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(11/22/02 6:56:46 am)
Ulthwithian's Campaign Log
11/21/02 Pre-Session

'Lo, everyone. As tonight I will be running RttToEE for (almost) the first time, I thought I would do the honors by writing a Campaign Log, since it seems pretty popular here. ;) First, I bow to tradition and give the current party composition as it stands ATM. These characters were made to start at 4th level.

Sylvina - 4th lvl Elven MC Ranger

This is my fiancee's character in the game, and she plans to go Deepwood Sniper after 5th level. Her background is that she is a border guard from the Elven kingdom of Celene and she is traveling to Hommlet because while escorting a state visitor into Celene she overheard them discussing one Jaroo Ashstaff, a Druid of her acquaintance. Around 20 years ago, when the ToEE first arose, Jaroo came to Celene to ask for their help in putting down the ToEE. While there, he caught the eye of the then 75-year-old Sylvina, and a friendship/romance started. Jaroo was welcome in Celene until around 10 years ago, when a faux pas resulted in his banishment. Now that she has heard of his whereabouts, her willful nature has asserted itself and she has deserted her homeland to try and find him.

Yeah, she's probably not going to be very happy with me when she finds out about Jaroo, but it gives her an excellent hook for the adventure: revenge. I think I can count on that to keep her with the group. She normally plays her characters as the 'sneaky' type and therefore Deepwood Sniper appeals to her much more than Arcane Archer.

Gwydion - Ranger/Cleric of Mayaheine

Gwydion is shooting for Knight of the Chalice, and while the Doomdreamers aren't _exactly_ totally demoniac, the alignment fits (which means almost all of their summoned allies are demons) and this will look excellent on Gwydion's resume when he applies for membership in the Order (at least, that's how I hope he views things). Gwydion is from the Shield Lands, and therefore has a _very good reason_ for wanting to join the Knights. I don't know exactly how he plans to qualify for KotC, or at what point, but that is his goal and he will most likely be party leader as he is the oldest player and is highly respected by the other players.

Gwydion will be journeying to Hommlet because I will have pushed the 'ochre-robed sighting' back in time a bit and therefore Yether will have sent word to Verbobonc to send someone to investigate. Gwydion will have been traveling south, intercept the message, and due to the relationship between Pelor and Mayaheine, will intervene.

Human Abj4

As yet unnamed, this character's player is totally new to 3rd Edition and therefore a little leeway will be granted him for rules ignorance... at least for the first hour, anyway. ;) When I was explaining the current situation in Flaeness, he interrupted after I told him about Iuz and asked, "Okay, so what do I need to do to become a demon-hunter?" I was, to put it mildly, shocked. Since the other 3 players had their characters decided, and an arcane spellcaster would be _very_ useful to the group, I suggested him becoming an Abjurer. He agreed, and then inquired about useful Prestige Classes (as someone new to 3E, prestige classes hold him in awe still). Naturally, that brought up the Incantatrix (Incantator?), and the rest as they say is history. His metagame goal is set.

His backstory is that he is _also_ a Shield Lands expatriate, having fled from the invading Horned Society and Iuz with his family's wealth and came to Verbobonc where he immediately began to try to find a way to fight back against the demonic forces. This led him to apprentice himself to a wizard by the name of Spugnoir, who lived nearby. After the apprenticeship, he for a time lived in Verbobonc making a living as an alchemist, but having heard of the Incantator's Order, he is traveling to Hommlet to ask his old mentor what knowledge he has of it.

Elven Rog4

Again, he doesn't have a name for his character yet (I swear, that takes as long as anything else!), but his concept is that of a 'fixer'. PC - "You know, what we could really use is..." Rogue - "Half a moment... I'll be right back..." He's apparently an expert at logistics and 'acquisitions'. His prize possession is a Heward's Handy Haversack, and I envision many a 'Mary Poppins' scene with him. ;) I really look forward to seeing this guy in action. Oh yes, and he's trying to come to the attention of the Temple Raiders of Olidammara in the meantime, and has therefore come to Hommlet to investigate the old ToEE in order to come to the attention of the TR.

All in all, I see this group as pretty cohesive once formed (these people are basically the 'reliable core' of my other gaming group) and it should be quite interesting to see how they progress. I have made it clear to them that this adventure has a reputation for a high body count, but they don't seem to mind too much, which I'm very thankful for, considering they have put more than a little thought into their characters.

In any event, I plan to update this after every session with (hopefully) valorous tales.



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