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(11/4/02 6:29:03 pm)
The Orb of Silvery Death
Hi, guys

Need some help/advice here. There is a certain power that the possesser of this artifact can utilize.

The one I am talking about is: The user can command evil beings as if using a Mass Suggestion spell (DC 20). Each time this ability is used, however, the possessor suffers 1 point of permanent Charisma drain.

What I am wanting to know is the Cha drain really permanent, as in irrevocably gone? Or can it be restored using a Restoration spell?

(11/5/02 12:39:50 am)
Re: The Orb of Silvery Death
If it doesn't say anyhting in the description (and I can't remember, sorry), I'd say it's only permament in the sense that it won't heal without magic the way ability damage does.

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(11/5/02 1:23:57 am)
Re: The Orb of Silvery Death
Ok, Sio. Thanks. I am just trying to get an idea of what Monte had in mind when he created this artifact. I know that artifacts pre 3rd ed often had drawbacks/side affects that were often irrevocable or wouldn't go away unless the artifact was discarded by the possessor.

Knowledge of the rules in 3rd ed tells me that yes, a Restoration spell would give the cleric back his/her Cha that was drained, but I want to be sure that this is not a special case.

(11/5/02 6:21:49 am)
Temporary would restore itself in day, but for this ya need a Restoration.

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