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(11/3/02 8:51:30 am)
Vranthis as gate guardian
My party has cleared out the entrance to the mines and gone on to kill virtually everyone in the erath temple. The fight ended badly and they ran before fully exploring the earth temple (but all of the commanders are dead - just a few trogs and a couple of mephits left.) They will be gone at least 2 weeks as they travelled to verbobonc to get a friend ressed and to sell stuff.

Obviously the entrance will be remanned - and some changes will have gone on (temple wise). I think im going for the temple above earth on the map (air i think) taking over the earth one. But then Im left with the entrance still unmanned. I think the temple will be hard pressed to defend its own area, the earth temple AND the entrance, and Im also assuming the water temple wont want that. So I was thinking of them paying Vranthis and the ettin to do the guarding. The payment to Vranthis ensuring temple people can come and go unmolested.

My questions are ...

1. Have you changed the Temple main areas to reflect a change in ownership. Would the earth temple now summon different monsters depending on who is controlling it?

2. Also - is it entirely feasible for Vranthis to do this? WIll he be able to move around in the more cramped area of the entrance? And is this too hard an encounter for the players?

3. What do ya think of the idea in general?

Love to hear ya views


Roland Delacroix
(11/3/02 10:09:57 am)
The entrance is a really nice lair. It has a big common room right at the center of the action, but then has that large back room for Vranthis to retreat to and keep his treasure there.

The question is, how much do the cultists trust Vranthis? Do they want an outsider, especially a greedy DRAGON outsider, watching their main entrance? I for one would be asking 'what are we gonna do if he doesnt want to leave later?'. The cultists could have built a kind of trust with Vranthis, thats fine in your game, but IMO the module indicates that Vranthis and the cultists merely tolerate and use each other.

(11/4/02 12:31:06 am)
Actually, IMO the main entrance is not that good as a lair for Vranthis. There are no secret backdoors to escape through and since the area is used much by people placing some good nasty traps there is somewhat difficult as well. O well, I am not too keen on Vranthis anyway. As presented his pressence downgrades dragons somewhat. Why would the red dragon allow the green dragon to lair in her territory? Dragons after all are quite territorial. Why would the green dragon live in that lair where he does not control the inhabitants and those inhabitants are strong enough to kill him if they really wanted to?

In my campaign the same situation has rissen, but the hole was not filled by the water temple. The dire apes had attacked the few remaining troglodytes and they had moved into the area. This meant that the temples could not use the entrance, but for both the air bridge and the water temple there are other easier ways to get supplies. Besides it was winter outside, so the ammount of supply caravans was limited anyway.

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