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(11/2/02 8:06:05 pm)
Main Gate Mk2 (or, beware the beads of force)
Just wanted to share a fun little story about the second time my players went through the main gate.

I love Minotaurs, so i made the resident main gate "Bad Boy" a Minotaur Bbn2, a Koa-Tua cleric from the water temple, Orc war3's to replace the Gnolls and Human war1's.

The party knew they would be expected this time, so they invised and each took out a archer in the arrowslits while the paladin tried to bust down the door, which was barred this time around.

Well... everyone did hteir job except the paladin. a STR check of 26 isn't exactly easy for a half-elf to accomplish. The other guards don't bother firing into the arrow slits, they quickly rally with the Min and the cleric.

This part was funny. it took the party EIGHT rounds to kick the door down. Eventualy it was all 6 of them "aiding another" and kicking the door simultaniously to get the required roll.

So hte doors fly inward and they see... holy @#%$. A huge minotaur and a bunch of orcs, all ready fo rthem. in retrospect i should have had the guards ready an action for when the door came open, but instead i had them roll inatiative. The players went first. :(

Its here that i realized just how nasty those beads of force are. The Cleric and Rogue each throw a bead of force, one to the minotar and one to the cleric. The resulting damage basicly wiped out all the grunts but 2 or 3, and guess who failed thier reflex saves? Yup, BOTH the min and the cleric.

Well, its pretty much mop-up from there. They cleaned out the remaining grunts, then they surrounded those two, and mobbed each. the force bubbles end at different times, so there was no chance of either getting support.

I was expecting a thrilling fight, and instead the badguys looked comicly incompetent. It's still a "memorable fight" but not in the way i'd hoped. :( The upshot is the elven fighter had an Oath Bow, and he oathed the minataur... but didn't deliver the killing blow! hee hee.

Beware the beads of force!


(11/3/02 2:27:48 am)
Re: Main Gate Mk2 (or, beware the beads of force)
The good point is that they won't have them when they face the real threats of the Outer/Inner Fanes.

They may someday regret using the Beads of Force so soon into their assault on the doomdreamers.

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