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(11/18/02 12:02:04 pm)
Any advice on setting the Temple in Forgotten Realms?
Hi all,

I plan on running this campaign for my players, who are currently into forgotten realms. I'm taking over an existing campaign my wife was running, where the players are all about 4th level.

Has anyone done work on re-setting the campaign into Forgotten Realms? I don't have a problem dropping it into the story arc, but I'm concerned about any greyhawk specific gods, dead gods, demons, etc, and how to port them over.

Also, my party is likely to be around 6 PCs, and I think by the time I can gracefully dovetail the old campaign into the Temple storyline, they'll be fifth. Is this a start a little higher than 4th level?


Warren Wright
Dallas, Tx

(11/18/02 12:35:49 pm)
Oh my god! i have to retype all this ;p, you owe me.. damn fields not filled...

i run the campaign in FR and no need to worry about starting character levels being at fifth it will all work out, i started my PCs at a range from 1st to 4th level and with some ingenious tactics by there part and with me having taken out the big U encounter it all worked out.

here's the changed i made:

- Hommlet is now Ashabenford
This works VERY well since allmost all of the components of both towns line up perfectly and Ashabenford has a unusually good write up in the FRCS. The only downside is the closest big city is hillsfar and forget about going through THAT forest with out gaining like 8 levels. and then there is the whole fact about Hillsfar being the racist capital of faerun.

- Rastor is now some basically undescribed little mining town in mistledale which name escaped me but the change over fits nicely but you may have to move the towns location SW a bit

- The crater ridge mines is now located in the Thunder Peaks and i know this isn't too great with tilverton and well the rest of the peaks being there but it has managed to work out.

-Tharzidun stays Tharzidun
I found no real reason to change him i just reasoned that due to the unsuccsesfulness of trying to get into greyhawk is taking his shot at toril. I contemplated changing him into one of the elder drow gods (Ghaun a something ) but decided it wasn't worth it, i've actually been thinking about making big t an aspect of said drow god and have only the triad know but i'll have to think about it more.

- The rest of the gods
Can been converted by using the table near the beginning of the FRCS

and i think that is all i've changed.. and now the PCS can't get help because everyone is concerned with the drow raids ;)

(11/18/02 12:52:22 pm)
Re: Any advice on setting the Temple in Forgotten Realms?
Thats a pretty good idea, and location. Thanks for the input.

The campaign I'm taking over has been based out of Baldur's Gate, so I'm going to look around first in the sword coast to see what is nearby (or what I can make up).

My group certainly doesn't expect to wander around the realms as written, and is used to each of us putting our own flavor on it...adding locations, omitting uber-powerful NPCs and their influence, whatever.

hmmmm...anyone else done this setting change?



(11/18/02 1:06:48 pm)
Re: Any advice on setting the Temple in Forgotten Realms?
A lot have, although I'm not one of them. Keep asking around, and check the may well be in there (or wind up in there after this thread).

I would echo the previous suggestion...keep Tharizdun Tharizdun. If for no better reason, then because as a DM it's easy to have a slip of the tongue. You read Tharizdun a few dozen times a night, and it's bound to come out when you mean to say "some other Realms deity thingy".

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

The DM
(11/18/02 2:38:05 pm)
Re: Any advice on setting the Temple in Forgotten Realms?
Here's something ruleslawyer posted back in March...
After working on my own FR adaptation of RttToEE, I've realized that an adaptation will depend very much on the player knowledge of the Realms and of the original ToEE module, and on how much you, as DM, want your module to interact with official FR material.

My suggestions are as follows:

1) If your players are familiar with the old module, keep the Town of Hommlet. If not, feel free to use an established Realms town (Ashabenford, Highmoon, etc.), in place of Hommlet and simply use details given for Hommlet (maps, temples, businesses, NPCs) as needed.

2) If you want your campaign to interact closely with official Realms material, put Hommlet, Nulb, and Rastor in well-detailed locations (the Silver Marches, the Dalelands, Cormyr, vicinity of Waterdeep). If you prefer to have more of a "home-brew" campaign, you may wish to do as Harrowed Smiley has done and set the campaign more off the beaten track.

3) Make sure to deal with the interaction between Tharizdun and FR cosmology. If your players are familiar with Ao, the Realms's overpower, you need either to put Ao and Tharizdun on par (meaning that Tharizdun could overthrow the entire Faerunian pantheon, INCLUDING Ao) or make Ao the overwhelmingly powerful TRUE overpower of all planes and times, so that the FR cosmology is not something that he naturally would be expected to step in and save.

My RttToEE "campaign" (the PCs are only 3rd level, so they're doing lead-up adventures to the main event) is as follows:

1) Setting: Hommlet becomes the town of Ashabenford (Mistledale). I don't have drow running around on the surface, so no worries there. Burne and Rufus become the leaders of the Riders of Mistledale, and thereby the true power in the Town.

The Darkwatch becomes the old ToEE, sacred to Moander. The CRM is set within the Desertmouth Mountains. Communication between the old and new Temples is handled by gate.

2) Deities:
Pelor = Lathander
Ehlonna = Mielikki
St. Cuthbert = Helm (the Watchful, patron of the Riders)
The Elder Elemental God = Ghaunadaur
Zuggtmoy = Moander
Iuz = Bhaal before his death (thereby explaining all the assassins running amok in the ToEE)

Tharizdun, of course, stays Tharizdun. I always have used a cosmology where Ao = the DM, i.e. an impartial, omnipresent being with total control and authority over the entire cosmos. FR's unique in that it's one of the few places where people have seen his manifestation. If Tharizdun destroys the Realms, Ao won't bat an eye.

3) NPCs: No big changes, except that Thrommel becomes the missing Princess Alusair Nacacia (Cormyr is still around IMC).
I also believe ronin and madfox placed RttToEE in the Realms.

If anyone else has suggestions, drop them here and I'll edit up a FAQ entry. (Ruleslawyer has a great start here, IMO.)

-Thrommel, who's not sure how he feels about being turned into a girly princess! A vampire is one thing... but "Princess Nacacia"?? I don't care what you say, I'm NOT wearing a tiara.

(11/18/02 3:08:51 pm)
Re: Any advice on setting the Temple in Forgotten Realms?
Thrommel and Andorax,

Thanks for the input. I agree on keeping the names the same wherever possible. I'm going to try to do that as much as possible.

Also, I'm enjoying your Sunday campaign thread, Andorax. Great stuff.


(11/18/02 5:22:06 pm)
re: Realms conversion
I have also set RttToEE in the Realms. I used White Ford on Archenbridge as my "Hommlet". I decided to use Archenbridge for my "Verbobonc" replacement. IIRC correctly Archenbridge is considered a large city of about 40,000 people.

I set the Crater Ridge Mines in the Thunder Peaks and the time to travel there was about 8 days by horse IIRC. My group has had access to teleport for some time now so my memory is a little fuzzy on some points. I placed Rastor at the foot of the Thunder Peaks and if the players would have asked why it wasnt on the map I would have told them it was too small to be represented.

I put the original ToEE next to the Archwood Forest about a 4 hour walk from White Ford. Nulb is closer to the ToEE of course and I left the name the same.

I basically changed most of the gods using the chart in the FRCS and I did not change Tharizdun. I had Thrommel be from Cormyr (along with Jolene who actually played a part in my campaign). He was still royalty but not in line to succeed as king.

Pink and Brown Cow
(11/18/02 5:28:41 pm)
Re: Any advice on setting the Temple in Forgotten Realms?
I've completed the move just recently. I have placed Hommlet in the NE within Rashemen. The Icerim mntns will work nicely for my setting. I have had to change the general layout of the key locations (TOAC, Hommlet, Verbobonc, etc) in terms of direction (N,E,S,W). But if the distances are kept the same little else matters.

I found Rashemen offered a lot of mystery and is not often an area explored in many adventures. It offers seclusion, powerful forces from the environment, and less than modern societies with often few resources and a primal, barbaric culture. It seemed like a perfect location for a temple of Elemental evil to be constructed (if it were me building it).

(11/18/02 5:29:28 pm)
re: Realms conversion
Oops... wrong button.

As I was saying Thrommel was from Cormyr and royalty but not in the direct line for the crown. My group had alot of interaction with this NPC so I'd suggest you use him as much as possible.

I think thats about all I can think of at the moment. Another NPC I'd try to use alot is Hedrack. My players really hated him so when they finally defeated him they were all pumped up which was pretty cool.

A conversion to FR isnt really hard to accomplish so I'd say go for it. I havent looked at the area around Baldurs Gate so I dont have any suggestions for that area right now. Let us know how it goes for you.


(11/18/02 9:03:27 pm)
Re: re: Realms conversion
I also have been running RttToEE in the FR setting, but one that is drastically changed from what is considered normal. Here is the timeline I have devised. It strays from the normal FR timeline beginning about 20 years ago in game time.

1358 Year of Shadows: The Time of Troubles (Godswar, Avatar Crisis). Gods walk Toril in mortal
form. Destruction of many of the gods. Ascendancy of Cyric and Mystra. Dead magic and Wild magic areas appear. Plague spreads throughout Faerun, decimating population. Wild magic nearly levels Cormyr, and numerous gates to the lower planes open in that area, releasing hordes of demons and devils. Cormyr abandoned. Sembia begins construction of wall.

1359 Year of the Serpent: Within the year the plague has ended, but with a horrible aftermath. Nearly
¾ of the population of Faerun is dead. Most Chosen of the gods have been called home. The population that is left blames the gods (unaware of their weakened status) and most turn away from them. The gods’ power is weakened even more. In the ruins of Cormyr demons and devils do battle, continuing their age old feud. By the end of the year they have established bases of operations and tenuous borders within what once was Cormyr. The demons hold the south while the devils control the north. The elves withdraw from daily mortal affairs. They are seen less and less often in the cities and towns of men.

1363 Year of the Wyvern: Sembian Wall completed. A red dragon of enormous size and unknown age ravages what is left of the Dalelands and the Moonsea region. Surprisingly enough Zhentil Keep and the remains of the Zhentarim manage to drive it off, but not kill it. It disappears into the mountains surrounding the Moonsea.

1368 Year of the Banner: The Tarrasque is accidentally awakened in the Cormyrian Wastelands by
exploring devils. It destroys much of what was built by both factions of fiendish forces before disappearing and apparently becoming dormant again.

1369 Year of the Tankard: Sembia and the forces of the Dragon Coast rally and drive off hordes of
sahuagin that mass and attack coastal towns and cities. Trade between the seafolk and ports of the Inner Sea sharply increases. Tenuous trade routes established between the Moonsea and the Inner Sea area, both overland and by water.

1372        Year of Wild Magic: Bane returns.

1373 Year of Rogue Dragons: Flight of dragons over the Inner Sea. Many take up residence in the surrounding areas.

1377 Year of the Haunting: Sharp increase in the reports of undead in the areas north and west of the
Sunset Mountains.

1378        Year of New Beginnings: The current year.

I have placed Hommlet somewhere north of Sembia with Rastor and the Temple of All Consumption in the central region of the Thunder Peaks.

As for the gods, well, if you read the above you know they are reduced in power. Perfect time for Tharizdun, an ancient and forgotten deity of immense power to attempt to rise again. I have changed Ehlonna to Mielikki, Pelor to Torm, and St. Cuthbert to Helm. Zuggtmoy has remained unchanged. She is merely a minor demon goddes who once held great power. Iuz has ben turned into Ghaunaudar.

Thrommel was a noble of Old Cormyr who helped lead the first battles against the original temple. Since that time he has been captured and corrupted into his current form.

Its a fun setting, at once keeping many things familiar to the players, but also injecting a sense of newness and increased danger. They can be true heroes now since the world has changed and many of the old faces are gone.

(11/19/02 12:18:57 am)
Re: re: Realms conversion
It all depends on how much work you want to do, but my experiences with adapting 2 RttToEE and 1 Banewarrens to two different campaigns have taught me that the more you integrate and adapt a scenario the better your campaign will be. Think ahead when adapting an adventure! Thrommel is a very good example of a NPC about which you should have thought in advance and there are several more. The names of the deities are simply not enough, because except perhaps for the powers of the clerics they matter little.

Personally I have replaced Tharizdun with Ghaunadaur (sp?), who lost a lot of its power and intellect in some ancient battle. I am using Ghaunadaur because as Realm experts my players have more feeling with that deity and because I want to involve more drow in the adventure (which has to do with some events during the Forge of Fury and the background of the PCs).

The area in which I placed the adventure is in Hardcastle at the border between Unther and the Shaar. This meant I had to do a lot of work changing names, gods and culture, but the end result was worth it. It also meant I could give a good reason why the local authorities do not come into action immidiately. Unther/Mulhorand are at war and the locals of Shaar are threatened by some force uniting the gnolls. I am really hoping someday the PCs will look into these gnolls, because the force uniting the gnolls is a succubus they released in Forge of Fury. Something they feel really bad about. The succubus is working for the cult of Ghaunadaur working to distract the local nomads and wemics who caused the temple such headaches in the past.

(11/19/02 12:43:40 am)
Realms conversion
Check my campaign log thread on this board...I'm running the temple in the region north east of Waterdeep, using Yartar for Hommlet, Beliard for Rastor and positioning Nulb just further upstream along the Dessarin from Yartar. The moathouse, old temple and CRM are all in the Dessarin hills.

I replaced the temple of Cuthbert with Chauntea (figure its likely to be the top religious presence in a rural town) and threw in a shrine of Lathander instead of Pelor (pretty much a 1-for-1 swap). I left Tharizdun as was, he's not supposed to be high profile anyway.

So far, its all working out pretty good!

(11/19/02 7:50:02 am)
Re: Realms conversion
Thanks for the compliment. I'll just keep on telling the story until it's completed. It's been a lot of fun, and it's nice to refer back to the thread just to refresh my *own* memory of the history of the campaign.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

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