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(11/15/02 5:26:32 pm)
Re: invisibility
I've been reading this thread with interest; invisibility is a constant thorn in my side during play as well. I certainly can't blame the players for using it, but it's such a hassle!

I agree with most of what's been said here. It seems to me that once the players reach the bridges it is likely that Hedrack or someone else has been scrying the party and has probably had some eyewitness accounts of how they fight from people who escaped the destruction in the CRM.

IMC, I'm planning on having the bridge guards prepare themselves accordingly, based on info coming from Hedrack's intel. As has been stated, there's lots of mundane ways to make invisibility harder to pull off. Flour in the air, crunchy stuff to walk on, catapults that fire globs of mud... I don't know, exactly. But prepare they will! That will hopefully force my PC's to adopt new tactics instead of the rinse/repeat syndrome that combat can develop into.
Also, don't forget that there is a chance (DC20, I think) for invisible creatures to be detected with a spot check.

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