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(11/10/02 3:58:30 pm)
Rest In Peace - First PC Death
I had my first PC death last night. I was hoping to start a thread that would showcase your first PC death while running RttToEE.

After defeating Gren in the Moathouse, the party was loitering around the bottom of the main stairs with the "Spoonman" Spugnoir. They see a gnoll hiding around the corner and then sprint towards the secret door and portcullis. Amidst a chorus of "Don't! It's a trap!", the monk chases him and winds up past the portcullis, which the gnolls immediately drop. After a long battle, the monk is knocked out and taken to the obelisk chamber (32), while two gnolls remain behind to keep the party busy so that it takes longer to raise the heavy gate.

Ysslansh, two gnolls, the naked monk, and Geynor Ton descend to the top of the obelisk. They revive the monk with a potion of healing and Ysslansh pushes him onto the obelisk, in order to feed their dread deity. It's especially fun when he is awake so that they can hear his screams.

The platform moves away and he starts getting drained of strength, but, running around the top of the obelisk, making balance checks, he makes it to the second platform, with maybe 4 strength left. Then, instead of just waiting, he pulled himself and the platform up! The grell hits him the first time, missed save...munch, munch, munch.

Edit: spelling, grammar.

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(11/10/02 9:11:58 pm)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
The first death related to RttToEE IMC was the human monk as well. Hmm, doesn't seem to bode well for that class already, does it?

The party had tracked the cult in Hommlet to the mill and set up a raid. The cult knew they were coming and had made preparations. Chatrilon was invisible when the fight in the mill began. During the melee he maneuvered himself, while keeping a studious eye on him as well, behind the monk. One successful death attack later and the party had their first casualty.

Poor monks.

(11/11/02 12:36:51 am)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
Lets see, in Dwarven Roar campaign the first death was the half-orc barbarian who dropped down from the obelisk to the bottem of the room due to the actions of the grell. He might have survived the fall, where it not for the fact that F simply finished the bleeding barbarian off. In Thor's Hammer campaign the first death in the campaign was a poor halfling barbarian who singlehandedly saved the pary against the umberhulk. The rest of the party recovered one round too late from the confusion to save the halfling.

(11/11/02 12:53:41 am)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
My first PC death can be attributed to Utreshimon.

My players made the mistake to run straight into the dust cloud to do battle with Utreshimon. The armor plated warrior stood toe to toe with the dragon but a combination of great rolls by Utreshimon, poor rolls (50% miss chance) for the warrior and a blast of lightning breath ended the life of the brave human.

After raising him from the dead the PCs then strung together a series of non-fatal battles all the way to the western bridge complex of the CRM.

(11/11/02 3:13:33 am)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
First death IMC: The party was a little suspicious of Chatrilon, but didn't know his name. The note in the moathouse tipped them off to the fact that there was a Chatrilon in cahoots with the cult in Hommlet. They return after a succesful foray to the moat house, ask Vesta if she knows a Chatrilon. "Why yes, it's the darkhaired chap over there", she replies. Chatrilon discovers that they are after him, takes off and runs, changes self into a dog (my bad - I misread the spell), and heads towards Jaroo's grove.

There Jaroo stalls them until Chatrilon death attacks the rogue. Chatrilon and Jaroo bought the farm in the ensuing battle.

After that there were no deaths until they reached the West Entrance and the Howler...

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(11/11/02 3:13:50 am)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
Forgive the overlong post.

I had a first death as well as a first permanent retirement. One of the original characters was a gnome inventor (Rog/Wiz). At the obelisk, two party members struck the gem and ended up in the dark room and got the fruit. The entire party, except the paladin, decided that the nice fruit that increased a stat were great so they got another one. This was not so good. The gnome, figuring that every second fruit would be beneficial, ate a third. Failed his save...POOF!! Unfortunately, he was the guy carrying all the notes, etc. that the party had found.

The first character permanently retired was a monk, again an original character. This actually happened before the gnome. The party found the altar in the maze of tunnels behind the crypts in the moathouse. The monk got paralyzed when he touched it a second time, staring straight at it. They had already found the secret compartments on the statue. They were just about to give up on what to do with the three instruments when someone decided to make all three instruments make noise at the same time. The monk was staring at the altar paralyzed and rolled insanity. No one else realized this until the monk attacked people after un-paralyzing (is that a word?). In brief moments of coherence, the monk said he wanted to cure his insanity himself, so Y'dey sent someone with him (he was tied up) back to his monastery.

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(11/11/02 6:25:06 am)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
My group isn't out of the Moathouse yet, and they've suffered four (4, yes, that's right 4!) deaths. The first one was the cleric, who felt bad after abandoning the monk in Utri's dust cloud, and charged back into the melee, one-on-one with the dragon. He was munched very quickly.

(11/11/02 7:16:38 am)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
My group are still in the obelisk room, having had one casualty so far...James, the 5th level Human Dragoon (Ftr). They do however, still have to get out past the Grell, so there is the distinct possibility of further deaths.

(11/11/02 8:08:24 pm)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
IMC the party managed to avoid any deaths at all until the outer fane. Naquent (sp?) used Slay Living on the party tank (fighter8/rogue2 duergar) and he failed his ungodly fortitude save.


(11/11/02 9:10:07 pm)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
I lost two PCs at once... the first to fall were actually victims of a random encounter.

Two PCs went off looking for trouble alone, and met the white dragon.


DM Dan76
(11/13/02 9:53:29 am)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
My goups first 4 PC deaths were at the hands of Big U.
Another 2 died in the obelisk room when the party ranger thought that a good way to get away from the grell was to let go of the rope on while on the platform and take an epress ride straight down.
The only other death I've had has been at the hands of the Howler.

(11/13/02 10:03:19 am)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
I hate to say it, but my first PC death came before they even reached Hommlet.

They chose to go south towards another possible short adventure rather than north to Hommlet, and ran afoul of an Ankheg (which is officially on my "too nasty to use on 3rd level PCs" list now). Bit the fighter in half. mean after RttToEE actually got started?

Alas, my dear wife's short-lived rogue. The group decided to go check out Nulb first, and despite numerous hints that this was a *BAD IDEA*, they pressed onward. Lareth came out of his hut, howling mad, hurtles across town, and proceeds to assault the rogue.

Natural 20. 6 for damage with the Quarterstaff. Already under the influence of both Bull's Strength and Rage. The Rogue was beaten into a pasty pulp, and Lareth just kept pounding on the bloody corpse screaming "GET OUT!!!!"

I think the other two managed to get nearly halfway back to town before they quit running and collapsed from exhaustion.

Ironically, her second character is the only one still with us from that far back, Lyssa the Half-Orc Cleric of Kord (who is now 11th level).

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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(11/13/02 10:47:21 am)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
First kill in my campaign was the cleric of Joramy who got coup-de-graced by Chatrilon while sleeping.

This happened in the moathouse courtyard. Chat joined the group but betrayed them as soon as the party was ambushed by Garrik and gang. Chat only pretended to sleep.

Total bodycount so far is 16 character kills.

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(11/13/02 12:47:55 pm)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
My first death was actually 2 deaths. The human rogue/illusionist and the half elf ranger.

Both were killed by Big U.

I'm surprised your party didnt have a death from him - thats one HARD encounter for 4th lvl.

My party has now killed off the defenders of the back entrance to the mines, destroyed the earth temple, and killed Vranthis the green dragon (who took up residence of the entrance way after being bribed by the water temple.) So far that has resulted in a total of 5 deaths. The 2 mentioned above, the barbarian, the fighter and the mage. Only ones to get ressed were the barbarian and the mage.

I have 7-8 players in my adventure - all have been attaining the levels the adventure advises for 4 players as they progress. Personally, I think this is one HARD adventure, but the players seem to be enjoying it. I think they have actually learnt that they have to use subterfuge to avoid being killed now :O)


(11/13/02 2:24:05 pm)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
I lost 2 PCs in one go as well...Strider and Merk were both slain at the "Ruined Temple" by the Elite Hobgoblin Guard.

Here to stay
(1/23/03 11:43:50 am)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
Well, I thought I'd resurrect this thread to share the first death in my campaign.

A gnome, a dwarf, and a human walk into an evil temple . . .

Wait. That's not right . . .

The Party:

Cena - Male Human Cleric of Cyndor
Brickle - Male Gnome Rogue
Markam - Male Human Fighter
Glognus - Male Dwarf Wizard

The find the altar in the ghoul tunnels under the moathouse. They find the secret compartments in the statue, and the gnome says "Hey, this might be cool . . ."

(There was a lot of meta-game at this point, saying that in 1E you would do this stuff and there would be one REALLY cool result, and a bunch of bad ones. They were half right . . .)

So, they light the brazier, bang the drum, ring the chimes. Long story short, wizard makes his save, fighter loses 4 points of CON, and the rogue drops dead.

They are MUCH more careful now . . . :evil

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Tristan DArque
Here for a while
(1/23/03 12:55:24 pm)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
I had my first RttToEE PC death last session (3rd of the campaign since we started, but first since they hit Hommlett). More when I actually get round to doing a story log, but it basically consisted of the grell grabbing the party cleric while he was standing on the second platform in the obelisk chamber. He rolled a 1 on his Fort save against the paralysis, got grappled and carried off. The grell was badly wounded, and I was in two minds about what would happen to the paralysed cleric if they shot it and killed it as it flew off: plummety death, or gentle-floaty-down life (of course, with the latter, Mr Paralysis would have had to cope - on his own - with a Ghastly Festrath, which wouldn't have worked). But in the end the party made the (reasonable) assumption that it would be plummety death, and they didn't shoot the grell dead. Next round it finished him off with its beak.

Dalavar the Wolfmage
Here for a while
(1/23/03 1:09:49 pm)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
Thought I would add my 2 coppers. My group has suspended play of RTTTOE at around the howler (very bad thrashing of 2 characters).

Our first death was, in fact, big U and a human monk. Hover was nasty and the rest of the group barely got time to look back and see nasty bits of human monk flying out of the dust cloud. :(

But, we hope to return to the adventure this fall :evil

The guy from Belgium
Here for a while
(1/23/03 1:40:34 pm)
Re: Rest In Peace - First PC Death
same here

first death: human monk, charged 100 feet, left the rest of the party far behind... got surrounded.. died :evil

Looking around
(1/23/03 2:38:59 pm)
First PC Death...
...was actually a fragging.

Grobnick the Neutral Evil half-Orc Barbarian tried to take out Spugnoir and Poscurian while the rest of the party was busy checking out the secret tunnel in the moathouse. Fortunately for them, the party heard the screams and returned to the scene. They filled old Grobnick full of arrows and spells, and after he was dead they thought about asking for a res on him just so they could kill him again.

That was a lot of fun. :rollin

Still here? Wow.
(1/23/03 3:21:55 pm)
Re: First PC Death...
Gaaaah. First death? That's over a year and a half ago.

A half-elf fighter (Toran).

The group started out at 3rd, and I planned on inflicting a few random encounters on them to work them up to 4th in preparation for the campaign.

I now have solid proof that an Ankheg is not a good choice as a CR 3 creature. Hit, critted, grabbed, grappled, was pounded on to no avail for a round, and then finished the job with one last grapple check, slicing her neatly in half.

This was the first time Toran died. She would be raised by Y'Day twice (the second time after Chatrillion slipped in behind her in the moathouse) and meet her eventual final death at the hands of the Air Temple as a sacrifice, thus paving the way for Tsindin, the Sorceress who is with us to this day.

Let's see....

Dorothy (my wife) had:
A rogue/bard who's name nobody remembers
Lyssa, Half-Orc Cleric of Kord. Alive now, longest living PC.

Steve had:
Bull, Aasimar Cleric, died at the hands of the Orc Cleric from The Burning Plague
Camber, Human Rogue, Betrayed and abandoned the party when they were captured by CRM forces, retired
Rurik, Dwarven Psi Warrior, died of stubbornness and stupidity (couldn't let well enough alone) against an Ogre Zombie.
Fredrick, Human/Dwarven Psion, died once in the ambush by the Naga/Stalkers/Assassin, was raised, then later hung himself with remorse over what he'd done under influence of the Demonstone
Spud, Ogre Fighter, Alive.

Angie had:
Toran (who's tale you've already heard)
Tsindin, Human Sorceress. Alive now, second longest living PC.

Jake had:
Scott, Human Fighter, same fate as Toran's final one, joined the campaign late
Leto, Human Monk, torn to pieces by the Howler
Zane, Human Wizard, Earth Savant wannabe, slain as NPC by a Violet Fungus while under Umber Hulk confusion (Player left).

Eric (Late-joining player) had:
Gath, Half-Orc Barbarian/Sorceror/Blood Magus, slain in the ambush by the Stalkers and Naga.
Bryan, Human Druid/Shifter. Alive.

Brandy (newest player) had:
Kaina, Half-Elf Druid/Sorceror/Geomancer, ditto what happened to Gath.
Tyra, Human Druid. Alive.

I think that's everyone. Let's see...13 fatalities (from 10 PCs), 1 abandonment . That's 14 PCs lost, and 5 alive to date.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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