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(11/14/02 4:27:33 pm)
I Need Help from DMs
Hello I'm a future DM from Greece .
I would like to tell me how I can to use the maps from the RttToEE or from other product .
In the 1st edition of the D&D the adventures had one or much more large color maps in a 5 feet/square scale and everything was easy for the DM and the players .
Now in the RttToEE product I have many page size maps and I don't know what to do with those :(
So please tell me how do you use those maps in your games ...
Do you drawing those in a paperboard with a 5 feet/square scale ? ( they're so huge !!!)
Do you let the players to use only their imagination and not their miniatures ?
Do you use a squarely paper for the encounters only ?
What do you do ?

Please help me with my problem .
Thank you anyway .

I would like to thank you all for your reply and your assistance .

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(11/14/02 8:17:45 pm)
What I do is scan the maps and one of my players brings his laptop computer to every session, as part of my prep for the session, I whip up a set of .html pages and link them in, so that in effect the map expands before the players eyes. Places they have not explored are blacked out until they have actually found those places. MSPaint is plenty good for any blending you have to do to accomplish this.

Another tactic is to photocopy the maps, when the players clear a level give them a copy of that map (with of course anything they did not explore blacked out.) In the meantime make them do the work themselves, give them some graph paper and a good description.

(11/14/02 8:53:52 pm)
Re: hmmm
I've had success lately using a combination of a dry-erase board and a tactical mat. I decided a while back that some rooms were just too difficult to properly describe so I began to draw the maps myself on the dry-erase board for my players. When combat starts I quicky use some washable markers to draw the terrain on the tactical mat and my players place their minis accordingly. As for the maps in the book, I photocopy them and use them as reference for myself.

(11/14/02 11:24:54 pm)
Re: hmmm
actually, I scanned the maps and worked on the pictures as well. I did not blacken it out but whiped away, what I did not like (I worked with photoshop, which is my favorite...)

I worked everything into one huge map and started erasing there (or unerasing...mmmh does this word exist?!)... anyway, once before each session I print the actual whole map on DIN A4 and the part, where they are zoomed in.

For my own reference, I keep a unmanipulated DIN A4 map of the whole dungeon. The rest I get from the official maps, which are DIN A4 already.

Was quite a bit of work, to get all those DIN A4 maps into one huge (they do not fit 100%). If you are interested, tell me, then we could find a way to xchange (since they might be to large for posting, 5-100 Megs...)

uh, and by the way, I still have most of the creature stats from the temple/mines in .doc format, because I hated it that I always had to look into the back of the adventure, or in MM.
tell me if you are interested...

(11/15/02 6:08:43 am)
Re: hmmm
Azalnubizar, you should post some of that stuff in the files section of the Yahoo group.

(11/15/02 6:47:21 am)
Re: hmmm
For a while, I used cthuluftaghn's interactive maps. If you have Photoshop and a portable computer, it's the way to go. Unfortunately the collection is incomplete (I think due to a mix of time constraints and a changed focus of his campaign).

Last session was the premiere of a new thing I thought of: Tracing paper. So obvious, and so useful! So what I do now is that I trace the maps for my group with an indication of scale and compass direction. Once battle is joined, I either draw up the area myself on a battlemat or tell my players to do it while I prepare the battle.

So to answer your questions, Realgr27:

I only use detailed maps, ie. maps on battlemats, when I know there'll be combat, when I think there'll be combat or when I want the PCs to think there will be combat. Otherwise I use tracing paper. So: Battlemat or other surface with 1" squares and a surface where you can use dry-erase markers for combats and a more free-form approach to mapping when the PCs are "just" exploring.

I - as well as most others here, I think - strongly encourage the use of miniatures. 3e is very much a back-to-its-wargaming-roots game, and tactical movement and positioning plays a large part in almost any combat.

I hope this helps - and welcome to the boards :)

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(11/15/02 9:33:06 am)
Re: hmmm
Azalnubizar, if you can think of a good way to get them to me, I can potentiall host some of those. I have a pretty large webspace available to me.

Contact me via Email ( How small can you ZIP them down to?

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

(11/15/02 12:43:11 pm)
Re: hmmm
Azalnubizar , yes I'm interested , can you send me those via e-mail ?
My e-mail is :

For another time , thank you all for everything , you are all so helpful :)

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Roland Delacroix
(11/15/02 2:48:43 pm)
We use...
a battle mat where i sketch chambers that either involve combat or are difficult to describe. When a battle runs over our game time I set down some engineer paper, basically graph paper with larger 10x10 blocks that are the exact size of a 5' square on out grid. I write on the paper which block everyone is in, and put it in my folder. Next week I pull it out and everyone knows where they were.

Since I use notecards to track initative we even have that set to go. Last two games we stopped the CRM main gate battle right in the middle. Next week setup took 2 minuites and we jumped right back in where we left off.

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