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(11/5/02 9:21:53 pm)
Help with RttToEE please
Hey everyone, just wondering about this campaign. I just got it and it says level 4-14. Im curious as to whether this party could survive:

level 5 Wizard
level 4 Bard
level 5 Ranger
level 4 Wizard

From looking at it, it seems like a melee or healer would help, but what do you guys think? Also, are there alot of traps in RttToEE? I havent had a chance to read it thoroughly yet.


(11/5/02 9:42:22 pm)
Re: Help with RttToEE please
Depends on the players. If they are good, experienced players they may be able to handle things. But I think they'll have a tough time of it. A good combat oriented PC is very helpful...and maybe the Ranger could fill that role. And a healer would be a big help as well, but the Bard can use many healing items, so if they have those I'd say it's worth a shot.

One or two could (ok, most likely will) get killed and bring in new, different characters to help out.

I think part of the fun is in just trying to get through the adventure. What classes you have is secondary. Sort of.

(11/6/02 12:48:24 am)
Re: Help with RttToEE please
If they go cautiously, tool up the bard with Cleric-on-a-stick (oops, I mean wand of Cure 'whatever' wounds), and the spell casters work in support of the Ranger and compliment him in combat, then I think this is very possible...I would certainly be very interested in hearing how (or whether) this party gets through the module!

(11/6/02 1:05:58 am)
Re: Help with RttToEE please
I'd hook Terjon up with that group ASAP. Terjon is the adventuresome cleric of St. Cuthbert in Hommlet. Other than that, your group looks pretty OK, but - depending on the bard - they're also going to miss a rogue.

Welcome to the boards. I look forward to reading about your party and their experiences in the adventure.

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(11/6/02 1:11:57 am)
Re: Help with RttToEE please
The adventure is not too heavy on traps and most that are there are not too deadly with a few notible exceptions. I still remember something I read on this board about how a paladin learned the hard way that rogues are better at finding traps ;) A group would do reasonable fine without a rogue, especially when the bard takes over the social skills, the ranger the sneaking part and the wizard selects a few spells like knock and invisibility. Though perhaps you could try to manipulate one of the PCs into taking a level or 2 of rogue. Wizards and rangers multiclassing into rogues are not a bad choice. I do agree that letting Terjon join might be a good idea. Bards are not very good healers (based on my experiences with a bard in my RttToEE campaign).

(11/6/02 1:15:58 am)
does it matter?
With the death toll that many folks have in this campaign, starting characters may not matter.

As said above, your players will likely figure out what they need. I forget who said it but "plans are irrelevant...planning is essential".

You could spend a lot of time figuring out the perfect class distribution, but its more likely to be learned during the process of play. They will say "man, we need a cleric" or "these traps are killing us".

At the same time, I think a potential danger in this campaign is for players to become less attached to their characters with all of the turn over. So if you were going to recommend any change, I would focus on a cleric. An NPC could play this role, simply standing behind the group casting healing spells.


Roland Delacroix
(11/6/02 11:04:06 am)
party composition
Wizards do fine in this module as rogues with Invisibility, Silence, Knock. Just warn the Bard that he's the only one who can find traps so he buffs his Search skill. As long as your party is carefull and recognizes their strengths and weakness' they'll do fine.

(11/6/02 11:23:49 pm)
Re: party composition
If your party are really sharp gamers who know when to withdraw aggressively, have good spell selection, and use clever tactics, they'll be OK.

If they are just going to march in and hope their innate power level will keep them alive, they will be slaughtered.

Even if they fall between these extremes, they have no margin for error.


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