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(11/14/02 10:32:02 am)
Question About Hammersphere Use?
Using the rules (of-course) how do you use the hammerspheres?

Is it a standard action to enact the power or a full action?

Do you have to continue to hold the hammersphere for the item to work?

If not, would you need to pick it back up to move the hammer to another target?

Do you need to use a standard action to put the hammer onto another target?

Any other comments would be great.


(11/14/02 11:09:58 am)
Re: Question About Hammersphere Use?
How I called it:

Standard action to activate (just like a wonderous item).

Yes, you have to continue to hold the sphere (at least in one hand).

Standard action to switch targets (just like the Spiritual Weapon spell it's based on).

Hope this helps!

(11/14/02 11:11:13 am)
Re: Question About Hammersphere Use?
The Hammerspheres (IMO) allow the wielder to "cast" a modified version of Spiritual Weapon at 7th level. Have the Hammerspheres follow the rules for Spiritual Weapon exactly as stated in the PHB, except that it is always a Hammer, and it deals 3d6 damage.

Therefore, it takes 1 standard action to activate the 'Sphere. Hammer appears at character's side. It then takes 1 standard action to move the Hammer to a new target; the hammer gets 1 attack at the wielder's BASE ATTACK BONUS only.

On the next round, the hammer will attack the same enemy again unless the wielder of the hammersphere takes a standard action to move it.

I also use the following to tone down their power a bit; the Hammersphere MUST be held in order to control it. If dropped/put into a backpack/etc., the hammer will continue to attack its current target until it is dead or leaves the spell's range. If, on the round that the target dies or leaves range, the hammer will vanish, and the 'Sphere will not be usable until the next day.

Therefore, if a fighter-type wants to use the Hammersphere, they will have to keep it in-hand or use it on a single opponent only.

I also ruled that a single character can never control more than one Hammersphere at a time.


(11/14/02 1:03:22 pm)
Re: Question About Hammersphere Use?
I also ruled that a single character can never control more than one Hammersphere at a time.

Heh, I had this one asked of me too. However, I thought about it for a minute. If the Hammersphere is like a Spiritual Weapon spell (granted with much more damage), and the caster of a SW spell can cast multiple ones and have them attacking the same target, then why not?

After all, they only require one hand to hold (as I called it) and they don't require concentration to maintain, only a standard action to redirect to a new target. The BAB only part keeps the hits down, and they're only 1/day items, so I said "why not!"

It didn't hurt that I had just made 3 CDG attempts on sleeping party members at the time!

Note to all DM's - the Crypt area near the Fire Temple has some NASTY stuff, 4 spectres and 6 shadows! I had one player who wandered off by himself with a Detect Magic running. The baddies had all hid in the walls on the parties first sweep, but they all poped out to jump the loner - and yes, I was fair and made Hide rolls for them, and Spot rolls for the PC. I had the 8th level Barb/Sorc down and level drained to 0 in two rounds. The remaining ones fled when the rest of the party came running in response to the screams. They nailed two spectres and 4 shadows with magic before the others fled, along with the newly created spectre from the dead PC. The baddies followed them and jumped them at night, attacking from stealth through the floors.

One of the remaining PC frantically asked "Can I wield two Hammerspheres?" His wild-eyed look of fear made me relent and allow it. :)

Sometimes it's good to be the DM! :D

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