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Roland Delacroix
(11/16/02 12:32:34 pm)
Roland's Campaign Writeups
Ok, I have decided to succumb to the laziness of the board here. Since noone wants to bother heading over to my Yahoo site ( ) i'll just post the text here. :D We are already up to week 10, but i'll start at the top and post another whenever I get around to, or someone bugs me too.

Any comments are welcome, even if they are old news. I'll probably be running this module again for another group.

Roland Delacroix
(11/16/02 12:41:27 pm)
Session 1
AnDurin, Anon, Meg, Aesendil and Rivelln

With the nightmares of Copperdeath and the Dragon Stone still fresh in their minds and Bellhold barely a day behind them, the party’s nights were once again lit up with dark dreams whispering of a great evil building to the south. Feeling compelled to travel southward to investigate, the players soon found themselves in the town of Rifllian where they purchased a few supplies and began asking questions about the area.

To the party’s dismay everyone told them everything was peaceful and quiet and the adventuring group thought they might have to continue on looking for the evil their vague dreams had described. They also learned that previous to the Karamekian conquest the town was known as Hommlet. Much of the Traldaran population still referred to it by that name. It was not until they went into the local inn, The Welcome Wench, that they learned of a few interesting places.

The party was greeted by the inn’s serving wench Maridosen who served them drinks and brought them delicious food including squab stuffed pheasant and poached salmon. Unfortunately, the screeching and fumbling of some retched bard named Redithodor disturbed the meal. Thankfully, Meg, the party cleric, offered to donate a few coins if the bard would refrain from playing while they ate, which he did. Soon after the meal was finished, the establishment’s owner came to introduce herself and refill the drinks. She introduced herself as Vesta.

AnDurin went to talk to an elf that sat alone at a table and could get little information about the area or anything going on. He did mention something about a temple of evil, but had few to no details beyond that. When AnDurin returned to his party’s table, they were in the middle of a conversation with Elmo the town’s constable. Elmo talked about the destroyed temple. He said it was about 100 miles away and there were a group of Hobgoblins living in the ruins. The Hobgoblins cause no trouble, so Elmo leaves them alone. Elmo also mentioned a moat house a few miles out of town the original cult had built to keep watch over Hommlet. The party said they wanted to go check out the moat house and Elmo said, “If you feel like wasting your time, then go ahead.”

The party decided to check out the moat house but waited a few days so they could buy supplies and be better prepared than they have in the past. During this time they met a drunken cleric of Heronius named Xaod and a wannbe adventurer named Chatralin. Chatralin convinced the group he would be an asset and negotiated terms to become part of the team. Many of the party members were leery of him, but thought it is better to know where a good for nothing back stabbing lout is than to have him jump out at the shadows and get you when you are not looking. Rivelln and Meg came up with a plan to deal with him if it became necessary.

AnDurin and the Ranger found a druid grove and met the apprentice, Yundi and the druid Jaroo. They both said they had noticed changes in the other. Something is definitely up with them, but AnDurin and the Ranger could not figure it out and did not have time for further investigation.

Time passed and the party left for the moat house. It was about 12 miles out, located inside a wetlands swamp area. There had been some rain recently so the last mile or so was very muddy and the party was forced to leave their cart on the side of the road. The moat house looked like an abandon keep. It had tall stone walls that had mostly crumbled and fallen a few other areas were ready to collapse. As they drew closer they noticed some new planks had been placed over the drawbridge. Chatralin said those planks were not there a few days ago. The party was now on edge and prepared for anything, or so they thought.

Leaving their horses tethered outside the moat house, the party carefully entered what was once a courtyard. There were piles of rubble on all sides and a staircase ahead and to the right. Without warning a great roaring of wind came from out of nowhere kicking up dirt and debris in the courtyard causing a think chocking cloud of dust that completely blinded the party. Immediately the party ran. Rivelln and Meg bolted to the right, trying to find the wall, AnDurin and his wolf Nazareth headed straight ahead, Meg caught unaware, panicked and stayed where she was and Anon, the grumpy dwarf, muttered a few words while moving his hands in an exact pattern suddenly shot straight upwards in to the sky. The only thing the party heard was the girlish screams of Chatralin as he was rendered into little pieces. No one knew where the others were, no one knew what was happening, and no one knew what was to come.

While running, several of the party members felt the sharp sting of electrical energy piercing their skin. Pain erupted in their bodies. Seconds later a flash of immense heat also caught AnDurin, Nazareth and the Ranger, but their screams were overshadowed by a mighty roar that could have been nothing but a dragon. The party fear increased and panic began to set in. Unknown to the others, Anon threw fireball after fireball into where he thought the dragon must be, unknowingly singeing his friends with every charge, but without those fireballs all of his friends would surely have died.

Rivelln and Meg break through the cloud of debris as the scamper up the stairs. AnDurin, unsure where to go, hugs the wall and prays he survives this. The young elven ranger falls from the searing heat of the fireballs and slowly begins her journey into the nether world. The young dragon, aggravated from the constant sting of fire, hunts down Anon in the sky above and takes a huge bite of him and then dives straight for the stairway and his elusive prey. AnDurin and Nazareth sprint into the stairs unaware the dragon has arrived there just ahead of them.

Anon hearing the mighty wings of the dragon unleashes his last fireball at the stairs, burning both his friends and enemies. The sharp cry of the wolf echoes across the sky as Nazareth’s charred form falls lifelessly to the ground. The dragon tired of this assault of fire rears around to finish his assailant. AnDurin also turns and runs toward the entrance.

The Debris has cleared and those still outside and conscious can see the dragon perched on a ruined tower. Anon flies toward the druid as fast as he can, but the Blue’s electrical charge catches him square in the chest, instantly blackening his body, which crumbles as it hits the ground. The giant Blue roars in defiance and flies away. Meg and Rivelln heal AnDurin and the Ranger. The party continued onward.

After entering the first level of the moat house the party comes up with little, but did find a staircase down. Rivelln, leading the party feels immense pain across his thigh as the sharp blade of a powerfully dealt blow rips into his flesh. Two gnolls leap out of the shadows and poke the wounded Paladin. Rivelln strikes back, but is finding it difficult to attack from the awkward angle on the stairs. The Ranger stays where she is while Meg rushes forward, nearly knocking Rivelln down the stairs. AnDurin angrily shouts words of summoning and soon a large ape is standing behind one of the gnolls. The Ranger rushed forward to rip her longsword past the gnolls soft armor and into its side. AnDurin morphs into a Dire Ape and rushes forward; ready to kill anything in his path, unfortunately his friends have already finished the gnolls and were pulling their blades free. Winded and physically exhausted the party ponders on what to do next.

(11/16/02 4:18:08 pm)
good write up
I enjoyed reading your write up.

One question: what level are your characters? The spells that they were throwing around seem a little advanced.


Roland Delacroix
(11/17/02 10:24:09 am)
Character levels
Thr group was a continuing group from before. I tried to get them to Hommlet before they hit 5th level, but the mage and the paladin started RttToEE at 5th. It hasn't been a problem since without the wizards 3rd level spells the little U battle would have been a TPK.

Roland Delacroix
(11/20/02 2:22:14 pm)
Session 2
Since my thread is almost off page one, i present game writeup #2!

AnDurin, Meg, Aesendil, Percy and Rivelln

Taking a moment to catch their breath and explore the room they had descended to, the party discovered a mage hiding in a small side room. Introducing himself as Spugnoir, a local potion seller, the mage regaled a tale of fighting Utreshimon single-handed. Outclassed, Spugnoir fled into the moathouse dungeons, where he hid from some unfamiliar Gnolls. Spugnoir offered to show the adventurers around the dungeons, for mutual protection.

Suddenly, the party was assaulted by a terrible noise. The screeching voice of Percy, a member of Mages Local 187, carried down to the dungeons from above. Spugnoirs groan was as one who had seen salvation, only to descend into hell once again. Percy flounced down the stairs to greet Spugnoir and the rest of the party. Percy offered to aid the party as well. Remembering the close call with the blue dragon, the party quickly accepted.

Moving southwards towards the jail cells the party was overcome with a horrific stench. Worse than even Reveln’s socks, the party shrank back as a Ghast lurched at them from behind a pillar. Aesendil was affected most strongly by the stench while the rest of the party quickly dispatched the undead horror. The party moved further, meeting and slaying several more Ghouls.

Winding around the dungeon’s corridors, the party came upon a small, well lit room. Spugnoir was just as surprised to see the ochre-robed figure as the party was. Flanked by two slavering gnolls, the robed woman rushed to a side door, pulled it open, and commanded: “Kill Them! Kill them all with the power of the Elder Elemental Eye!!!” whilst brandishing the triangle-with-yellow-Y the party had seen before.

From the side door lurched a half dozen skeletons, followed by a skeleton larger than any the party had seen before. Reveln intercepted the giant skeleton while the other party members closed with the gnolls and strange-robed woman. Meganthia summoned the power of Pelor to drive the undead away, but was powerless against the might of the Elder Elemental Eye. Percy uttered arcane mutterings and a glowing shield of force sprang up in front of him as he retreated to a corner.

Many of the skeletons clawed at Percy’s shield but were unable to hurt him. Reveln laid about him with his ancient blade, dropping skeletons like flies. The cultist quickly dropped, as well as one of the gnoll bodyguards. The remaining gnoll fled through a door that no one had noticed before while the rest of the party mopped up.

Searching the room, the party discovered strange artifacts laid upon a blanket. A scepter, a strange iron torch and a tiny black pearl lay upon the blanket. The most disturbing item, however, was an iron scroll case holding a worm-ridden manuscript. The more scholarly party members took a look at the scroll but no one could read the ancient scribbling. The gruesome line drawings of what had to be ritual sacrifice turned their stomachs, however. They decided to pack it for later inspection.

The party passed through the secret door the gnoll had taken to discover a long corridor leading to a lowered portcullis. Meganthia and Reveln gritted their teeth and tried to lift the portcullis, but it was too heavy. Suddenly a party of a half dozen gnolls ran up from a side corridor and pelted the party with arrows. The party scrambled to return fire, driving the gnolls down another branching corridor.

Working together the party eventually managed to lift and reset the portcullis. Faced with a split corridor, east to the unknown and south following the Gnolls, no one knew what to do. Either way they could be attacked from behind. Spugnoir eventually broke the cloud of indecision by suggesting he show them the strange room to the south.

Spugnoir led the party to a large room that showed signs of recent occupation. Apparently the strange clerics were staying here. Here the party found a weird and disturbing journal detailing the cultists stay. Apparently the cultists were trapped in the dungeons by the recent coming of Utreshimon, the blue dragon. The party moved on only to run smack into another ghast! This one was quickly dispatched and everyone moved to the southern door, only to encounter a party of gnolls!

Lead by a huge white and grey, the gnolls slashed viciously at the party in the narrow doorway, supported by archers from behind. The dual-wielding wolf-gnoll slashed furiously at Meganthia, but was unable to get past her awesome defense. While Meganthia staved off the grey, Reveln was dropping gnolls at a blow, then again as they stepped up. Percy and the others tried to add ranged help, but in the tight confines were limited. The two warriors were able to finish the gnolls off in moments though, even without help. A single gnoll fled into the dark corridor.

After searching the gnolls Spugnoir told the party that the strange, new room was just down the corridor. The party, fully alert for danger, ran into a room with a large hole right in the middle! Around the hole was a troglodyte, a man in strange ochre robes, and a single gnoll cowering from the lizard-man. The part instantly charged, knowing that these cultists were evil.

The gnoll grabbed at Meganthia, trying to pull her into the misty depths of the pit with him. Meganthia and Reveln wrestled with the gnoll, eventually dispatching him. Meanwhile the rest of the party was fighting the cleric and trying to injure the black-cloaked trog. The cultist dropped quickly, but the lizard-man could hardly be hit so good was his natural armor. The trog threw spells left and right, but was unable to affect the heroes. In a matter of moments the trog lay dead.

Any comments/questions welcome and I hope you enjoy the writeups.

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