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(11/9/02 9:55:21 am)
IMC the party has slowly but surely been decimating the CRM. They have cleared out and destroyed the Air Temple (among others) and the South Gate entrance leaving it completely abandoned. They have also rediscovered the empty and untouched dwarven temple. IMC they are allies of the dwarven clan that was driven from Mt. Stalagos so many years ago. After discovering the temple and exploring it (in the process taking nothing from it) they returned to their friends and related their discovery. The dwarves, overjoyed, sent a group of soldiers and priests to reclaim the temple.

So here is my question. After adding up the possible rewards from the dwarven temple I come to a value of somewhere between 30-40K in gold. That's a lot of money. The dwarves are ecstatic to have control of their temple again, but the party has lost out on a fair amount of treasure by taking nothing. I would like to reward them somehow for the good deeds of not despoiling the temple and returning it to its rightful owners.

I figure the dwarves will bestow them with gifts. What seems reasonable? Something that equals the value of what could have been taken from the temple? A few items that all add up to that number? I have a few ideas of my own, but am looking for some other input as well.

(11/9/02 11:50:06 am)
Re: Rewards
Wow! Great stuff from your players!

Actually, if they did the right thing (and it looks like they did), I would be inclined as a DM to reward them with MORE than they would have gotten from just sacking the temple.

I would most likely have they dwarves break out some "old hierlooms" to reward the players. Examples might be:

Armor or weapons crafted from the "rarer" metals - Mithril or Adamantine. Be sure to make up a small history for any item given, it will make it seem even more special to the PC that recieves it.

Dwarven artwork - IMC, artwork always brings prices similar to the book price rather than reduced prices for used equipment or magic items.

Protective magic items - the blessing of Moridin to protect those.

Once you sort out what you're giving them, I'd give them an XP bonus also.

Sorry, I don't have any specifics, I would tailor them to what the PC may need.

(11/10/02 1:44:33 am)
i think...
Mithral Dwarven Weapons and Armour would be a great idea as a treat... and if they have an interestin and intracate history then the players will treasure them

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