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(11/13/02 9:45:20 am)
Adding encounter in Recovered Temple?
Having recently purchased the MM 2 and slowly flipped through it I came across the Elemental Weirds.

They seem like pretty neat concepts, and I began to wonder if it might be cool to have one in the adventure.

I looked through the module and think I have found the place for one if one should be placed anywhere. Perhaps a Fire Weird that has been corrupted and turned evil by the forces surrounding it guarding the entrance to the Fire Node in the dungeons of the Recovered Temple? The only way the PCs can actually get into the Fire Node is to bypass the Weird somehow, which should be difficult seeing as the portal is linked to her.

What do you think? Neat idea? Boring? Just another encounter in a long line of them already? Any thoughts?

(11/14/02 1:02:31 am)
Re: Adding encounter in Recovered Temple?
Hmmm... What I like about the weirds is that they have evolved from 1e/2e. And I think you might be right in thinking that it would be another in a line of encounters (they've just gone toe-to-toe with the second, the third, and an assortment of lesser priests and monsters - give them a break for Pete's sake ;) ).

You might want to consider using a weird as a sick, almost dying counselor/helper. Maybe it lingers in the node, diseased by the presence of the Tharizdun-thrall that used to be its prince. Unfortunately I don't remember what a fire weird can do, but it has a lot of spell abilities. Maybe it can use some of them to help the group against Imix.

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