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(11/19/02 6:43:30 am)
ToAC = Workplace (Gamer's Lounge)
I'd post this in Gamer's Lounge, but it contains too many spoilers. I wonder if Monte had planned to simulate the company I work for when designing the ToAC or if it was just coincidence. The CEO sets up the different departments in the company like the four elemental temples. Engineering vs Quality vs Sales vs Accounting vs Service vs .... Apparently, we are supposed to fight amongst ourselves and the last department standing gets all the praise. Although no one else here knows RttToEE, I view the CEO as Tharizdun and the VP's as Tessimon, Fachish, etc. Can I get a group of party members together off this board to help me take on the Northern Office Complex? :)

The DM
(11/19/02 7:25:25 am)
Re: ToAC = Workplace (Gamer's Lounge)
{Can I get a group of party members together off this board to help me take on the Northern Office Complex?}

Beware what you're getting yourself into:

AREA 27. The Vampire (EL 14)
A long-dead corpse in the northeast corner hangs over the computer, old khakis and a bits of a button-down shirt clinging to dried flesh and brittle bone, with a 1998 Dilbert calendar clutched in its hand. Other than that, the cubicle appears to be empty.

This office is unstaffed, as described in the unemployment spell. In addition to the protection from profitability effect and the -4 profane penalty on turn superiors attempts (+4 to rebuke underling attempts), the unemployment has placed a silence spell in effect for the whole office.

Near the corpse, on the east wall, an ivory button is set in the middle of a shiny iron plate. When pushed, a 3-foot wide and 7-foot tall section of the wall recesses and opens onto a small 5-foot-by-5-foot room. Anyone entering this room and remaining for more than 3 rounds is teleported to the demi-plane known only to ancient loremasters as The Basement Node. This pocket dimension is dimly lit and crammed with an unkept assortment of papers, books, and envelopes. The only remarkable feature amid the clutter is a large computer terminal which serves as the coffin of Thrommel.

Creatures: Thrommel, a 9th-level programmer analyst, resides here. Once he was Temp Worker Thrommel, Grand Marshall of Faxing and Provost of Voicemail. The forces of the Corporation of Elemental Evil captured him when he fought against them in the Battle of Emerging Markets. Kept as an employee of the Corporation of Elemental Evil for a long time, he was eventually brought here where he was introduced to the internet and turned to evil. He lost his temp worker standing and became a programmer analyst. Thrommel has a fiendish Palm Pilot.

Now, Thrommel is one of the more powerful servants in the entire cult of Tharizdun - ranking just behind the dreaded network administrators in the amount of sheer destruction at his command. The doomdreamers are still not sure how much they can rely on him, and would prefer to keep him under observation.
A Knowledge(nerdility and geekarcana) check (DC 20) allows a character to recognize Thrommel.

You have been warned.

-Thrommel, who boots up his Palm Pilot and lets it flutter about the room.

Edited by: Thrommel at: 11/19/02 7:27:52 am
(11/19/02 1:01:03 pm)
too funny =]

(11/20/02 12:43:11 am)
Re: hahaha..
Too funny?? .. more like to scary

Damn, I think I work with that guy.
I need a new job

In god we trust. All <BR>
others we monitor <BR>


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