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(11/22/02 12:04:57 pm)
Q: How would you handle training during the adventure?
Hi all,

My group is about to start on the Temple module, but I have a problem.

We usually go with optional training rules that require 1 week of training per level when gaining a new level. Further, the trainer must be a few levels higher.

I'm more than willing to make adjustments to this rule for the sake of campaign continuity as we go through, but want to maintain some sense of versimilitude for the players.

In particular, I'm not sure how some of my more roleplay intense players could justify (in particular) multiclassing if they gain the level without training.

For instance, we have a level 3 rogue shooting for arcane trickster. He needs to start grabbing illusionist levels, but without another mage in the party, how could I help him explain where he picks up the knowledge without appropriate facilities/downtime/trainer?

Also, is the module as time sensitive as I think it is (not having finished reading it yet), or is there actually time in there for trips to nearby larger cities, and weeks off training (I doubt it)?

Thanks for any advice on how to make things go well with my players once we get into the meat of the module...assuming they bite on my attempts to lure them to hommlet, that is!

Warren Wright
Dallas, Texas

(11/22/02 12:51:48 pm)
Re: Q: How would you handle training during the adventure?
The one week per level method for training will probably not work out well for this adventure. That's just a little too gritty, I would think. As far as a time table goes, there really isn't one early on, it's just that everytime the PC's leave the mines the forces are replinished. The more time the PC's take off to train and such, the more time the cult has to build reinforcements. The real time table begins once the group heads back to the original Temple of Elemental Evil after they discover what's going on.

If you are having difficulty figuring out who is going to train your players, put some NPC's in Rastor or just use the ones already presented but give them levels and abilities that fit your player's needs.

(11/22/02 1:06:37 pm)
Re: Q: How would you handle training during the adventure?
You could add an extra room to the Dwarven temple in the CRM....a library/training facility, full of tomes and scrolls. With the advanced info available there, pc training time could be greatly reduced.

if you want to micromanage it, you could even limit what's available in the tomes. For example, all the PHB feats and 1d4 from each splatbook, and all the basic classes and DMG PrCs. So they would have to make a choice when leveling time comes...stick to the basics and move forward quickly on the quest, or leave the temple for X amount of time to learn something obscure and particular.

(11/22/02 3:14:54 pm)
Re: Q: How would you handle training during the adventure?
Change Spugnoir to an illusionist or introduce another one in Hommlet.

Although I think that if you want to introduce learning time than you will have major problems since IMO it should take at least a few months to learn the basics of wizardry.

(11/22/02 6:26:55 pm)
Training in general
I have always assumed that a character who wants to become a Prestige Class has likely wanted to all his life.

Therefore, it is not unrealistic to assume that the character has planned from level 1 to meet those requirements. Your player may have been dabbling in arcane research for years, carrying around a spell notebook (big enough for the cantrips and a couple 1st level spells). One day, after long isolated study, the whole arcane magic concept finally make sense ... read gains a level ... and he can memorize and cast those spells.

Basically, try to get your players to roleplay ahead of time those things he wants to achieve. You roleplay intense players should love the idea of describing to the other players what he does in his "off duty" moments. He could describe his rogue as been seen studying a book. The rogue explains that it was a book he inherited from his illusionist uncle and that while he doesn't understand it now, he's sure that some day it will come in handy.

IMO, a "no training" campaign can lead to more roleplaying as it forces the players to think ahead about character development and find ways to roleplay those long-term plans. Sometimes, having a trainer leads to snap decisions by players - who one day wake up and decide to be a wizard.

(11/23/02 12:27:35 am)
Re: Training in general
Thanks everyone. Great suggestions so far.

Trithereon...great timing. Just a while ago I was proposing to my wife that I drop any hard and fast training requirements, allow folks to level up as soon as they have the exp, and encourage the players to roleplay out their training throughout the campaign.

Even someone wanting to multiclass, as you suggest, would do so after roleplaying the sort of experimentation and after hours training one might expect from a character making a rather large career change/expansion.

This also helps deal with one of the other big issues I've had with our previous training requirements....the players won't feel the pressing need to drop whatever they are into to run back and train somewhere, which has in the past interrupted a story arc.

Most of the time its fine for us, as our story arcs tend to be fairly short side-jaunts, but as we get into longer storylines that play out in more remote settings (with quick timelines), well, I'd rather relive the pressure to go take 2 months off for training :-)

Any other suggestions out there? Luckily I have a few weeks before the campaign starts up again. Time to prep, time to mull over changes in how we do things....oh ya, and time for our first child to be born (probably Monday), and settle in afterwards :-)


Warren Wright
Dallas, TX

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