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(11/21/02 2:10:37 pm)
Now I feel bad...
So the party found the Air Sword, and the player who got it went out and bought himself a really nice expensive warhammer mini of an elven warrior with an ornate sword. Painted it up beautifully, I mean he really outdid himself. Took him over a week to get it just right.

Then the party backtracked, and they destroyed the altar, which you will doubtlessly recall is the source of the sword's power.


So he hasn't figured it out yet, but he's wielding a plain old masterwork longsword now. He's really looking forward to using the air blast power. I hate to admit it, but I'm kind of looking forward to the expression on his face when nothing happens.

But I do feel bad about the time and money he spent on the mini. Maybe I'll substitute a magic longsword for something else later on to compensate him. After it fizzles, of course.

(11/21/02 3:09:10 pm)
Re: Now I feel bad...
I wouldn't worry about it. After he realizes the air sword is not magical, he will likely have a fancy new one commisioned in Verbobonc (or wherever IYC). It could have a personal symbol on it, etc, and would make him enjoy it more. Or, hey, he could always get Imix's sword :)

(11/22/02 4:35:33 am)
Re: Now I feel bad...
LOL! Poor guy. Yeah, all of my players sort of had the winds taken out of their sails when I told them how their new cool swords were rendered useless once the altars were destroyed.

IMO, you should have told him almost immediately after the altar was destroyed. I mean, that is kind of cruel to just let him continue on without knowing. :) There is no real rule for it, mostly just a DM call, but I think that you should be able to tell when a magic item like that has lost its power, especially when it's an item that you're wielding all of the time. :)

Edited by: Ssendam at: 11/22/02 4:36:33 am
(11/22/02 4:44:43 am)
Re: Now I feel bad...
By talking to the new priest of the Air Temple the PCs in my group knew the swords would become powerless after the destruction of their altar beforehand. It created some great roleplaying with the earth genasi fighter, who considered the evil cult of earth an abonimation and corruption of earth that deserved nothing but destruction, but who also saw finely crafted swords as way to worship earth. When he got the earth sword he did not know what to do with it, since a great sword was also his favourite weapon. So he started using it and he found it to be a great weapon. Then when he came at the earth altar he used the great sword itself to destroy the altar knowing fully what it would do with that weapon.

(11/22/02 4:51:55 am)
Re: Now I feel bad...
poor guy - but I wouldn't tell him either, until he found out by himself. (Maybe I'm cruel, but it is fun :-)

In my group, I had a Barbarian/Fighter who went up a level right after defeating the Earth Temple. We had to break at that point and therefore they got their XPs. The Player leveled the Fighter up and got 2 Feats to take.
He took WeaponFocus (Greatsword) and WeaponSpez(Greatsword) because he really liked the sword.
Next Session, first thing they did was destroy the alter...

...But don't be too hard on him. Give him a chance ot aquire a nice magic sword once he found out...


(11/22/02 7:43:57 am)
Re: Now I feel bad...
Tough situation...but there are other magical swords to gain in the CRM...he'll get a replacement soon enough.

As for the altar thing, this is driving me nuts.

Am I the only DM who's players just flat-out NEVER THOUGHT about destroying the altars?

They've just finished killing nearly every living thing in the entire CRM ring. They've wiped out every temple at least once. And they've never even mentioned, for a moment, the possability of trying to smash one of the altars. They even watched the )%##)% Kuo-Toa try to disintegrate the Fire altar, and they still haven't caught a clue.

"Whadda ya mean, Orcs get levels too?!?"

(11/22/02 7:59:52 am)
You aren't alone.
Well Andorax, I have the same problem. Mind you, the PCs have only actually finished off the Earth temple (and everything in between the temples), but they also witnessed an attempt to destroy the fire temple altar.

Not once have they thought to destroy an altar. They don't even give it a second thought!

Oh well.


(11/22/02 8:54:47 am)
Re: You aren't alone.
Same problem here. The players poured a single vial of holy water on the altar, no reall effect.

Then they just shrugged and moved on.

"You must not Ph34r, Ph34r leads to anger, anger leads to hate. Hate leads to beatdowns, and B34td0wnz Sux0r."

(11/22/02 9:46:45 am)
Re: You aren't alone.
Am I the only DM who's players just flat-out NEVER THOUGHT about destroying the altars?

Andorax: My PCs also did not think about destroying the alters. I nudged them along a bit with the first note from Varachan. It said a bunch of things, but near the end, almost in passing, he wrote something like;

"Your victories have been great, but they will be meaningless unless you stop the power of the temples themselves. The alters are where the priests gain much of their power."

After that they fixated on destroying every alter they could find.

Edited by: SSShadowcat7 at: 11/22/02 9:47:49 am
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