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(11/17/02 8:33:50 am)
I hate titles.
Eh, I just make sure that my characters understand that they stand in the presence of people with an "evil" alignment every day. If you spend every day of your life, doing nothing good for others, and finding every small way to take advantage of others, you'll end up slightly on the side of evil. Numerous merchants, politicians, and even everyday people have a bit o' the old evil in them. My paladins and clerics tend to be wary, because you can't just go around killing everyone who has a slightly shady blemish on their soul.

It doesn't "nerf" their ability when encountering the TRUE dastardlies, but the usually FAR less evil lackies often cause my players headaches. :)

Cordo Crowfoot
(11/18/02 8:27:14 am)
Re: I hate titles.
I understand the workarounds and everyone's personal opinions... I have my own as well. But it really bugs me that it clearly contradicts the PH and that we have to be put into the position of even deciding how to interpret it (and potentially have players argue back). To me this won't be truly resolved until there is an official clarification one way or the other.

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