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Tolling Bell Cultist
(1/14/04 12:55 pm)
Re: Session 26 Against the Outer Fane-The Air Door
heh, yeah, I was just looking through the 3.5 FAQ and noticed the suggestion to use a lesser devil.

Whats worse is the characters aren't all set up to deal with this guy. We could definantly see someone die here. I guess we'll see on Saturday night.

Tolling Bell Cultist
(1/21/04 11:09 am)
Sess 27 Its better to run and fight another day than to die
Session 27 Its better to run and fight another day than to die

Furio "The Inquisitor" - Human Cleric 7/Auspician 4
WhiteFire "Xorn Fodder" - Human Druid 11 -- NPC
Fifi the Wonder Poodle - Animal Companion
Bardol "The Dragon Rider", "The acrobatic" - Human Monk 10/Fighter 1
Hem "The Yellow Dolt" Dazon - Human Rogue 10/Druid 1 -- NPC
Elfaerin Longstrike - Elf Fighter 4/Wizard 4/modified Arcane Archer 3

*** Retcon ***
*** The Cornugon has been changed to a Barbed Devil(Hamatula) ***
--- Oct 13 ---
The Barbed Devil advances. Elfaerin fills it the Hamatula with arrows, the summoned earth elemental pounds on it. Hem runs to get Furio and Bardol(who are in a zone of silence in the next room and are stuffing the drow bodies in a bag of holding). Bardol goes to confront the Hamatula while Hem and Furio finish putting the 2nd Drow body in the bag. Whitefire attempts to retreat but the Hamatula grabs him and does considerable damage with his barbs. Between Bardol's and the earth elemental pummeling, Elfaerin's arrows, and a Sound Lance from Furio the devil is looking pretty beat up. But then the Hamatula disappears in a pop and a smell of sulfur. Elfaerin cast see invisibility but the creature is nowhere to be found, it must have teleported.

After a bit of debate the group decides to take out the Succubus in the Chamber of Hate before getting out. Furio casts a Blade Barrier just beyond Varachans room. Hem goes to search Ukemil's room while everyone else enters the Chamber of Hate. The Succubus is nowhere to be seen just rows upon rows of clones in sarcophagi. Fifi goes in and starts sniffing around. A few moments later and Elfaerin has spotted something strange about one of the clones and Fifi has started barking. The disguised Succubus doesn't last one round against the earth elementals fists and Elfaerin's arrows. The summoned earth elemental then runs out of time and goes home.

Meanwhile Hem has found a particularly nasty trap on the chest in Ukemil's room. It takes him 3 rounds to disarm it but finally he is successful.

Everyone heads for the exit. But as they are about to open the door to the room where the Arrowhawks were, someone else opens it first...

Beyond the door our heroes can see a disheartening force. There are 6 humans in armor at the door, behind them are 4 large elementals (one each of earth, air, fire, and water) behind them is a dark figure with a lilac mask, the barbed devil (which looks like its been healed), and an older man in plate mail with ochre robes and a tentacle rod.

Two of the warriors are quickly dropped. But the air elemental flies in silently and captures Hem in a whirlwind. Furio attempts to dispel the silence but fails. Hedrack(the man with the tentacle rod) casts destruction on Hem (who is fortunately Death Warded).

Whitefire starts to summon a Djinni, which will be able to teleport them to safety. But the air elemental moves forward and since its silenced ruins the spell. Bardol looses his hammersphere and between the hamersphere and Elfaerin's arrows the air elemental is slain.

In desperation its decided that they will use Whitefire's Cloak of Mountebank to Dimension Door out onto the bridge. But it can only take Whitefire and 4 others. Furio opens the bag of holding and Hem makes a DC 30 escape artist check and jumps in. Whitefire DD's out onto the air bridge and they make a quick retreat back to the Dwarven Temple.

--- Oct 14 ---
Someone attempts to scry on Furio around noon. As per prior arrangement with Varachan, Furio casts Sending back to Varachan.
Furio asks: "Where is Satau the Oracle and Naquent?"
Varachan: "Mindflayer directions. Water Door, left after double doors, right at the glass door, right then immediate right and down steps. Naquent left at glass door."

With this information the party heads to the water door at sundown.

Furio and Whitefire buff everyone up. Among other things: Bardol has Stoneskin, Hem is carrying a stone of silence, and everyone is invisible.

Bardol opens the door into a long hallway with a large pool of water down the center. The party moves in and shortly sees a large turtle like creature with nasty mandibles and a beak like maw breaking the water and moving toward them.

As the creature surfaces and moves past Bardol one can see Elder Elemental Eye symbols all over its shell and two large bands of silver on two of its flippers. Bardol strikes the creature (and subsequently becomes visible) as it moves past him. Elfaerin shoots several arrows at the Tojanida. The creature reacts quickly and grabs Bardol in its maw and pulls him under the water and swims to the bottom and the far end of the pool.

Whitefire wildshapes into a large shark and heads off to help Bardol. Everyone else remains invisible and heads off to the far end of the room, where the double doors are. Suddenly a side door opens and 3 minotaurs emerge. Hem uses his slippers to position himself near the ceiling opposite this door. Elfaerin shoots arrows at the Minotaurs.

Meanwhile below the surface Bardol is having a bit of difficulty because of his lack of freedom of movement each strike is doing 10 less damage. But the Tojanida is also having difficulty getting through Bardol's Stoneskin. Whitefire the shark is doing minor damage to the creature.

Up at the surface. The Minotaurs all drink potions and then charge into melee. They move very fast and one gets a charge attack on Elfaerin. Meanwhile a secret door directly under Hem opens up and then closes, yet Hem sees nothing. Elfaerin activates his slippers and moves out onto the ceiling over the pool. Furio goes toe to toe with a minotaur doing minor damage, yet the creature is unable to hit Furio.

Eventually Bardol and Whitefire nickle and dime the Tojanida to death. Elfaerin, Hem, and Furio kill the minotaurs.

A few healing potions are quaffed and the group heads through the double doors and makes a left turn.

As the party goes down the hallway and approaches an iron wall with pictures on it Hem notices that the wall has arrow slits in it. Everyone rushes by except Whitefire, who pauses to cast a flamestrike on the other side of the wall. Screams are heard.

The party takes the right passageway at the glass door with a swirling black ball of fire beyond the door. Going down the passageway the group pauses to listen at a door in front of them. Hem says he hears 6 ogres playing knucklebones. Elfaerin opens the door and sends a fireball into the group of ogres. Bardol and Elfaerin then finish off the ogres.

Tolling Bell Cultist
(2/18/04 1:27 pm)
Session 28 The Champion is revealed
Session 28 The Champion is revealed

Furio "The Inquisitor" - Human Cleric 7/Auspician 4
WhiteFire "Xorn Fodder" - Human Druid 11 -- NPC
Fifi the Wonder Poodle - Animal Companion
Bardol "The Dragon Rider", "The acrobatic" - Human Monk 10/Fighter 1
Hem "The Yellow Dolt" Dazon - Human Rogue 10/Druid 1 -- NPC
Elfaerin Longstrike - Elf Fighter 4/Wizard 4/modified Arcane Archer 3

--- Oct 14 ---
Hem 'scouts' ahead into the chamber where the charred remains of the ogres are. He turns around to the party and he is deathly pale. The rooms walls are covered in tapestries depicting winged demons tearing hearts out of people [Hem has had 2 bad experiences with curtains and tapestries in elemental temples].

The group moves in cautiously. Hem throws the stone of silence at the end where Chymon is believed to be. The group then proceeds down the corridor where Satau the Mindflayer Oracle is believed to be. Above his door is a demonic face carved out of stone. Furio deduces that a test of wills with the demon statue will allow the door to be opened.

Furio stares down the statue and touches the door to open it. At the same time a chilling howl can be heared behind them. Whitefire and Hem investigate the howl while Furio, Bardol, and Elfaerin enter the room.

Inside the room their is a mind flayer floating over a pit at the far end. Elfaerin firea arrows and Bardol moves to engage.
Satau: "I have forseen my death, nevertheless I will do what I can to avoid it."
Satau mindlbasts Elfaerin and Furio but both make their saves.
Furio dispels Satau's levitation and defenses. Elafaerin and Bardol finish him off.

Outside Hem and Whitefire are being attacked by a Howler and a female Cleric (Naquent). Whitefire casts dispel magic on Naquent and gets rid of all her buffs.
Soon Furio and Bardol join the fray while Elfaerin loots Satau, cuts off his head (and takes it), and grabs a bunch of the papers that Satau had lieing around. Hem gets in the bag of holding.
Naquent retreats around the corner and the Howler is rendered moot due to Furio's Magic Circle against Evil.
Bardol and a Rhino Whitefire take down Naquent.

Meanwhile the door down the hallway they originally came down opens up. Its a bunch of warriors plus Hedrack.

Whitefire casts dispel magic on Hedrack and dispels all of his buffs. Whitefire summons a Huge Earth Elemental.
Elfaerin takes the bag of holding and moves to put Naquent's body inside it.
Hedrack tries casting Blade Barrier defensively and fails.
Hedrack is grappled by the elemental but manages to escape using Word of Recall.

The mooks are mopped up; one proves a bit more resilient and once killed this one transforms back into a lilac masked assassin after death.

Everyone then Dimension Doors away, but not before Whitefire sends the Huge Earth Elemental around the corner to harrass Chymon.

The Earth Elemental doesn't last 2 rounds.

---Oct. 15---
Everyone pings and goes up a level.
Over the next couple of days the group recruits some additional help and talks via sending to Varachan.

Whitefire awakens Fifi and Fifi is now a Cohort/Animal Companion.

Furio Sending#1 to Varachan:
Oracle, Naquent, Tojanida dead.
Dragon next target.
Waiting two days.
Expect quick reinforcements.
Champion has been confirmed - Dunrat.
Must get Orb of Oblivion.
Hidden in Vestibule.
Complex instructions I need to give you.

Furio Sending#2 to Varachan:
Need info on reinforcements.
Have 4 more Sendings prepared for complex instructions.
If too dangerous, do not reply.
I love you.
Alarm spells on entrances.
Hedrack, others will come quickly.
Flip left switch down
Touch horn with Master key
Blow horn
Flip 2nd switch after black

Furio Sending#3 to Varachan:
What is the Orb of Oblivion?
Why do we need to retrieve it?

column of smoke
sound horn
Flip 3rd switch and sound horn
go through veil
Bring torch of revealing and wear purple robe
kneel before block.

Furio Sending#4 to Varachan: ?
and say "Tharizdun"
twirl incense-laden black thurible to get out.
It allows the champion to free the Princes of Elemental Evil who can in turn free Tharizdun.

Tolling Bell Cultist
(2/18/04 1:45 pm)
Re: Session 28 The Champion is revealed
DM Notes:
Hem was 'in the bag' for the big fight with H.

After the fight the players were joking... "I wonder what Hem does when he is in there."

Well, guess what else was in the bag. The Demonstone. So Hem has taken the Demonstone. And will eventually turn evil.

What do you think Hem should do to reflect his new outlook on life?

*:> Scott

Tolling Bell Cultist
(2/19/04 12:56 am)
Are you checking to see if the elementals shift aligences due to the corrupting influence of the CRM?

Hem got the stone! This is gonna be harsh, hope the group(and players) can withstand the results.

Tolling Bell Cultist
(2/19/04 5:25 am)
Re: Fight,Fight,Fight
No I am not checking to see if they shift alignments.

It is my opinion that even if a summoned elemental 'shifts' alignments it is still under the power of the summoner. Therefore the effect is negligible.

Yeah, they had found out it was evil and were debating what to do with it. They just put it in the bag of holding and forgot about it. "...and some things that should not have been forgotten where...". I had decided the stone couldn't influence someone while its in te bag.

Brother of Venom
(2/19/04 7:21 am)
Re: Fight,Fight,Fight
"I love you."

That outta provide some interesting RP when they meet. ;)

Hem should evil. The party are still his friends, so he wouldn't really try to kill them. Maybe he'll slip (reverse pick pockets) the demonstone on one of the divine caster's person, causing them to turn evil as well (unknowingly negating the effect on himsefl). The key is to not let it destroy the party, but let it be a diversion and a source of fun.

(3/3/04 7:36 am)
Session 29 Hedrack defeated
Session 29 Hedrack defeated

Furio "The Inquisitor" - Human Cleric 7/Auspician 5
Durand Frostborn - Dwarf Evoker 5/Elemental Savant(Water/Cold)5 - Cohort of Furio
WhiteFire "Xorn Fodder" - Human Druid 12 -- NPC
Fifi the Wonder Poodle - Animal Companion and Fighter 10 Cohort
Bardol "The Dragon Rider", "The acrobatic" - Human Monk 11/Fighter 1
Hem "The Yellow Dolt" Dazon - Human Rogue 11/Druid 1 -- NPC
Elfaerin Longstrike - Elf Fighter 4/Wizard 4/modified Arcane Archer 4

--- Oct 18 ---
After 3 days of rest, training Fifi, recruiting Durand, and Sendings to Varachan the group heads for the Air Door.

Things are different his time. Half way across the bridge giant dragonflies with riders start emerging from the two nearest towers. Everyone moves forward to start dealing with these foes. Upon reaching the door it opens by itself and there are four large elementals inside, one of each type. The Spider Eater's aren't proving too difficult and most of them have been dispatched and nearly the entire party is near the entrance. Its at this time that Elfaerin spots Chymon rounding the side of the mountain.

Not wishing to engage the dragon outside the group quickly moves inside. Hem rushes forward, up the stairs into the octagonal room, but is immediately confronted with a Huge Earth Elemental and Hedrack. Everyone else rushes to Hem's aid. Whitefire dispels 7 of Hedracks 14 buffs. But Hedrack dispels all but one of Bardol's buffs. The Elder Earth Elemental gets a full attack on the unbuff Bardol and drops him into the negatives. Physical attacks are proving to not be very effective on the elemental and magic isn't effecting it either (thanks to a Spell Resistance spell from Hedrack). Hem saves Bardol by pulling him out of the way and giving him some potions. At this point Varachan shows up and Hedrack cackles with glee. But Furio puts a blade barrier down the center of the room. Varachan moves around the blade barrier and then falls to the ground slobbering and wailing in pain, but he isn't doing a very good job of faking it. Hedrack is dropped from Elfaerin's arrows and Durand's Frost Balls. Whitefire summons two huge earth elementals and eventually is finally able to dispel the spell resistance on the elder earth elemental, but he uses a divine boon in the process. The earth elemental and the other elementals then quickly fall to blows and spells.

A quick discussion with Varachan then takes place. V. explains about how the towers contacted Hedrack and then Hedrack contacted him. It was his job to get Chymon and then come here. He says that he delayed at his task as much as possible.
Furio: "What is the Orb of Oblivion and why must it be destroyed?"
Varachan: "It is a poweful artifact and it allows the champion to summon the Princes of Elemental Evil who can then in turn free Tharizdun.
Furio: "Where is this champion, Dunrat?"
Varachan: "He is in his room, which is on the South West side of the complex. There shouldn't be much opposition down there since the demon has left, just some Magmin."
Hem: "He is lieing its a trap."
Everyone: "Huh, what are you talking about Hem [its obvious Hem is lieing]"
Hem: "Well I don't trust him about this Orb thing."
Varachan: "Help me over the Blade Barrier, I'll say I was trapped on the other side."

Elfaerin lends V. his boots of Spider Climbing and V. climbs up the wall over the blade barrier and then throws the boots back over the top.

The party goes invisible and then heads off to Dunrats quarters. Outside his door they encounter some slaves who are moping the floor. The slaves are freaked out about the noise of the party and submit themselves to questioning from the invisible group.
Bardol: "Where is Dunrat?"
Slave: "He left yesterday, I helped carry his stuff to Hedracks quarters, where he was getting ready to leave."

The group then heads to the Magmin quarters and quickly dispatches them. They then wait for the dimensional anchor that Hedrack cast on Whitefire to expire and then Durand teleports everyone back to the Dwarven Temple.

(3/3/04 7:43 am)
Re: Session 29 Hedrack defeated
DM Notes:

Ok, So Hem turned evil on the 18th just before heading out.

He took the Contact Medallion from Hedrack while he was putting the body in the bag. He has a reasonable guess as to what it is due to Varachan's ramblings about how the alarm was raised. The group didn't clue into the missing item when they searched the body after getting home.

One thing that Hem will have to be careful about is the Forbiddance spell that Furio has cast in the Golem room.

Hem plans on using the medalion to contact Thrommel and offering to reveal a traiter in his midst in exchange for eternal life. Thrommel will except but will double cross him and use Hem as a bargaining chip with the party.

:> Scott

Night Beast
(3/3/04 8:16 am)
Re: Session 29 Hedrack defeated
The situation with Hem sounds like it will be a blast! I look forward to reading about it! :)

(3/4/04 4:32 pm)
Re: Session 29 Hedrack defeated
Yes, it will be interesting here is a copy of an email I got from Furio's player:
1) Did we cast Identify on that amulet of Hedrack's that
Varachan was talking about? The one that let the dragonfly guys warn
him? We want to find out how it works, and maybe we can use it.
2) How would we go about using Atonement on Thrommel? Would we
have to kill him, raise him, and then cast Atonement? Crap, I just
realized, that Raise Dead won't work for sure, because the time limit is
long gone. And I just read Resurrection. It doesn't work on undead. So I
guess we have to True Res him, but I don't see how we can afford a
scroll. Maybe Jolie will pay for it... Hmmm... Maybe we should draft a
letter to her, explaining the situation.
3) What did Pole ever do with that rock that looked like a
devil? I don't know if we ever made sure he destroyed it. We don't want
the same thing happening to him that happened to that other Paladin.

Here are my answers:
1) You didn't find and amulet.
3) The 'devil rock' is in your bag of holding.

If they look for the demonstone then they won't find it. I'll also give them a chance to notice its missing if they take other stuff out of the bag.

(3/12/04 7:57 am)
Session 30 Traiters, Double Cross, and Chymon
Session 30 Traiters, Double Cross, and Chymon

Furio "The Inquisitor" - Human Cleric 7/Auspician 5
Durand Frostborn - Dwarf Evoker 5/Elemental Savant(Water/Cold)5 - Cohort of Furio
WhiteFire "Xorn Fodder" - Human Druid 12 -- NPC
Fifi the Wonder Poodle - Animal Companion and Fighter 10 Cohort
Bardol "The Dragon Rider", "The acrobatic" - Human Monk 11/Fighter 1
Hem "The Yellow Dolt" Dazon - Human Rogue 11/Druid 1 -- NPC
Elfaerin Longstrike - Elf Fighter 4/Wizard 4/modified Arcane Archer 4

--- Oct 18 ---
Our heroes have just teleported back to the Dwarven Temple.

Its getting crowded in the temple. Furio's 15 followers and Whitefire's 15 followers have just shown up.

Furio writes the following letter to Jolene:

Furio delle Pietre
Near Rastor, Northern Italy
October 19th, the Year of Our Lord, 1110

The Lady Jolene of Verona,

I write to you with news that is both grave, and, I hope, brings with it a breath of joy to a tragedy all believed to be past reviving
My name is Furio delle Pietre, and I am a representative of a martial order of the Holy Roman Church. The head of my order, Lord Thurgon Proudblade, bid myself and my companions travel to the northern town of Homlet. I suspect that you will recognize the name of this small town, which is very near where your fiancé, Prince Thrommel IV, fought and bested a horrible evil that was befouling Italy many years ago.
Lord Proudblade was, nine years ago, involved in putting down another uprising of evil in the north. Six months ago, he began having terrible dreams. His dreams made him fear that there was new unrest in the north, so he sent myself and my companions to investigate. His dreams were proven true, perhaps sent by Our Lord God himself. After many trials and much tribulation, we discovered that cultists are closer than ever to loosing a horror upon this world like we have never known.
However, we also made another discovery which bears more meaning for you personally. Contrary to belief, Prince Thrommel did not leave your side willingly, and is not dead. We believe he was taken, kidnapped by the members of this dire cult, lo, those long years ago.
Still, he is not well. He now suffers the effects of years of torture and unspeakably awful events. His mind has been twisted by evil magics, and he no longer knows himself.
I would not write this letter to you if we did not harbor some hope for Prince Thrommel’s recovery. It will be difficult, and expensive, but we believe that with your help the flicker of good that still exists within his breast can be fanned back into flame.
If you still care for him, please reply with what help you can provide. The bearer of this letter knows the details of what is required to save Prince Thrommel.
You are the only light remaining in his world.

In His Name,
Furio delle Pietre

---Oct 19---
Furio, Whitefire, Durand, and Elfaerin are preparing their spells when Bardol interupts them.
Bardol: "Hem is gone, I have been looking for him for 1/2 an hour but he isn't in the temple anymore."

Furio casts Scry on Hem but Hem resists the spell (I rolled a 20).

Fifi tracks Hem via scent to the secret door. Bardol and Fifi continue to track Hem into the mines while the rest of the group prepares spells. Hem is tracked all the way to the earth bridge. Bardol decides this is far enough and returns.

Furio summons a Lantern Archon and has it send the letter to Jolene to Sir P., sho is then to deliver it to Jolene.

Upon returning and learning of Hem's treachery Elfaerin suggests they check the bag of holding to see if Hem took anything with him. The Demonstone and the two earth keys are missing. Furio casts sending on Varachan. Varachan says he is being tortured by Thrommel and can't last much longer.

Furio casts Sending on Varachan. Varachan says he is in the prison area and is being tortured by Thrommel. He can't last much longer.

Durand Teleports himself, Furio, Bardol, and Elfaerin to the octagonal room near the Air Door entrance. They immediately head to the prison area. In one of the outer rooms the group encounters 6 Ogre Zombies, a Zombie Minotaur, a large elemental of each type, and a vampire spawn. These are dealt with quickly thanks to a ice ball by Durand. But not before the Vampire Spawn escapes to the next room.

Opening the next door the group is confronted by 6 more Zombie Ogres, 2 Zombie Minotaurs, 3 Vampire Spawn, Vister the Vampire, a hag, and Thrommel. Varachan lies dead on the floor. Hem looks very pale and is in Vistra's embrace.
Thrommel: "Hold it right there or Hem will die."
Furio: "Why? Hem is a traitor"
Thrommel with a smile: "Because your the good guys"
Thrommel: "I'll let Hem go if you promise safe passage for me and my group across the Stalagos."
Furio: "There is some good left in you Thrommel. We are contacting Jolene, we want to help you."
Thrommel: "I am beyond help. Just let me leave this occursed prison."
Bardol: "We shouldn't be bargaining with him. What Would Pole Do?"
Furio: "We CAN help. Think of Jolene."
Thrommel: "I don't know. I have done so many dispicable things and its been so long. Let me think about it. As a gesture of your good will, could you transport my coffin accross the Stalagos?"
Furio: "We cannot let you take your minions with you."
Bardol: "We shouldn't even be negotiating with him."
Thrommel: "Let me take Vister and the Hag."
Furio: "No, just Vistra."
Thrommel: "Very well then. Stand Down (to the undead)."

Thrommel and Vistra(still holding Hem) move through the zombies to the party. The Hag screams: "Noooo...." and pulls one the lever in the middle of the room. An enraged Troll appears and starts attacking. The Troll is dealt with quickly but not before the hag pulls the lever again and disapears. Bardol also pulls the lever and is teleported into an area with cells. Bardol finishes off the hag and returns telling the others of the Lamasu, halfling, and Azer which are in the prison. Using the lever and dial Elfaerin manages to free the captives.

Bardol gets Varachan's body and Thrommel leads them to his coffin. The room gives everyone the creeps (unhallow) and is in a zone of silence. Thrommel pushes a hidden button and the floor slides open to reveal two coffins.

As Thrommel gets into his coffin he says "Don't double cross me. Chymon will be watching."
Furio: "Wait a minute. What are you talking about."
Thrommel: "Don't worry she won't attack unless you do something to harm me."
Furio: "If she does your coffin will be going into the Stalagos."

As our heroes carry the two coffins across Chymon can be seen circling far overhead. But she stays there and doesn't attack.

Once accross the Stalagos Durand teleports himself and Bardol to the Dwarven Temple. Bardol quickly gathers up all the garlic he can and heads to the main entrance.

Everyone else takes the coffins to the main entrance and meets Bardol there.

Bardol to Hem: "Hand over that stone."
Hem: "What stone?"
Bardol: "Give it here now or I'll rip your arms off."
Hem: "Oh, this stone."

Bardol borrows Furio's mace and crushes the Demonstone into powder.
Hem: "aaayyyyy....... What have I done? Can you ever forgive me?"

That night Furio and Thrommel sit down to a long talk.
Thrommel: "What did Jolene say when you sent her the letter?"
Furio: "I'm not sure let me cast Sending to find out."
Furio sending to Sir P. : "What did Jolene say?"
Sir P.: "Jolene was visibly upset. She threw the letter back at me. She said 'How dare you come here with rumours and innuendo. He is dead."
Furio: "Thrommel, She is upset but she has feelingd for you."
Thrommel: "I need more time to think. I just don't know. It does feel good to be out of the Outer Fane. I think I'll go out feeding tonight."
Furio: "No, you will stay here."
Thrommel with a smile: "Well it was worth a try."

Thrommel returns to his coffin and a watch is set arounf the coffins.
Furio casts Raise Dead from a scroll and Varachan is raised.

----Oct 20----
Furio is once again interrupted during his morning prayers.
Lucky Eddy Redshirt(Furio's leutenant follower): "Furio, Furio, ... Chymon raized Rastor last night. There are refugees pouring into the mines for protection."

Furio checks out Hem, unfortunately he is still pretty banged up from the Vampires. He has 11 negative energy levels, 1 Con, and 1 hp.

Everyone except Hem teleport into the Outer Fane just outside of Dunrat's room. Furio and Whitefire buff everyone up and Furio casts silence on a stone.

Bardol sneaks up and hears spell casting coming from Chymon's room. The fight is on. Durand gets a cold spell reflected back on him. Whitefire dispels the buffs on Chymon and also traps Chymon in a wall of thorns. Then Furio puts a blade barrier around the wall of thorns. Chymon uses her armband so that she can fit in. Furio dismisses the blade barrier and then Chymon is finished off.

Night Beast
(3/12/04 10:01 am)
Re: Session 30 Traiters, Double Cross, and Chymon
Dude, that rocked! Awesome update! Sounded a lot like Princess Bride. "Fezzik, tear his arms off." "Oh, that gate key." :D

(3/25/04 8:00 am)
Session 32 Thrommels Redemption
Session 32 Thrommels Redemption

Furio "The Inquisitor" - Human Cleric 7/Auspician 5
Durand Frostborn - Dwarf Evoker 5/Elemental Savant(Water/Cold)5 - Cohort of Furio
WhiteFire "Xorn Fodder" - Human Druid 12 -- NPC
Fifi the Wonder Poodle - Animal Companion and Fighter 10 Cohort
Bardol "The Dragon Rider", "The acrobatic" - Human Monk 11/Fighter 1
Hem "The Yellow Dolt" Dazon - Human Rogue 11/Druid 1 -- NPC
Elfaerin Longstrike - Elf Fighter 4/Wizard 4/modified Arcane Archer 4

---Oct 22---
Our heroes have just cleansed the Outer Fane and recovered Varachan's valuables from his quarters.

They then make a visit to Thrommel at the Main Gate.
Furio: "Thrommel have you made any decision yet?"
Thrommel: "No, I have not."
Furio: "What proof can we give to Jolene that you are not yet gone?"
Thrommel: "Tell, her about the restaraunt where we used to secretly meet. It was called Djinni's Pizzaria."
Furio: "We are off to see her."
Thrommel: "Do what you must."

Furio and Durand teleport to Verona and meet up with Sir P. They then go to Lady Jolene's villa. There they talk to Jolene.
Jolene: "What lies to you have for me today?"
Furio: "We are here to tell you everything about Thrommel. He needs you."
Jolene: "He is dead! How can he need me?"
Furio: "He is not dead. He said to tell you to remember Djinni's Pizzaria."
Jolene gasp: "How did you know about that? I never told anyone about it. He must be alive."
Bodyguard: "My Lady, be careful. It could be a trap. You should at least check out their credentials."
Jolene: "Yes, that is wise Duncan. Come lets all go to Thurgood."

At the church, in Thurgood's office.
Jolene: "Thurgood, your honesty and your great deads are great."
Thurgood: "Thank you Lady Jolene, what can I do for you?"
Jolene: "This man Furio here says he is a liege of yours and that he has found Prince Thrommel after all these years."
Thurgood: "I am indeed his sponsor. Furio is an upright and holy man on a great quest. He has done many great things. His word is as good as mine."
Jolene: "Very well then. Lets go."

Meanwhile back at the Dwarven Temple... Bardol starts taking an interest in the Crystal Ball and decides to scry on Dunrat and Myriam, but both make their saves.

Jolene goes back to her villa to get a few things and then returns. Furio Word of Recall's himself, Durand, Jolene, and Duncan to the Dwarven temple.

Bardol and Whitefire join Furio and Jolene and the group heads to the Main Entrance. Just before getting to the main entrance Whitefire Death Ward's Jolene. The meeting between Thrommel and Jolene is a tear jerker.

Jolene: "You alive!.... What... what is wrong with you."
Thrommel: "I am sorry. I trully am."
Jolene and Thrommel 'talk' for the rest of the night. They only stop for a brief ineruption from Varachan.
Varachan: "Thrommel, I must beg for your forgiveness. It was a terrible wrong that I have done to you."
Thrommel: "I forgive You."

Near dawn Jolene starts crying.
Thrommel: "It is the only way. I must pay for my wrong doings."
Furio: "You have decided then."
Thrommel: "Yes, Jolene and I are going to watch the sunrise one last time together. I do not want to be brought back. My soul needs to acount for my wrongdoings."

With that Thrommel and Jolene watch the sunrise and Thrommel vaporizes.

---Oct 23---
The group then takes on Vistra. She is dealt with quickly but not before hitting Bardol and draining him a couple of levels.

Furio then used the Crystal Ball to do some scrying on some of the people mentioned in Dunrat's letter...
Falrinth fails both saves. His thoughts are: Ok, we got the fire node done, letsee need to remember the layout of the other nodes, I am going to make some money off these guys.
Smigmal Redhand also fails his save vs. Scry and his save for Detect Thoughts. Smigmal is pouring over some maps with a guy named Dugart.

Furio gives Thrommel's Contact Medallion to Lucky Eddy.

Durand takes the Lantern Archon express to Homlet, so that he can familiarize himself with the area and thus teleport people there.

The rest of the group takes a contingent of Dwarves through the Fire Door to Chymon's hoard of coins. The Dwarves get to work on sorting and counting the coins as well as moving the golden Wyvern statue up out of the hole.

Everyone then heads to Thrommel's room and dispatches the Vampire Spawn.

On to the Vestibule. Furio casts True Seeing on himself so that he can see through the darkness and lights a torch of revealing. Everyone moves into the room past the darkness. Furio then goes down the dark passageway to the south. Upon approaching the black circle on the floor Furio is attacked by 2 Shadow Mastifs. Upon hearing the sound of combat the rest of the group rushes to Furio's aid. It is at this time that the statues power manifests itself. Everyone, including Hem, make their saves except Bardol. Bardol hears and sees the statues mocking him(and loses some Wisdom). They seem to be saying "Bardol failed his Will save and Hem made his." The Shadow Mastif's don't last long against the onslaught of the holy warriors.

Furio casts Lesser Restoration on Bardol and he feels much better.

The Torch of Revealing shows a bowl like indention in the altar is visible on the altar. Although Hedrack's journal indicates that one can use a Tentacle Rod when standing on the black circle before the altar to transport into the Iner Fane, its uncertain if everyone would be transported this way or if only the holder of the rod would be transported. Its decided to not venture past the railing in the room.

Its decided to try to go through the Walls of Force and examine the Intelligent Door on the other side. Furio surmises that since a Wall of Force must be contiguous thet they could run a rope through them after passing through and thus not be trapped. A rope is tied to the ornate table in the middle of the room and Bardol approaches the first Wall of Force.
Statue: "Who"
Bardol: "I am Bardol the Dragonrider"
Nothing happens. Bardol reaches out and his hand passes through the wall. He then proceeds to step through it. He turns around and the Statue repeats the question and Bardol is able to return.

Everyone goes through all the Walls and answers each question truthfully. Despite daying they are there to destroy the cult, the walls let them pass.

Upon reaching the end of the passageway Hem examines the door. It looks like the rest of the doors in the Outer Fane and Hem doesn't find any traps. The door ends up opening like the other doors. But upon opening the door the group finds a cracked, dry, and volcanic rock courtyard that looks inhospitable. In the center is a large spike like structure with magma surrounding it. There is a ramp leading over the lava and up to a door.

Moving into the Blasted Yard the group is jumped by 8 powerful Wights. The Wights are tough but are unable to hit any of the heroes. 3 rounds later the Wights are all dead. Just after all the Wights have been dropped 8 more Wights emerge from hiding and attack. These are also dropped in 3 rounds and withought injury. Upon aproaching the door 8 more Wights are encountered. Once again these foes are vanquished without injury.

Bardol goes over the bridge and approaches the door.
Door: "I do not recognize you. Who are you and why do you want to enter?"
Bardol: "I am Bardol and we are Thurgeon's Destroyers. We are here to destroy the cult."
Door: "You shall not pass."

Everyone backs up and Elfaerin attempts to cast Disintegrate from a scroll. He fails his caster level check, fails his second attempt from Furios Fickle Finger of Fate, and a mishap occurs. Elfaerin loses all his hair. In addition the door lets loose a high powered Lightning Bolt that Elfaerin saves vs. but Whitefire takes 69 hp damage.

Its decided that it would be better to tackle this challenge another day. Furio Word of Recalls everyone back to the Dwarven Temple.

(6/4/05 6:58 am)
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