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(10/30/02 11:27:27 am)
Water Temple Attack Followup and questions (very long)...
Thanks everyone, for the advice on the 'Water temple attacks' thread. Here is how it played out...

Genor Clr8
Devar Mnk8
Jeddo Rog3/Wiz5
Kal Rgr8

The party receives a letter asking to meet with Kadiss and two elves at the edge of the water temple (where the sea hag resides). They meet up, Kadiss dishes out some tantilizing tidbits of info about the CRM (and promised a safe place for a while), and the party was hooked.

Kadiss is outgoing, friendly, and straightforward. He gives them a brief idea of the mission and is truthful about about the danger of it. The party is lead into the water temple to meet with Kalashien, who looks at each of them, nodds to Kadiss, and dismisses them, never speaking a word.

Kadiss spends the next day playing host to the party and negotiating with Nilbool (who is to lead the strike) on their behalf (I really played up the tension between the kuo toa and 'land dwelling scum' in the temple. The air was thick with hatred and resentment). The PCs meet with Nilbool and Urlug to go over the plan (they get bad vibes about both of them), and the raid is set for the next evening.

Raid time came. The strike force (Nilbool, Urlug, 4 Kuo Toa, 1 mephit, and the PCs) makes it to the bridge, the PCs buff with Resist Elements and Protections from elements, Nilbool bribes the guards and they head for the fire temple.

The PCs are in the van, Devar sneaking ahead. One of the salamader guards hears the approach and the battle is joined in the smokey guard room. It takes 5 rounds for the party to take them out.

Firre Oranac hears sounds of battle and the yelling of a salamander guard. He runs off to get Tessimon who sends him to get the Rasts and alert Zert. Tessimon starts her buffs as the party enters the temple, going with Spell Resistance (21!) and Magic vestment.

Meanwhile, Nilbool opens the door to the temple. The Skeletons come charging out (I use them as an auto defense of the temple, not needing to be commanded) to engage the party. Genor attempts to turn and rolls a 20. 3 of the 6 skeletons head back into their hole. Nilbool attempts to disintegrate on the platform and I roll a 1 on his caster level check! The disintegrate goes off at a random spot in the room (about 30 feet above the PCs) and Nilbool takes 6d6 damage from the magical backlash!

The PCs start yelling in dismay at the utter failure of the contemtable little fish creature. They talk about bugging out, but Nilbool says that he will try again. Instead he moves up to Urlug, and word of recalles home. The PCs scream in dismay again! (The look on their faces was actually quite satisfying :evil )

The PCs, having encountered little resistance, decide to stay and finish off the skeletons.

Enter Tessimon and her force. 4 Rasts and Firre Oranac. Zert is currently ralling more troops.

Tessimon double moves to the edge of the pit, and calls the platform to her. The Rasts form a line of protection from behind which Firre sets up to pick off PCs with his bow. Jeddo, pulls out his trusty wand and sends a fireball at the rasts, to no obvious effect. The group graons in dismay yet again! Genor and Kal ignore the newcomers(!!) and try to take down the remaining burning skeleton (taking only half damage from the slashing weapons). Devar, sensing trouble, goes out into the hall to get the 2 Kua Toa rear guards who don't know that Nilbool has left yet.

Tessimon awaits the platform, and introduces herself to the party via an unholy blight, sickening Genor and Jeddo, and dishing out 19 (nonfire) damage. The Rasts hold their line at Firres command.

Genor full moves (60ft) to with 40 feet of the Rasts, setting up to summon a Celestial Dire ape beside Tessimon. Kal takes a bow shot at Tessimon, hitting for minimal damage, Devar ushers the Kuo toa at the Rasts, and Jeddo goes for a trusty MM on Tessimon. he fails to penetrate SR, and another collective groan rises from the players.

Tessimon, lets loose with a flame strike, doing only the divine damage to Genor and Jeddo, who are still too close to each other :) . Firre lets a few arrows go to no great effect. The platform will be within reach next round.

Genor starts the round with summon monster IV. Full round casting time. Jeddo fires his bow, missing Tessimon. Devar fires his crossbow, also missing Tessimon while Kal hits Tessimon for 12.

Tessimon, not taking kindly to a good cleric in her temple, flames strikes(scroll) Genor, again only doing the divine damage. He makes the concentration check. Firre then fires his bow and crits Genor for 16. This time, Genor fails his concentration check. Party morale is at an all time low! The Kuo toas run up and fight the Rasts, doing a little bit of damage.

Genor decides to bail at this point, as does Devar and Jeddo. They all head for the exit. Kal decides to take another full attack, hitting tessimon for 17 damage. This unfortunately, leaves him within closing distanct of the Rasts, who are let loose by Firre. Kal luckily made all 4 saves vs paralyzing gaze. He then decides to join the others in a full out retreat.

So, it seems like a rout. My question is 'What next?'.

All of the water temple people are gone except the water mephit who did not go in the temple. The party is going to be heading back to the earth bridge to escape by the boats.

I don't see why the fire temple forces wouldn't persue the party. They would at the very least send the Rasts after them.

Even worse, what is Eiredick going to do? I figure he has his own plan. Let the water temple people in. If the assault works, the water temple is the big temple on the block and he has done them a favour. If the Assault fails, he has a force waiting to capture anyone trying to escape. He can present the captives to the fire temple, (as well as the guards responsible for letting them in) as proof that he was not involved. Perhaps even hoping for a reward.

This plan would put the PCs in a very tight spot. They would be pinned between two forces, having to fight their way to the bridge and out. Not an easy thing to do. Especially if Eredick himself is in the ambush group (w/ haste on, he can cast 8 lightning bolts in 4 rounds!). This could set them up for an "escape from the fire temple" mission (if that is even possible).

I have also toyed with the idea of having Kadiss coming to the rescue. Or more specifically, he tagged along in secret, because he didn't trust Nilbool. He is just outside the earth bridge complex, and he is willing to help the PCs escape (for use against the bugbears). Or, perhaps he is willing to cut a deal with Eredick for the return of the PCs, in exchange for some money, magic items, or a more firm alliance (It just seems like the water temple doesn't have much to offer).

Ooooh. Perhaps Eredick could somehow gain a hold on the PCs (geas, drugs, disease, hostage ?) and use them against his enemies. They would be forced to work for him for a while (although I don;t know what he would do with them..... maybe this is a bad idea).

What do you all think? How do I manage this situation without railroading, totally schweening, or going too easy on the party?


(10/30/02 11:49:33 am)
Re: Water Temple Attack Followup and questions (very long)..
Give the fire temple 2-3 rounds to get their forces in order.

Have Eeridik meet the party, troops in tow and boats hauled up onto the bridge. Have him ask the PCs for a "toll" to get back out again. If the PCs bribe him well enough (at least equal to what they payed to get in), he'll conveniently have been "taken by surprise" by the retreating PCs when the Fire Temple folk show up. If not, he'll order the Ogres (ready and waiting) to smash the boats to bits.

Tough group conquered Tessimon and rolled through the Fire Temple from there, so I never had to confront that particular problem. Good luck to you. I suggest you play it as an extortion effort, let the PCs decide if their pride and their wealth is more important than their lives.

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(10/31/02 2:40:02 am)
Re: Water Temple Attack Followup and questions (very long)..
Andorax makes all the good points (and Bogon, our campaigns are on parallel track: My group's about to face the reinforcements after blasting Tess off the platform. And I also played up the conflict between Kadiss and the kuo-toa. This is so funny!).

One thing though: The rasts are described as being pretty close to unmanagable, so I don't think I would have used them as intelligently as you did. If you want to give your group a break, have them mob the kuo-toa and begin eating them, giving teh PCs a chance to get back a be extorted by Eeridik.

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(10/31/02 4:16:54 am)
Re: Water Temple Attack Followup and questions (very long)..
Sound like what happened with my PC's though only Tessimon and another survived. My PC's headed towards the crypt area and holed out there for the night, surviving some random encounters etc. They then made there was back to the Earth door access bridge but were met by the Ogres and Gnolls who attempt to drop the weighted net on them. Eeridik and Tac were also got into the battle. (they knew the party had passed by the day before and were always going to be on high alert just incase they came back this way, wounded and under strength)

Anyways to cut a long story short, Eeridik (invisible) was the only one left in the are, he led the partyto the Great Hall and intensionally entered the magic circle so the Bebilith would appear. Well the Bebilth killed all except for Taygor the Cleric. :)

If Kadiss does come to the rescue, what does he hope to gain? An alliance? Is the party likely to protect or help Kadiss and the water temple in the future? Would Kadiss want the party to continue destroying the other Temples, and if so then what, hope that the party does come and attack him and the water temple (after all he's still evil)

I say test them out while there down and under resourced, you can alway capture them and question them if thing start to look really bad. It would be easier if the fire temple doesnt persue them of course.


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