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(11/3/02 4:23:11 pm)
Add hoc XP for Big U.
I don’t recall that there was any Add Hoc XP bonus for Big U and was wondering if anyone awarded such.

I thought that this was at least a 50% increase in XP as I allowed him to hover in the Main hall as well as the court yard.

Any comments?


(11/3/02 7:44:39 pm)
Re: Add hoc XP for Big U.
Well, there were three things to make the encounter with Big U less deadly:
  1. He is overconfident.
  2. He will allow the PC's to escape (won't follow outside the moathouse).
  3. Ol' Del warns the party about the blue dragon.

Of course, if you do not use any of the above, I'd agree with +50%. If you used only one, then maybe +25%. If you used two, then maybe +10%. I used all three, so I didn't award any additional points. OTOH, my Big U escaped and will plague them again when they get to the old temple. Being overconfident, I had Big U land a few times to really nail the fighters with power attack. I figured he would enjoy the kill more that way and it really played into his ego. The party really got scared when Big U opened up with +12 on power attack!

In the old temple, he is less overconfident and will use all of his cunning, and the hobbies to full advantage.

(11/3/02 8:21:42 pm)
Re: Add hoc XP for Big U.
Well I did do all three, save the party decided to run indoors. But none the less it was a hard fight.

Old Del… It was especially funny as the party saw Ol’Del as an old codger who was obviously away with the fairies. I wonder how many other DM’s had this… I tried not to laugh too hard when I saw their faces as I announce ‘the dragon’.

I suppose even though it was a difficult fight the player’s could’ve employed better combat tactics. I didn’t think of the warning from Ol’Del. Good point.


Roland Delacroix
(11/3/02 8:59:50 pm)
I disagree
There is no adjustment. Yes, it's a difficult combat but it is easily offset by the warnings and nuances of the encounter. If your party ignores that, then they will suffer NOT because it's a challenging encounter but because they are STUPID. As a matter of fact, this initial tough combat is meant to be a wake up call to players. In RttToEE Stupid=Dead. Most times it takes a few character deaths to get this point across.

My group lost a character to little U, and two more in the Moathouse, falling while attacking the Grell. After that they have radically changed their ideas and have been acting alot more causiouslly and intelligentlly. I am proud to say that they are one of the few groups to NOT lose a character at the CRM main gate.

A group that heard about a Dragon in the moathouse should come in fully buffed, with a plan of attack, what to do if things change, and a line of orderly retreat. Done right little U should be an almost easy encounter.

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