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(11/7/02 5:13:31 pm)
Nulb, Wraiths, and Sunlight
Do the Wraiths pose a threat during the day? Description of Nulb says that it is always overcast and usually rainy; is that enough protection for daylight for a Wraith?

(11/8/02 12:45:42 am)
Re: Nulb, Wraiths, and Sunlight
From the SRD:
D -->>D aylight Powerlessness (Ex): Wraiths are utterly powerless in natural sunlight (not merely a daylight spell) and flee from it.

As long as it's overcast, there shouldn't be a problem. But wouldn't they stay on the beached pirate boat most of t

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

The DM
(11/8/02 6:51:20 am)
Re: Nulb, Wraiths, and Sunlight
In the description of Nulb it specifically says "The sun never seems to shine here."

I think Monte put that in to point out that there's almost a supernatural weather effect in place because of the evil in Nulb.

So, I agree with Siobharek, the shadows wouldn't be affected (but they're also not likely to leave their boat).

-Thrommel, who thinks Nulb might make a great vacation getaway if Hedrack would ever let him out of the Fane.

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