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Here for a while
(1/23/03 4:13:24 pm)
Oh I see, we are going old skewl...
Previously I mentioned my first PCs to be slain during the course of the module, but I never mentioned all the dead bodies that I left before getting my players to Hommlet. In honor of their memory and the fact that I have nothing better to do ([rant] because my player took the notes for the last 6 sessions and is refusing to do anything with them [/rant]), I present you with the prelude to RttToEE:

Mugglesworth, the loveable halfling rogue that met his demise within the first few seconds upon entering the Sunless Citadel

Gard, the curious barbarian who was impaled by a magma worm during the course of one of his investigations

Dred, the shieldbearer with a heart of gold who met his demise on the way to Khundrukar (Forge of Fury) by a pack of ravenous Wargs

Falcon, the comtemplative monk who found that his training did not help him on a rickty rope bridge

Faust, brother to Mugs and a bard for the ages, sang his last tune plummeting to his death right after Falcon

Stella, the beautiful gnomish cleric who brought healing and warmth to the party was lost during a battle with an extremely powerful ogre chieftan

Cascio, the insane mage who talked to his pet snake found that his powers were of no avail to invisible deugar

Braxis, the machevellian schemer who got his just deserts when his greedy searching ressurected an evil orcish spirit

Looking around
(1/24/03 4:26:37 am)
Re: First PC Death...
Just had my first PC death last session:
Durric- 5th level dwarven fighter (Wis of 4 due to Allip attack in pre-RttToEE adventure getting the pc's up to level 4)

They were beat up and pretty low on resources after clearing out the Moathouse dungeon. The wagon from Rastor showed up at night while they were camping just off the road about a 1/2 mile from the Moathouse. I had the wagon carry an advanced grick (6HD) in a cage and was escorted by 4 gnolls, a 4th level gnoll ranger, 4 2nd level human fighters, and a priest of the EEE that I made up, named I'Hoxet. The dwarf was at 1/4 hp's and charged the wagon forces instead of waiting for them to pass by.

Still here? Wow.
(1/24/03 4:44:46 am)
Re: First PC Death...
(Wis of 4 due to Allip attack in pre-RttToEE adventure getting the pc's up to level 4)

No money for a restoration spell?

Here to stay
(1/24/03 6:48:30 am)
Re: Oh I see, we are going old skewl...
SolidSnake, that was one nasty bridge encounter. When I ran my players through that (different set of PC's than is currently in RttToEE), they said, "Screw that! We're not crossing that bridge! There must be another way!" Probably one of the smartest decisions they ever made. :)

Tristan DArque
Here for a while
(1/24/03 6:58:48 am)
Re: that bridge
My party charged across the bridge, which worked well for all of them apart from the dwarf fighter, who was in half plate and carrying a tower shield, and hadn't anticipated having to make any rolls with an armour check penalty


Here for a while
(1/24/03 7:29:46 am)
Re:that bridge
Yeah, my players should have said "Screw that," but I guess they wanted to look like heroes or something:p

Here for a while
(1/24/03 7:52:20 am)
Re: Re:that bridge
After the characters did the moathouse they started getting real cosy in Hommlet. The temple sent an assassin to kill the man who killed their head priest. He had the guts to go after them at the inn. After he took the group monk down there was a chase and he went round a corner and hid in shadows. The big bad fighter of the group managed to keep up with him in an exciting little chase through the town. He cornered him in a dark alley where he must have been hiding. I said ok you're looking for him, Rd 1 passed, rd 2, he got the hint and fled for dear life.

Here for a while
(1/26/03 6:39:33 pm)
First Casualties
Our groups first casualty came when Axred bit head off from the Half-Orc Fighter... :evil Then few sessions later D'Gran impaled the Samurai... and finally Ukemil's lions tore elf rogue to pieces... It sure has been fun. :lol


Here for a while
(1/26/03 7:20:46 pm)
More kills for the Big U
My first party deaths (ever, for that matter, but i haven'been DMing long) were also from the Big U.

I actualy had two friends come into town for the weekend and they wanted to play, so we whipped up some 4th level charactors and they "guest starred" in the adventure right as the players were going to investigate the moathouse.

Well, one of those players was new to D&D, and happened to wander into a direct line with the other guest. The party groaned when they realized what had happed, seeing as they'd all been manuvering very carefully to avoid just such a thing, but they'd been doing it instictivly, and hadn't bothered to tell the new guy...


Two partymembers killed outright.

they always seem to come in twos in my campiagn, as the next two were at the Fire Bridge. The rogue to a dire wolverine, and the cleric to Slaazh.

JeffQ UK
Here for a while
(1/27/03 6:29:14 am)
Some of you have heard this before but..
PC came to me with a character concept that introduced a Druid in a dream hat his wizard had (he didn't know about Jaroo). The party go to the moathouse and, because I'm nice ;) survive with only a cockatriced thief to worry about.

Party return to Hommlet at which point the Wizard says via a note "I'm worried about what I've seen at the Obelisk and what happened to me when I fell unconscious on the holy symbol", when I get chance I'm going to slip away to the grove and talk to the Druid". (Ed: This was a classic he stands on the symbol and one of the experienced PCs says "Whatever you do don't say the name of the evil one", "What?.. Tharizdun?")

Short while later Jaroo welcomes him to the grove, listens with concern as Talforn starts his tale of woe...

Jaroo says "Tell you what, it may help for you to go over exactly what happened". "OK" says Talforn, "What do you want me to do?" "Kneel down and close your eyes, then think back and tell me exactly what happened from the moment you entered the moathouse, leave nothing out, describe it as if it was actually happening now"

Eventually Jaroo got bored...!!!!

Thallelus Darkshine
Here for a while
(1/29/03 4:04:36 am)
idiotic player
The first death came from the dragon. After hovering in the courtyard the 2 fighters stood their ground in hand to hand combat whilst the cleric did his best to heal them. A round or two later as the Dragon took more damage it stopped hovering, flew over the party (all of whom missed the attacks of oppertunity) and landed behind the mage, killing him off with a breath weapon (full life to -23 in a single hit).

This player then brought in another character a level lower. After the fight with F at the bottom of the obolisk (however its spelt) he was on -9 hp. Without a cleric this was somewhat dangerous. As a result each member of the party picked up a potion and poored it down his throut.
Potion 1 - sneek
Potion 2 - water breathing
Potion 3 - cure moderate wounds (hurrah)

The player climbs to his feet and notices the pool of water at the bottom of the obolisk and decides that whils waterbreathing is in affect that he'll go for a swim!
Party -"cool, now we can kill Rich!"

As more deaths unfold I may well start posting this players bizzare ways of killing off his character.

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