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(11/7/02 7:12:55 am)
The Roads from Verb to Rastor and Hommlet to Rastor?
1) So, what have you guys been doing for the roads between Hommlet-Rastor and Rastor-Verbabonc?

2) What types of towns are on the roads? I assume that all would be Hommlet size and most would be Rastor size. How many towns are on the road? How often do you think merchants visit these towns?

3) This is hilly terrain so the roads are not going to be straight. How much additional mileage should be added to the road length?

4) How dangerous are these roads? What encounter chart have you used?

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(11/7/02 8:26:50 am)
Re: The Roads from Verb to Rastor and Hommlet to Rastor?
1) Very little. My group hasn't YET gone to Verbobonc, and has had minimal trips back and forth to Hommlet (entire group there, one surviving PC back, enter (new) group back again...haven't left CRM since).

2) I placed a small town (Rastor-sized) about 1/3 of the way from Hommlet to Rastor...Duvik's Pass from "The Burning Plague". There's a small third trail leading out of Duvik's Pass that, two days later, winds up in a Thorpe called Alain where I started my PCs off. That's about it for other signs of civilization, IMC.

3) Rough measure? +100% distance to "as the crow flies" travel.

4) I used the Hommlet Environs chart until they reached Duvik's Pass, then a few hand-chosen encounters for halfway to Rastor, and the "around the CRM" chart for the last half of the journey. In retrospect, that was too harsh, and I wish I'd backed that off somewhat and kept the CRM stuff within a day of the CRM itself.

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(11/7/02 9:14:58 am)
Re: The Roads from Verb to Rastor and Hommlet to Rastor?
This is all IMC, YMMV

1) There is a road from Hommlet to Verbobonc, a road from Hommlet to Rastor, a road from Rastor to Devarnish, a road from Devarnish to Verbobonc but no road from Rastor to Verbobonc. That doesn't mean that you can't travel overland from Rastor to Verbobonc, but its not recommended.

2) The roads above run through the Kron Hills, a wilderness for the most part but home to clans of dwarves and gnomes. It also has tribes of orcs, kobolds, barbaric humans, bugbears, gnolls, etc ... and also a wide variety of wild animals, dire animals, magical beasts, and just about anything else that you can expect from wilderness encounters in Temperate Hills (DMG page 134). Towns? There aren't any on the map in the booklet but that doesn't mean that you can't encounter merchant dwarves and gnomes, or barbarian human trading bands. However, because of the wild nature of the Kron Hills and the cursed history of Rastor there isn't a lot of traffic on the road from Hommlet to Rastor. There is more traffic betwen Devarnish and Rastor. IMC Rastor is recognized by the Veluna and what minerals are mined near Rastor (low-grade iron IMC) is sent on the road to Devarnish. Of course, the noble family of Rastor has been become degenerate by its secret association with the doomdreamers. As long as the proper tithes of iron are delivered each year to Devarnish there has not been an official investigation to the strange rumors that trickle out of the region. I did put a string of small inns (bed and breakfast stuff) along the road from Rastor to Devarnish to tend to the needs of any merchant, these are run by gnomes and protected by local gnome clan interests.

3) What I recommend is that you measure a straight-line distance and then apply the various penalties given in the PHB for overland movement (PHB, pg 143). For example, I measure the straight-line distance between Hommlet and Rastor to be 210 miles. The distance is on a road through hills so the overland movement penalty is 3/4. A wagon can travel 12 miles per day on the Hommlet-Rastor road meaning that it takes 17.5 days to cover the distance - dense fog, washed out roads, deep snow will all increase the travel time. On the other hand, if you wanted to travel straight from Verbobonc to Rastor it would be through trackless hills for a base 1/2 movement penalty some of which would be through moderate undergrowth and some through heavy undergrowth to further slowing progress to either 3/8 or 1/4 movement. Let's assume that half the distance has moderate undergrowth and half has heavy undergrowth. The straight-line distance from Verbobonc to Rastor is about 180 miles. A wagon could travel 4 miles a day through heavy underbrush and 6 miles a day through moderate undergrowth, meaning it'd take 37.5 days to travel directly from Verbonbonc to Rastor by wagon.

4) See above

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(11/7/02 12:56:09 pm)
Re: The Roads from Verb to Rastor and Hommlet to Rastor?
OR... Check the BoB for my take on Verbobonc. The Oerth Journal articles are pretty thorough, geography-wise, so you should be fine.

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(11/8/02 7:33:06 am)
Re: The Roads from Verb to Rastor and Hommlet to Rastor?
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