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(11/19/02 5:56:06 pm)
Demon Storyline
I've got a character who will be starting the tainted prestige class, from Dragon magazine, soon. I also, luckily, have a monk character who was recently found in the crater ridge mines who is suffering from amnesia. She was found bound and gagged in a room at the earth temple. Now:

I have two storyline ideas to go with here:

1. Monk is a solar who was driven insane by whisperings of Tharizdun, and was attempting to bring some artifact to the Temple so that he could be released immediately. The Balor who is currently inhabiting the tainted character was trying to stop him, and sorta did. Balor was ripped to pieces, but found his way into the tainted, and the solar was knocked into next tuesday, (polymorph?) transformed into a mortal with amnesia. Both characters will slowly recall more and more details of the whole fiasco as they progress, and then some epic thing will happen with the two fighting or something.

2. The monk with amnesia -is- the balor. Somehow ending up in the Temple of All-Consumption with his body and soul split, the soul entered the tainted, while the body was transformed. As the monk gains more and more memory, the soul inhabiting the tainted does as well. Eventually there's some epic result to that.

I don't have rules or even set story ideas (obviously). But which would be cooler? :-D Keep in mind that the solar story could make it -look- like the solar was the good guy, until he gets free and starts bringing down the end of the world :-D


(11/20/02 8:31:38 am)
Re: Demon Storyline
I'd skip the Solar cheapens Solars in general, and the one on the other side of the CRM ring in particular.

The Balor approach is workable, but might I suggest a Pit Fiend instead? Monk/Lawful, Pit Fiend/ is a bit more natural of an approach.

Alternately, you could have the Monk be mortal, but have him be posessed by a Pit Fiend (as per BoVD), that is both trapped and powerless, but has managed to establish some measure of telepathic contact to urge and encourage the "help" him. Only by corrupting him from within will the Fiend be able to eventually take over the body and transform it into his original form.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

(11/21/02 5:59:07 pm)
Sorry, maybe I was too confusing with my story:

There are -two- characters. One is a fighter, who will become a tainted by a Balor next level. That's set in stone.

There was a monk with amnesia found in the Earth temple area. Also set in stone.

So to make the monk a pit fiend...? I'm betting there was some miscommunication, there.

I wanted to go Solar to allow for something that's still big and nasty when the characters are at the end of the adventure, or maybe even afterwards.

There doesn't even have to be a tie in between the two characters, but I simply saw an opportunity. Thoughts?


(11/21/02 9:02:42 pm)
Explain it more clearly.. I couldn't really understandy our expectations or what you are looking for..

it is important that you explains howyou expect us to contribute our help because what you are about have strong potential to ruin a great module of Return of Temple of Elemental Evil.. so be sure to take this risk considerably!

(11/22/02 12:46:46 pm)
Here's my campaign, then:

We've got a party of five.
human cleric of pelor
elf sorc
elf fighter
half-elf rogue/spy
human monk

The group is currently in the CRM, in the Earth temple, after having used intrigue to get the main entrance leader (Some trog, forget name) to take them to "the bosses." The characters didn't actually know where they were going, but were pretending that they had relics of Tharizdun that they were to take to Naquent, so that's the best they could come up with.

After jumping the trog halfway to the Earth Temple and killing him, they have explored the Earth temple through a mix of pretending to be priests and just stabbing people in the back.

Recently the group found the female human monk unconcious and bound in one of the unoccupied Earth Temple rooms. When woken up, she couldn't remember anything, but agreed to come with them.

Now, the elf fighter wishes to take the tainted prestige class when he levels, and I would like a way to tie this into the monk character, if possible. I had planned on having the monk remember bits of her (currently unwritten) history as time went by, hopefully drawing the group into another adventure soon after the close of this module.

So the two ideas that I had that tied both the fighter and the monk together were:
A) The monk is some manner of powerful celestial that is at odds with the Balor that's inhabiting the fighter
B) The monk is in some way part of the Balor, perhaps a past tainted, the soulless body of the Balor, whatever.

Suggestions? Thoughts?

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