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(11/17/02 10:19:49 pm)
My players seem to have a thing for statues. They have taken the statue from The Grand Crypt (Room 129) and the four elemental statues from The Hall of Elemental Evil (Room 138) . The only reason that they didn't take the statues from the Crypt Entrance (Room 124) is that they wouldn't fit in their portable hole. Now they want to take them to town and sell them or use magic missile ability from the statue from The Grand Crypt. I am ruling that the magic missile ability is limited to the room and therefore will not work. The question is how much are the statues worth? Thanx for any help with this!!!!


(11/17/02 11:27:51 pm)
If you don't want to figure out prices then just make sure there is either no demand for them in the area or they just plain permate unholyness and have the potential buyer say so...

or look up art pieces in the dmg that you would figure to be equivilent

hope that made sense.. this is my late night forum run before bed ;)

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