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(11/12/02 10:02:51 am)
BarqMulch's Campaign Log
Well, here's my addition to the plethora of campaign logs, though it will grow to mammoth proportions quickly, as the PCs are currently in the Outer Fane. Hope this amuses/gives other DMs good ideas:

The PCs:
Human Rogue 6
Human Ranger 6
Elf Cleric 6
Gnome Illusionist 6


The adventure started pretty basically, with the PCs (who had just come from The Standing Stone adventure) hearing of stirrings from the old ToEE. A couple of the players had played the original module, so were very interested. The Gnome player is a good role-player (why are gals always better at role-playing than guys?), so proceeded to head all over town to meet and greet everyone, as well as to fill his Bag of Holding with lots of miscellaneous equipment.

The party met most of the townspeople, including Elmo (happy cries of "Elmo!" from the older players). Doppleganger Jaroo blew them off. Xaod (who I had given a Fat Bastard-like scottish brogue) seemed a drunkard, but the Gnome liked him instantly, and invited him to join their quest. Chatrilon Unosh also joined the party after what he thought was a convincing "I'm an adventurer looking for treasure!" story, though the party's Rogue had a good Sense Motive score and decided it was best to keep him close at hand. They headed toward the Moathouse after a day or two in Hommlet.

The Moathouse

Along the way they came across "ol' Del", who told them about the Dragon. Naturally, the PCs poo-pooed the idea of a dragon encounter so near the beginning of a module, and continued on. At the first stop the PCs turned on Chatrilon (the Rogue had a really good Disarm score) and interrogated him, finding out about the cultists in the Moathouse, and that he didn't know anything about a dragon. The PCs trussed him up to use as trap-bait.

The rest of the party stayed back while the Rogue and the tied-up Chatrilon investigated the blood smear near the center of the Moathouse courtyard. The Rogue was checking for traps when suddenly Chatrilon froze up, staring wide-eyed into the building, then the lightning started flying. The party got the hell out of there without damage (Rogues have Evasion, luckily), and the Dragon didn't follow them. The party tied Chatrilon to a tree and rested, memorizing anti-lightning and damage reduction spells for the big fight. Nobody died except for the dragon, though Xaod came close, going into negative HPs as he tried to distract the Dragon in order for the Rogue to get behind him for his sneak attack.

Hommlet part II

The Rogue and Illusionist decided to return to Hommlet with Chatrilon while the Ranger and Cleric stayed behind, just within sight of the Moathouse. The Rogue and Illusionist turned Chatrilon over to Elmo and then returned to the Druid Grove to ask further questions of Jaroo. This time his dismissive attitude piqued their interest, so the Rogue followed him back to his house. The Doppleganger's Detect Thoughts tipped him off to the tail, though, and he stole out the back while the Rogue searched and found Jaroo's buried body. In the meantime, the Doppleganger disguised himself as Elmo and circled back to meet with the Gnome. Convincing the party that "Elmo" had found some evildoers in the old mill, he asked if they would accompany him, and that the militia would meet them there. They broke into the mill's cellar ("I'm sure the militia will be here soon"), where the doppleganger changed its face so that only the bad guys could see who he really was ("wink, wink"), then turned around to face the 2 PCs, who were just saying to themselves that it would be really bad if Elmo were working with the cultists...oh no!

The Gnome (now 7th level) Ice Stormed the bad guys, but then Master Dunrat Held him, leaving the Rogue to fight all the remaining bad guys alone. He almost died, but prevailed, then followed up with some self-criticism for getting caught in a situation like that.

The Moathouse part II

Meanwhile, the Ranger and Cleric spied Gren and a Gnoll trying to slip out of the Moathouse at night. A couple of well-placed arrows ended that, and then they went back to sleep.

To Be Continued...

(11/28/02 1:17:57 am)
Re: BarqMulch's Campaign Log
Elmo and the militia caught up to the Gnome and Rogue just after the Mill fight, then the 2 PCs headed back to the Moathouse.

In the meantime, the Gnolls and remaining cult clerics, realizing that the Dragon was gone and there were intruders about, created a defensive crossfire using the arrows slits around the courtyard. The PCs quickly ran inside, however, and made short work of them.

Once the PCs figured out the top level of the Moathouse was pretty much bare, they went down the secret stairs (the Cleric has an intelligent sword that can detect secret doors at will). Heading East, and none to quietly, the Ranger had the portcullis trap land on him and was trapped. The Gnolls started heading up the corridor and the party tried to lift the portcullis but failed. Finally the Gnolls came around the corner and the Gnome cast Ice Storm, which took all of the Gnolls out save one, who stumbled back to warn others. The PCs then had a brainstorm and wedged something (I don't recall what) that was as tall as the Ranger was wide into the space between the portcullis and the floor, then cast Enlarge on it...presto! Space to crawl through!

The rest of the Moathouse went by mostly uneventfully (read as boring), except for saving Spugnoir and finding the hidden items in the four-sided columns. And, of course, the Excavation Site. The PCs took the platform down and saw Geynor Ton and Ysslansh waiting for them on the second platform (waiting for the PCs to step onto the evil obelisk, that is). The party freaked a little at the tentacles, but beat the two clerics handily. They were attacked by the Grell and Festrath separately, but the PCs work together well -- no problem. Searching the floor of the cavern, the Rogue made the fatal mistake of wading into the corrupted pool. 2 failed saves and -12 CON later, he was transformed into a Ghast and then destroyed by the Cleric's turning ability. I decided that his equipment wasn't destroyed, sense adding insult to injury.

Hommlet part III

A new Rogue was rolled up as the original character's brother, something that as a DM I'll only allow once, I've decided, though maybe one more time if the new char is his sister (heh). Appearing at the Inn of the Welcome Wench, he of course demanded his brother's equipment ("What studded leather +2?" says the Cleric). Also, while the first Rogue was of Good alignment and a bit of a detective, this one was mean, Neutral and more geared towards sneakiness...oh, and has a CON higher than 12...

Once all suited up, the party then decided to head out to the old Temple, via Nulb.

To Be Continued...

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