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(8/13/03 9:09 am)
Session 11 - The rescue of Sir PoleRepeatedly
Session 11 - The rescue of Sir PoleRepeatedly

Furio - Human Cleric 7/Auspician 1
Sir PoleRepeatedly - Human Paladin 8
WhiteFire - Human Druid 8 -- Player has returned from Cali.
Bardol - Human Monk 8
Hem Dazon - Human Rogue 7/Druid 1 -- NPC

July 4
So, we last left our heroes with Sir PoleRepeatedly captured by a blue-skinned demon and some Trolls.

Sir PoleRepeatedly is dragged back to the room with double doors directly across from the bridge. He is stripped of his equipment and chained up next to a female halfling whom he later finds out is named Descritad. D'Gran, the blue-skinned demon, starts questioning Sir P...
"Who are you?" "Who do you work for?" "Why did you attack us." - no answer from Sir P.
The Half-Orc Wizard, Heunar, is examining Sir P.'s equipment with Detect Magic. "Ooh lots of magic here boss." "Hey what's this?" (as he holds up Sir P.'s cross holy symbol)
D'Gran cursing "!@#$% looks like we got ourselves a goody two shoes boys" "Get me my shot puts"
The next 5 hrs are not fun for Sir P. D'Gran throws shot puts at him. Quite painful, but not deadly.

Meanwhile back in the relative safety of the Dwarven Temple Furio feverishly works up a plan with Whitefire. Its not going to be easy, they just got their buts handed to them, and now they have to go back and without their front line/great cleaving/damage machine/meat shield aka Sir P. Its quickly decided that they don't have the offensive spells for the job. But they do have access to plenty of buffing spells. Maybe if Furio and Bardol can be buffed to the gills and then everyone can strike quickly while the buffs stay in place... maybe just maybe.

That night everyone tries to get some sleep. But everyone is worried what the next day will bring.

July 5 - "A good day to die"
So, here are the spells that were used and prepared:
Entropic Shield - Furio
Bane - Bad Guys
Doom - Troll
Shield of Faith - Bardol
Shield of Faith - Furio
Magic Weapon - Furio
Aid - Bardol
Owl's Wisdom - Furio
Owl's Wisdom - Whitefire
Owl's Wisdom - Bardol
Force of Will - Furio
Bestow Curse - Demon
Godspeed - Furio
Prayer - Everyone
Greater Status - Bardol, Whitefire
Recitation - Everyone
Earth Reaver - Bad Guys
Divine Power - Furio

Guidance - Whitefire
Lion's Charge - Bardol
Faerie Fire - Demon
Faerie Fire - Demon
Longstrider - Whitefire
Speak w/ Animals - Whitefire
Resist Energy (Cold) - Whitefire
Cat's Grace - Hem
Flame Blade - Bardol
Heat Metal - Trolls
Harrier - Demon
Prot Energy (Cold) - Furio
Dominate Animal - Wolverine
Flame Strike - Bad Guys
Flame Strike - Bad Guys

Guidance - Hem
Guidance - Bardol
Guidance - Furio

Aid - Hem

Barkskin - Everyone
Wieldskill(Greatsword) - Furio

Bless - Good Guys
Bear's Endurance - Furio
Magic Weapon - Hem

Spells not cast
Force of Will
Earth Reaver
CMW x2
Faerie Fire
Heat Metal
Dominate Animal
one Flame Strike went uncast

After preparing the spells one flaw in the plan is apparent. They must act quickly to make use of the spells, but they don't know where Sir P. is being held.
Hem - "Too bad we can't just ask Sir P."
Furio - "Thats it! We'll just ask him"
Furio/WhiteFire in unison - "His warhorse."
Going out the main entrance they find there encampment of horses that is being watched over by Sir P.'s warhorse, who is looking quite nervous. Whitefire casts speak with animals and talks to the horse, who can communicate with Sir P. telepathically. Our heroes learn that Sir P. is alive, but not well, and is being held in the room beyond the double doors across from the bridge entrance. They also learn that their are two more trolls, another hill giant, and a dire wolverine.
Whitefire - "Well its been nice knowing you, I guess we'll see you in the afterlife."
Furio [kicking Whitefire] - "Tell him to hang in there we are on our way."

With that our heroes made their way back to the door beyond the orc caves. Since Whitefire had Stone Shaped the rock frame around the door the previous day; the Trolls had just leaned the door on its side, forming a 4 ft high barrier. Hem sneaked up to have a look. He saw 2 trolls sitting down just beyond the door.

They retreated down the passageway a bit and cast there buff spells. Then moved up quickly. Furio pulled the door down while Hem shot an arrow and Bardol race in. The trolls were a bit slow to get up and they were hurting pretty badly by the time they did. Hem rushed in and Disabled the gong, thus ensuring the alarm wouldn't be raised. The two trolls didn't last long in the face of Bardol's flaming fists and Whitefire's flame blade.

The group then moved quickly up the passageway and encountered a hill giant at the entrance to the bridge. They moved to cut him off from the double doors. But the giant threw a rock at the doors thus warning whoever was behind the doors. The giant got one chance to hit Bardol (AC29) but didn't come close, he then succumbed to multiple wounds.

The group then went through the double doors and saw Sir P. hanging from shackles, alive but barely. Bardol rushed in and checked out the passageway. It had a troll, who was carrying Sir P's signature magical red battleaxe, and he was knocking on a door and raising the alarm. Shortly thereafter the door opened and Bardol sensed an invisible presence leave the room and head further down the passageway. It took Bardol a few rounds to kill the troll, meanwhile Hem was struggling with the locks on Sir P, the halfling was helping much because she kept saying things like "No, no turn the other way" or "Use the smaller pick and do it gently, don't force it", "Why don't you just give me the picks I could do a better job with my feet."

After Bardol dropped the Troll with the help of two hammerspheres, to his surprise, two Velociraptors came racing around the corner towards him. Just about that time Hem got Sir P. free and begrudgingly started to work on the halflings locks. The Velociraptors proved no match for Bardol. Sir P. picked up his great axe. Furio and Whitefire stepped back out in the hallway and saw a troll coming towards them from the far end. At about that time they were hit by a Cone of Cold and the demon faded into view right in front of them. Bardol raced to help them and the troll joined the battle.

Meanwhile back inside the room the Half-orc wizard appeared from around the corner and down the hallway. But Hem killed him with an arrow.

Whitefire then cast Flamestrike catching the demon and the troll in its area. But to the horror of everyone the Troll and the Demon seem immune to fire, but at least the holy part of the damage seemed to hurt him. Above the din of the battle can be heard Descritad's cat call "I told you I would get the last laugh D'Gran, Nya Nya Nya Nya bet you can't get me!"

The hammershperes are then turned on D'Gran and the troll to good effect. D'Gran takes a swing at Furio and then he dissipates into a bluish puff of smoke. But this doesn't stop the hammersphere which kills him the next round. The troll only lasts one more round. D'Gran's head is promptly cut off.

A little bit of exploring and the group finds a room with a wolverine in it, which doesn't last long.

Exploring the whole area our heroes find a decent amount of treasure, in the process Hem disables more than a few traps.

Everyone pings up a level at this point.

So, its off to Verona to sell some things.

July 6-18 Traveling to Verona
The heroes get a chance to read the Black, wooden bound book, old and worn, only ¼ filled – old set of records of the Temple of Element Evil that was found in the Wizards room.
Substitute Rome for Furyondy, Verona for Veluna, Babba Yaga for Zuggtomy.
Lolth - evil demon god of drow
Babba Yaga - russian witch said to have made a deal with the devil making her immortal
Iuz - half-demon who rules the germanic barbarians. He had a great deal to do with the fall of the Roman Empire

Also, the bit about the Battle of Emridy Meadows loosened the memory about the bronze statue head. It looks very much like Thrommel. Thrommel was a Paladin of great renown and prince from Verona who was instrumental in the destruction of the first Temple of Elemental Evil, before Thurgood and his adventurers returned and destroyed it a second time. Shortly after returning from the battle Thrommel got engaged to Jolene. This caused quite a stir in Verona because their two families were bitter political adversaries and were embroiled in a fight for power over Verona. However, a week before the wedding Thrommel disappeared and has never been seen since. This almost resulted in a civil war and to this day the two families vie for power in Verona.

July 19
Upon arriving in Verona one can't help but notice the increase in the number of Dwarves. Thats not unexpected because about once a year a Dwarven clan comes through and sells off a bunch of precious metals such as adamantium, mithril, silver, etc. The interesting thing is that the rumor on the street is that the Dwarves have come up with a way to infuse and already existing masterwork or magical iron weapon of armor with the metal in question. [cost is the same as making the non-magical masterwork weapon out of the material in question]

(8/13/03 10:50 am)
Very nice!
Excellent rescue! What happened to Luc Monet(sp) Tho?

(8/14/03 5:58 am)
Re: Very nice!
The player of Luc Monet can't make it to sessions any more. He's gotten too busy with work and his wife is expecting their first child.

Luc Monet was called away to investigate the disapearance of his uncle, a priest, in Sicily in the pirate infested heathen city of Freeport. :)

(8/25/03 6:56 am)
Session 12
Session 12 - The rescue of Sir PoleRepeatedly

Furio - Human Cleric 8/Auspician 1
Sir PoleRepeatedly - Human Paladin 9
WhiteFire - Human Druid 9
Bardol - Human Monk 9
Hem "The Yellow Dart" Dazon - Human Rogue 8/Druid 1 -- NPC

---July 19---
Upon arriving in Verona one can't help but notice the increase in the number of Dwarves. Thats not unexpected because about once a year a Dwarven clan comes through and sells off a bunch of precious metals such as adamantium, mithril, silver, etc. The interesting thing is that the rumor on the street is that the Dwarves have come up with a way to infuse and already existing masterwork or magical iron weapon of armor with the metal in question. [cost is the same as making the non-magical masterwork weapon out of the material in question]

---July 20-Aug4 In Verona---
Divinations cast while in Verona:
"Has the Fire Temple retaken the bridge?" No
"Has the Earth Temple retaken the bridge?" No
"Has the Water Temple retaken the bridge?" Yes
"How is the Fire Temple fairing?" Good
"Is Lareth in Homlett?" Unknown
"Is Lareth in Nulb?" Unknown
"What awaits us in the Temple ruins?" The one that got away
"How old is D'Grans book?" Entries range 2-7 years ago.

Noteworthy things done in Verona
Furio and Sir PoleRepeatedly both get some custom boots of Expeditious Retreat made from a Wizard called Magensig (6'5", 150 lb, very gaunt, never wears shirt, pantaloons, pointy genie like shoes that curve up, tattoos covering his body, bald head covered by bandana)
Whitefire buy a Cape of the mountebank
Hem buys a magic silver rapier
Tulian's eye is sold to a group of Dwarves led by a Cleric named Relmar. The story of the temple to St. Moradin in the mines is related to them. They eagerly take up the task of reclaiming the temple.

---Aug 4th---
The group is getting ready to leave and Furio, Sir PoleRepeatedly, and Whitefire get continuous feelings of uneasiness; which they believe to be many failed scrying attempts. Furio casts a couple of Divinations...
"Who is scrying on us?" Varachan
"What temple is Varachan with?" None

The Dwarves head off to Rastor and the heroes go to Hommlet

---Aug 18th---
Heroes arrive in Hommlet.
Talk to Elmo and find out that Canoness Y'dey was the one who killed Lareth the Beautiful. Warns: "Don't go to Nulb, its haunted."

---Aug 19th---
Talk to Canoness Y'dey about Lareth. She recalls how she smashed his face in, killing him and what a triumphant and glorious day that was for Hommlet and its people. She doesn't believe that he could be alive. Warns: "Don't go to Nulb, its haunted."

The heroes hire Ingrith as a tracker and head to the moathouse. Ingrith examines the courtyard a couple of minutes and says no-one has been here in the past nine days. Ingrith stays outside while the party heads into the dungeon.
A couple of ghouls try to jump the party but Sir P. turns them.
They then encounter a grick, at the end of a passageway. Bardol runs up and smashes it with one blow.
Coming to the room with the stream and hole into the obelisk chamber they remember that there was a 4 sided statue, which is now missing. Also, the obelisk chamber has been sealed up. Whitefire stoneshapes a hole and Hem climbs down with his slippers of spider climbing, Whitefire jumps down with his ring of feather falling, and Bardol climbs down a rope. The three make it to the platform and descend into the darkness below. Hem thoroughly searches the area but doesn't find anything. The three then head back up and Furio stoneshapes the hole closed again.

Ingrith then leads the heroes through the forest to Nulb. At this point she takes leave saying she won't go into Nulb.
After crossing the bridge into Nulb the heroes decide to investigate the first building that looks interesting and mostly intact, the Hostel. They enter and don't see anything interesting downstairs so head upstairs and quickly deal with the Allip.

They then leave and walk further into town and see an older man with a horribly scared face sitting on a porch outside of an old herb shop calmly smoking a pipe.
Furio: "Are you Lareth?"
Lareth: "Thats what they used to call me."
Furio: "Could we ask you some questions?"
Lareth: "I'll answer your questions if you get me a bottle of whiskey from the bar."

Bardol promptly runs back to the hostel, alone. While rummaging through the bar looking for a bottle of whiskey he is attacked by some type of apparition and a ghostly sword materializes in his side doing considerable damage. Bardol quickly grabs the whiskey and runs back to the others.

Bardol: "I got the whiskey but was attacked by some sort of apparition."
Lareth: "Did you kill it?"
Bardol: "No"
Lareth: "Too bad, Watt was a real !@#$% when he was alive."
Through conversation with Lareth the party learns that he is a bitter man who was duped into worshiping the Elemental Evil, but Tharizdun was really behind everything. He is bitter about losing his once beautiful face "I was once beautiful I say... but now look at me" he is also bitter about his loss of power and being tricked by Tharizdun. He says that Hedrach raised him, but that he doesn't want anything to do with Tharizdun or Hedrach and feels that nothing can be done to help him. When confronted with the possibility of him being the champion that the cult seeks, he scoffs at the idea and again insists that he will never help them.

The heroes then head back to the Hostel to deal with the ghost. After rummaging around a bit Furio gets rewarded with a painful sword in the side. The hammerspheres are let loose and Wat is quickly dispatched. They grab the remaining whiskey and head back to Lareth. He says, "Yeah I killed him a twice before; but thanks for the whiskey."
A collective "gulp" from the party.

Everyone heads back to Hommlet and stops by to see the Canoness. Furio inquires how Lareth could be converted and says he would be a great asset to the One True God. The Canoness doesn't think thats possible and doesn't want to hear any more of that foolish talk and asks the party to leave.

That evening Whitefire decides to have a talk with the local Druid, Jaroo. Although Jaroo doesn't seem to have any new information he seems like a nice old man and Whitefire confides in him about their mission.

---Aug 20---
Furio casts sending to Thurgood; "In hommlet. Lareth raised by temple not serving them. Lareth claims he's cursed. Attempting to redeem him. Canoness won't help. Will explore every option."
Thurgood "Good job. Keep up the good work. Proceed with caution. Lareth was powerful in his day. Canones knew many who fought and died."

Party heads back to Nulb and confronts Lareth. Furio says he can help Lareth but he must be willing and really want to change his ways. Lareth is unsure what Furio can really do to help him but eventually agrees to "give it a try"
Furio casts: Consecrate, Bless, Break Enchantment, Restoration, and finally commits to casting Atonement.
It works! Lareth repents of his past sins and decides to follow the One True God. Although his face is still a mess he has a much more positive outlook now.

Party heads back to the Canones and presents a very humble Lareth. The Canones is suspicious and casts detect evil on him. She the begrudgingly says that he can serve at the Church to St. Pelor but she will keep her eye on him.

---Aug 21---
Party heads back to Nulb and does a thorough search of the Hostel and finds a magic sword, presumably Wat's.

They then head to the partially sunken boat. Down below decks they do battle with 2 wraiths and an ochre jelly. Once again the hammerspheres prove their value. Hem finds the rusty treasure chest and inside is some coins and a very valuable ring.

(8/25/03 3:51 pm)
WOW!!:eek Never would of thought that someone would try to convert Lareth.

(8/26/03 4:46 am)
Re: Lareth!!!
Yeah, I was surprised too. It may be a first.

Not sure how I am going to handle it. I may have the cult capture and torture him and have him be an unwilling participant in the scheme.

(8/26/03 6:25 am)
Re: Lareth!!!
Unbelievably awesome! The player actually used atonement successfully on the champion! I really like the idea and I'd encourage you to pick an alternate champion. Suddenly that champion is no longer viable, they must have been mistaken. Kill Satau for even suggesting it, then find the real one, delaying probably by a couple of weeks or a month, whatever you think your players could use at this point. Lareth might even become a cohort for the player, giving him Leadership as a free feat at this point is not unreasonable for the awesomeness of his actions (he sacrificed XP willingly for even the very slim chance that Lareth would atone). Lo and behold, it worked! The Good Gods are probably very happy with the PC and a reward is suitable.

(8/26/03 8:48 am)
Re: Lareth!!!
Yeah, it was a real risk for the player.

Well I did give them XP for a CR 10 encounter as opposed to the CR 7 that Lareth is.

Hmmm, perhaps Dunrat would be a suitable choice since he got away with the 3 sided statue....

Edited by: smetzger at: 8/26/03 8:49 am
(9/5/03 10:01 am)
Session 13
Session 13 -

Furio - Human Cleric 8/Auspician 1
Sir PoleRepeatedly - Human Paladin 7/Fighter 2
WhiteFire - Human Druid 9
Fifi the Wonder Poodle - Animal Companion
Bardol - Human Monk 9
Hem "The Yellow Dart" Dazon - Human Rogue 8/Druid 1 -- NPC

Quotes: "Don't be a constrictor be a viper because constrictors don't live in caves" - Bardol
"Trolls, I hate Trolls" - Sir P.

---Aug 21---
After dealing with the wraiths in the partially sunken boat our heroes decide to investigate the ruined temple.

Aproaching the outer curtain wall carefully, the heroes notice some hobgoblins hiding amid some ruble. A fight quickly ensues and 3 more hobgoblins run to aid their companions from the temple entrance. By the time Sir P. reaches the hobgoblins they have all been slain and one is captured. The captured hobgoblin is reluctant to share information about his tribe, but says his leader is named Utreshimon.

Moving to the entrance of the temple our heroes yell for Utreshimon to come out and parlay. A few seconds later a medium sized blue dragon flys from the behind the temple and lands on the roof above the doorway. The characters immediately recognize the dragon as the one from the moathouse. It is now known for certain what the divination meant by "The one who got away resides at the ruined temple."
Utreshimon demands that the party leave and refuses the parties request to leave this evil place. Utreshimon evntually flys back behind the roof.

The party cautiously enters the temple. Its a bit dark inside, but they shortly notice many hobgoblins hiding behind pillars and pews. The party moves to engage the hobgoblins while Whitefire casts windwall to prevent their ranged attacks. As the party closes a hobgoblin, Rarkus, using a two-bladed sword and walking on the walls attacks Hem. No-one saw this assailant because he was invisible. Sir P. moves to the center of the hobgoblins hoping to make use of great cleave, but Utreshimon swoops down from the shadowy ceiling and hovers above Sir P. and bites him viciously. Then things get even worse as a dire ape climbs down one of the pillars and attacks Sir P. Furio cats spike stones and kills or effectivly eliminates all the mook hobgoblins from the fight. Sir P. falls to the combined might of Utreshimon and the dire ape. But Whitefire flamestrikes the dire ape. Furio heals Sir P. and Bardol drags him out of immediate danger. Whitefire then shapechanges into a Dire Ape climbs up a pillar to Utreshimon and jumps out onto the dragon grappling it. Utreshimon is injured badly at this point and flies up to the ceiling, but is killed before he can escape. That leaves Rarkus who also tries to escape up a pillar, but Hem and Whitefire follow and kill him on the roof.

After searching the ruined temple thouroughly the party finds that the lower levels are completly caved in and there is no evidence of cult activity. The party heads back to Rastor.

---Sept 4---
Arriving in Rastor the group decides to first check out the map to a cave some 5 miles from the mines. Upon arriving at the cave, Whitefire decides to scout into the cave as a snake. Bardol suggests a viper because constrictors don't live in caves.

Whitefire slithers into the cave and notices 3 trolls around a corner. Unfortunately the Trolls notice him also. Whitefire casts wall of fire and injures all three. The trolls move through the wall of fire chasing Whitefire out of the cave. Sir P., "Trolls, I hate Trolls", rushes forward into the fray. One troll attacks Sir P. ( I rolled all 3 d20s at once and got 3 20's! and one confirmed crit) rends Sir P. horribly. A couple of rounds later and the trolls have been killed.

(9/8/03 9:42 am)
Session 14 - Moolowik's offer and D'Gran's return
Session 14 - Moolowik's offer and D'Gran's return

Furio - Human Cleric 8/Auspician 1
Sir PoleRepeatedly - Human Paladin 7/Fighter 2
WhiteFire - Human Druid 9
Fifi the Wonder Poodle - Animal Companion
Bardol - Human Monk 9
Hem "The Yellow Dart" Dazon - Human Rogue 8/Druid 1 -- NPC

---Sept. 4---
Our heroes head back to the mines after dealing with the trolls.

Upon reaching the south entrance the group carefully enters. Hem notices a small demon like creature with flames flickering about its body. The creature attempts to flee but is brought down by Hem and Bardol before it can escape. Furio, identifies the body as fire mephit.
"Its an advanced scout for the fire temple, its a good chance the fire temple knows we are here."

The party heads on to the temple to St. Moradin and receives a hearty welcome from the dwarves. The dwarves say that they had tried to hold the south entrance but were attacked and retreated here, the fire temple did not follow when they say the stone golem.

The good news is that the dwarves discovered a secret passageway leading from the temple to the outside, so the south entrance doesn't need to be used.

Before resting that evening Furio casts divination:
"What are the masters trying to accomplish?" - spell fails to yield an answer

---Sept. 5---
Group decides to check out the western bridge, which from a divination a few weeks ago they strongly suspect that the water temple has taken over. Hem uses his wand of invisibility and slippers of spider climbing to sneak, er scout, ahead and finds some type of small winged water creature outside the door and 10 or more orcs just inside the door.

Hem returns with the information. Furio and Whitefire buff everyone up. Hem then 'scouts' back and sneak attacks the small creature, killing it. Everyone then rushes forward and quickly overwhelm the orcs.

Once inside the heroes can see that the Water Temple has made some changes. There has been a 5 ft high stone wall erected up near where the entrance to the bridge is. Hem can see from the ceiling that there is water on the other side of the wall. But all is silent.

The invisible Hem scouts up but doesn't see anything in the dark murky water. He listens at one of the side doors and hears a loud thump and then a human voice say "Be quiet you big oaf."

The group cautiously approaches the pool of water. When they get within 5ft a gigantic crab like creature with tentacles around its maw( a chuul ) bursts out of the water and attacks Furio. Then a fish man (Kua-Toa) then bursts from the pool and says to the Chuul "Wait stop attacking, its them." The Kua-Toa then says "Don't fireball us, I am Moolowik, I have a proposition." The party hesitates at this moment and then a crashing can be heard as something large, blue, and winged comes out of the door that Hem heard voices behind.
"Its D'Gran, but we killed and decapitated him"
"Wait, he doesn't look quite right. His head is obviously sewed on, he smells nasty, his coloration is off, and he is moving slower. Doh, He is a zombie."
Moolowik: "Stand down you good for nothing blue skinned freak."
Party: "What is your proposition?"
Moolowik: "I have seen your power, the Water Temple could use you. With our combined forces we could crush the fire temple and end this destructive conflict once and for all. Join me and we can rule the mines together."
Party: "Let us withdraw to discuss the proposition."

Party withdraws and discusses the advantages and the moral consequences of collaborating with the Water Temple. Whitefire is all for collaboration feeling that it will make the job easier. Bardol is on the fence. Furio wants to hear all the options out before making a decision. Sir P. gives a mighty speech about being pillars of righteousness, defeating evil, and not lowering ourselves to the backstabbing nature of the rest of the creatures in this foul and accursed place.

So, the party charges out from around the corner. Zombie D'Gran moves to attack and 14 human soldiers follow him. Sir P. charges Zombie D'Gran, Furio casts spike stones over the whole area where the humans are.
A lizard man wizard then rises out of the pool and casts glitterdust on Sir P., who remarkably fails his will save and is thus blinded.
Furio then casts greater suggestion and says "Flee", thus forcing the humans to move over the spike stones, many of them dying. Sir P. is having mixed success attacking D'Gran while blinded, thankful for Blindfighting, but still having some difficulty.
Whitefire wild shapes into a hawk and flys over the pool and then wildshapes into a Dire Shark. The Chuul promptly attacks Whitefire, doing massive damage and grappling him.
Hem is peppering the remaining humans with arrows, Sir P. finishes Zombie D'Gran off, Furio dismisses the spike stones and then removes the blindness from Sir P. Fifi chases after the remaining humans. Everyone moves forward and tries to help out Whitefire. Whitefire shapechanges into a large constrictor snake and escapes the Chuuls clutches. Furio stone shapes a large hole in the wall and then slips as a torrent of water comes rushing out.
Bardol does another one of his spectacular jumps, this time over the wall and into the pool to engage Moolowik.
The lizardman wizard tries to dispel a hammer sphere that has been doing considerable damage to the Chuul, but he fails.
A few rounds later and all the foes have been vanquished, Whitefire breaths a sigh of relief.

The party searches the place thoroughly, but only finds the immediate treasure that is on the combatants. Everyone heads back to the dwarven temple for some rest.

---Sept. 6---
The party rests and then heads back to the western bridge. Furio and Whitefire use a combination of walls of stone and stone shape to erect stone wall from floor to ceiling, thus preventing anyone from using the bridge.

They rest another night in the dwarven temple.

---Sept. 7---
Party heads out beyond the western bridge into a fungus room.
Whitefire: "They look harmless, some may even be edible. Well at least I could eat them since I am immune to poison."
Sir P.: "I could eat them also, I am immune to disease."
Bardol: "Someday I could eat them."
Furio: "I could certainly purify them and then eat them."
Hem: "Ahh..., you guys can have your nasty, slimy, fungus food."

Coming to a fork in the tunnel, the party takes the right one. At the end of the tunnel is a giant bipedal beetle like creature with big mandibles and large multi-celled eyes. This creature is quickly dispatched thanks to some good team work and Whitefire shape changing into a charging rhino.

XP given out and recorded 1868

(9/8/03 11:22 am)
Nice use of metagaming there. :D

(9/16/03 10:49 am)
Session 15 - The Defeat of Vranthis
Session 15 - The Defeat of Vranthis

Furio - Human Cleric 8/Auspician 1
Sir PoleRepeatedly - Human Paladin 7/Fighter 2
WhiteFire - Human Druid 9
Fifi the Wonder Poodle - Animal Companion
Bardol "The Dragon Rider" - Human Monk 9
Hem "The Yellow Dart" Dazon - Human Rogue 8/Druid 1 -- NPC

---Sept. 7---
After defeating the Umber Hulk the party continues on and explores more of the mushroom filled caves.

They spot another Umber Hulk hidden in some mushrooms and Sir P. moves to assault it and barely avoids a covered pit trap. Bardol does a standing jump over the pit and leads the attack. Sir P. gets confused buts ends up attacking the Umber Hulk anyway. This Umber Hulk doesn't last much longer than the first. Afterwards Hem finds a considerable amount of loot.

Heading further north into the caves a giant purple toadstool is discovered. After a miserable Knowledge (Nature) check to see if its edible, Whitefire moves up closer for a better look, only to be rewarded with a tentacle shooting out at him. The Violet Fungus is then quickly dispatched.

Heading further north the party finds a pool of water on the right side that extends northward beyond their lights and two side passageways on either side of the main passageway. Whitefire wild shapes into a large Carp and jumps into the water to investigate. He finds that the water, although murky is only 5 ft deep in most places. He also finds that there is an underwater passageway that leads out into the lake. He then wild shapes back into human form and returns to the party.

Taking the left passageway first the group finds a pair of caves. But a creature similar to one of the Destrachan, except with more of a trumpet like snout jumps down and attacks them. The Digester does some damage with its acid spray but is then quickly dispatched.

Moving on to the right passageway the group investigates a cave with some rubble on the floor. Shortly after entering the cave a rumbling can be heard and a cave in starts. Everyone gets out without serious injury, before the whole cave collapses in a thunderous crash. After the cave in Bardol climbs over the rubble to see if he can figure out what caused the cave in. He can't find any mechanizations of any type and surmises that it was probably a natural cave in. "I don't think this cave is entirely stable"

The party moves northward along the pool of water and finds a wide passageway to the left. Investigation of this passageway leads the party into a very large cavern, 50 to 60 feet high, with some sort of rail/track leading up to a platform some 40 ft from the floor. The track leads into a passageway that heads to the north. The cavern is so large the party has difficulty seeing the whole thing. Bardol decides to climb up the conveyer belt and check out the platform. He doesn't find anything and Hem starts to go up the conveyer belt to help him. Just as Hem gets to the top, a large green dragon swoops out of the north passageway flys by and bites Bardol.

While the dragon circles the platform...and the party spreads out.
The Dragon: "Who are you and what are you doing in my caves?"
Furio: "We are Thurgon's Destroyers" [Thurgon is their church sponsor in Verona]
The Dragon: "I am Vranthis."
Whitefire casts a protection from acid spell.
The Dragon flying over Whitefire: "Don't cast any spells.... Druid."
Furio: "We are here to destroy the elemental temples."
The Dragon: "Well you must be fools or very powerful. Perhaps I should fear you[Sarcasm]"
The Dragon: "I'll tell you what. I am feeling generous today. I'll let you pass, if you give me 100gp per head."
Furio and Sir P.: "We don't bargain with evil."
The Dragon: "So be it."

The fight begins with Vranthis about 40 ft off the ground. Bardol and Hem have returned to the cavern floor. Bardol and Sir P. are on one side of the platform with everyone else on the other.
Bardol has a lantern and Furio has a torch.

Everyone in the party lets loose a Hammersphere.
Vranthis does a flyby bite attack on Bardol again.
Vranthis then breaths acid on Furio and Whitefire.
The party lets loose a few arrows but the majority of damage thats done is coming from the Hammerspheres.
Vranthis flees out the north cave after taking 60 hp damage. As he gets out of range of the party the Hammerspheres de-activate.
Vranthis returns with a vengeance, but he is met with a sound lance spell from Furio and a Harrier spell from Whitefire.
Whitefire also manages to get Vranthis in a Faerie fire spell.
Vranthis breaths acid again.
Bardol tries to lasso Vranthis as he swoops by but doesn't succeed.
Vranthis looks a bit haggard by now and starts to retreat. But Bardol, Sir P. and Whitefire have anticipated this and Whitefire throws his Cape of Mountebank around the three and dimension doors directly above Vranthis. Whitefire then floats down to the floor via his ring of feather falling.
Sir P. smites the evil Vranthis and takes a 30 ft fall. Bardol grapples onto Vranthis's back and succeeds in doing grapple damage.
Vranthis heads further up the north passage. Its at this point that Bardol realizes he is alone with Vranthis and decides its better to let go and slow fall to the ground.
Vranthis is injured badly now and turns into the hallway with the pool of water. Whitefire's summoned air elemental gives chase but can't touch Vranthis due to Prot. from Evil. But the harrier flies through the wall and is about to strike Vranthis.
Vranthis dives into the water looking for cover, but forgets that its only 5 ft deep and won't give him much.
Furio casts wall of stone forcing Vranthis to double back some before going over the wall.
Whitefire then casts flamestrike and kills Vranthis.

Furio and Hem head back to the chamber with the platform to do a thorough search, to see if Vranthis' loot can be found. Sir P. and Whitefire go about skinning Vranthis. Although Sir P. and Whitefire are successful Hem and Furio come up empty handed.

After some healing the party follows the tracks further north and finds Vranthis' lair in a cavern. There is an cauldron on a ledge about 10 ft off the ground with a floating pyramid placed directly in front. Hem climbs up to investigate and knocks the floating pyramid down which breaks and a 4 armed gorilla with red eyes blackish red fur and cloven hooves appears. Hem reacts first and sneak attacks the fiendish gorillon, but is unable to slay it. The creature then unleashes all 5 attacks on Hem and rends him for considerable damage. Whitefire casts his last flamestrike but the creature is unscathed. Bardol and Sir P. finish the creature off. Inside the cauldron is some considerable loot, including a very heavy statue.

Heading further northward the party comes across a deep pit with two ladders leading down to a tunnel with a lower track. The group decides to leave this for now and continues to follow the tracks they are currently on. This eventually leads the group to the end of the track. The tracks end in flagstone room with a door in the north, another room with some sort of machinery to the east, and another set of tracks to the south.

The party follows the tracks to the south and sees a stone statue of a gnoll in a side passageway. Ignoring this curiosity for the time being the group continues south and confirms that the tracks they are now on are the ones they saw in the pit. The party heads back to investigate the gnoll statue and can see another statue of a gnoll a bit further in the passageway. Thinking the statues could be the work of a petrifying gaze attack Whitefire casts Blindsense on himself and then he and Sir P. put blindfolds on. Sir P. will just have to rely on his blindfighting. Investigating further they find a cave with medium sized brown lizard like creature with many legs and a yellow crest running from head to tail. Whitefire manages a few points of damage but Sir P. has to move slowly and doesn't get to the creature immediately. The basilisk hits and brings the already injured Whitefire near death, but Sir P. comes to the rescue and decapitates the creature.

XP was given out at the end.

(9/23/03 10:01 am)
Session 16
Session 16

Furio - Human Cleric 8/Auspician 1
Sir PoleRepeatedly - Human Paladin 7/Fighter 2
WhiteFire - Human Druid 9
Fifi the Wonder Poodle - Animal Companion
Bardol "The Dragon Rider" - Human Monk 9
Hem "The Yellow Dart" Dazon - Human Rogue 8/Druid 1 -- NPC

---Sept. 7---
After defeating the Basilisk the party heads back to the Dwarven temple for a good nights rest and some decent food.

---Sept. 8---
The party heads north into the mines and investigates the part of the mine tracks that they skipped on the 7th.

As they come around a corner a giant with two heads and a rust monster rushes out a side passageway. The rust monster heads directly for Sir P., Hem gets a viscous sneak attack on the Ettin before it throws a thunderstone at Whitefire. Fortunately Whitefire is not deafened by the thunderous crash. Sir P. and Furio retreat while Whitefire flamestrikes the rust monster and Fifi and Hem flank the Ettin and finish it off. Sir P. and Furio breath a sigh of relief as the rust monster dies.

Investigating further into the cave the group comes along a large pool of water that blocks their path. On the far side of the pool is a ledge some 6 or 7 ft above the surface of the pool. Whitefire wildshapes into a Dire Bat and investigates the other side of the pool. However, it ends up being a dead end. Whitefire spends a few moments searching the ledge but doesn't find anything. The group decides to head further north.

At the end of the rail tracks the group finds a room with a door and a side room with an ore crusher, that also has a door. Hem listens at the first door and hears gnoll voices. He then goes to listen at the next door and spies a man-sized spider in the rubble. Before anyone can react Hem has killed the spider. Hem "Ettin killer and spider slayer".
Hem listens at the door and hears gnoll voices far off.

The group decides to go through the ore crusher door. They move through a series of doors and a room that appears to have been used as a mineral separation area. Hem listens at the door and hears gnoll voices just on the other side. It is guessed that these are the same gnolls as Hem heard at the first door. A plan is devised and Furio casts silence on a stone which Bardol will carry.

Hem opens the door and Sir P. rushes in and kills all 4 gnolls with one swing of his axe.
The group advances through a small passageway opens a door and Sir P. and Bardol quickly kill 4 human guards, this room has arrow slits looking outside.
The group the goes into the main hallway and opens the east. Sir P. rushes in only to be confronted by perhaps the largest beast he has ever seen. This massive dog like creature with long porcupine like spikes around its neck is big enough for an ogre to ride. The Howler opens its mouth and tries to 'howl' but the silence frustrates it. Sir P. lays a mighty blow with his axe but then the creature bites Sir P. and 2 quills lodge in him. Whitefire casts a flamestrike from just outside the silence and does massive damage to the beast. Hem, Bardol, and Sir P. then finish the beast off. Furio then carefully pulls the quills from Sir P. Starting with the northern most door and working their way around to the south door the group first finds a freakish looking ogre with goggles and no hair which is killed quickly. Then a room full of gnolls, Sir P. rushes in and the Hem closes the door on them. The rest of the group heads on to the next room which is full of human guards. Sir P. kills all but one gnoll who asks for quarter, and he knocks this one unconscious. A couple human guards are also spared. The group then opens the next door and kills a half-elf.

Out heroes then interrogate the prisoners and discover the general layout of the immediate area and that there is a troglodyte priest down the passageway to the north. The group tells the humans and the gnoll to flee, never come back, to avoid Rastor, and to get tell their buddies at the other arrow slit room the same thing.

While heading down the passageway to the priests quarters the troglodyte priest steps out of here room and spots the intruders. Whitefire throws a thunderstone at here but hits Hem and deafens Hem instead. The priestess opens another door and channels unholy energy into the zombies therein. Furio is able to turn and destroy some of the zombies but the others resist. The troglodyte priestess backs herself into a corner and tries casting defensively several times but fails each time. The thick hide of the troglodyte and her armor is making it difficult even for Sir P., but eventually the heroes are victorious.

Hem decides to stay behind since he can't hear, while the rest of the group forges ahead. A little further and the group encounters 2 more troglodytes which are quickly killed.

Our heroes then enter a section of the mines that are not lit with torches.

They then encounter a troglodyte warrior with a greatsword and another troglodyte priestess as well as a man-sized earth elemental. The earth elemental rises up out of the floor and attacks Furio. The sword wielding trog. shoots a spurt of rocks and debris out of his sword at Sir P. In the middle of the fight a lion like beast with bat wings and a spiky tail comes charging out of the northern exit and attacks the group. Our heroes manage to kill their foes without too much more trouble.

Sir P. and Bardol each gain a level.

(9/23/03 12:01 pm)
Sir Pole
I notice Sir Polealot is taking fihter levels, so he won't be advancing as a paladin anymore?

(9/24/03 5:29 am)
Re: Sir Pole
Although I let Monks and Paladins return to their class after multi-classing, Sir P. will most likely not be taking any more Paladin levels because his Wisdom is too low to cast spells.

(10/1/03 5:49 am)
Session 17 Evil Ceremonies
Session 17 Evil Ceremonies

Furio - Human Cleric 7/Auspician 2 /* Correction from player */
Sir PoleRepeatedly "The Blind"- Human Paladin 7/Fighter 3
WhiteFire "Xorn Fodder" - Human Druid 9
Fifi the Wonder Poodle - Animal Companion
Bardol "The Dragon Rider" - Human Monk 9/Fighter 1
Hem "The Yellow Dart" Dazon - Human Rogue 8/Druid 1 -- NPC

---Sept. 8---

They then encounter a troglodyte warrior with a greatsword and another troglodyte priestess as well as a man-sized earth elemental. The earth elemental rises up out of the floor and attacks Furio. The sword wielding trog. shoots a spurt of rocks and debris out of his sword at Sir P. In the middle of the fight a lion like beast with bat wings and a spiky tail comes charging out of the northern exit and attacks the group. Our heroes manage to kill their foes without too much more trouble.

After dealing with the above foes the group decides to to clean up the mess of bodies. As Sir P. drags the manticore body off into a side cave several darts shoot out of the wall and injure him. White fire and Furio then follow with the other bodies and are also struck with several darts. Everyone makes their saves vs. poison, so no ill effects are felt. On exiting this side cave they find that the trap seems to be out of darts, since it doesn't fire on them again.

Our heroes then decide to backtrack and deal with the passage on the left that they had not explored yet. This leads them through a cave with a lit cooking fire and some recently cooked meat. Carefully proceeding forward the group enters into the next chamber and finds 3 troglodytes hiding, which immediately attack the group. The heroes deal with these trogs quickly. This series of rooms turns out to be a dead end.

The heroes then continue their delve deeper into uncharted territory. They come across an earthy hairless dwarf with wings, but the earth mephit escapes further down the passageway before they can react.

The party delves further and comes across a grisly scene in the next chamber. Their are several troglodytes and a 3 earth mephits gathered around a ziggurat. At the top of the ziggurat is a troglodyte beating on a drum while another holds a curved dagger in one hand and a still beating human heart in the other. A limp bloody body is on the alter in front of the priest. As the heroes watch in horror a three armed bulbous abomination with a large maw rises out of the floor as if it was water. The priest then throws the heart to the Xorn which greedily eats it.

A battle quickly ensues. Whitefire casts a circular wall of fire around most of the troglodytes, the Xorn, and the earth mephits. Killing one troglodyte and injuring the rest.
Bardol and Sir P. move around to the side of the wall of fire and engage the remaining troglodytes.
One of the troglodyte priests blinds Sir P., but this has little effect on him since he has blind fighting.
The earth mephits fly over the wall of fire, while Furio casts righteous might.
To Whitefire's horror the Xorn emerges from the wall of fire unscathed and immediately heads in his direction. Sir P. is blinded
Bardol and Sir P. finish of the trogs on the ground level and head for the priest on the altar. Furio is dealing with the earth mephits which have each summoned another earth mephit. Everyone is doing well except for Whitefire who is getting terrible bites and slashes from the Xorn. Whitefire changes into a bat and retreats. The Xorn follows and deals more damage to Whitefire. Whitefire does a full retreat at this point and the Xorn returns to the cave. Meanwhile the rest of the troglodytes and earth mephits have been destroyed. The combined might of Bardol, Sir P., and Furio lay the Xorn to rest.

The group then investigates the left passageway out of the altar chamber. Following the passageway they find a dead body of a large ape and then several dead horribly mutilated bodies of humans. Further on the group encounters 4 dire apes and a very large dire ape. The large dire ape is the only one that proves a challenge. After this battle the group decides to head back and loot all the bodies.

While looting the bodies Sir P.'s sight finally comes back. While looting the bodies the heroes discover a prison with 3 prisoners in a side passageway. They are quite thankful for being freed and accompany them back to the safety of the Dwarven Temple.

Much treasure is found and a Hem also finds a mysterious note written in Draconic in one of the priests chambers near the entrance/exit to the mines.

Everyone retreats to the relative Safety of the Dwarven Temple.

Both Furio and Whitefire advance a level.

Edited by: smetzger at: 10/1/03 6:04 am
(10/1/03 5:54 am)
Re: Session 17 Evil Ceremonies
Unfortunately I forgot about the Unhallow in the Altar area. rrrr. I think I am going to go and mark all my maps that have areas of unhallow.

Even more unfortunately, Tom the guy who plays Sir P. had a falling out with his wife and is moving to Oregon. His son Ivan who plays Whitefire will also be moving to Oregon. I found this out via email yesterday. So, I am not sure whats going on with Tom and Ivan and I am not sure whats going to happen to the game. :(

(10/1/03 7:40 am)
Re: Session 17 Evil Ceremonies
"Unfortunately I forgot about the Unhallow in the Altar area. rrrr. I think I am going to go and mark all my maps that have areas of unhallow."

Since no one attempted to turn in the temple, no big deal. No one is less than 6HD I think, so no one would be affected by the cause fear. Except maybe the animal companion.

"Even more unfortunately, Tom the guy who plays Sir P. had a falling out with his wife and is moving to Oregon."

Huge hassle. I feel your pain. I hope things work out. Maybe you can find a replacement or two or maybe you'll be okay with three players?

(10/1/03 3:03 pm)
Might do some doubling up with the PCs, or just take a break from gaming while new players are found.

(10/8/03 11:37 am)
Session 18 Angels, Giants, and Beasts
Session 18 Angels, Giants, and Beasts

Furio "The Inquisitor" - Human Cleric 7/Auspician 3
Sir PoleRepeatedly "The Blind"- Human Paladin 7/Fighter 3 -- Played by guest player
WhiteFire "Xorn Fodder" - Human Druid 10 -- NPC
Fifi the Wonder Poodle - Animal Companion
Bardol "The Dragon Rider" - Human Monk 9/Fighter 1
Hem "The Yellow Dolt" Dazon - Human Rogue 8/Druid 1 -- NPC

The group just defeated the Earth temple and gathered the treasure from the bodies and has retreated to the relative safety of the Dwarven Temple. Everyone rests and heals up.

--- Sept. 9 ---
Furio prepares a couple of Speak with Dead spells.
The group moves through the mines and stops at what used to be the Fire Bridge and has now been walled up. They then go to one of the back rooms, where they put all the bodies. The stench is horrible since its been a few days but they find Moolowik's body and Furio casts Speak with Dead on it:
Who is your leader? Keleshein the human.
How many powerful Clerics does the Water temple have? 3
Are the 'Masters' aware of us? Don't know.
Who in the Water temple knows the 'Masters'? Keleshein.
Is the majority of the Water temple underwater? No.

The group then moves through the to the gate and finds Terrengyt's body. Furio deciphers the note to Terrengyt. Furio then casts speak with dead and asks several questions...
Who are the high priests of the outer fane? Naquent and Varachan.
Why don't the high priests want the temples working together? Competition breads strength
Is the outer fane the island? Yes.
Who are the high priests of the inner fane? unknown.
Is there a regular schedule for using the doors onto the island? The only thing regular is the 1st of the month food drop.

Our heroes then venture into the recently defeated Earth temple area. Hem searches each room methodically and finds some valuables. However, he doesn't detect the trap in Uskathoth's chamber, but dodges out of the way of the icy blast.

Coming to the Earth Temple Ziggurat and Altar room Hem continues his search. Hem moves one of the tapestries aside to check for anything behind it and he suddenly goes pale and clutches his chest. He later says that he got a horrible vision of his own death and being crushed and suffocating under earth. He also loses 2 wisdom. As a result Bardol starts referring to him as "The Yellow Dolt".

Everyone lays into the altar with picks and shovels and after a few minutes it lies in rubble. Fortunately the group has expected a cave in and has retreated from the chamber before the resulting cave in occurs. While the cave in is happening they double check the bag of holding and the "Earth Sword" has in fact disintegrated as expected. After the dust settles from the cave in everyone moves cautiously over the rubble. Suddenly a bright light appears from the ceiling. Its so bright its difficult to look at. A loud voice says "Do not be afraid." An angel then descends from the bright light and says:
"Servants of the Lord, I am the archangel Gabrielle. You perseverance in the fight against evil has not gone unnoticed. You each are rewarded with a Divine Boon."

After the Archangel Gabrielle leaves everyone is greatly encouraged. Since the left passageway has been partially investigated, the heroes decide to investigate the right most passageway out of the altar room. After going several hundred feet our heroes come to a dead end with a single door.

Hem listens at the door and hears a deep voice saying in Giant. "Pretty gems, this one is my favorite for today..."

A plan is formed. Hem will use his slippers of spider climbing and open the door and scurry onto the ceiling out of site. Everyone else will wait around the corner.

Hem opens the door and then scurries onto the ceiling out of site. He hears the lid of a chest close and a voice say in Giant "If you want to play stinky men you'll have to come in here."

Hem takes a peak over the top of the doorway and sees an 18 ft giant with 3 arms, one coming out of his chest. Hem takes the opportunity to shoot his bow but misses.
The Athach then beats Hem upside his head with a large spiked club. Bardol rushes into the room and makes use of his newly acquired Spring Attack, but soon finds out that the giant can almost reach anywhere in the room with hardly taking a step. Whitefire flamestrikes the creature while Furio and Sir P. let loose their hammerspheres. However, the Athach gets a full series of attacks off on Furio as he stands in the doorway. Meanwhile Bardol is running in and out of the room striking the Athach almost at will, while the Athach is becoming frustrated because it can only strike Bardol once. Finally, the giant drops. Hem checks the chest for traps and then opens it finding several valuable gems. Hem listens at the door and hears several humans and elves playing a game of Wayward Wind. After a brief discussion its decided that the party will return to the Dwarven Temple for a nights rest before continuing on.

---Sept 10---
The party heads back up through the mines to the room with the dead Athach. Hem listens at the door and confirms the presence of humans and elves. Hem opens the door and the party rushes to confront a group of three humans, three elves and three guard dogs. As Bardol rushes forward he spies another group of humans, elves, and guard dogs in a room off to the right. Bardol decides to engage these foes first while Sir P. heads for the others.

Sir P. charges forward and immediately drops two foes. But he notices a three headed beast winged beast chained off to the right. The beast has a lion head, a serpent head, and the head of a white dragon. Sir P. yells a warning to the others. Whitefire moves forward just as the chain on the Chimera is released and the beast breaths a blast of cold. Whitefire flamestrikes the beast and notices 6 more humans coming from the far passageway. Then a gigantic gray skinned dwarf appears next to Sir P. and attacks him. The Chimera doesn't last much longer. Shortly thereafter a gigantic wolf like creature appears near where the Chimera lies. Whitefire casts animal growth on Fifi, who attacks this new foe. However, the Barghest also enlarges itself. A few rounds later and the Duergar and the Barghest are dead and the remaining 2 humans and an elf surrender.

The prisoners are interrogated but it becomes quickly evident that they know very little beyond the immediate area. The prisoners do point out that the Duergar, Oamarthis, was their leader. They also do not claim to be allied with any particular temple. The prisoners lead the heroes to a map on the wall and tell the heroes about the cook in the next room.

Hem advances a level in Rogue.

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