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(11/12/02 5:29:23 am)
What to do with Pesky PC's
My PC's managed went to the recovered Temple instead of the inner fane, they have defeated Imix, have the Orb of Oblivion and have returned to the Fanes to defeat the cult.

The Party is currently in the outer fanes trying to rest after Thrommel or Bethe have been harrassing them whenever they try to rest.

They are resting under the floor next to Thrommels coffin (I ruled that it was a 20'x20' room). Thrommel has lost enough fights with them and is scared to loose again now that they have found the coffin and it would be the end of him.

The First knows exactly where they are due to the fact that they carry the Orb.

Most of the major fane antagonists are still alive as the party always tried to talk their way out of things. The Cleric is missing his Left arm after being captured and put thru the Infernal Machine, then having his arm amputated. He has also been sent back to his home plane once via a Blasphemy.

Only Victor is dead, As are the Dark Naga's and most of the chaff.

The party is as follows:-
14th lvl Halfling Paladin
11th lvl H/Celestial Cleric of Pelor
14th lvl Halfling Sorceror
14th lvl Half Orc Barbarian
8th Rogue 5th lvl Shadow Dancer
+ Vister

They Shadow dancer closed the Floor again after everyone was below and then shadow jumped below.

I was thinking of throwing the lot at them (After they have rested to give them a chance)

- Ukemil (recreated as Druid 9 for Animal Growth)
- 4 Fiendish Dire Lions
- Bethe
- Hederack
- Naquent
- Thrommel
- Maybe the Demon and the Drow too.

Any idea's for Combinations, or ambush area's? At the moment I think that the fight is going to occur as they open the floor to Thrommel's coffin area.

The Pc's can be fairly resourceful...

(11/12/02 7:29:19 am)
Re: What to do with Pesky PC's
First main did they find out about the Recovered Temple without taking out Hedrack? Did they defeat, but not slay him and get his journal? Typically, the Recovered Temple is an either/or with the Inner Fane, not the Outer, and I'm curious how they found out.'s some thoughts:

1) Honestly, I think Ukemil's Dire Lions should be Pseudonatural rather than Fiendish, but that's personal preference. I also use Pseudonatural by preference for summoned critters.

2) The Demon...leave him out. First of all, he's not a Demon, he's a Devil. Second, he's a "guest" of the temple, and (secretly) a spy, and is unlikely to lend them too much aid.

3) Assume the ambushers are recently blessed of the unholy font (area 20). As well, if you ambush them in room 27 as you're suggesting, leave retreat towards room 28 open, in hopes the tentacle trap will catch any retreating PCs.

Your biggest problem is that your Dire Lions take up a lot of space. You might have them crouching the corners of the room and literally leaping down into the pit as soon as the entrance is opened, basically trapping and pinning PCs down there by their pounces and grapples, leaving climbing out to be an initial desperate struggle while making use of the elevation advantage to have all your other opponents doing their thing from above.

4) Bethe is likely invisible and will start up her 3 rounds of study. I'd spider-climb her to get her out of harm's way and ready to strike when she's prepared. Thrommel is likely to wade into the pit with the Lions, or to "guard" the edge of the pit, slapping down any PC that tries to climb up.

5) Ukemil, Hedrack and Naquient can ring the entrance and drop nasty spells down like rain. Keep them apart from each other (one corner for each, leave the one to 28 open) to avoid AOE spells taking all three of them down. PLEASE do not have Ukemil use Animal Growth, there isn't room for the Lions as it is. You also might want to check the BoVD Tie-Ins Mk. 2 thread for some alternate suggestions for some of these NPCs (there's already a swap-spell list for CRM priests, I'm hoping it'll be expanded to the Outer Fane soon).

6) With the above strategy, I really think the Drow would be a bit overmuch. You could keep them back in 24 as a reserve force, to be called upon if things get nasty. Hedrack's made solo TPKs before.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

(11/12/02 9:17:28 am)
Re: What to do with Pesky PC's
Your cleric cant be send back because he is a native outsider; The prime is his home plane

I'm with evil Andorax on the strat, but I would have the devil come in at the end, when they are down and tired; have him slap them down and take some random items just for fun. No need to kill them; just piss them off severly and grant them the victory feeling a bit later :evil

Dragon Mage 1E
(11/12/02 2:08:51 pm)
Re: What to do with Pesky PC's
I am also interested in how they skipped the Outer Fane prior to the recovered temple.

In regards to attacking the PC's in a 20 x 20 pit. Have Hedrack then Naquent cast Blade Barriers, then close the trap doors. There is no saving throw if you can't escape the area of effect. Easiest TPK ever!

"What the curtains?"

(11/13/02 4:07:17 am)
The How and Why of the Recovered temple.
I had a TPK with the party when they entered the Outer Fane for the first time. They chose to enter the fire Door. Chymon cast her invisiblity as the door started to open and then they all lost the plot when they saw the pile of coins.

5 PC party, 2 began rolling in the coins and the other 3 waited by the door expecting the ambush.

Surprise round - Chymon breaths on the 3 by the door. A very high roll and 2 failed saves leaves 2 characters toast immeadiately, One of whom was carrying the keys.

The 2 melee'ers jump into the fray and Chymon Decimated them without breaking a sweat.

The last Pc tries to flee and the door won't open. So he turned into a tasty snack for Chymon.

So Instead of trying to find a why to get them up to spec on the adventure, I got the party hired by the church as some of their spys had reported an increase in activity at the recovered temple.

From there they found out about the Fanes and have come to finnish the Cult off. I think that the Fanes are much more difficult than the Recovered temple.

And as for the H/Celestial being sent back. I think that Native outsiders were introduced with Forgotten realms... and we only play with the Core Rule Books - DnD books in Africa are very expensive.

Thanks for the tips Andorax. They should survive as they are Paranoid and quite likely with all teleport out to avoid the ambush after sending the Shadow Dancers Shadow to scout ahead.

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