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(11/3/02 12:27:03 pm)
Divination vs. Demonstone
My party used Divination (Clr4) to find out what to do about the Gnome Illusionist who turned evil. They had found Tulian's Eye just before the Gnome started to act weird (lucky coincidence...happened just as the first DS saving throw came up and he failed), so got confused and smashed the diamond (took a while, though)!
I had to think quick and made up this little ditty, which I offer to all the DMs here:

Many good people to evil have fall,
so much suffering from something so small;
More must suffer, or destroy it you must,
enhancing magic you placed in your trust.

"More must suffer" refers to the stone being passed on to a new victim, which, once that person fails their saving throw, the last victim returns to their original alignment.

(11/4/02 1:26:15 am)
Re: Divination vs. Demonstone
Nice little poem, BM. In fact, I think Siobharek should add it to the BoB. It's that good.

Zag:rollin ig

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