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(11/7/02 10:04:39 am)
Another plea for tactical help (LONG plea!)
Well, if you've read any of my campaign log (posted as the Alternate FR Campaign Log) you know that my party just completed the Earth Bridge, but are retreating. They are all wounded, very low on spells, and the party rogue has been turned to stone thanks to Eeridik's trapped box in his chambers.

So first, the party composition as I expect it next session:

Human Paladin 5/Cleric 3 (Torm)
Human Fighter 4/Cleric 5 (Torm)
Human Wizard 9
Human Sorcerer 7/Incantatrix 2 (maybe Incantatrix 3 now)
Half-Orc Barbarian 8
Human Fighter 8
Human Cleric 8
Human Rogue 5/Guild Thief 3 (turned to stone so not really a factor)

Their expected plans

I figure they will retreat south away from the Earth Bridge, move through the destroyed Fire Temple, and continue heading south until they get to the South Entrance (which they have also decimated). At that point they may decide to head out of the mines or go to the dwarven temple (which I have had repopulated with friendly dwarves) to seek aid.

My thoughts

Eeridik and Tac survived the assault on the Earth Bridge. I figure Eeridik has gone straight to the Outer Fane to report this intrusion. Hedrack is away at the moment. He has just found the Champion (Lareth) and is delivering him to the Recovered Temple via Chymon. Bethe has gone with him. IMC they are lovers and she is his bodyguard. Hedrack has left Naquent in charge of ridding the CRM of this bothersome group of adventurers.

After Naquet hears Eeridik's report she will berate him heavily...not sure of a decent reaction on her part. But then she will immediately take steps to finish the group off. She will enlist Dirass (the drow mage) to scry on the group and find out where they are. Once she knows their general location she will send out both of the dark nagas as well as both of the invisibile stalkers to find them and kill them once and for all.

The nagas will buff themselves up with long lasting spells (I have altered their spell lists to make them individuals...not mirror images of each other), gaining one or two from Naquent as well. Then the ambush group (the 2 nagas & 2 stalkers) will fly across the Stalagos and enter the CRM from area 76 in the ruined Air Temple. From there, assuming they are still ahead of the party, which they should be, they will set up an ambush in room 78...the old guard room.

The nagas will wait invisibly in the great hall to the south of the guard room with one stalker while the other stalker hides in the stairwell off the hall leading up to the sniper's tower. The doors leading to the spiral staircase will be closed and barred from the other side, preventing escape that way. The other two sets of doors will be wide open.

I plan on allowing an Int check to everyone as they near the guard room to remember that the last time they passed through here the doors were closed.

The plan is to allow the group to get inside the guard room. Then one naga will cast haste on herself and use the partial action granted to lightning bolt as many people as possible (thereby ending her invisibility). The other naga will coordinate with her partner to launch a fireball into the room at the same time as the lightning bolt goes off. I plan on allowing a Listen check by the party to hear the first naga beginning her casting of haste. A successful check will cause initiative to be rolled and only partial actions allowed, but it may save them if they scatter.

This will be the signal for the stalker in the stairwell to rush around the corner and slam the doors closed behind the party and bar them to prevent retreat. It will then go up the stairs and come into the fight from the sniper's nest position.

The nagas will launch spells until the party is either dead or advances upon them. The stalkers will hold their positions guarding the nagas so as to foil any melee combatants who come out to get the nagas.

Power Up Suite for Nagas

They will each have the following in effect on them before the ambush is launched.

cat's grace
mage armor
endure fire/endure electricity
one will also have a shield spell active

I have also altered their spell lists somewhat to reflect that they are two different creatures. I didn't think they should have the exact same spells to choose from.

One has mage armor, magic missile, shield, shocking grasp, blur, cat's grace, invisibility, fly & fireball.

The other has endure elements, magic missile, shield, true strike, endurance, glitterdust, invisibility, levitate, haste, lightning bolt.

So after all that I guess my question is: Is this too much? The party is hurting, but has healed up after the fight at the Earth Bridge. They are very low on spells, especially combat spells. But they are still some mean melee mothers. Most of their buffs from the Earth Bridge fight should still be going. It's only been about an hour since the end of that fight, so short duration spells are gone, but the longer lasting ones are still in effect.

I'm curious to see what you all think, if you've gotten this far. Sorry for the length of the post. I wanted to be sure you knew what the heck was going on.

Should I change anything? Leave them alone? Naquent wants them dead. Ukemil & the lions have already been sent and killed. Victor is also dead. Hedrack is away and relying on her to clean things up, and she doesn't want to fail.

Varachan is my wild card. He won't interfere directly in the fight, but I've taken a page from Andorax (many pages, actually) and he will waylay any corpses should there be any and put them in a place that the survivors can find them.

Thoughts? Criticisms? Too harsh? Too easy? Should I just shut up and go home?

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(11/7/02 10:19:01 am)
Re: Another plea for tactical help (LONG plea!)
I used the dark nagas in my own little ambush last week.

I described the nagas as identical twins, they even spoke in tandem making them rather eerie. As twins, they have simular spell lists and they compliment each other quite well. The benefit of this was that when they cast Charm Person, the victim had to make TWO saving throws. When they cast fireball, the victim has to make a saving throw for each 9d6 fireball. In addition, you took Fly away from one of the nagas. The fly-invisibility-fireball combination completely frustrated my party as I had them flying 20 feet above the ground ... well away from melee and they were vulnerable only briefly between fireballs for ranged attacks.

I'd not change the nagas, but YMMV.

(11/7/02 10:30:55 am)
Re: Another plea for tactical help (LONG plea!)
You might want to read over my thread:

It was a recent, similar plea involving the Naga. I backed off their powers somewhat, even to the point of arrogant and non-tactical behavior. If you check the thread "Andorax's Sunday Night Campaign", right near the end, you'll find that I barely avoided a TPK when the last two survivors fled desperately away from the fray.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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