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(11/7/02 5:26:15 pm)
Re: More Ideas
The Outer Fane is all in shambles with only Thrommel and Hedrack left at this point. Well mine are now 12th level, and my little party went against this.

20 Charges of Summon Monster 7. They fought and killed them ALL.

THEN they Dimension Door right into Hedracks Trap. They get Double Fireballed, then Empowered FlameStriked from Hedrack, while Naquent casts Greater Command to sleep. Hedrack and Naquent had half their spells gone from preparing Defensive spells. They were glorious. The party see-sawed back and forth, with Heal being used on both sides.

It ended when the party Cleric cast BladeBarrier 2' off the ground. He rolled a 20 to beat both Hedracks and Naquents SR, then both H and N failed their saves. Naquent died in a spray of blood as she took 55 from the spell and then 27 from the Shield Other spell on H and N. Hedrack made a Concentration check and bailed.

Spells cast AT party.

23 x Summon Monster 7 (From the Staff) Including the 3 he summoned after he left and sent after them.

Blade Barrier, Fireball x 2, Empowered Flame Strike, Greater Command x 2, Confusion, Flame Strike, on and on.

At one point All but the Cleric and Rogue were asleep and the party Psion was asleep and confused. Jeez. What a WILD night. I should post a review, would take at least an hour to type heh.

Of course it will be night soon and our tired party will soon be facing the now Vampire former ally Varachan (Now a fully renewed Cleric of Tharizdun and a Vampire) and Thrommel and 20 odd Vampire Spawns of people who were abducted from Rastor. We'll see.

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Tristan DArque
(11/9/02 4:46:09 am)
Re: forget invisible stalkers...
Just a thought, but if Hedrack was in a really bad mood (and I'm guessing he spends a fair amount of time in a really bad mood, especially with the PCs gradually whittling away his defences), he could use planar ally to call a kelvezu (from MM2). I'm sure he'd be able to think of a good enough bargain, and kelvezus are seriously nasty. They're also highly appropriate to a situation where Hedrack needs to hunt down and eliminate his enemies.

(11/9/02 6:40:24 am)
Re: forget invisible stalkers...
TDA, you're right - that is nasty. I was thinking of getting some Barl-gura from the BoVD out and chase the party as well.

Sigh... At one point we WILL need to take a long, hard look at RttToEE using the splatbooks, MM2, BoVD, and maybe the BoEM.

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Tristan DArque
(11/9/02 7:14:35 am)
Re: forget invisible stalkers...
I've no idea whether this has been discussed elsewhere (not on this forum, but on a general D&D/MM2 forum somewhere) but the introduction of kelvezus in the MM2 has seriously strengthened planar ally for CE casters. To be able to call a CR18 creature with a 6th level spell is way powerful. I suppose the downside is it's going to want something from you after it's hunted down and killed your enemy, but for someone like Hedrack, or the Triad I suppose, sending one of these after the party (and remember, the one they send has a 25% chance of summoning another one for the actual showdown) seems like the ideal solution.

Personally I'm going to chuck in a few things from the splatbooks and BoVD as I go through, and if I have any vaguely interesting ideas I'll post them on here. Actually my personal feeling is that a lot of the BoVD is not quite appropriate for the EEE/Big T clerics in RttToEE, because their focus is on utter annihilation rather than the infliction of pain and suffering for its own sake. I rather like the implied suggestion that somehow devils and demons are actually more 'evil' in that sense than evil human gods.

As for MM2, definitely some interesting stuff in there, including confirmation, rather too late for most people on here but in time for me! - that grells can't grab medium size creatures with their tentacles...

(11/9/02 9:07:22 am)
Re: forget invisible stalkers...
As for MM2, definitely some interesting stuff in there, including confirmation, rather too late for most people on here but in time for me! - that grells can't grab medium size creatures with their tentacles...

Thay can't? Hmmmm . . . Since my party is just getting ready to head down into the moathouse dungeon, that it important to me. I think the grell will just have to settle for knocking them off the platform and snacking on their pulpy bodies.

"Just because it's weird doesn't make it art."

The DM
(11/9/02 9:14:09 am)
Re: Grell
Ah, my favorite subject. Failed my Will save to Resist Post AGAIN...

To clarify, it can't improved grab medium-sized creatures. It can still attempt to initiate a normal grapple, and has a +16 racial bonus to grapple checks.

-Thrommel, who's part grell himself. Whether that's the giant brain part or the tentacles part I leave to your speculation.

Tristan DArque
(11/9/02 11:06:56 am)
Re: Grell
yes, apologies Thrommel, I did not make that clear enough, it can 'grab' medium-size creatures but only with a normal grapple.

That means though, as I understand it, that it can only grab by 'initiating a grapple' (which provokes an attack of opportunity, doesn't it?), rather than simply getting a free grapple with every tentacle hit (which it gets against small-or-smaller creatures). I'm also unclear whether it gets multiple attempts per round to start a grapple (the grapple section of the PHB seems to imply you need iterative attacks from a high BAB to do that). So even with the +16 racial bonus to grapple checks (which is not mentioned in its RttToEE entry) it is much less effective than people might think.

Mind you, for a party of halflings, a grell is probably their worst nightmare... :evil

[edit: added the point about the AoO]

Edited by: Tristan DArque at: 11/9/02 11:25:33 am
(11/9/02 11:26:15 am)
Re: Grell
There something odd about that, but I can't find the flaw in the RAW. Initiating the grapple against a medium or larger creature would also provoke an AoO (normal grapple rules). It doesn't seem like it jives that the Grell doesn't provoke an AoO from small creatures, but does from medium creatures, when both small and medium creatures have the same natural face/reach. Also, a Grell can grapple up to 10 small creatures in one round, and only 1 medium or larger creature? My party is in the moathouse dungeon right now (see my thread) and will be entering the obelisk room soon enough, so I eagerly await your thoughts. Also, thanks for pointing this out, Tristan, I had not considered perusing the MMII.

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