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(11/21/02 4:36:45 pm)
Hi there,

I was wondering...The purpose of the Demonstone is actually for someone to fail their save and fall under its influence? Or it exists to spicy things up?

Should be considered a cursed item giving just the extras on any identify?

Should it purge it's evil source upon a detect evil cast on it?

Actually one might say that it is simply up to the DM. However, what is the best way to RPG with this little item?


(11/21/02 6:14:56 pm)
The cleric in my party ended up with it...she always passed her save, but it's little whisperings made things interesting for her!

I only ended up exploring the roleplaying potential of this much more could be done with it, though. Good luck!


(11/22/02 12:21:57 am)
Re: Demonstone
I called it a greater luckstone. But when the first player took it, I demonstrated how it snuggled into the palm of his hand (I used my fist in the player's hand), and I whispered obscene suggestions in the player's ear whenever I passed him - I walked around a bit at the time.

They sorta guessed it was evil ;) . So they broke it.

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DM Armand
(11/22/02 3:52:27 am)
Re: Demonstone
My group used a detect magic an saw it was a lesser artifact with a identify they found out that it was a luckstone and they still got it with them.......

It first went to the monk (good saves) had it for a week and was starting to act a little more evil but he died be for getting to do anything really evil (Earth elemental at the earth door) uppz....

the second was a stooped fighter had it for 1/2 a day then died (Hedrack cast destruction on him)

Now the thief has it......................

(11/22/02 4:12:48 am)
Re: Demonstone
For a luck stone the possessors suffer an extraordinary amount of bad luck ;)

(11/22/02 4:22:42 am)
Re: Demonstone
In my group the drow ranger (CN) got it. He really liked it and it's benefits and even tried to talk to it a bit...
...he kept it some days but when he finally realized, that it tried to influence him (besides the whispering) he buried it outside in the woods. He thought, that it might hinder their current mission, but he might find it usefull later on... (we where running Return of the Temple of Elemental Evil at the moment)...

unfortunately for the Stone (fortunately for the group) the drow never got the chance to retrieve his stone. But now, someone else can find it...


(11/22/02 4:25:11 am)
Re: Demonstone
I think the purpose of finding the Demonstone is also to give the party the possibility of eliminating one of the important NPC's of the fire temple. When the group I am running found it, they detected evil on it almost immediately. After getting a solid buzz from a detect evil spell by the paladin of the group, he lay it on the ground and struck it repeatedly with his mace, until it was crushed to pieces.

He had no idea what he had done other than destroy an item of obvious evil. What he had done though was take out one of the enemy (Firre). As it turned out, the grand finale happened almost right after the Demonstone was destroyed. When the party entered The Fire Temple, I had Firre there with Tessimon. Firre had just snapped out of the charm that was upon him because of the Demonstone. Firre attempted to committ suicide by jumping into the flames around the altar. It would have worked, but the party decided to rescue him.

The battle with Tessimon was a knockdown, drag out fight - one of several that my group has been through. This was their first true taste of death though. 2 of the party members were slain (one of them for good), and the others came within inches of death. If the Demonstone had not been destroyed and Firre was there to assist, I am sure that there would probably have been at least one more casualty.

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