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Tristan DArque
(11/17/02 6:33:49 am)
Cultist response in Hommlett
My party spent yesterday in a series of very tense battles through the dungeons of the Moathouse, which resulted in the deaths of all the cultists there apart from Festrath (they didn't venture into the obelisk chamber), plus Spugnoir (assassinated by Chat, who later had a second chance to kill the party paladin but rolled a 1 on his attack and didn't last long after that). More in my campaign report when I get a chance to update it.

The party are now planning to head back to Hommlett. So some questions:

1. What do the cult in Hommlett do? They know (through Chat) that the party were heading for the Moathouse, but don't have any idea of what happened there. The party are likely to get back to town and start reporting Chat to the 'authorities' and making a lot of noise about there being some hidden cult in town (though top of their list of bad guys is Nierethi, who had the misfortune to have been talking to Chat when the PCs first entered the Welcome Wench). The party's paladin is very up-front about everything, so I would imagine they'll go straight to Elmo and not mince their words about what they found at the Moathouse. The cult will be alerted to their problem pretty quick. How should they respond?

2. The wagon arrives at the Moathouse in about 2 days. Does it come through Hommlett? (and if not, how does it get to the Moathouse?) If the wagon arrives in Hommlett, or at the Moathouse, and finds no trace of the cult (actually, the party left the statue in the pool room, and the platform in place, so there are some traces), what happens?

3. When the party return to the Moathouse to check out the obelisk chamber (probably in about 2 or 3 days minimum), what's happened with Festrath and the grell? Festrath will by then have been in the chamber for the best part of a week. (see also Infiniti2000's discussion entitled Festrath).

(11/18/02 7:45:37 am)
Re: Cultist response in Hommlett
1) Dunrat will try to find out where the artifacts are. Jaroo may prove useful in this manner. He may also send someone to the moathouse to check on the status. Dunrat's main objective will be to get the artifacts. He knows the wagon will be here any day now and this is his chance to gain favor or die trying. As soon as he finds out where the artifacts are I would say he would lead an attack force to retrieve them.

2) Looking at the maps I would say that the wagon would have to come through Hommlet. Maybe the wagon crew has a Wiz or Sorcerer with the sleep spell, so that the Grick doesn't cause commotions as they pass through towns, maybe gricks don't make noise. If the cult was wiped out, the wagon crew would probably get what artifacts they could and seal things up, leave the grick and then head back to Rastor.

3) I'd say Festrath is either a popsicle, a Ghast, or has figured out how to heal himself by dieing on the Obelisk.

(11/18/02 7:52:07 am)
Re: Cultist response in Hommlett
Depending on timing, the cultists might try to catch the party in the wild and ambush them. If that's not an option, there are countless threads of the evils the cultists might do in town, from framing the PCs for thefts to an outright assault on the PC's home to posing as merchants and trying to BUY the stuff from them.

I personally ruled that the wagon does, indeed, go through Hommlet...after all, they have to get across the river. Dead of the night sort of thing, big tarp, low profile...don't attract any attention.

Don't worry about it having been 2-3 days...just run it as-writ. Assume Festrath wised up enough to cast a Resist Elements: Cold, and that the Grell has developed a healthy respect for him (possably from attacks by a summoned monster).

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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