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(11/29/02 6:49:50 am)
Old news...?
For any history buffs out there, Temple of Elemental Evil is up at SVGames.

For one thing, it would get the Node maps for all those who think that Imix is not enough ;)

Öh, and if this is old news, I apologize. Now go digest some turkey...

Siobharek is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

(11/29/02 12:35:16 pm)
Re: Old news...?
Thanks for that. I purchased a copy today and it certainly makes the history of the Temple a lot clearer, and the other Node maps may well come in very useful. Less than $5 too, bargain!

(12/1/02 1:49:16 am)
Re: Old news...?
Thanks for that info, Siobharek!

I just ordered my copy of ToEE and was able to download most of it right away. I'm still getting something in the mail, we'll see exactly what that turns out to be. Does anyone know what physical product they ship to you?

I'd love to convert this to 3rd ED and run my players through just for fun sometime. We're already about 4 sessions into the Return to the Temple, so the original will most likely have to wait a good while.

The information on the Temple's history is great! I especially like seeing how the maps from the past compare to their new counterparts.

chicken in disguise
(12/1/02 3:09:48 am)
Re: Old news...?
The maps, BTW, are one of the best things. IMC, the PCs have access to the map of the top floor of the temple (Y'dey has it) and I used the map from T1-4.

Convering the module would be very difficult. I started doing it, and quickly realized the difference between the two games wuold make it nearly impossible without completely rewriting most of it.

However, after the PCs complete "Return to" I'm sending them back in time to go through the original module maps... with differen encouters to accomodate the new storyline and the more powerful PCs.

Brandon Aiken (a.k.a. da chicken)

(12/2/02 5:02:11 pm)
Re: Old news...?
Just to follow up, I got an email from SVGames saying they refunded my shipping price because there was nothing to ship. The entire adventure was the .pdf file.

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