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(11/24/02 2:49:24 pm)
This may sound like an ultra-freaky question, but stay with me: Does anybody (Like you, Monte Cook) have any guesses for some of Tharizdun's stats/abilities? If Monte's got a statblock for some exotic reason, that'd be great.

Over the past couple of sessions one of my PC's has been getting....loopy. And after chatting with the player himself for awhile, I'm willing to be that he'll actually release Tharizdun. ::shudder:: In such a case, I want to have something other to say than "Everything dies" Cataclysmic battles between gods are fun to watch, folks :-D


(11/24/02 3:20:26 pm)
Re: Tharizdun
Check the Best Of The Boards thread up there, it contains someone's uber-powerful representation of Tharizdun. CR 72, I believe they estimated it at :)

The DM
(11/24/02 5:53:23 pm)
Re: Tharizdun
If you want the 'official' version, Deities & Demigods-style, Tharizdun's stats can be found in Dragon #294.

-Thrommel, who likes canon, but prefers cannons.

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