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justind dm
(11/21/02 12:06:31 pm)
Off topic but...
I know this isn't really on topic but to explain, in my campaign the ToEE has lured some really odd monsters down from the "Stonelands" to attack the Gnome dam complex that controls the water level of the trade river through Verbobonc...this is a ploy to draw suspicion, and hopefully adventurers, away from the ToAC.

In my homebrew world the "Stonelands" is a dead land blasted centuries ago by massive amounts of magical energy during the ancient wars and that explains the strange creatures I am designing.

What I need is for some of the better dm's here to look these creatures over and offer suggestions. The question marks mark areas that have not been decided upon yet, so feel free to rewrite anything.

Here goes:

Energy Phantom (Starwraith)

Hit Dice: 4d10+? (20 hp)
Initiative: ?
Speed: 20 feet (can’t run, swim, jump, etc.)
AC: ? (+10 natural)
Attacks: 2 Touch +? melee
Damage: Touch 1d10 +? and Shock
Face/Reach: 5’x5’/5’
Special Attacks: Shatter, Shock
Special Qualities: Absorption, Construct Immunities, Detect Magic, Magic Immunity, Metal Vulnerability, Shimmer
Saves: Fort: +?, Reflex: +?, Will: +?
Abilities: Str: , Dex: , Con: , Int: , Wis: , Cha:
Climate/Terrain: High magic regions
Organization: Solitary or group (2-4)
Challenge Rating: ?
Treasure: None
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Advancement Range: ?

Energy Phantoms are seen where massive amounts of magic have scarred the area. A product of the negative magical energy in the region they are soulless and mindless. They are man shaped, but lack precise features such as eyes or a mouth, and their arms and legs are longer than those of any man. They stand roughly 7’ tall and seem to float just inches from the ground. Their skin has the appearance of liquid mercury and lacks joints, but they have a full range of movement despite this. Beneath the skin, which is translucent, a myriad of small lights swirl in random patterns and for this reason they are sometimes called “Starwraiths”. Energy Phantoms are neither alive nor dead. Because of their lack of solidity objects can pass through them, but they are not incorporeal. They hate the feel of solid matter and will not pass through any solid matter. The touch of metal is painful to an Energy Phantom and deals damage normally, although no magical affects associated with that weapon function against the Energy Phantom. Weapons of other materials such as wood or stone do not harm them.


Energy Phantoms are mindless and do not seek out opponents, nor do they follow any instructions and they cannot be commanded or compelled. They can be manipulated, however not reliably. They are attracted to anything they sense as magical and will often haunt magical areas. When encountering a magical item they will thrash at it with their long arms, unable to grasp it, indefinitely. This thrashing is an unconscious attack and results in two possible touch attacks against a single foe per round. Anyone standing within a 5’ radius of the Energy Phantom must make a Ref save (DC 16) at the beginning of any action that would interfere with their ability to dodge the thrashing of the phantom (including attacking or casting spells). Failure means they accidentally came in contact with the thrashing phantom and are subject to one touch attack from the phantom as if an attack of opportunity had occurred.

Absorption (Su): Any spell cast on the Energy Phantom is absorbed by it. In addition, any spell cast within a 20’ radius of a Energy Phantom has a 50% chance of being absorbed by it irregardless of the intended target. Even spells cast on the caster or delivered by touch are subject to this chance of absorption.

Construct Immunities (Ex): Energy Phantoms have the same immunities as other constructs.

Detect Magic (Su): A Energy Phantom constantly detects magic as a 5th level wizard.

Magic Immunity (Ex): The Energy Phantom is unaffected by all spells and magical affects except as follows: A Dispel Magic spell inflicts 2d6 points of damage, while a Greater Dispelling will completely destroy it (Successful Fort save negates destruction and the phantom instead suffers 2d6 damage). In addition if the phantom enters the area of an anti-magic affect it suffers 1d6 points of damage per round. Mordenkainen’s Disjunction will also destroy the phantom with no save allowed.
Metal Vulnerability (Ex): Only metal or metal infused weapons inflict normal damage against Energy Phantoms.

Shatter (Su): An Energy Phantom reduced to 0 hp will shatter releasing a whirlwind effect of light and energy. All within a 20’ radius are inflicted with 4d10 energy damage (Fort save DC 16 for half damage), and inflicted by stun for 1d4 rounds (Will save DC10 negates).

Shimmer (Ex): Normally Energy Phantoms would be easily avoided if it were not for their shimmer ability. Every 1d4 rounds before its attack the phantom will begin to shimmer and then disappear. Instantly it will reappear within 15’ of where it last stood. It will not occupy a space currently occupied by another object but may appear within 5’ of any living object. The shimmer ability does not allow the phantom to avoid blows and it may not appear next to a creature and touch it in the same turn (essentially the shimmer replaces the attack action for that turn). The Phantom can also use the shimmer ability to pass through objects no deeper than 15’ as long as those objects are not metallic (it cannot shimmer through an iron door or through a steel tower shield for example).

Shock (Su): If the Energy Phantom deals a successful touch attack it also stuns the victim for 1d4 rounds do to the shocking nature of the energy attack (Will save DC 10 negates).

(11/22/02 2:18:28 am)
Re: Off topic but...
It is a better idea to post this on the rules or Dungeon Master parts of these boards. There are more people reading those boards who have an interest (and hopefully skill) to judge the strength and weaknesses of monsters then on this part of the boards. Especially since this monster does not have anything specific to do with the Temple.

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