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(10/31/02 3:56:21 am)
Zlorf's Monday Night Session
The Cast:
Taygor: 12 Lvl Cleric
Deth: 10 Lvl Monk
Luksa: 6/4 Lvl Mage/Thief
Vindin: 1/8 Lvl Ranger/Fighter

The party escaped the Earth Elemental guarding the Earth Door and were once again setup upon by Spider Eaters (8 of them with 2 sorcerors), once again they disposed of them all fairly easily, most of the mounted warriors fell to there deaths. :)

Anyways the party decides to rest and take their anger upon the guardians of the fire bridge complex (D'Gran's mob). They levitate invisible from the Earth temple along the lake and to the open door at the fire bridge complex, where they can see a Hill Giant standing guard. The area is on high alert, they have been warned of the intruders and know about the attack on the outer fane, so D'Gran has made sure everyone is in some sort offensive position.

Deth, Luksa, Vindin suddenly appear and begin to attack the Hill Giant, whilst Taygor prepares to summon a monster. The Hill Giant roars with pain alerting most of the guards and other furthur down the coridors. Its now on for young and old. Taygors Celestial Dire Bear appears (probably could have defeat the whole are on its own) and begin to swave a path of destruction.

Wave after wave of human guard and gnolls were delt with ease, even the Krall and Slaazh didnt last long. Heunar and Tippesh had little effect, their spell either were saved against or evaded, i didnt even really use Heunar because, i didnt think any of his spells would hinder the party, Heunar invis quietly left the area once he saw D'Gran go down. 3 summoned Arrowhawks with the deadly touch attacks took out most of the human guard. the Dire Bear was virtually impossible to damage due its 10/+3 Damage reduction. The dinosaurs went in early and died soon after.

It wasnt long until most of the occupance of the area had been laid to rest, there wasn't a great deal of damage to the party. Deth has a AC36 most of time when hasted and when mobility kicks in. Taygors AC is also in the 30's depending on what spells he has on. So it was a sweet victory for the party and the most XP the party has every recieved for a session (approx 12500).

They now plan to enter the outer fane via the fire door, i think they are expecting a fire elemental to be guarding it, so it should be a very interesting session. I expect them to learn from there encounter with the Elder Earth Elemental and pretty much go in with guns blazing.

Ah will see what happens maybe this monday, all depending on the birth of my second child, who's already 5 days over due. :) . Otherwise is a 6 week break :)


(10/31/02 4:22:19 am)
Re: Zlorf's Monday Night Session
Great read. I imagine that victory was so much sweeter because of the drubbing they got at the Earth Door.

Congratulations on your second child. Way to go! My wife's bugging me about #2 as well (our first is 10 mths old). One comforting thing is that I know it won't mean the end of gaming to me: My wife says I'm intolerable when I don't game!

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