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Boden Blagden
(11/10/02 2:51:42 pm)
The Big U critically fumbles.
The Blue Dragon in the Moathouse went for the first attack sneaking up on the group and critically fumbled. This left him prone on the ground and the party beat him in 3 rounds. Even when he tried to lift off of the ground the parties spiked chain user drug him back down. After that the Druids Lion took care of the rest along with the barbarian of the party. I thought at least someone would come close to dying in that fight.

(11/11/02 3:19:31 am)
Re: The Big U critically fumbles.
Critical fumble is a house rule, innit? By default, any roll that applies in combat will affect the party more than the NPCs - for better or worse. In this case, it was for the better. Congratulations to your group for taking care of Big U like that :) .

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(11/11/02 12:41:47 pm)
Re: The Big U critically fumbles.
See, that´s why I hate fumbling rules.

Devourer Of Worlds, Destroyer Of House Rules

(11/28/02 9:21:54 pm)
Re: The Big U critically fumbles
Hey all - new to the boards and just starting the module. Was reading through my old threads, thought I'd share my fumble rule. Wouldn't have been as bad for Big U.

If you roll a natural 1 in melee, it creates an AoO from the creature you are attacking. If the fumbler has reach and the target can't get to him, them's the breaks :) .

For missile combat, I'll randomly roll another target within the firing arc (about 45 degrees, my judgement). Roll another attack roll, provides possibility of friendly fire.

chicken in disguise
(11/28/02 11:17:34 pm)
Re: Re: The Big U critically fumbles
More to the point, this is why you roll behind the DM screen. For the most part, keep it as fair as possible, but in cases where the fun of the game (or the 'movieness' of the story) are in question, fudge it.

I'd have changed the nat 1 to a nat 2.

Brandon Aiken (a.k.a. da chicken)

(11/29/02 1:33:56 am)
Re: Re: The Big U critically fumbles
Yep - I think what the chicken said would have been given the best result.
On the other hand - you can never know how this will turn out in the end. Boden Blagden probably did not expect Big U to lie down while his party made barbecue out of him.

What I might add, is a second roll on the critical fumble thing. I think, that, since you only have a critical if you crit & then hit with your second roll, if you roll a "1" you might want to make a normal attack if that misses, you fumbled.

As for missle fire (maddman), by getting a random target and making another attack roll - I always had a problem with, why would a pretty good archer get worse results of fumbling than a pretty bad archer (if you add the attack value of the character to the second attack roll). I think, if you really choose a random target, you might just either add a certain or a random value to the attack roll, but not the one from the character. You might even want to subtract that one or allow a second roll (like I explained below) so he will be able to lower his botch chance when getting better...


PS: If you want the party to face Big U anyway, you can have either the caravan or the clerics from Hommlet show up in the ruins, while the PCs are busy downstairs and have him wake the dead dragon (possibly as a large zombie or skelleton, but more likely as some other kind of undead dragon...)

(11/29/02 8:21:42 am)
Re: Re: The Big U critically fumbles
Az - probably right as far as realism, but it makes things a little more complicated than I like. Keep it simple, and its not like nat 1s happen all the time. I only recall three or four incidents of friendly fire in the last couple years :) .

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