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(10/31/02 7:23:10 am)
D'Gran Rocks!
So far the party has been breezing through the beginnings of the CRM. They made a deal with Vranthis (can't spell now) and killed everything else with ease (they got kinda cocky after killing the trolls in area 36).

The wizard made the mistake of mentioning that he'd like a "more challenging fight".


First thing I did was to make sure I applied the potion of heroism, bullstrength and fire resistance to the fighter/troll in area 37. The rogue was trying to scout the room, opened the door and poked his head around to see in. After I gave him the destcription, I gave him a reflex save to avoid getting hit by the door the troll had just kicked, he failed and took 12 points.

That opened the fight up and after 5 rounds of combat had the paladin on the ground unconcious and the troll being stabbed in the head every few seconds while they dragged him out to the pit to cover in oil and burn.

They then just healed up and went on. Scouting ahead. One of the wizards had heard the fight and let loose the dinosaurs (which the rogue heard as he was scouting). The rogue goes around the corner for a looksee and gets charged by the nasties. One round later he's fleeing back to the party with 8 hp.

The party charges forwards and manages to drop one of them, but the other runs (not being stupid). The hoise attracts the attention of the hill giant and *drum roll please* D'Gran! The wizards too and the human's and gnolls and the other Troll fighter. But D'Gran is the one who messed them up.

I reworked the spell list of the wizards and had one invisible, silenced and flying. He hung out above the head of the cleric, and reserved his action to continue to follow the cleric. That alone messed the party up nearly as much as D'Gran.

The fight was ugly. Baddies were showing up in waves due to being summoned by the Hill Giant's bellow of "Intruders!!" etc...

D'Gran hits them with a darkness, the wizard dispells it, then next round D'Gran puts it back. The wonder of at will abillities.

The fight went on for too long to recount, back and forth with the cleric running from place to place - desperate to get off a cure on anyone.

D'Gran left when he got down to half HP. He wanted to rally defenses farther in and warn the Air temple. Now the party has to find a place to rest up (no spells, most of the party in single digit hp's - several narrowly saved from death by a timely potion).

The question now is - how much harrasment can D'Gran put together for when they try to rest up?

"You must not Ph34r, Ph34r leads to anger, anger leads to hate. Hate leads to beatdowns, and B34td0wnz Sux0r."

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