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(11/1/02 10:28:10 am)
Checks for info in EEE & the Big T? Help Please

My party has started to find the holy symbols at the moat house and are asking ?'s and making Religion/Bardic Knowledge checks.

I found the DC's for the checks, but I'm having trouble coming up with the proper information. I want to start giving them the info since they are making the checks, but don't want to just throw the whole thing out at them.

Any suggestions?


(11/1/02 11:03:37 am)
Re: Checks for info in EEE & the Big T? Help Please
This is left mostly up to how you want your campaign to go. I'm going light on concrete information this early (IMC they're also just in the moathouse), but I know there are some here that suggest pulling out even more references to Big T this early. I'm considering even only having Dunrat wear an obex, but that throws a wrench into Chen's domain choices without a small change (Force being one of them). I think only Chen and Yss need to be changed if you want to go this route.

As for info, none of my party has thought to try that themselves since they have relied on the clerics in Hommlet mostly. I have Y'dey knowing the most since she's been around the longest and even then, being very sketchy on the cult of the EEE. She knows the symbol and that they were probably heavily involved with the ToEE. She also knows from the adventures in ToEE that there are at least the four sub-cults to various elements. Aside from that, there's not much more she can give them now. But, as things progress and the party discovers more, her research and inquiries to other more knowledgables will increase.

I haven't decided whether I'd like them to know much about Big T before the CRM, but this allows me the flexibility to tweak that at will. Unlike the module, I don't intend for any of my PC's to know anything substantial about Big T, including being able to ID the symbol. The name might be vaguely familiar, but more as a long-lost myth in the dark depths of religous history. For serious knowledge, they will either have to find it in their travels or through one of the NPCs.

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(11/1/02 11:06:01 am)
Re: Checks for info in EEE & the Big T? Help Please
I've only started running RttToEE myself, so I don't have any good suggestions. It seems like you should be able to identify the EEE, the Obex, and the connections with Big T, even mentioning T as long as you don't explain yet how the CRM, Fanes, and Nodes relate to each other yet. I've already put into play the comments from a veteran of the TOEE about the involvement of Zuggtmoy, Lolth, and Iuz during the original TOEE, and when the party meets Lareth, hopefully they will find out Big T's involvement and replacement of the demons.

Anyone with experience on running this adventure please provide your suggestions. I also am interested in hearing them.

(11/1/02 1:07:44 pm)
Checks for info in EEE & the Big T
I have always been a big on the idea of not giving anything more then is directly implied by the module. For example Y'dey can:

1) Can identify the symbol of EEE (the upside-down Y)
2) Can recognize the description of the four-sided. statues. (obviously Tharizdun-related artifact).
3) Can recognize referrences to the Dark God, and the obex as the symbol of Tharizdun.
4) Can speculate that the cult of the EEE my have been secretly involved in the creating the original Temple of EE. (the world thinks just Iuz, Zuggtomy and Lolth)

That's all I'd give. Yether knows the same things as Y'dey except #4 and unlike Y'dey he is reluctant tell much or even speak the dread deity's name.

(11/4/02 12:23:44 am)
Re: Checks for info in EEE & the Big T
Trithereon says the most, I think. One thing, I might add would be the confusion in finding EEE symbols alongside ancient symbols for Tharizdun. The mystery is not establishing that there is a connection between the Elder Elemental Eye and Tharizdun, but what the connection is.

Naturally, Y'Dey will be quite worried: It was bad enough going up against a native demi-god, but against Tharizdun. That's a different matter...

So for a motivation, there's a mystery: Find out what the connection is between the Elder Elemental Eye and the Cult of Tharizdun - and what they're up to.

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(11/4/02 8:19:21 am)
Re: Checks for info in EEE & the Big T
I had exactly the same problem last saturday when my players fought Geynor Ton and Ysslanth and found the obex symbol on Ysslanth's body. The party cleric (a dwarf) made a knowledge (religion) check to determine what he knows about this strange symbol and got something like 27 out of his roll. So I thought he knows at least something and made up this "myth", told at the firesite by some old chaps who drank too much:

At the beginning of time, when the gods forged the world and all beings from the primal elements they needed something that their creation would endure and evolve - they needed change! So they hatched the seed of chaos and used it. But soon they saw the danger in uncontrolled change, the possibility of total annihilation, so they confined "it" - so they thought...
Over time the darkest part of this "chaos" developed a consciousness and made itself known in the world and people started to worship it - and they gave this thing a name:

Before this the party knew something about the cult of EE, but right now they are scared like hell, they even fled the moathouse after seeing the writhing veins in the obelisk (trying to snatch the dwarf). I don't know if I told them too much, but as far as I'm concerned I just dropped the name, gave some cryptic hints - and it worked for my group, got some great atmosphere out of that, so maybe you can use it too.
BTW, this is my first post, so hello to all and thanks for the great input you give on this board. I just wanted to give something back (and please don't mind the mistakes of another non-native speaker)


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