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J Ashstaff
(11/8/02 7:54:51 pm)
Am I being thick, or is there...

... no entrance shown to the water bridge in the CRM? It is true there is no water bridge depected on the overall map of the CRM.

BUT... in the water bridge entry room 11 on the Outer Fane map, the text describes a black door. And there is a door symbol for the Water Door on the Outer Fane map.

Do my players have to just jump into the water at area 100 and look around for the Door?

Am I missing something important?

(11/8/02 9:08:06 pm)
Re: Am I being thick, or is there...
Areas 90-92 serve as the Water Bridge. Really it is just a boat landing with a few kuo-toa guards. Anyone who wants to get to the Water Door at the Outer Fane who can't swim uses the boats provided in this area.

(11/8/02 9:30:39 pm)
Re: Am I being thick, or is there...
There should be a similar landing outside 11 as there is outside the Water "Bridge" in area 91. Either that, or you pull the boat up along side the door in 11 and step from the boat into the room. Either could work.

As to how to find the door to 11, yes, your players need to search for it by paddling around in the boats (or other means of traveling through the Stalagos). Seeing as how there are only four doors, it shouldn't be tough for them to do so.

Of course, this makes the operation of areas 90-92 a little silly. Water Temple worshippers can just swim across the Stalagos from the temple in area 195. They just need to swim under the Earth bridge. Why maintain 90-92?

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