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(10/30/02 3:17:49 pm)
Area around Rastor and the CRM
I was wondering if their is any kind of description/maps of Rastor and the area around the CRM.

My main reason for this is trying to figure out the approach to the CRM when the party gets there. Where they may be able to set up a base camp outside or something like that.

Is it just one path that has trails to both gates, seperate trails etc? What have you done?

Also, has anyone taken the time to generate a map, or even just writen description of these areas? Maybe covering distance, and such?


(10/30/02 3:29:29 pm)
Re: Area around Rastor and the CRM
I've described it as a massive round valley, with hills/mountains on all sides and the CRM in the center. Small patches of trees and lone scraggly stragglers stand on the outside slopes, but the inner slopes of the CRM are all barren.

There is a cart track that runs from either gate around the CRM and through the center of the round valley. They meet up about halfway between the CRM and Rastor (3 miles out).

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(10/31/02 2:25:45 am)
Re: Area around Rastor and the CRM
"My" valley's a little more elongated. I also have both tracks visible, but the track to the Main Entrance climbs steeper than the track to the South entrance. I allow a Track check (DC 15) or Search (DC 20) to determine that the track to the Main Entrance has seen less use than the one to the South Entrance.

Further awy from Rastor, beyond Mt. Stalagos, the terrain flattens a bit with a nmumber of small canyons or gullies. These are quite suitable for the party if they want to hide out in the wild and stay away from Rastor. Many small copses of olive trees and rhododendrons. Not many animals, though.

Remember that there won't be many birds in the area - they've been zapped by the lightning towers. Occasionally, a spider eater rider will fly by, it's drone giving the PCs plenty of warning. SOmetimes, 2 spider eaters fly in formation, carrying a net between them with supplies.

I think it's important that you show movement and activity around the mines - it'll help make the setting more dynamic.

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