarf sentries. When she was brought before Sharaela it was mentioned that the guards had seen her fly in from the south west. She introduced herself as Hergeld of Aglarond, a skilled transmuter and occasional artificer, then she handed a sheaf of parchment to Sharalea, sealed with wax bearing the insignia of Moradin. She was the latest mercenary, a specialist wizard, attracted by the promise of recovered spellbooks. She also carried a bag of holding with her...with all of the items that the PCs, aswell as the Dwarves, had requested. As I expected, Darkblade used his detect evil on her but detected none (she is true neutral alignment, though she is not of aglarond...she is an agent of Thay, and her masters wish her to establish an economic foothold in what they hope will be a very profitable mining community).

The higher level characters (which conveniently were the ones who had been part of the original mission group recruited in Waterdeep) were well short of the recommended treasure value for their I had their sponsors - various churches and the lords of Waterdeep - subsidise their magic item purchases. Templar Darkblade received a blade of his church... a +2 Undead Bane Bastard Sword, 'Deaths Proclaimer' - which also happens to be intelligent, though only semi-empathic. It will grant him free use of expertise. Bayle, Jenser & Imzel all received items of darkvision (Moonstone Mask, Green Eyed Gauntlet of Xvim and goggles of night respectively), Beornegar was handed boots...of speed! and Nicos gained a shield of command (+2 large steel shield, with +2 to all Charisma related checks while held).

Sometime in the next day I'll post their return to the bridge area.

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(4/29/03 1:26 am)
Re: Retreat, restock & re-engage
Finally, fully healed, rested and re-equipped, the party felt ready to make another charge at the Air Bridge complex. Unfortunately they had to leave Jenser behind, as he had the runs (his player had to work), so the other 5 set out in good spirits. They went cautiously, knowing that an assassin still lurked in the tunnels somewhere, but not expecting an attack while they were all at full strength. In this they were correct, though Bethe reported what she had observed back to Hedrack and so Victor was sent to join her. The pair of assassins shadowed the group from the outskirts of the Dwarven territory to the tunnels between the Earth Temple and Water Temple.

At this point the party made their way to area 200 and then down the passage to the door into the complex. They sprung the lock easily, both Imzel & Bayle are accomplished lock pickers. As they were filing into the corridor beyond, Bethe gave one last parting shot...her second javelin of lightning! It didn't do too much damage, but enough to elicit swears of horrible vengeance from the party before they closed the door and relocked it, sealing the assassins outside for the time being. They very cautiously made their way up the corridor towards area 205. They could hear the animal sounds of the guard dogs coming nearer and started casting their buffing spells.

The sounds of the casting triggered the dogs to attack, and they opened their assault with a deafening bark (remember, these are dwarf hounds from the Creature Collection) which rendered Bayle incapacitated for a half a minute or so. Beornegar & Darkblade stood just inside the mouth of the passage, allowing only two dogs to attack at a time. Though both of them were bitten once or twice, they took no serious damage. Nicos had cast Righteous Might (It think thats the name of it??) which caused him to grow several feet in height and much more powerful. It also allowed him to reach over and beyond his comrades to attack the dogs as well. With ranged support from Imzel, the pack of six dogs was butchered in less time than it took Bayle to shake off the effects of the barking.

Once the dogs were down, Darkblade, Beornegar & Bayle stepped out into the corridor, watching and listening for more enemies. Darkblade started to slowly scan the area for evil auras. He detected none but they all saw a large winged creature with three bestial heads come shuffling around the corner from the main hall! Bayle & Beornegar fired off a volley of arrows & daggers before they realized that the creature seemed to flicker as they attacked it. Then some of them noticed a shadow shifting on the far side of the hall and shouted an alarm. Instantly the image of the chimera disappeared. Nicos ran across the chamber, searching for the figure they thought they spotted. Bayle quickly followed while Darkblade went back to methodically scanning for traces of evil.

As Nicos & Bayle reached the far side of the room they saw another chimera...between them and the bridge that they sought! Bayle advanced towards the monster and threw a dagger, half expecting it to sail right through the shape. This time however it nicked the creature and drew blood, as well as an angry response. It lunged foward and blasted a cone of icy breath. The rest of the party moved to aid Bayle, and at least they caused the monster to divide its attentions among many. As Templar Darkblade was moving to engage the creature, however, a dark shape detached itself from the shadows in one of the other passage ways and swung a huge blade, catching the Champion of Kelemvor with a mighty blow. The battle split into two fights...Bayle & Beornegar stayed on the Chimera while Darkblade & Nicos fought Riu Lotaas.

The Chimera did significant damage to both of its opponents, but eventually fell to the combined flurries of Bayle and brute strength of Beornegar. Riu Lotaas fought viciously and both Darkblade & Nicos were hurt, though the barghest lord was losing the fight. He was preparing to dimension door to safety when Imzel tumbled between his allies and grabbed the beasts' leg, unleashing 19 levels of spellfire! He did 54 damage, completely incinerating the monster.

The party caught their breath and looked around, ready for the next assault, but after a minute it hadn't come. They are now preparing to search the rest of the area and secure the bridge-head...soon they will probably try to cross the bridge and use their captured air key to access the outer fane. They will need to avoid the attentions of Victor & Bethe first. Once Hedrack becomes aware that the North Bridge has fallen he will probably instruct Kelashein to reclaim it by amphibious assault. Failing all else, I will introduce Thrommel as Hedracks chief enforcer, though he will try to use the PCs for his own ends. We'll be going again next Sunday night, I'll post shortly afterwards and let you all know what happened.

Here for a while
(5/6/03 7:56 am)
Holding the Bridge area
Was a fairly short session on Sunday night, with alot of the available time spent being very cautious and thorough in searching the Bridge complex. Initially it was Darkblade, Beornegar, Bayle, Imzel & Nicos. As they were searching, Jenser & Mylan the druid (along with Rage, Mylan's Dire Wolvering companion) arrived...having followed them on foot from the Dwarven Temple. Imzel & Bayle were doing all of the searching with Darkblade contributing an occasaional detect evil through locked doors. In the midst of this inspection, Nicos detected a peculiar thrumming sound from the bridge area. Darkblade went out into the main hall to investigate and was met by a volley of arrows! He saw two enormous flying insect shapes framed in the dying light coming in the archway out to the bridge. Each had a rider seated between the wings, both with long bows drawn. Before Darkblade could even call for help the creatures banked away and disappeared into the mists over the lake.

The party knew they were likely to have company soon, guessing that the two riders had gone to get reinforcements. A couple of them continued ransacking the complex rooms, grabbing Axred's gem stash on the way, while most of the others positioned themselves at the back of the entry hall, well away from the bridge entrance. As expected, they heard the return of thrumming wings and saw 4 spider-eaters & riders approaching the entrance archway. A lengthy battle ensued, with most of the PCs using missile weapons and ranged spells to good effect. A couple of the spider-eaters dropped within 6 or 7 feet of the ground, to let the other riders shoot over them. This allowed Darkblade and Beornegar to engage in the usual, devastating effect.

The group was kinda surprised when 2 of the riders seemed to somehow disappear from their mounts and appear in the midst of the PCs (remember, I've replaced the riders with Githyanki warriors) but they didn't let their surprise stop them hacking them to pieces. The other 2 riders succumbed to captured drow sleep bolts. After the last of the spider-eaters was slain and Nicos cast neutralize poison on the paralyzed druid and his companion, the two sleeping Githyanki were gagged and restrained.

As the group were searching their fallen foes, Imzel heard a scraping noise outside, somewhere around the bridge archway. He alerted everyone and they all kept a wary eye on the entrance. Despite their attention, only Imzel again noticed two indistinct blurs sliding into the hallway high up on the wall (this was Bethe & Victor, having been instructed by Hedrack to kill the intruders or die trying). Imzel launched a blast of spellfire at each of the shapes, finally outlining Victor to the group. Bethe, badly scorched, scuttled into the shadows and was temporarily forgotten. Victor fired off a couple of bolts at Imzel, but didn't hit home with either and then was himself bombarded with arrows, bolts and spells, killing him quickly.

Then Bethe made her final desperate attempt to take on eof the party down. She dropped from the wall on top of Imzel, running him through with her rapier (25 damage). He managed to somehow twist and avoid a fatal blow, however, and Bethe was quickly overwhelmed and slain! That's where we finished the session, so I presume the party will question their prisoners next time and then decide how to proceed. I suspect they may move on the fanes, at least to test the strength of the defence. they will probably notice it is tougher than what they've encountered so far...

The group makeup is now:

Jenser - Human Rogue 3/Ranger 3/Fighter 2/Bloodhound 2
Bayle - Human Rogue 4/Fighter 3/Ranger 2
Imzel - Human Rogue 4/Cleric 1/Spellfire Channeler 4
Nicos - Human Cleric 9
Beornegar - Human Barbarian 5/Fighter 4
Darkblade - Aasimar Paladin 6/Templar 3/Divine Champion 2
Mylan - Moon Elf Druid 7 (occasional player)

Might be a week or so before we go again...I'm busy moving into my brand new house!

Here for a while
(5/12/03 8:49 am)
first foray onto the bridge...
As the party was searching the slain assassins and securing the captured Githyanki spider-eater riders, I had them all roll intelligence checks. Both Imzel and Jenser noticed the scry sensor that had been watching them since the assassins arrived. This knowledge got everyone pretty jittery, and they sent Nicos & Mylan (players couldn't make it) back to the Dwarven Temple with their prisoners. The other 5 needed to rest up, but were unwilling to retreat and have to come back, so they barricaded themselves in Axred's room. They spent a very uneasy night, with Bayle again spotting a sensor in a corner of the room with them.

They were left alone however, (Hedrack had other plans for you will see) and were rested enough to engage in lengthy debate on their next course of action. Eventually, despite Jenser's objections, they decided to attempt to cross the air bridge and see what they could see. IMC, the inside of Mt Stalagos, is constantly wreathed in mist and foul smelling vapours, so even on this occasion, when the sun was high and bright, visibility was still only 100ft or so. Imzel & Bayle moved stealthily ahead, and Jenser used his slippers of spider climbing to traverse the underside of the bridge. Darkblade & Beornegar stayed 30ft back from their scouts, and shoulder to shoulder. They could all hear the thrumming sounds of the spider eaters, and occasionally caught a hazy glimpse of one on the edge of their vision. Nothing threatened them though, as they reached about 300ft. Then they heard the rush of air from behind them. They turned to see a vast, blood red, scaly form sweep overhead and belch a gout of flame over Beornegar, Darkblade and Bayle.

Bayle managed to evade the flames (by hanging over the side of the bridge) and Darkblade tumbled away from the worst of the blaze. Beornegar unfortunately took the full effect...all 54 damage! As Chymon swept away, regathering her breath for another blast, the lurking spider eater riders continued to harass the PCs with bow fire, one even attacking Jenser beneath the bridge. One at a time they all tried to get back to the safety of the crater. Imzel used his cloak of eleven kind and literally crept along the edge of the bridge, while Bayle, Beornegar and eventually Darkblade simply ran back towards the north complex. Unfortunately, Chymon cut them off and breathed again. This time Beornegar & Darkblade made the save (though it was enough to bring Beornegar to -9 ...but Darkblade - on 2 hits - zapped him with a cleric-on-a-stick back to -3). Bayle was not so lucky, he failed the save this time and was instantly incinerated!

Beornegar, despite being on negative hits (good ole headband of feocity) decided to run past Chymon...knowing full well that if he got hit by an AoO he would be dead! Well he ran, and I rolled, a 3! With mobility his AC was 31 and he got by and made it into the complex. The Dragon decided to make sure no one else would escape, and flew to the entrance way and pulled down a large portion of the crater wall over the passage! At this point all of the guys outside were pretty well screwed and I don't think I could resurrect the campaign with another TPK, so I played the good guy trump card. I had Varachan order a recall sounded from one of the towers. The SERs and Chymon left the battered and demoralized group to find a way out of the crater and back to their comrades. Beornegar, before he passed out from exhaustion, saw another sensor and heard a voice whisper in his ear 'That was as much as I could do. Know that you have a friend within.'

With two pairs of slippers of spider climbing and a ring of climbing, Jenser, Imzel and Darkblade managed to climb up and over the crater and down to the west gate. They located Beornegar and healed him back to being mobile. Then the entire sorry group crawled back to the Dwarven temple, where they will try to recruit another mercenary to bolster their numbers.

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A song from the sixties
(5/19/03 7:21 am)
a new recruit and push on the water temple
Beornegar, Jenser, Darkblade & Imzel all made their way wearily back towards the Dwarven temple. Unfortunately for them, there was more to do before they could rest! As they got into the tunnels immediately surrounding the temple they were ambushed by a band of Blue Slaad (and they could hear more fighting in the temple proper). Now Blue Slaad are CR 8 monsters and I considered them pretty tough, especially when I threw in 6 of them! (7 including the one that was successfully summoned). However, the four PCs mentioned above, plus Mylan the druid, absolutely handed them their asses. Imzel put one to sleep with a drow bolt and Beornegar managed to get an instant kill on the summoned one, but they still cut through them frighteningly easily. Beornegar was still on 1 hitpoint when they were all killed, and anything above 0 at the end of a fight means it was a cakewalk!

Anyhow, their arrival saved the Temple of Moradin and they got their well earned rest. The following day, since Nicos was staying a little longer in the temple, another volunteer from among the auxiliaries offered to travel with the group, Brother Finn of Oghma. He's an eighth level Aasimar Cleric of Oghma, with the Travel & Knowledge domains...from his introduction and brief game time last night he seemed very impressive. He is the new character for Bayle's old player.

Once the group was fully healed up and had set Nicos to identifying their latest salvage, they started out, intending to approach the Water Temple and test its defences. At last, the entire party has darkvision, on way or the other, so they can really move stealthily. They made it back as far Gouquogs pool chamber unhindered, and then slowed right down, with Imzel creeping ahead to check it out (his hide and move silently - and Jenser's for that matter - are exceptional). He spotted nothing from the edge and motioned everyone forward. Mylan, Beornegar & Darkblade stayed about 15ft back from the water, while Imzel & Jenser used their slippers to traverse the north wall. Finn the cleric showed one of his neat tricks here by casting his L3 domain spell, Fly, and slowly moved across the centre of the pool, keeping level with the climbers.

These three came level with the column when they heard a splash. They all looked, and saw the hideous visage of Gouquog emerging from the water! Fort saves all round and Imzel rolled a 1...bad time. He took 14 strength damage, to his 10 strength and plummeted into the water. A brief fight ensued here, with Finn rescuing Imzel and the others using ranged attacks to pepper Gouquog. I got Gouquog close enough to use her horrific appearance on the other 3 party members, aswell as trying her evil eye on Jenser, but they all resisted and Mylan managed to finish her off with a crit from one of his shield spines. Thats where we stopped last night, so this Wednesday or Sunday they should be taking a shot at the Water temple proper.

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A song from the sixties
(5/26/03 8:41 am)
Those that were still mobile picked up Imzel and started to trudge back towards their base of operations, the Temple of Moradin. Luckily for them however, Nicos the cleric was already on their trail and they met up before the main group had gone too far. Nicos was able to cast restoration on Imzel straight away and the whole group made their way back to Gouquog's pool. While they were cautiously approaching the pool they found a metal piton driven into the floor in front of them, holding a sheet of parchment in place. This was an unsigned note, offering a truce in exchange for unhindered passage through the Water Temple (penned by Kelashein). This provoked more debate, before they heard a female voice calling to them from the other side of the pool - Kelashein, along with Oomkaan and some grunts.

She asked them had they considered her offer. Darkblade engaged in some verbal sparring with her for a while, on the nature of her Temple and its affiliations, but eventually they decided to meet her face-to-face and at least hear what she had to say. Needless to say, the whole party was on edge, anticipating an ambush of some kind.

They spent some time determining the best way to safely cross the water (those in heavy armour were very concerned) before Nicos realised that he could cast control water at a high enough level to do a Moses and part the pool completely! Imzel & Jenser crept along the walls on either side of the chamber while Mylan transformed into an alligator and swam over. There was some more cagey conversation, with both sides throwing in veiled threats about the consequences of treachery. At first Kelashein simply offered to allow the party safe passage through the temple complex, but as she got a better idea of their methods and motivations she dropped in a line about combining forces against the fire temple. Even Nicos using detect thoughts believed she was on the level.

NB: Kelashein had orders from Hedrack to take care of the PCs, but she still harboured ambitions of wiping out the fire temple and being the undisputed mistress of the mines.

This got most of the PCs interested, though Jenser in particular was very reluctant. They got a rough outline of the water temple's plan of attack and discussed it among themselves some more. If they had decided to go there and then, it would have gone ahead as written in the doubt the water forces would have tried to eliminate the PCs once the fire temple was defeated. However, the party asked to be accomodated and allowed to rest and prepare to battle fire based enemies. This rest period allowed Hedrack time to discover the party's whereabouts and there plans. He had some stern words with Kelashein (to say the least) and instructed her to do away with the meddling adventurers before they left the water temple.

After the group had rested and prepared their spells for the upcoming battle against the forces of fire, they were escorted through the complex to a couple of long boats in the flooded tunnel leading from Oomkaan's chambers to the temple proper. Again, Mylan changed into an alligator and swam, while his (reduced) dire wolverine companion travelled in one boat with Finn, Nicos & Beornegar and Imzel, Jenser & Darkblade went in the other. Each boat was also manned by a pair of common Kuo Toa. Finally, Oomkaan & Nilbool each climbed into a boat. Kelashein had explained that the PCs & Oomkaan needed to ensure that Nilbool made it into the heart of the fire temple to guarantee destroying their altar.

The boats were slowly paddled out into the temple cavern, and the group saw Kelashein and 3 of the large Skum guards on the altar. This was where they started getting edgy =0).
When they were in the middle of that cave, 10ft from the blank wall and 20ft from the altar, all of the Kuo Toa simply dived into the water, taking the paddles with them! As this happened Kelashein commanded the huge water elemental to attack. Her action attracted the attention of the whole party, and once we rolled initiative Nicos blasted her with Searing light, Imzel engulfed her in spellfire and Jenser nailed her with a couple of bolts! She dropped before she could play any other part in the battle.

However, the battle still proved difficult. The elemental immediately overturned both boats. Only Jenser managed to stay out of the jumping to the wall and clinging on by his slippers. So the rest of the party were in the water with Oomkaan, Nilbool, a huge water elemental and three large skum. Brother Finn got himself and Beornegar out of the water in a hurry by way of a dimension door onto the altar. However, when the priest tried to dismiss the elemental he was caught by a watery fist and lost his spell. Beornegar, who had lost his own weapons, picked up Kelashein's mace (boosted to +2 with greater magic weapon). When Finn recoverd he cast Fly on the barbarian who engaged the elemental in melee. Meanwhile the rest of the party was combatting the skum and the two Kuo Toa priests.

Nilbool was peppering Jenser with ranged spells, but Jenser returned fire when he could spot the frogman. Nicos was slowly drowning, until Mylan - now in the form of an enormous squid - grabbed him and dragged him to the surface. There he saw Beornegar being unmercifully pounded by the elemental...looking to be far beyond the point where anyone should be able to fight on (he was on -9 hits, but Finn managed to heal him before anyone else got to act). Nicos succeeded in dismissing the elemental, and ever so slowly the fight seemed to turn in the PCs favour. We had to stop there, cos some of the guys were falling asleep around the table, so we'll pick it up next Wednesday.

A song from the sixties
(6/6/03 3:10 am)
Battle for the Water Temple
Well, here we are again, at last, a full week later than planned. But as a DM it was well worth the wait... Had a full house again on Wednesday night, all 7 PCs that were present for the last session were there again. We picked up exactly where we had stopped, with Kelashein dead and the water elemental dismissed. Nilbool, Oomkaan and the Skum guards withdrew to regroup and wait for reinforcements. Most of the PCs gathered on the dais in the middle of the cavern (except Jenser, on the ceiling above the dais and Imzel who was still on the wall near the entry tunnel). The PCs were frantically healing and boosting, except for Nicos, who was watching the water and readying a searing light.

Unfortunately, Nicos is not the most eagle eyed member of the group and missed the 3 Skum crossbowmen. They all got shots away, with Jenser and Brother Finn both getting hit badly. The party retaliated with their own ranged attacks, bolts, spellfire & rays of searing light. Then the other 6 Skum (from area 182) erupted from the water around the edge of the dais and started clambering up onto the platform. A couple were knocked back in by AoOs but enough made it up in the first round that the guys had a serious fight on their hands. As usual in hand-to-hand battle, Darkblade & Beornegar were really effective, though the 2 clerics Nicos & Finn and Mylan's companion Rage also stepped up and laid into their enemies. Eventually all of the Skum were slain and the cavern was quiet again. More frantic healing by the PCs.

Jenser made his way down onto the platform and started probing the pools with the sword of water, leaving only Imzel separated from the group. He was on the wall near the mouth of the tunnel back to 192, watching for more enemies. He spotted a horde of Lizardmen (replacing the human guards listed in the module) hesitantly approaching the waters edge, but not immediately advancing. After the other PCs had healed up sufficiently, Darkblade and Jenser set to the altar with maces and morning stars. The sounds of hammering reverberated through the complex, alerting the remaining Kuo Toa to what was happening. Oomkaan was unwilling to give up the power of the temple without a fight and so he led the full compliment of remeining Frogmen (except for Urlurg and Nilbool) into the cavern, straight at the platform!

Imzel saw them coming and shouted a warning before scampering back across the ceiling towards his comrades. Oomkaan immediately took wing and made straight for the scout. At the same time, the Kuo Toa fighters were scrambling out of the water onto the platform. Another battle took place, though the Kuot Toa were terribly outmatched. Jenser didn't even fight, he just kept wailing on the altar! Imzel was preparing a big blast of spellfire for Oomkaan but Beornegar, still under the effect of Brother Finn's fly spell moved to engage him in melee. Though Oomkaan managed to heal himself a couple of times on the defensive, between greataxe and spellfire he didn't last long. In a relatively short time all of the Kuo Toa were slain or fled. and Jenser was still hammering on the altar. It will shatter with a few more blows and then the party need to get out quick!

The remnants of the Water Temple forces are arrayed in ambush in the tunnels leading into area 192 (I've also changed Kadiss and his elves to Fey'ri). Nilbool hopes to slay the intruders to somewhat rescue the situation of losing the temple. If Nilbool, Kadiss or Urlurg survive the coming battle but have to retreat, they will flee to the boat landing (area 91) and send word to the outer fane of what transpired. Next session should be this Sunday.

The party status as of the end of this session is...

Jenser - Human Ranger 2/Fighter 2/Rogue 3/Bloodhound 3
Imzel - Human Rogue 4/Cleric 1/Spellfire Channeler 4
Finn - Aasimar Cleric 8
Beornegar - Human Barbarian 6/Fighter 4
Mylan - Moon Elf Druid 8
Darkblade - Aasimar Paladin 6/Templar 3/Divine Champion 2
Nicos - Human Cleric 10

Pretty powerful...need to get them into the fanes soon

Offgall Fizziwigg
A song from the sixties
(6/10/03 8:58 am)
Re: PC Interactions
This works for my group. We set up a message board on Yahoo for our group. During downtime between games, they talk in character in camp or before they move on to the next leg of the journey. It's a good opportunity for the PCs to develop their characters' voices and describe their quirks and nuances in a written format. It's a good chance to be very descriptive.

Offgall Fizziwigg
A song from the sixties
(6/10/03 12:18 pm)
Re: PC Interactions
Wow! I have been reading off and on for about a week. What an exciting game. Thanks for all the ideas. You are a creative DM. You have interesting characters and your players are creative. I hope my game will be just as good. My group finished the ruined temple and will go to Nulb before they regroup and get ready to go on to Rastor for the first time. After reading your campaign log, I think I am ready for any situation my PCs can face. Great read! Thanks for taking the time to write it!

It's depressing that I don't have anything else to read. Guess I'll start writing!

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